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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tomorrow’s News Today

Leading off in tomorrow’s B Game for the Sox is Scott Podsednik.

Today’s B Game

With the Dbacks ended in a 6-6 tie.  Jermaine Dye homered, Mike MacDougal was lights out (four strikeouts in 1.2 IP), and Charlie Haeger allowed three runs over 5.0 IP.  Arizona scored three times in the eighth of Boone Logan (3 ER/1.1 IP, 2 SO) to tie the game.


How did Pods look? It looks like Gavin floyd is getting lit up by the Rangers.

I think Scott is saying that Pods is playing tomorrow (Wednesday). Yep my refreshing box score gave the message that Gavin was getting slammed. And that stupid Sosa got a few hits too. I really don’t like him.

Apparently I can’t read.

I wish Scotty Pods the best tomorrow. I hope this year proves to be a better one for him than last year.

Got back late last night after seeing the last 3 games.

Kenwo, spring training scores mean nothing. If a pitcher is scheduled for an inning, he gets it even if he gives up 5 runs in the inning. (although, admittedly Aardsma was horrendous, but a really nice guy. He spent time talking to kids as he signed autographs.

Watch out for this kid Adam Russell, he looked awfully good against some very good Mariner hitters. Striking out Ichiro is not somthing many pitchers can do. Robert Vallido is another star in waiting. I think a lot of people will be eating their negative words about Erstad, also.

Seeing the whiney parque (butter) give up 8 runs in one inning was worth the trip alone. Also, seeing AJ homer off that ******* Padilla in his 1st at bat was priceless(solid 2b the second AB) I guess we can see why he hit him 2X last year. I can’t recommend going out there enough. Met a lot of great people and had a blast.

Rogowski got nailed in the arm solidly by a fastball Tuesday. After the game he stuck around for a good 10 minutes signing autographs and even granted a request to show everyone his bruise. Amazing,an hour after he got hit you could still see the stitches of the baseball on his arm.

I got to sit close to the dugout for all 3 games and Ozzie and the coaches are just as entertaining as the game. After a young kid bounced one about a foot before home plate he shouted out a deadpan “higher!”. After Andy Gonzolez broke his 2nd bat in 3 pitches, “We didn’t bring any more bats kids, lets go!”

If anyone who was at Monday’s game knows the crazy drunk “lady” who kept yelling somthing about Tim Raines please stop her from going out to anymore games, she embarasses Sox fans as a whole.

Pods went 3-4 with a SB today. Although it was in the “B” game, it was nice to see positive results. Let’s hope he feels good from here on out and can produce those kind of results regularly.

Hey, Hawk said on Sunday i believe that there was some reason 20 spring training games weren’t shown this year, and they were trying to get back to it next year. i didn’t hear the whole conversation. did anybody?

Tomorrow,Saturday,is St Patrick”s Day…the day when there are only two groups of people…Those who are Irish…and those who WISH they were… To one and all, a happy (and safe)St Paddy’s to all… I know of one person who deserves to be celebrating,for, in my opinion, he has made the roster for the regular season…Congratulations,John Danks…you earned it,young man…
Now the time has come to get serious about putting everything together for the regular season in slightly more than two weeks…Those who are going down,learn from your experience…Don’t get mad at the GM when you hear that you’re not on the roster…get mad at whatever it was that cost you the opportunity…and then make sure that that will never happen again…I’m referring to the conversation that Andrew Sisco and KW had in the golf cart the other day…

That was a sweet comeback in the bottom of the 9th. They moved runners along exactly the way they needed to. Glad to see Bobby get the W after getting roughed up. Nice teamwork. Tenemos hambre.

Before we get carried away with the beating of the Cubs (again), I suggest you contemplate this little item:

In the last SEVEN games, the Sox pitching staff has allowed at LEAST SIX runs.

They have only had FOUR games ALL SPRING where they have let in four runs or less in a game.

And please, I know all about the high altitude and the fact that breaking balls generally ‘don’t’ in Arizona but you know what, other pitchers are getting guys out.

Why can’t the White Sox?

Less then three weeks to go kids and I’m still waiting for the ‘real’ pitchers to show up.

Mark Liptak

take some pepto bismol and settle liptak you jabronie. its spring training who gives a rats tushie. a lot of good pitchers get lit up in the spring. it means nothing. dont get yourself worked up

I watched the first 6 innings and I have to say I was very pleased with some things I saw… Pods looking good, offensive clicking well, aggressive base running, etc. Pitching still hasn’t come together, but there’s still time. =)

Ohhhh I am… ecstatic.
We beat the Cubs.

And I witnessed one of Joe Crede’s first diving catches of the season. I love those…

I just watched baseball for the first time since the final ’06 home game.

And I gotta say,

it feels pretty good.

kenwo, is that you? i’ve been watching some old twilite zones recently, and i think you’ve come over to the other side: ie. being more pragmatic about our team… welcome…. that’s all, j.k. from you know where…..

I thought Pods looked great. What I have also noticed is his confidence level. Sounds like he is believing in himself, having fun. Let’s hope it continues. I have seen more of him in the press, and commenting over the last week or so than I did the last 6 weeks of last season. Keep it up Scotty! We believe in you!

Okay, so yesterday I was at work and made it a point to purchase my White Sox Pride Club Membership so I could try to catch the game in between customers on my computer, but for some reason it kept denying me access. Does anybody out there know if there is a waiting period before your membership is actually activated? Needless to say I was sooooo upset that I missed most of the game!!!! I did get home just in time to see the bottom of the ninth when Mackowiak played the game the way he is supposed to and knocked our guy in to win, but still…..

klein- not on the other side…im as worried as ever about this team. but i realize that spring training games mean about as much as a whiffle ball game in the front yard. so if you want to say they stink then say they stink, but dont point to how many runs they’ve given up in a spring training game when half of the guys on either team arent going to make the club and the other half dont care how they are performing.

Lisa, I think you have to wait one day. I noticed the same thing on my Sox Pride membership – I signed up on Thursday and it wouldn’t work, but it worked ok yesterday. Try it for today’s game! Hopefully you get to hear our beloved Sox as they aren’t on Comcast or The Score today. Bah.

Thank you Marie!!!

Scott –

I love the new Back to the Grind billboards that I’m starting to see everywhere. Is there any way that you can post a list of all of them or if they are posted somewhere online direct me? I know you did this before with the grinder rules. Thank you in advance.


Just tried ordering my baseball season ticket package on dish and they’re telling me they might not even be able to offer it.. does anyone else no anymore info than that? If I have to be subjected to 6 months of pure Astros I’ll throw up..

Kris outta Texas.. outta her mind deep in the heart of!

Why don’t you try to get the MLB.TV package?

Kris – Do you have Directv or Dishnet? Directv has the exclusive license to MLB now so you have to be with them to buy the extra innings package. The deal was signed over the winter I believe.

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