Opening Day

Opening Day, Monday, April 2, 2007


Nothing beats getting to the ballpark early on Opening Day.  The tarp is off, the grass glistens and the rising sun over the left field wall lights up the ballpark.  There’s something special about being inside a ballpark very early in the morning, and Opening Day makes it extra special.

Today’s Lineups


Sizemore, CF; Nixon, RF; Hafner, DH; Martinez, C; Blake, 1B; Delucci, LF; Peralta, SS; Barfield, 2B; Marte, 3B; Sabathia, LHP.

White Sox

Ozuna, LF; Erstad, CF; Thome, DH; Konerko, 1B; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; Iguchi, 2B; Pierzynski, C; Uribe, SS; Contreras, RHP.

Yesterday’s Workout

The White Sox dodged raindrops to work out yesterday afternoon from noon to 2 pm.  The rain forced the Indians inside to the batting cages located just behind the White Sox dugout.

After the workout, Jose Contreras, Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland and Javier Vazquez posed just beyond center field for the cover shot on program edition #2.  Jermain Dye, Paul Konerko and Jim Thome grace the cover of edition #1, which will be on-sale today.

I asked A.J. if he had figured out a way to get to Atlanta for the National Championship game tonight.

"Nah, I can’t get there in time," he answered.  I guess helicopters can’t fly fast enough.

By the way, who did you pick for the National Champion?  I had three of my Final Four correct as well as tonight’s game.  I have OSU beating Florida, 74-69.  We’ll see what I know.

Press Box

Another hot topic yesterday was the re-location of the press box to the 400 level just down the right field line (starts at first base).  The old press box has been turned into the Jim Beam Club, which is a stunning club/restaurant/seating area on the 200 level.

Shanda Farmer

Well wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Shanda Farmer, daughter of White Sox radio voice Ed Farmer.  Shanda, who was in a car accident in LA over the weekend, is home now recovering.  Ed is going to miss today’s game to be with her, but he will fly in tomorrow and be on the air on Wednesday.  We hope Shanda continues to do well.

Steve Stone is filling in for Ed today on WSCR.

Opening Day Notes

Bob Beghtol and Pat O’Connell of our media relations staff do a terrific job each day with notes for the media.  They compiled many pages for Opening Day, so rather than try to pick the best to share with you, just check them out on our website.

Morning Shows

WGN-TV has a hilarious segment today in which Pat Tomasilo interviewed Brett Smalls from The South Side Chicago Board of Tourism.  Classic.

Final Thoughts

There truly is something special about Opening Day.


I couldnt even imagine how awsome it would be to be at the park this morning. Your 1st paragraph got me even more pumped about going today.

I Took the Rock Island into work today. Why has it taken so long to even talk about a stop at 35th?


How exciting. i wish i was there but i have the next best thing, my daughter, nicole is on the field with the US NAVY! Go WhiteSox, Our opening day is Friday night with homegrown San Diego Padres! can’t wait!


You should be completely embarrassed to have your work posted on what is without question the absolute worst sports website that exists.

The people at MLBAM couldn’t run a worse organization if they tried.

I bought a Sox Pride Club premium membership primarily for the free Gameday Audio.

As of right now, 20 minutes before first pitch on opening day, I can’t access Gameday Audio because when I click on the link to listen to the Sox game (or any game for that matter), I get redirected to a screen that asks me to purchase the premium package, which I have no interest in. There is no way to get around this screen and access the content that I have paid for.

I’ve been on hold with MLBAM for 15 minutes so far, and of course anyone with the White Sox simply passes the buck and tells me to take my complaint to MLBAM.

In summary, MLBAM = big pile of stinking losers!

Good Lord! The second pitch? Come on Jose!

WOW!! What a way to start the year off, holy ####! That was brutal!! Has anyone tried to access the gameday info? On my screen I can’t see the box score. I can only see the Clv names and part of the first inning box. Does anyone have the same problem?

Two 0-2 pitches outer half thigh high right where the batter is looking to go the other way. Even little leaguers know to waste a pitch. Should have been out of the inning with only 2 runs.

Send in the @#%&* clowns! Someone tell em that Spring Training is over. These games do count.

This is garbage, Contreras has totally disappointed me today, either that or the Indians are the **** good.

It is now 11-2 and I see no hope in a comeback.

Welcome to MLB 2007 all!! I know we aren’t starting out so great, but doesn’t it feel great to have baseball back! I can feel the temps rising. Hope Shanda is ok! Happy Opening day All!!

Get ready for the old White Sox, THEY’RE BAAACK! Can you say 58-104. Ozzie is NOT a good manager, he should have embarrassed the Cuban when he yanked him. How does this guy even think he can motivate a bunch of over the hill slackers? I feel bad for Thome, he hasn’t had the taste of being a World Series champ. Too bad the ones that did, didn’t seem to like it.

These are the things that happen when you don’t take preparation seriously. All spring we were getting double digits put up against us. Then all we would hear is it is the Arizona air, everything is inflated, and Ozzie likes to play the kids a lot.

After watching our supposed ace today it looks as if the Arizona air is a myth. Of course the Cuban looked about 102 years old today, and his pitch location was horrible. He really worries me. I have a bad feeling that he peaked in 2005 and the first half of 2006, and it is gonna be a nasty downhill slide for him. If he can’t throw that splitter he is done.

The whole attitude coming from Arizona makes it sound like hey we don’t care what happens here. Having a lazy attitude like that will have a negative impact on your preparation. You could tell from pitch 2 that we were not ready. Fortunately it is a 162 game season, but we can’t wait too long. The AL Central is the best division in baseball, and if we dig an early hole it will take quite an effort to get out of it.

It was nice to see us get to Crooked Cap Sabathia a bit today, but keep in mind his velocity was down because of the shot he took off his arm last week.

Let’s hope this is not a sign of things to come.

I agree with you. If it was the ‘light air’ and so forth, EVERY team in Arizona would have a bloated, inflated ERA. The Cubs for example was 4.50 for the spring.

There appears to be some issues in how they train in the six weeks leading into the season, last year remember, Ozzie ripped into them after the first week when they were 0-4 and then they started the regular season 1-4.

This year? Who knows? It always comes down to pitching and this was a pretty bad start.

Mark Liptak

I also had problems accessing gameday audio. What you described happened to me as well and I also purchased the premium whitesox pride club package. What the **** is going on with MLB? I can’t even call and scream at them because I am at work. However, blakeheem, I was able to get the live boxscore with no problems so I don’t know what the heck was going on with your connection. Better luck next time.

In a way, I kinda wish I missed it though because we got our *** handed to us on a platter today. I am beyond disappointed with what has been displayed this first game. These pitchers better get their heads outa their ***** before Wednesday. Hopefully we’ll come away with 2 out of 3. My fingers are crossed.


Wow, that was “embarasking”. Last year we creamed the Indians the first game, I guess it was their turn. I agree, makes you wonder about preparation, and if the spring is going to carry over for the rest of the staff the way it did Jose, weze in trouble. I didn’t get the premium package with MLB, just the regular, same as last year, and had no problem with the gameday audio.

Was at the game today – not the desired result, but boy was it nice to be at the park!

It was a little chilly beforehand, and of course breezy in the upper deck. After the Cleveland lineup was announced though, the sun came out strong for the home team announcements!!! Very cool feeling!

I hope everyhting is ok with Contreras – what a rough start! Kukos for Ozzie for getting him out of there right away – of course who knows if he would have/could have settled down.

Sisco and Aardsma were fine and Bobby Jenks was a fresh of breath air come the ninth.

It was a tough loss, but it’s only one and I’m still glad that it’s baseball season again!


It’s good to hear I wasn’t the only one who had a problem. Perhaps Scott can live up to his job title and “communicate” with MLBAM to help get this situation fixed.

I also have the Sox Pride Premium membership and was having problems accessing the gameday audio. I was by a tv but I wanted to see how the audio worked and was unable to listen to the broadcast. I hope this doesnt happen after today.

You guys are right, the season is over, all is lost. Yurt should not be allowed to post anymore. Not because your negative, because you don’t even make sense.

If you would like Scott’s help with something it might be better to ask than to rip him like that on this page that he has generously ran and contributed great amounts of info for us fans. Maybe an email or a call to the Sox front office to make sure they are aware of the problem would be a better idea. I’m sure Scott has been a busy man getting ready for the start of the season. Asking him to live up to his job title is total BS!

Thanks for the great description of the park on opening day. My opening day will be Saturday, with my brother. I fly into Chicago tomorrow, can’t wait to see the Sox.

As a slightly geeky fan, I have a kinda techy request – could you make the Sox logo on the blog page a link back to the main Sox website? It would make navigation a lot easier than using the “back” button on my browser, and I’d be really grateful!




I called the Sox front office and was told that they have nothing to do with it and that I should contact MLBAM. Very nice of the team to just pass the buck like that when they could have told me that they would make the effort themselves to talk to MLBAM and get the problem fixed for me. I’m quite sure that some of the money that I’ve spent on MLBAM products over the years has trickled back into their pockets.

You don’t pay money to read this blog, but I paid money to listen to Sox games on the internet (and since I don’t live near Chicago it’s the ONLY way I can listen to them), so I think it’s quite clear what his priorities should be.

First, congrats to A.J and his Gators I shouldn’t of listened to the experts and picked Georgetown. I would have won 50$ if Ohio State didn’t keep fouling FL and running up the score. Dammn them!!!! Also lay off Scott, and calm down people I’m sure it was a glitch in the system with the audio.

Contreras’ pitching was a disaster and the score was a disaster, but I’m going to take at least one positive from opening day: the bullpen pitched pretty darn well. Sisco, Aardsma, and Jenks, some of the guys the Sox are going to be relying on all year coming out of the ‘pen, pitched 5 innings and only allowed one run. Masset had his troubles, but he even settled down a bit. He was in there to simply eat up innings anyway. They Sox may very well take the next two games. Hang in there everybody.

The bullpen did look good and Masset’s gonna be a great pitcher in the future. Nonetheless, you’ve got to wonder how much of that was our pen and how much of it was just the Indians being bored. That game was over before the bottom of the second. We knew it, they knew it. C.C and Victor Martinez were out there cracking jokes on the mound, having a *** ol time out there. It was a joke of an effort by Jose and there’s really no excuse. No thin air, no injury, just a disturbingly awful display of pitching that had me questioning my own eyeballs. Hopefully that was an aberration, I expect better his next outing mostly because it be impossible to do much worse.

It’s amazing how much MLB runs instead of the team itself. You would think the Sox Pride Club would be run by your own club. MLB must not have enough staff to keep all this stuff straight. Remember how difficult it was to get the code to get tickets through the Pride Club last year, and the same problem this year? These things are done through the club’s website, it ends up being a bad reflection on the club when they don’t go well. Even with the Kids Club, they take forever to get stuff out. I signed up two of my kids way back in Feb, knowing it takes forever, and they still don’t have anything yet.
Sounds like it’s going to be an awful day, weatherwise, tomorrow. Hopefully Garland doesn’t get stuck in a rain delay and screw his first start up.

I got an email today from mlb and soxpride. Thank you Scott for passing along the info on the problems we were having. Hopefully tomorrow when I will need to use it, it will be there for me.

All right, all you naysayers out there in White Sox Universe… Not every opening day is going into the time capsule…The Tribe hit .571 for the first three innings, then went 1 for 18 the rest of the game… Sabathia is Cleveland’s answer to Johan Santana, as far as the WS are concerned… All he has to do, it seems, is throw his glove out of the dugout towards the mound, and you can pretty much file that game under the “L” column…
Fortunately, tomorrow…Jake westbrook goes for Cleve…He is 4 and 7 career,with an 0 and 4 ’06 record versus the WS, while Garland split two decisions last year, and is 7 and 10 career versus the Tribe…

Unfortunately,the weather forecaster are calling for Siberia to return for the remainder of the home stand…

Oh,goody…just what they need…frostbite…

To those of you experiencing problems with the gimmicks that MLBAM runs, just be patient…it was Opening Day for everybody, and the bugs have to be worked out…just like with the team…


According to Retrosheet, Westbrook was 3-0 vs. the Sox in 2006.

In 2005 he went 0-4 with a no decision in five starts.

Mark Liptak

OK, I heard a good historical stat today. The last time a White Sox opening day starting pitcher registered only 1 inning worth of outs was 1917. Season ended pretty well that year. TQ could probably tell you about his world series celebration that year.

Don’t make sense?

Did you just read what you wrote?

That was 90 years ago….I’m sure if the ’07 sox could go back in time to 1917, they’d have a chance. Get real.

Contreras is supposed to be the “ACE”.

Have you been paying any attention to his performances over the last year?

When KW finally gets rid of the socialist, Chavez supporting, Venezuelan, jerk things will get better.

This is an American game. If you don’t support the United States it’s time to go home. American Biezbol been berry, berry good to heem.

Yurt –
How does what I said not make sense? All I am doing is throwing out a historical stat that is ironic to the way our season opened. We are 0-1, if you want to jump off the bridge go for it, but I’ll wait a little longer.

Maybe if you read some of my other posts you would see that I did criticize Jose for his performance over the past half season, probably a lot due to injury and age.

I am assuming you are referring to Ozzie as the Chavez supporter. If so, check your facts. Ozzie has been very critical of his stance in the past. And don’t ever use words that came out of Sammy Sosa’s mouth to describe something Ozzie would say. Sosa is a liar and cheater and is not even in the same class as a player like Guillen was.

And if you want to rip someone for ripping you, get the right person next time. While I did not agree with your comments, it was not even me that said you did not make sense.

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