Buehrle Update

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mark Buehrle Update

Saw Mark after the game and we spoke briefly.  TV showed the egg on the top of his forearm right after he was hit.  Mark told the media his arm went numb and that’s why he came out, but he fully expects to make his next start.  We’ll see how he feels tomorrow.


Thanks for the update, Scott. Here’s to our first W and a speedy recovery for Mark.

1. Very happy that Mark is OK. Hope he pitches better in his next start.

2. I agree with Bill Melton, Sizemore is WAY to comfortable in the box. He needs to get knocked on his rear end then see how well he hits.

3.Vasquez MUST go longer then six innings tomorrow. The bullpen is ragged out after only three games because the starters have looked miserable.

4. The bullpen looked better then Wednesday (of course that wouldn’t take much doing)but it should be noted that for the second consecutive game they had a late lead and gave it up.

5. Is it just me or is Matt Thornton the number one candidate for the Neal Cotts / Cliff Politte breakdown award for 2007?

Mark Liptak

Thank you Roberto Hernandez. Because of an unnecessary pickoff attempt at 2nd base and a hit batter we did not really have to manufacture that run. He did it for us.

I was thinking the same thing about Thornton. I hope he does not have a breakdown like Cotts and Politte. The bullpen will be anybodys guess this year because they are all young and power arms can tend to be erratic. Thornton was a guy that I think everybody felt they could count on after a solid year last year.

Grady Sizemore is going to kill the Sox for a long time if they don’t put him in his place. I was upset that Mark even put a pitch in the strike zone to him. A statement would have been made had he drilled him to open the game.

What happened to Mark was pretty scary. It’s really a hazard of the way he pitches. When a pitcher like Mark who uses a lot of offspeed pitches and does not have that 90+ fastball leaves a pitch in the zone hitters tend to go back up the middle because of the way they time him. He’s always been a good fielder because he has to the way he pitches. My younger brother is a college pitcher, he is lefty and pitches in a similar style and approach as Mark. He has been drilled by line drives twice already this year. He’s good with the glove like Mark, but sometimes there is not much you can do. Hopefully he is ready to go next time around.

For those who missed the telecast and did not tivo the game, you missed one of Bobby Jenks all time great strikeouts to end the top of the ninth. With an 0-2 count he sends up a devastating curveball that started at the armpit and ended below the knees. Marte looked like a he was trying to hit a butterfly with a broom handle. He then punctuated this strikeout with one of the most productive farmers blows I have ever seen. Truly spectacular.

Oh yea, AJ, your the best.

Thornton will be fine, by the way.

Great to hear Buerhle is ok!!!

this is completely unrelated to buehrle but im curious why parking lots don’t open 3 hours prior to first pitch for tailgating? milwaukee does it and i think it’s a great idea…2 hours just isn’t enough for me haha.

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