Friday Weather

Friday, April 6, 2007

Freeze Out

With the cold temperatures and wind chill forecast for tonight, we postponed today’s game.  It will be re-scheduled at a date and time to be determined once the weather turns warmer.

Tomorrow’s and Sunday’s games, since they will be played in the sunshine (we hope), will go on as scheduled.


Javier Vazquez will go tomorrow and Jose Contreras will throw Sunday against Santana, skipping John Danks the first time around.  Jon Garland will start the first game against Oakland with TBA scheduled for games 2-3.

And for those conspiracy theorists out there (you know who you are), we began discussing the Friday night weather concern before our starting pitchers logges only 7-plus innings in the series with the Indians.

Sox Pride Club

I asked Dakin Dugaw to write a quick note for any SPC members who have or continue to have troubles activating their memberships.  He sent me the following:

-To those members who have been experiencing problems with Gameday Audio, all of those accounts (approximately 100) have been identified, and the proper entitlements to receive GDA as a free membership perk have been granted to all.  If you’re still experiencing GDA problems, please e-mail and we’ll address the problem immediately.

-Next week, we’ll be sending an e-mail to SPC members offering additional Premium Lower Box ticket opportunities for the April 25-29 homestand to Sox Pride Club Premier members only.  This information also will be posted in the Sox Pride Club member page and FAQ page.  Please make sure to check all the details once they are finalized.

Sox Pride Club Regular Members looking to upgrade to a Premier membership should call 866-800-1275 or e-mail to make the switch. 

-The 2007 Sox Pride Club membership packets – including your membership card – are being mailed now, and all should arrive to current SPC members within the next two weeks.  If you do not receive your packet by Friday, April 20, please e-mail us at

-The Sox Pride Club Premier T-shirt design is done, and the shirts are at the printer.  We will be contacting Premier members soon with details on how to claim their shirts. 

-Finally, we will be starting our exclusive Sox Pride Club on-line auctions and offering new members-only desktop wallpapers very soon. 

Please do log-in to the Sox Pride Club member page regularly for membership updates, new FAQ information and access to select perks, such as the postgame press conferences after each home game.  That’s also the place to go to see what tickets are on sale, check the SPC message board, review the club benefits and access your Gameday Audio subscription.

We hope that these updates are helpful, and we appreciate you taking your allegiance to the White Sox to a whole new level.  We will continue to work hard every day to make your membership the best it can be, and thanks for showing your Sox Pride!

Dakin Dugaw

Manager of On-line Communications


I was dissapointed to see that the game was not going to be played tonight as I was supposed to attend. When do you think the game will be rescheduled for? Will it be the next time the Twins are in town or is there a possibility of a double-header in the next two days?

Who made the decision to postpone the game? Was it White Sox management?

I’m pretty sure that they ruled out the double header for this weekend due to the weather still being freezing cold. I think they mentioned it in the official press release. So it would probably be rescheduled to a day where they both have off or when the twins come back in to town.


Was it really that cold? Colder than an October night?

Uh, yeah, it really is that cold. I was there Wednesday, 19 degree wind chill. I could hardly stand it, standing on the outfield concourse for one inning. I came home and my wife couldn’t believe how red my face was from the windburn. Yesterday, with the sun out, it wasn’t quite as bad. Today, Victor Martinez pulls a leg muscle, and they say the cold weather may have had something to do with it. I don’t blame them for moving this game.

they cancelled the game because the bullpen needs rest. the cold weather was a good excuse. not that i blame them, just dont let them fool you!!!!!

It is even MORE dissapointing to imagine that our bullpen might need rest after three regular season games.

I have a LOT of hope for this season…it is WAY to early in the year to be talking about resting…

Go Go SOX!

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