Friday, April 7, 2007, 3:30 pm


Ozzie just called me to say that they have decided to have John Danks pitch Sunday against the Twins.  Our rotation now is Vazquez (tomorrow), Danks, Contreras (at Oakland), Garland and TBA (depending on how Buehrle feels).


Good, I was looking forward to seeing him throw when I didn’t have class to disrupt me from watching the games like this past week. I was suprised to see him throwing in the pen yesterday in the 5th inning, but that is how Ozzie is, thinking about today rather then tomorrow.

Two wise moves.

Not playing tonight and not having Jose pick up another loss. As fragile mentally as he may be right now after opening day, he doesn’t need to go to 0-2.

Santana 99% probably wins Sunday so send the kid out as a sacrifice and try to finally win a game in Oakland.

Mark Liptak

Get Silva out!!!!!!!he should be in the minor leagues he is not good enough to play in the majors he is getting killed by the hitters.

Ozzie, When are you going to realize, Jenks should not be your closer!!! He *****. 1 to 0 top of the ninth, and he loses the game to the A’s. Not the first time. He didn’t save 41 games last year, the outfielders saved them by catching the hits he allows. GET RID OF HIM!!!!

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