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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Sights Seen

Batting practice in stocking caps … Juan Uribe sitting at the end of the dugout near the super heater (think jet engine), warming his hands and bat handle.

Looking Ahead

Of the top hitters against Johann Santana (minimum 30 career at-bats, which pretty much means Central division hitters), the White Sox feature three.  The top 10 (by batting average):

Ordonez, .394

Ozuna, .323

Blake, .282

Martinez, .281

Sweeney, .273

Iguchi, .250 (two RBI)

Rowand, .250

Crisp, .242

Dye, .227

Also of note:  Paul Konerko is only 6-45 (.133) against Santana, but two of the six hits are home runs.  Joe Crede (7-39, .179) also has two career homers.


That was a great story about Iguchi. I hope the boy gets his transplant and is able to see a Sox game in person. With Santana pitching on Sunday, the Sox really need to win today. A 1-4 start would not be good. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned McCarthy’s first start of the season. 6 IP, 10 hits, 5 runs. Not exactly a stellar performance.

Ya good point, and speaking of former pitchers, Garcia is still rehabing his arm injury.

White Sox Winner: Vazquez looked good, as did the Bullpen, and I was very happy with Razor Shines aggressiveness.

Obviously the best game of the year. That’s two games in a row where the pitching staff looked relatively good.

Only wish Javy could have gone another inning or so and spared Ozzie from having to use most of his bullpen again.

Anyway we’ll see how quickly the game takes with Santana on the hill (probably over in about 2:35). That’s why it was very important to win today and guarantee yourself a split.

Then hopefully they can actually win a game in the House of Horrors.

Mark Liptak

Don’t get too over excited about Razor Shines just yet. If that throw is not up the first base line Podsednik is out at home.

Nice to see Javy pitch well, I also was hoping Ozzie would let him finish the 7th, but Sisco’s K that ended the inning was nice.

Listening to Konerko’s comments after the game about winning in these weather conditions gives me one premonition for tomorrow. The Twins should be pretty deflated from having to freeze their tails off today and not get anything out of it. I see them coming out flat tomorrow, and the Sox winning a 2-1 type game. Let’s get Danks that first win, and do it against Santana. That would be a nice way to end the homestand!

Happy Easter!!! GO SOX!

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