Happy Easter

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Today’s Lineups

Castillo, 2B; Punto, 3B; Mauer, C; Cuddyer, RF; Morneau, 1B; Hunter, CF; Redmond, DH; Tyner, LF; Bartlett, SS.  Santana pitching.

Ozuna, LF; Erstad, CF; Konerko, 1B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; Crede, 3B; AJ, C; Iguchi, 2B; Uribe, SS.  Danks making his ML debut.

A Little News

Toby Hall is going to test his right shoulder by throwing tomorrow in Oakland.

Don’t Look

The last White Sox starting pitcher to win his debut was …

… Kip Wells on 8/2/99 (1 ER/5.1 IP).

Since then, we have seen eight debuts: Garland, Biddle, Stewart, Cotts, Diaz, Munoz, McCarthy and Haeger without a win (0-4, 9.53 ERA, 42 ER/39.2 IP).

For some reason (John’s performances this spring, a lefty vs. the Twins, the Twins not having seen Danks yet or just a feeling), I have a good vibe about today (also, maybe it was all the chocolate this morning, who knows?).

We’ll know by 4 pm.


You are not alone Scott, I have confidence in Danks as well. And Ozuna always seems to put together good at-bats against Santana, he needs to keep that trend going.

I too, feel good about today! Love the Return to Grinder Ball…it showed again yesterday!

Go Go SOX!

Congrats to Danks. He looked good. Wish we could have gotten more runs.
Happy Easter!

Tough game today. Danks looked real good. Made that one mistake and he paid for it. But still a very good effort.
Let’s hope we can continue the good pitching out west.

Random Thoughts:

1. A very, very, VERY impressive peromance by Mr. Danks…a thousand, no a MILLION times better then the other ‘can’t miss’ saviors the Sox have trotted out there. Clowns like Rauch, Stewart, Diaz, Muzonz ect.

2. Third game in a row the Sox have allowed three runs or less. Keep that up and they’ll be in the race all season long.

3. Speaking of race. Typical week for the Sox. Face Sabathia…lose, face Santana…lose.

Look gang, as Bill Melton said on Monday he can’t explain how these guys look so good against the Sox then they’ll go out and get ripped by another team. (his words.) I know these guys are good, Santana’s great but SOMEBODY’s beating them (Sabathia fairly regularly.)

Personally I think it’s totally mental right now. These guys see them on the mound and subconsciously they say, (with due respect to Bender from Futurama) ‘we’re boned…’

This is a problem folks. The Sox are facing these guys six, seven, eight times a season. They are DIVISIONAL rivals. You CAN NOT afford to drop six, seven, eight games to these guys.

Also I think Ozzie has to stop talking these guys up like they are Superman and Batman rolled into one. The **** with them. Ozzie needs to start telling the guys, ‘screw ’em.’ ‘swing the **** bats!’

Acting like these guys are unbeatable isn’t helping matters.

Now it’s on to Oakland. Is it to much to ask this 100 million dollar team to win A GAME out there?

Mark Liptak

I was very impressed with Danks today. I had heard quite a bit about him when he was in the Texas organization, and was happy to see him come over in that trade. He fits well, and I think can learn quite a bit this year from Buerhle as they are a similar style pitcher. It’t just too bad that he had to go up against someone whom we can not seem to score on. Very impressive though because he held his own.

We had plenty of chances against Santana as he was wild early and had a pretty high pitch count through 3 innings. The guy is a very good pitcher, but pick a pitch. Either look fastball or look circle change. If you are patient you will see both. His arm action is outsatanding as you can not tell the difference, but if you sit on one or the other you will have a much better chance at getting a hit.

I absolutely respect Jim Thome, but 3 K’s in 4 trips today. That just can’t happen. He proved last year he can not hit lefties. How about JD at DH against someone like Santana and BA in right. Of course the 3rd K was looking in the 9th at a nice juicy fastball from Nathan. He watched two of them in that at bat. He should not let a fastball in the zone get by him.

Does anyone have a clue as to when the Friday postponement will be made up? I know that most teams try to avoid doubleheaders. I see on the Sox and Twins schedule that there are eight common dates for the rest of the year where both teams have off days: 4/16, 4/30, 5/7, 5/14, 5/24, 6/21, 8/27, and 9/13.

Good question, libran. I heard rumblings of a double-header on Fri. July 6th. One radio station made it sound like a done deal, but haven’t heard confirmation from the Sox. Scott? Help us out!

I heard the same thing about 7/6 but I don’t see it confirmed by the White Sox yet. I was bummed to not have that game Friday to attend, but the thought of a warm game has its appeal too!

I simply can’t believe it. I always read your posts because I feel as if I am learning something new every time (although, sometimes you tend to be a lil’ harsh) But, most of the time I agree with what you post. But, today, I don’t know if I should be offended or amused….the name is spelled MUNOZ, (pronounced moon-yos) not Muzonz, (I wouldn’t even know how to pronounce that.) I realize it was probably just a type-o but thought it might be fun to rib you about it a little. :>)Take care and Go Sox!

Oh what a wonderful afternoon Arnie Munoz provided Sox fans with against the Montreal Expos. I heard that after the Sox released him the Expos tried to hire him as their batting practice pitcher.

Liptak- I agree. I’m not with the team like Scott so I have no idea what their mentality is, but given the way that the White Sox media talks about Santana, Rogers, and Sabathia I also feel like there is too much of an attitude toward those lefties that tells us that we have no shot against them, especially Santana. I think you’re right, we need to not tell ourselves that we’re gonna lose before the game even starts. Maybe that’s just how the broadcasters/media make it to seem, but it sure feels that way.

I can’t tell you how suprised I am to see Erstad in the lineup. He is lifetime .077 versus Harden and I was waiting to see what Anderson has to offer. Now Erstad has two strikeouts on virtually the same pitching sequence. Jose does look a h*ll of a lot better though, but JD hasn’t looked to well at the plate, not sure what is wrong with him.

M. Borucki

I guess Scotty Pods has been eating his Wheaties! Nice HR!

Again a very nice outing by the team. Jose bouncing back was encouraging. Four in a row now, three runs or less allowed.

Nicely done! Dare we dream that they actually take a series in Oakland?

Mark Liptak

WOW! The Sox win in Oakland. I didn’t see the game but Jose must have looked much better. I must say I am very glad the Sox picked up Erstad. He is a clutch player. Dye is 2-20, not a great way to start during a contract year.

Jeez, everyone get off JD’s case. He’ll pick it up soon. I too am glad the Sox have a healthy Darin Erstad. He looked clueless last night, but overall, I am pleased. Pods looks back to his ’05 form. Guess who took a walk yesterday? Good job Juan. Wins in Oakland feel great. Well worth staying up late to see the ending.

Anyone else notice that Bobby didn’t get a save? I guess you have to begin the 9th inning to be eligible for the save.

To qualify for a save the tying run would have had to come to the plate. They had a 3 run lead and he only faced two hitters. If there was a runner on base when he came in then it would have been a save situation.

Rule 10.20 of the Rule Book, regarding saves, states: For a pitcher to be awarded a save,he must enter the game with a lead of no more than three runs and must pitchy at least one inning…or he must have the tying run either on base,at bat, or on deck…
Now that the rules session is clear, how many others of you have been somewhat relieved of your worries about the pitching staff, based on the last three performances ?

And, just think of what it may be like when the weather warms up…some time in JULY…

And to mgrothendick…the mind set of a team against a certain pitcher, as to who has the whammy on whom, goes back in my memory to the ’60’s, when the WS in general, and Billy Pierce in particular, could not beat Whitey Ford of the Yank-mes for love nor money…the Sox would have a lead late, it looked as though the deed was going to be done, but those damned Yank-mes always seemed to pull the game out in the late innings, and let Ford off the hook… same thing with the Twinkies and Santana, or the Indians and Sabathia… you can convince yourself you’re going to win, you’re going to end this curse, or whammy, or whatever the h*ll else you want to call it… but then you have to go out there and actually accomplish it…and that ain’t easy…

Take your naps early this evening, kids… The Late Night Theater begins at 9 pm from the Mc Afee Masoleum…
and it isn’t exactly the Rocky Horror Picture Show…at least, I hope it isn’t…


Thanks again for your help with the MLB Audio issue. I have one other question for you: Why is the White Sox ‘TV Blackout Area’ so large? It covers 80% of IL and IN, 20% of WI, and 100% of IA. About 90% of that area doesn’t get WCIU, and about 50% of that area doesn’t get CSN. However, by claiming them as ‘home territory’, the White Sox prevent those people from seeing the Sox on MLB Extra Innings/MLB.tv even though they can’t see the Sox games on cable/satellite, except for the handful of games on WGN.

Although this probably goes for many other areas as well, I’m thinking of Indianapolis in particular. None of the cable systems in Indy carry WCIU or CSN, yet nobody there can see the White Sox on Extra Innings or MLB.tv. What benefit can this possibly be to growing your fan base that a million plus metro area that’s less than 200 miles away can only see 25 of your games?

Ya that is a good point. I’m at Western Illinois University during the beginning and end of the season, and we don’t get WCIU or CLTV, so when the games appear on those channels, we don’t get them, and we get blacked out on the gameday audio, which is why I didn’t buy it again this year. It was nice when they were on ESPN 1000, the radio signal came in a tiny bit, but once they moved to the Score we are out of luck.

this noname pitcher is making the white sox look absolutely horrible

Garland’s been great so far. Big 5th inning.

what a waste of a game. jenks looks awful. name macdougal the closer now before he costs you 5 games a la billy koch. i wasted my whole night watching that game and that loser comes out and gives up all of those hits in the 9th. good lord. pods should be shot as well for not throwing bradley out at the plate. he was just touching 3rd when he got the ball. anytime aj, konerko, thome, crede, dye would like to start hitting would be ok with me. if we have to rely on pods and uribe for our offense we are going to lose 100 games this year.

I hope Jenks’ velocity hasn’t permanently dropped. He was only throwing about 93 this game I think. And how do you let the ball hit you on the head? Terrible. At least our pitching has been good since our first 2 games.

Well that is how things work for the Sox in Oakland. Great outing by Jon, but not enough support from the hitters or the closer.

I have two things about the last inning that I think were very important. With a 1-2 count on Walker, Jenks threw a curveball that Walker timed well, but fouled off. The book on Jenks is that when he is ahead in the count with 2 strikes the curveball is coming. After he times the first one well why do you throw it again? Of course he gets the hit and ties it up.

Second thing is not using a defensive replacement in the 9th for Peter Pan in left field. What exactly is Brian Anderson’s role on this team? Has he been demoted to bat boy? I thought that was going to be one of his roles this year. He has a legitimate shot at nailing that runner at home.

Pods fielded the ball in the shallow part of the outfield as the guy was just rounding third. Either that baserunner was the slowest looking fast guy I’ve ever seen, or Pods should have easily nailed him. I would hope Anderson could have made that play.

There is no excuse for not having Anderson and Erstad in the outfield in the 9th. Either one would have nailed the runner at the plate. Even Pods would have gotten him easily if the throw wasn’t 10 feet over AJs head. How do you waste Cintron’s “triple”? Hey Mac, BUNT!!!!! I am going to Oakland and beat that ***** with his stupid-*** cowbell and shove that drum up that d1ck-weed’s a$s. How are we supposed to go to sleep after that garbage.

1. This is the 5TH consecutive game the Sox have held the opposition to three runs or less. Is the record in those games 5-0? No. Is it 4-1? No. Five tremendous pitching efforts and only a 3-2 record to show for it. Amazing.

2. Championships are NOT won when your ‘new and improved’ bullpen blows and loses two games out of the first seven played and gives up the lead in a third one only to have the Sox wind up winning it. The Sox are now 3-4, they SHOULD be 5-2. Big difference isn’t it?

3. I see where the Sox are starting early this season…early in the sense of looking outmatched against mediocre, journeyman. Chad Gaudin? Who the **** is that?

4. Ozzie has been directly quoted twice this season about not doing what he did last year, i.e. matchup’s with pitchers. He said his pitchers should be able to get anybody out at anytime. His actions are speaking louder then his words. MacDougal was pitching well, why replace him? I know because Ozzie can. My God.

Mark Liptak

Come on Mark you should know by now that if you have never heard of the opposing pitcher we will make him look like an ace. We do it all the time!

The other team could bring guys up from their **** single A team, and we’d make them look like f***ing Cy Young. When is this trend gonna stop?

There was no reason to remove MacDougal, he looked great. I hope that there was something wrong with the WGN/WCIU radar gun tonight as there was all of last year. If Jenks is topping out at 93 mph we have a problem!

Oh one more thing, nice job with the “fundamentals” tonight boys. Yes sir.

5th inning 1st and 3rd, one out, one run in. Do we get the second guy home….nope.

7th inning man on third, NO outs….do we get the man in….of course not.

Boy what an additional run or two might have done to change this game.

Let’s see tonight, and the game they lost to Cleveland 8-7. Fundamentals could have won them, that is if they executed worth a ****.

Makes you wonder still what the **** they were doing on that field devoted to ‘little things’ for six weeks don’t you?

1-2 now in one run games and 13 runs scored in the last five games. Nice! That’ll ‘get the job done…’

Mark Liptak

On the bright side, it was very very good to see Jon dominate tonight. I think I’d be more concerned if I saw him throw terribly instead of Jenks. BS’s and bullpen losses happen, we can deal with it. Or poop our pants like Liptak and Jim D. Cheer up guys, we’re only 7 games into the season!

I try not to second-guess, but I have to agree with Jim D: What is Brian Anderson’s role here? 7 games and no action? Last night seemed to present the perfect opportunity to use him. As it stands now, he is just wasting away on the bench.

Let’s turn it around with a win tonight. Go Sox!

Like I said, until KW loses Ozzie there won’t be any sound fundamentals or another championship team. Ozzie makes the worst decisions (or non-decisions) of any major league manager since McNamara.
He should be gone anyway for his remarks about gays.

Look what “they” are doing to Imus. RAMONE…. bring me a real manager!

Garland pitched a great game last night and deserved to get his win. Bobby’s gotta figure this out. Blown saves happen sure but that was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. What happened to his velocity? And our team needs to get in sync offensively. I remember last year, the offense would be on fire then the pitching would fall off and vice versa. I think Brian should have been out there too but it never should have even gotten to that point. We gotta be able to put up more runs than that. Santana fine, Sabathia fine, but Gaudin? **** no. That’s inexcusable. And the middle of the lineup needs to start producing. I have no doubt they will, we have a lot of players in contract years here. Let’s get it today and win this series.

Just something to watch as the season goes along.

In 2006 the Sox had 12 “blown games.” A blown game is any game where the Sox take a lead into the 7th inning or later and lose the game.

Nine of those losses were the direct responsibility of the bullpen.

The number for 2007 stands at two games.

Mark Liptak

Mark Buehrle has never won a game in Oakland. I hope he gets his first win today. Fat boy Jenks is a joke! Every time he comes into the game he gives the other team a good chance of winning. Last year his era was 4.0 and he gave up 66 hits in 69 innings.

MOST of you guys are brutal!! i’m sure glad i don’t have to count on any of you for personal support in time of need, you’d just pass me the butcher knife and say “take care of it yourself” i’ll see you after the game today. Go Go Sox ’07.. j.k.


It’s ironic that you picked the Ford / Pierce matchup as your example because Billy actually had a 8-6 advantage over Ford in head to head matchups from 1953 through 1960.

But I understand the point that you were making.


What can I say, remember “the Lord helps those who help themselves…” LOL

Seriously when you are in the toughest division, in the toughest league, in baseball in the world you CAN NOT afford to ‘give away’ games. One or two or four games could very well be the difference between a playoff spot and a trip to the golf course in early October.

Like it or not, fair or unfair, there is simply no room for error. As Kenny would say, “it is what it is.”

Think the Sox wouldn’t have loved to have held on to five or six of those 12 games they blew last year? Think that wouldn’t have made a difference???

Minnesota by means of comparison ‘blew’ four games where they took a lead into the 7th inning or later and lost the game.

Of such things are divisional titles won.

Mark Liptak


Last year, MLB teams averaged about 16 “blown” games, so thank you very much for pointing out how the Sox were better than average. I really appreciate your optimism.

haha buehrle isn’t going to even have a free agent market after this year

did you know the white sox are 24th in runs scored, 29th in BA,29th in doubles, have 0 triples (22 teams have at least 1 3B), and 23rd in SLG?

They won 90 games last year, of course they were above avergae. Is better than average good enough though, or would you rather be the best? Unfortunately the team that was the best won our division.

looks like we’re watching a single A offense take on all-star pitching every game

i dont mean to keep ******** but why is anderson batting 2nd???


Just wondering…how many did the teams who qualified for the playoffs ‘blow?’

Saying the average MLB team did something includes the dregs of the league like the Royals, Pirates and Devil Rays. Let’s talk about the post season clubs and see how they compare. Also if you follow up with this, I’d appreciate you listing your source so that your comments can be authenticated.

Even if the Sox comeback to win this game, what is VERY disturbing to me is that the areas of concern in 2006 haven’t seemed to be improved one iota.

1. Bullpen — Blew two of the first seven games in ’06. The ’07 bullpen has blown two of the first seven games.

2. “Ozzie-Ball” – This was talked about a lot last year… lack of execution, lack of advancing runners, lack of base running intelligence. What have we seen just in this Oakland series gang? How many guys are going to be stranded on 3rd base with less then two outs?

Not trying to beat a dead horse but what the **** were they doing for six weeks in Arizona on that ‘fundamentals’ field?

3. Pitchers giving up hits on 0-2 pitches. Again an area discussed a lot last season. Today is an unfortunate example of things looking a lot like last year.

But I’ll be ‘optimistic’ for Cabby and company…at least they won A game in Oakland.

Mark Liptak

I have heard DJ over the last 3 games keep saying how Paulie and some of the guys are trying different things to get themselves going at the plate. Isn’t that what spring training is for?

I have no idea why Anderson is hitting second in his first plate apperences of the season. He hasn’t seen a live pitch in 2 weeks for god sake. I’m really worried about some of these other guys at the plate, like JD & Crede, Joe missed two hangers right down the pipe.

And man, Joe West’s strikezone is all over the place. He was speezing Buerhle the inning he gave up runs and it is getting bigger as the game goes on.

I take back my previous post, JD is the man.

Why is Darin Erstad pinch hitting against a guy he is 1 for 17 against lifetime? For those of you watching the game the Comcast stat of 1 for 11 was a generous mistake.

i wish aj would do something for my fantasy team…

Man, is Uribe that fast or does Stewart just have that bad of an arm??

I’m curious to see who comes in to pitch the 9th.

that was the worst throw from deep shortstop ive ever seen

Collective sigh of relief Sox Fans?????????

I love Mark Buehrle.

It’s 4/11, my front yard is covered with 4 inches of snow, and the Sox won a series in Oakland. **** has officially frozen over.

Considering the lousy weather…

Considering the bullpen blew two games…

Considering the offense has been sporadic…

Considering the fundamentals by and large have been lacking…

I’ll take 4-4.

Have a good off day.

Mark Liptak

Oh by the way that’s SIX consecutive games where the pitching staff has allowed three runs or less.

Mark Liptak

i am starting to believe i have been singled out by the sox blog faithful. there are people on here ranting 10 times a day and noone says anything.

when i make my rants everyone comes out of the woodwork to chew me out. whats the deal tom? klien? maria? you guys always give it to me when i get a little heated and here liptak and mike deveraux are going on and on 10 times and it was a win! at least i wait til after the game to give my analysis.

on another note…nice to see the sox come back today. good job by dye (finally). would like to see crede and aj start hitting the ball. i dont know whos throw was worse, scotty pathetics yesterday or stewart today. they both should be hung for those throws.

What a great game to win. Didn’t that feel good! First time since 2000 we win a series in Oakland. Buehrle, after a nasty liner off his arm settles down nice after the first inning, I thought Aardsma did great, and don’t forget that catch by BA in center field!! If we could only get that bat to come around. LOL Maria, you may be right about **** freezing over!!

My dear kenwo4, I know I for one have chewed on you a time or two, and those two would’ve gotton it too but for some reason when I’m logged onto the mlbtv, it won’t let me post here.. bizarre. If you’ll accept my apology, it’s all yours!

I’m just thrilled as **** we won! 🙂

btw armour, we hit a triple last night..

and yurt.. where were you in 05, same manager, apparently you didn’t dislike him then, or were you on the northside trash bashing Dusty in those days?


Dear Mr. Kenwo,

We faithful followers of the Chicago White Sox, remember you, Sir, as the naysayer who began his career in 2005 sometime around midseason. That is why you are singled out to represent your “group” of disinchanted fans who continue to find fault in most everything this team does. I won’t get on my soapbox just yet, suffice it to say, you are negitivity personified. BUT as a concilliatory offering, you have at times pointed out factoids whether pleasant to hear or not, that have a basis in fact. Anyway, LOL back at you and one thing we ALL can agree on is Go Go White Sox ’07…. j.k.

I watched today’s game on gameday, but I don’t have access to Comcast sports channel up here in MN so TV wasn’t an option. Anybody know if Jenks velocity was a little better today? Or still low 90s?

Very happy to get a little payback today for the game we gave away. Could have been a shutout had Joe West not squeezed Mark the whole first inning. He forced him to throw right down the middle. Fortunately he loosened up as the game went on. A guy like Mark can’t be successful without the corners.

Jenks had a lot more movement on his fastball today, but he was still topping out between 91-93. I am starting to wonder if losing weight may have cost him some velocity.

Hopefully today is the day that breaks Paulie and JD out of their little slumps. Paulie had been clutch against Huston Street in the past so it was good to see him get a shot off him today.

Kenwo –

I really would love to rip into you for some of the senseless things you say, but since you can not get my name right it’s just not worth my time.

No kidding, Maria! What a joy to see the Sox win a series in Oakland (even if I couldn’t be there in person).

Nice to see the starting pitching and the “heart of the order” coming around, too. I’m going to indulge in a little optimism, at least for now.

The “White Sox Guy” wrote an interesting post about the significant impact Johan Santana had on the outcome game: http://ozzie-ball.mlblogs.com/ozzie_ball/2007/04/white_sox_still.html

Kenwo: I’m saving all of my ranting for whenever dreifer returns. Ira, where are you? :o)

Yeah, where is Dreifer? Is it just me, or does anybody else think that they’ve heard about a lot of guys around the league who have come back losing weight, 20-30 pounds? I, too, have wondered how that affects a pitcher’s power. I.E. Ryan Dempster, Kerry Wood, Bobby Jenks.

Bobby looks to have already gained that 20 back, plus a little more. I’m not sure how much that affected his fastball.

Hey,Maria… We have been dragging the Inner Harbor in Baltimore looking for Brother Reifer… We have also been dragging the night spots in the same area…same result, empty…Brother reifer, if you are indeed out there, please let us know…
Now, kenwo, which way do you want it? If I disagree with you, you chew my a** out…if I don’t say ANYTHING, you wonder where I am… Well, for one thing,I haven’t been around because my bleeping sinuses have been doing the Myposian tap dance of joy, which means that my schnoz has been running more than Podsednik as of late… that, and i am waiting for more than just three series to formulate whatever opinions I may have about the ’07 edition of the boys… let me just opine about the recently completed series in Oakland…First off,in the game they lost, if Erstad had been put into LF, with Anderson in CF in the 9th, who knows for certain that Erstad guns down the tying run on the Walker single? The outfield was so deep to begin with, and the runner was three fourths of the way to 3rd by the time the ball got to Pods, that he panicked(perhaps)and threw the ball halfway towards the umpires dressing room…does Erstad have a more reliable arm ? Don’t really know, because I haven’t seen him enough…

Wednesday, typical Buehrle start…roughed up in the early going, then settling in to pitch a respectable game…and as for Manchild?…well, he learned from the bad outing the night before that…it was just ONE bad outing… he’s gonna have, hopefully, not that many of those over the course of the season…but they are gonna happen…just shrug it off and go back out the next time…

Hey guys, this is random, but check out the box score to today’s Cubs/Reds game. Does anyone know why Coffey is the one who wound up with the win? I know Harang[atang] was ineligible because he didn’t go 5 full, but why would Coffey be the one to get the win? Why do Santos and Coutlangas have holds? Anybody know the offical scoring rules for this? Or is this just a mistake?

I didn’t see the game, but my guess would be he was pitching or entered pitching when they took the lead.

anybody know what happened to hawk bobblehead day? i swear it was on the promo list, not it’s gone…

markrokos: you’re right! it’s gone. it was planned for thu 8/9, and was on the promo schedule as recently as last week. hopefully, brooks & co will put it back on.

nice game tonight, guys.

Ahhh the beer always tastes better with a win!!!

Good morning, breakfast clubbers, good mornin’ to ya… No one is complaining now, are they?…Brother Devereux is exactly right…EVERYTHING tastes and looks better with a win, or a string of wins…Victories are the cover-up for all of the blemishes on the face of the ballclub…
By the way, Uncle Lou…that color commentator job you had with FOX last year is looking better and better all the time, isn’t it?…

Lou Piniella…just another victim of Cub mopery…

Did anyone read the tabloid yet?(S-T)…according to Joe Cowley, one of the WS players calls Cleveland …”now the worst city in the AL to go to.” …

When told of this quote,Detroit, Kansas City and Oakland all filed for alienation of affection…and were joined by Milwaukee and Pittsburgh…

If there is anyone out there who knows 1)where deanklub is, so’s we can bash him about the Tribe or 2)where Ira Reifer is, so’s we can bash HIM about Baltimore or 3)why the dunderheads in Jacobs Field keep on booing Thome every time he comes to home plate,please send your answers in care of this blogsite…

Don’t forget, White Sox Universe…after a day off Monday,Public Enemy Number 3(besides Jay and Cub fans)comes back to the Cell…that’s right,Sammy So-So and the Texas (St)Rangers drop by to say “howdy”…Now HIM you can boo…

mgrothendick…check out Rule 10.20 of the Rule Book…(you know the rule book… that’s the one that has the picture of the strike zone that NONE of the chumpires EVER use…)…that has all the duties of the Official Scorer, including who to award wins to if the starting pitcher doesn’t go at least five innings, etc.,etc. …

Ok I found it, 10.19.c.1

“When, during the tenure of the starting pitcher, the winning team assumes the lead and maintains it to the finish of the game, credit the victory to the relief pitcher judged by the scorer to have been the most effective;”

That’s odd, I have to admit I’ve never heard of that. I guess because Coffey pitched 2 innings and 3 Ks the scorer considered him most effective, therefore giving him the win.

Hi everybody!
Frankly, I could care less if we ever hear from Reifer again. So, I’m sure everybody has figured out by now that I am more of a reader than a blogger but I goota ask….

Scott, where the heck are you dude? Tomorrow will be a week since you last posted. I realize you’re a busy man but we need updates I tell you…updates!!!! (please?)


im worried.

My one game a week I can actually watch on tv…I love these days! I’ve been watching some Texas baseball.. so far, I don’t think Sammy is thrillin any home team here!

Armour, what cha worrying about.

The Lou factor up north, best laugh of the day, I love him!

Toodles all.. enjoy the game!

maybe scott decided to stay in socal instead of coming back to the midwest and this garbage of weather.

nice at-bat by JD there…what the **** is up with these 3 pitch, 3 swing strikeouts…and crede continues the garbage

Decent start for the boys this year. I’d personally like to see Gooch back in the 2 position and see what impact that has. Also like to see more of Brian Anderson.

Random musings…

Jon Danks deserves better from his teammates. They have YET to score a **** run in the two games he has started.

Santana? OK…I can see that…but PAUL BYRD???

Please…another garbage journeyman / mediocre pitcher giving the Sox fits.

And I LOVED that second and third, no outs can’t get a run home performance. Classic!

Let’s hope for two feet of snow and a postponement Sunday or else it’ll be another loss to Sabathia.

Inconsistency they name is White Sox.

Mark Liptak

I stand corrected. They’ve scored one run for Danks.

Two losses on the season to journeyman / mediocre / rookie / no name (take your pick) pichers.

Gaudin and Byrd.

Yousa yousa…how many more will be added to the list this season?

Mark Liptak

Byrd is one of those guys that has had this teams number in recent years. Remember he was the only loss in the 2005 playoffs.

Hopefully the same Jose Contreras that we brought to Oakland shows up tomorrow. If so maybe we can beat Crooked Cap.

Sweeps are not going to be easy in a series with the teams in our division, so taking 2 of 3 each time is going to be crucial.

Stats of the day:
1 for 8 with runners in scoring position and 11 left on base

Alright, Jerry Owens got his 7th stolen base tonight already. We really got to teach him how to bat so he can make it in the major leagues.

How they lost that game is beyond me. I am speechless.

Ya’ll know I’m usually never negative, well, the cheerleader in me is pissed! How the **** does that happen?? 3 errors??? *** is that? *** did we just witness??

Business as usual for the White Sox, lose to Sabathia (again), can’t score runs unless they hit a home run and mediocre fundamentals (three errors).

Stop me if you heard this before but didn’t we see this garbage in 2006?

Didn’t Ozzie swear it was going to change??

Yes they sure worked hard during spring training correcting these things didn’t they? (LOL)

Here’s the stat of the day friends as the Sox waste another pretty good pitching performance.

When the Sox hold opponents to three runs or less they are 4-3!!!!!

That’s all, just a lousy 4-3.

That’s embarassing.

Mark Liptak

Have you noticed that on the Sox website “Back to the Grind” has been replaced with “We are Chicago Baseball.” Do you think they are sending us a message? The only way the Sox can score is with the home run.

I think the most reassuring part of today’s game was seeing Paulie get really pissed off at himself in the dugout after his last at bat. FINALLY, someone showing some emotion! I’m hoping this game turns it around. How the heck did we lose a one hitter?

Where are you? By the time I wake up in Hong Kong, the Sox games are usually over. I look to you for some insight and information before and after. Please join us again.



i think the chicago media, fans and ESPECIALLY the ball club and manager are scared of certain people. Sabathia, Santana, Rogers etc. Its actually kind of embarrassing. We just continuously give up games when one of these three pitchers are on the mound. What ever happened to the screw you attitude. We can beat anyone anywhere. That is missing and has been for 2 years. Santana got roughed up by the Devil Rays the other night. Sabathia isnt a 20 game winner. Somebody is hitting these pitchers. Its time for the sox ESPECIALLY ozzie to stop being a baby and wake up when these guys are on the other team. you are supposed to want to beat the best not give up when the best are going against you. Then you say “oh well santana or sabathia or whoever is pitching so its ok”. thats garbage. at least give a F’ing effort.

aside from that i think the team has been playing well. Aardsma has been outstanding. Were the cubs on crack when they traded him for neal cotts? didnt they see cotts get lit up every single time he was brought in last year? the pitching has been outstanding. contreras has been good, vazquez has been good, danks has been good, buerhle looks ok and garland will get better. the bullpen for the most part has been lights out when they get in the game. if ozzie and the “boppers” would finally come out to play we could have a really good stretch here.

This is only the 3rd time in franchise history that the Sox pitching staff allowed one hit in a game and lost (at least according to the 2007 White Sox media guide…)

Here are the other two:

1. May 18, 1983 at Baltimore. Rich Dotson allows only an opposite field 308 foot home run into the first row of seats at Memorial Stadium to “Disco” Danny Ford but it’s enough to beat him 1-0.

2. August 23, 2005 at Minnesota. Sox-killer Jacque Jones takes a Freddy Garcia pitch deep into right field for a home run. The only hit Garcia allows in the 1-0 loss.

Also looking at the pitching matchup’s for the Rangers series, they are starting another ‘unknown’ Tuesday night, someone named Robinson Tejeda…I guess that means he’ll hold the Sox hitless for the first four innings and give up two hits in seven.

Way to follow the advanced scouting reports guys!

Mark Liptak


In this case I agree with some of what you are saying.

If this division figures to be as close as a tick on an Alabama hound, then the Sox simply can not afford to ‘give up’ six, seven, eight losses on the year to Santana and Sabathia.

That’s way to big of a hole to try to dig out of.

As I posted last Sunday, SOMEONE is beating those guys (especially Sabathia.) Losing that many games to two pitchers is your own division is a deal breaker, pure and simple.

That and the lack of speed, fundamentals, success against left handed pitchers, clutch hitting… in short, everything that we were told was going to be “corrected” in the off season will make this a very short season unless they get their act together.

This is the toughest division in baseball, where a slow start, could easily mean 4th place when all is said and done.

Mark Liptak

I don’t think Cotts have given up any runs this year yet, so it was a good trade on both sides.

So on the bright side, ya know who is disgustingly amazing right now? Dewon Day. The guy has pitched 5 2/3 innings in relief and has 16 strikeouts. In other words, every out he’s gotten via the strikeout except for one this season. Scott, if you ever come back, when is this guy going to Charlotte?

One would think there has been a lot of turnover in the advanced scout department because of how well we hit the unknowns that they are supposed to be scouting. Either that or the players just expect that the no-namer they are facing is gonna curl up in the fetal position and let us pound lumps. If the latter is the case then we need a lot of turnover.

Since the first 3 games the Sox ERA for starters is 2.06. That is outstanding. The problem is we are 4-4 in that time.

So with 2 weeks under our belts I’m not on the ledge..yet. Our pitching has kept us in it and is impressive. I seem to remember Bobby starting slow in the pen last year and picking it up as the season went on. People seem to have his m.o. though 2 strikes and the curve comes. They are waiting on it and hitting it. Our offense is pitiful. We just can’t seem to do anything with men on. I’m fearful as some of you have said that we are relying on the long ball again! I hear Ozzie is going to try shaking up the order though movie Iguchi back up and Erstad down. We gotta try something! Wouldn’t BA be better served getting some at bats at Charolette? If we aren’t going to use him defensively at least can he at least try and figure out his stroke down there. I really like him out in CF and would love to see his bat come around. Sorry just some ramblings from a sox gal! Scott where are you? we miss you!

Did Ozzie really say this:
“What happened to B.A., that’s his fault,” Guillen said. “We gave him the opportunity last year.”

What?? It was his rookie year!!! And you platooned him most of the year! What does Ozzie have against BA? I really hope its not all that winter ball situation… I know that most people on here don’t like to ‘second guess’ the Oz, but seriously…what is that? He seems to be incapable of being the bigger man or staying above anything. Ever.

And nothing against Erstad, I am sure hes a nice guy, but if I have to hear one more person fawn over him – how hes a ‘baseball player’ or how much of a grinder he is – I will watch every Sox game for the rest of the season on mute.

Sorry. Had to vent. Everyone can now feel free to tell me why I am wrong.


You may recall reading this in the Tribune under Mark Gonzales’ first Q&A with Sox fans a few days ago:

“It’s a matter of preparation. One Sox coach was baffled that two young players were watching a TV show before Friday’s game instead of watching tape of Fausto Carmona and some Tribe hitters.”

I contacted one of the Sox beat writers whom I know and they confirmed that one of the two players was Brian Anderson.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason for Ozzie saying what he did. I’m not debating whether Brian deserves another shot or not but it appears that he’s rubbed some of those making decisions the wrong way because of certain things…like the above example.

And Jim from what I understand from some of my sources there really hasn’t been any turnover in the advanced scouting department and that Bryan Little is highly respected for his work in this area. The fault it appears, lies with the players themselves.

Mark Liptak

Hmm I wonder what they were watching? Hopefully it was good if it is costing you playing time. And where in the world is Scott??

Thanks for the insight on the scouting dept. Sounds like the players are not utilizing all the info given to them. Shame on them for that!

I have always been a supporter of Brian Anderson, but watching anything that is not related to that days game prior to the game is just not acceptable. As far as I an concerned once you hit the locker room it should be all business.

Is Brian frustrated with his lack of time? Yeah I’m sure he is. And I am sure this was his idea of a bit of a protest over his lack of opportunities. Probably not the best way to go about it as a professional athlete. Maybe if he were completely prepared for every opportunity he might get more.

Coming to the defense of Mr Reifert (not that he needs any — the man can handle things quite well, as any constant readers of this space will attest to…), when the show goes on the road,Mr Bob Beghtol and Mr Ed Cassin are in charge of PR and travel… Mr R does not need to be EVERYWHERE… and, if you read my post of April 14th, well, you can understand… if you could avoid Oakland and Cleveland, you wouldn’t go either…The best part of Oakland is that Sanh Francisco is on the other side of the Bay Bridge…if you can afford to go there… Me, I can afford to go to the islands… you know, Blue and Stony…
Needless to say, the pitching(after the 1st two games of the season)has been way ahead of the hitting…but when you are trying to hit a baseball solidly while playing in meat locker temperatures(I know it’s just as cold for the other team, too… they haven’t exactly been tearing the cover off the ol’ horsehide, have they, Brother Liptak?(close as a tick on an Alabama hound? Ye gawds,man…I’m trying to recall which play by play man you borrowed THAT expression from…)

Give them time, people, dammit…like some time in June when it really gets warm…

Mark, as far as your comments about Mark G’s stuff in the Tribune…it does not surprise me in the least…and it’s sad…Today’s players, at least the younger ones, don’t give a rat’s rear aperture(hi, Dawn, wherever you are…)about game prep, such as looking at a advance report, or watching tapes of the pitchers they may face…as far as I’m concerned, these guys are here to experience life and per diem meal money in The Show…they already know what to do, they don’t have to prepare for it…they’ve got it made…

And that p***es me off more than anything else…

At least some of them may know about Jackie Robinson and what he did…because they’ve had it drummed into their concrete noggins over the past few days…I sincerely doubt that they did any study on THAT topic on their own, either…

Come on Tom, I hope you are being sarcastic about waiting until June. In this division if they just sit out the first two months we will once again be the best 3rd place team in baseball(if not 4th). The only trophy you get for that is a golf club in October.

I’d do my best to avoid Cleveland too. What a dump!

How ugly was that game on Sunday. Eventhough we were down 2-0, it could of been 100-0. I agree with Tom and Jim, Cleveland is a dump. We went our trip there a couple of summers ago and it was terrible. I almost got beat up by a cabbie when I asked isn’t that the river that caught fire, I’ve done alot of stupid things to people in my life but I have never had a person be so mad at me in my life. You would of thought I shot his dog or something. Luckily when I got out of the cab he realized I was twice his size and a little intoxicated, so he decided to just get in his cab and leave. Besides the stadium that town blows.


Actually I don’t know of any play by play guys who have used that expression.

I consider it an original which I break out from time to time as part of my broadcasting work in Southeast Idaho.

Mark Liptak

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