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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today’s White Sox Lineup

Erstad, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, LF; Cintron, SS.  Garland on the hill.


so with Pods going to the DL, are we going to see Mackowiak in LF all the time? he’s ok out there…but id much rather see BA in center with erstad in LF more often than not

Amen coztansa! If BA is not going to get a shot now just send him down. I like Mack, but he was painful to watch in the outfield more than once last year. Is he not originally an infielder?? I don’t get it. Enlighten me someone! BA must really be in Ozzie’s doghouse.

I third that sentiment: I’d love to see more BA. (No offense to Mack.) Heading to the game now. Looks to be another chilly night at the Cell. Hello, Spring? Please come to Chicago!

man i wish i got to go to the game =[

With very little information available on Podsednik, at least right now, I’m simply wondering what happened.

He was off to a fine start, one of the best on the club and gave no indication that anything was wrong, at least nothing that I read or heard…now suddenly… bang! DL, right side again.

This seems to have become chronic for him and robs the Sox of the only legit speed guy thay have in the lineup.

I guess “Ozzie-ball” is now ‘out the window’ if this is anything long term and we can look forward to another summer of station to station, home run or nothing baseball.

Very unfortunate, that the Sox weren’t able to go out and get a few guys who could run for the top and bottom of the lineup like when for example, they had Raines, Ozzie (before the injury), Lance Johnson and Sax in the lineup.

Oh well.

Mark Liptak

Pods slipped and fell in the weight room yesterday per ABC 7 news at 5:00.

Don’t be too down on Mackowiak playing left field. Playing center is totally different than playing either of the corner position. Getting to see the ball come off the bat at an angle makes a huge difference on judging where it is going. Mackowiak played a lot of left and right fields with Pittsburgh. Yes last year was an adventure in center for him, but he should be more comfortable now.

Why is Logan the replacement on the roster for Pods? Has the bullpen not been pretty solid so far?

I would think Jerry Owens would be the logical choice, unless maybe Boone Logan has some unknown speed where he can pinch run and steal some bases.

According to Comcast Sports Chicago, Pods was hurt yesterday when his foot slipped out from him while working out (don’t know if it was in the weight room or while running.)

MRI shows no tear but a considerable strain, listed as between moderate and severe. He is in pain and there is no time table for his return.

Kenny Williams was quoted as saying he was sure Pods was frustrated by this (as was he) because he felt he was focused and was going to have a good year.

Doesn’t sound good gang. My guess (and I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV) is at least a month. Sox are going to be cautious.

Again, this season is sure starting out swell isn’t it?

Mark Liptak

this pitcher is terrible and once again the white sox can’t do a **** thing. i feel bad for every single starting pitcher on this staff.

2 runs in almost 3 games now.

its gonna be a long season.

The offense just looks absolutly horrendous. Crede, Dye, Konerko, etc. These guys just look sick at the plate. This is unreal how they cannot score any runs when they have been in all these games.

so so sammy just hit one out. I’m going to throw up now.

mmcdowell… funny, I was thinking along the very same lines…the gag reflex in me is being tested to its limits!

Sammy Sosa has single-handedly outproduced tonight our entire lineup for the last two games. I’m going to bed.

who the **** is the batting coach because our team can’t hit a ******* beach ball!!!

I hope this is not the way our season is going to end up, it could be a long season

it looks like other teams are able to score their runs via the long ball…. we simply didn’t hit enough of them. let’s go for 280 shots this year and get to the playoffs. it’s not time to panic yet folks, it’s still the start of the season, and as you all remember, we don’t heat up until the weather does, so keep the faith and Go Go White Sox ’07… j.k…..

what i meant to say is, let’s score runs any way we can and worry about Ozzie ball at a later date. see you all tomorrow for a White Sox winner… j.k.


If you look back to a few days ago I said this Tejeda aka ‘no-name’ would hold the Sox to four hits over seven innings.

Me thinks I need to go out and get a lottery ticket!

Years ago the singer Patti Page had a song, ‘Little Things Mean A Lot,’ very true tonight wasn’t it. Especially in the 5th inning.

Botch a sure DP, then give up a two run bomb.


Something has been wrong with this team since last July when the Cubs hammered Buehrle in the Sunday finale right before the All Star Break.

Since then the parts haven’t fit together, the team has stopped playing Ozzie-Ball and the results have be there for all to see in the 2nd half of 06, through spring training and now into the start of 07.

Kenny has some serious things to think about, but that’s why he is in the position he’s in. I hope he can come up with an answer.

Mark Liptak

Wow, this is not the start I was hoping for. Credit goes to Mark for predicting the Tejada disaster tonight. Of course winning the lottery may be a little harder than being able to predict that the Sox will get shut down by a no-name hack pitcher.

I know when the score is as lopsided as it was it’s not easy to find one thing, but the blown double play gave the momentum away. In any sport momentum is so key to winning. When you let it get out of your hands it is almost impossible to get back.

One other thing I was bothered by was pitch selection to Sosa by MacDougal. It has widely been known for years now that if you throw pitches on the outer half that break away he is an easy strikeout. MacDougal has a great 2-seam fastball, but the problem with that is it breaks back over the plate to a right handed hitter. Sure enough he throws one to Sosa and he blasts it for a home run. Not sure if I should blame the pitch selection or the manager for letting MacDougal pitch to Sosa. I’m not saying walk Sosa, but he should have either drilled him or used another pitcher.

I do have a prediction for Friday’s game at Detroit against Chad Durbin. The Sox are 4-0 in games he pitches in, 3 of which were lopsided scores, so maybe he can be a slumpbuster for us.

I have to say the crowd at the sox game tonight made me sick. i understand booing sosa the first time he comes up, but why boo him after that? who cares if he was a cubs legend, a steroid user, a bat corker….LOOK AT YOUR OWN GARBAGE TEAM AND BOO THEM. BOO JOE CREDE FOR HITTING LIKE A 4 YEAR OLD. BOO OZZIE FOR BENCHING THE TEAM LEADER IN RBI’S..BOO IGUCHI FOR NOT COMPLETING A SURE DOUBLE PLAY…BOO KONERKO FOR GOING BACK TO HIS PATHETIC SICKENING POUTY 2003 WAYS. BOO ERSTAD FOR HITTING A CHOPPER TO THE RIGHT SIDE EVERYTIME HE IS UP…instead the jabronies at the game thought it would be best to boo sammy. FYI sammy would be leading the white sox in RBIs if he was on the team so the “sammy *****” chants should be saved for konerko, aj, crede, cintron, mackowiak, anderson, molina, iguchi, dye and the rest of the guys that cant hit their weight.

I agree, kenwo4life. They’d have to escort me out of the ballpark for some of the things I’d be saying to these mopes in black. Now is definitely the time to boo and boo often. Send a message. If these jokers will accept cheers and accolades when things go well, they should be men enough to listen to some booing, too. A 5-7 record at this point is absolutely unacceptable.

I couldn’t agree more kenwo. Matter of fact I was going to put up a similar post this morning. Forget Sammy Sox fans, save your vitriol for players deserving of it…namely our players. This is pathetic. We were wretched in Spring Training and continue to be wretched. Not only are we playing a putrid brand of baseball and losing because of it, we’re playing a boring and predictable game of baseball. What are we hitting now .216? That’s disgusting. Of course the batting will improve mainly because it can’t get much worse, but I take little solace from that.

I’m not even looking for a win today. How about taking the field and not embarrassing your fans fellas? Think you could manage that.

Like I said 58-104.
A couple of you have criticized me for saying that. There are a good number of you that post on here that are criticizing in the proper direction. I’ve been a Sox fan for 44 years and I know a loser when I see one. I have seen plenty. Who says you have to coddle an inferior “TEAM”? I just love the people who are so happy just to say they’re Sox fans even when the team doesn’t put out an acceptable effort.

Fan is short for fanatic, not passive yuppie ****. Do you think your boss would be so supportive if you showed up for work every day, just stared at your computer and accomplished nothing all day? I’ll bet your kids play athletic events in which they keep no score because it’s not important if you win. You wouldn’t want to teach them that losing is not the desired result. BS.

It’s time to think of the future KW,(not’05). Getting rid of Rowand was the worst move you’ve made, rectify it by getting rid of Ozzie and the other dead weight you’ve carried for the past two years. There is a lot of young talent available. I would rather see a bunch of rookies lose than a bunch of underachievers do their thing.

Wow this is a first, 3 people in a row in agreement with Kenwo, well make it 4. Forget about Sosa, it’s not like he is some huge nemesis for us. As a Cub he never really hurt us that much. As much as we pay for our season tickets, or even if you are a family taking your kids to one game a year, you have a right to let them know about their performance.

I hate comparing Sox fans to Cub fans, but it makes sense in this case because Cub fans have been blissfully happy with all the losing. However over the last two years the blind fans have been booing the **** out of them for similar performances to what we have done recently. I really hope the blindness does not shift to the southside.

The pitching has been very good overall. I don’t like that Pods went down but this gives Gooch a move back to #2 in the lineup. Additionally, perhaps BA gets more starts in center. I think this kid will be a superstar if he gets the chance. The hitting will come around and if the pitching stays the way it is the White Sox will be right there.

hey, I heard Pods slipped getting out of a hot tub.

Do you have more great artelcis like this one?

Don’t worry guys, with Mark Buehrle on the mound nothing can go wrong. Slap a W down for today.

Here’s a thougt…if you’re at the game, forget booing anyone. That’s negative energy which never helped or hurt any player. Get off the cell phone and send a little positive energy by way of cheering or at least yelling something helpful. It’s amazing what a little (or a lot) of positive energy can do (yes, it really works). I won’t be at a game until the end of April but you can bet I’ll be clapping and cheering the entire game. Remember, silence is deafening, booing is pointless.

Yep, don’t get it when Uribe sits down, and he’s been hitting well. And I still hate it when Ozzie gets playing time for the scrubs all at once. And why do you pinch hit Molina? Was that a joke or what? And I agree, why in the world didn’t BA start? Mac was hired for backup, utility. Start BA, or send him down. Agreed, should have brought speed up, to replace lost speed, not another pitcher. Good pitching from the starters? Hope you didn’t include Garland from last night, doing his best impression of Vasquez in the 6th.

i dont care what garland did last nite. the bottom line is this team has scored 2 runs in over 27 innings of baseball now. when you only score one run, you are gonna lose far more games than you win.

i know its early, but there have already been at least 2 or 3 games they lost which they should have won. the sox better start winning soon or they might find themselves 10 games back by may first. id like to see them winning 7 or 8 of the 12 games left in april.

I think there might be a chance Sosa gets plunked tonight, I heard Ozzie was pretty pissed at his little overdone hop.

First off, Brother Liptak… it was Kitty Kallen who sang “Little Things Mean a Lot”…(I’ll take “Songs of the ’40’s and ’50’s for $200, Alex…)Secondly, the Texas (St)Rangers are one of those teams that is conditioned to hit the ball, no matter where it’s pitched…Kinsler has 7 HR’s already…the team record for April is 9, held by three individuals, two of whom are some crumbum by the name of Alex Rodriguez(anyone know who he plays for?)and another well-known crumbum by the name of Carl Everett(a noted palientologist–that’s a study of dinosaurs, for those of you who don’t use $10 words out of the dictionary…)
I totally agree with Ozzie…I would rather pitch to Sammy than to Teixiera anytime…because you can fool Sammy most of the time…unless, like Mac Dougal last night, you leave one right down State Street that screams “hit me, hit me!!!”, and then scrams like a missile…

When I saw the patented hop,skip and helicopter arm movements, I felt like the rest of you — then,I wanted to grab Hairston Jr and whack him in the kneecap with a bat for guiding Sammy to the low first base camera so’s he could do that schtick that got very tiresome over at Jurassic Park at Neverland…

I know that Klein and liptak and others my age will recall vividly that, when a show boating exhibition like that occured in the old days, the next man up would feel the wrath of the pitcher…perhaps the man perpetrating the evil deed would feel it the next time up, no matter if it was in that game, or the next game, or the next series between the two teams…but, of course, that’s “old school” baseball…and the “old school” was shut down some time ago, it seems…

Just a question for discussion…what happens when(not IF)things start to turn around for this ball club? What do the naysayers do then?…

I would be thrilled if this team got things turned around and started playing the way we all EXPECT them to. Key on the word EXPECT. These team is nowhere near expectaions right now. I’m not talking about 162-0, but how about scoring some runs. That is supposed to be our strength cold or hot outside. How about getting off to a decent start so we don’t bury ourselves in this division.

I stated in a post recently that we may be fighting to be the best 3rd place team in baseball if we don’t get moving soon. Well right now we are the 5th best 4th place team. Now that is impressive huh!

All of you need to get a ******* grip. The Sox had cold streaks even in 2005. Not that much baseball has been played and the sample sizes are just to small to make any dire, doom-and-gloom predictions. If you disagree, let’s see some statistical analysis to back it up. Boo if you want right now, I’ll be the one telling you to shut your trap. And stop going to the games too, that will certainly keep the Sox payroll high.

I’d rather be a “fanatic” and be smart, rather than an emotional headcase.


What you say has some truth to it. It IS early in the 2007 season.

However as others have pointed out INCLUDING Ozzie, this is the same thing we were seeing in the 2nd half of the 2006 season and through spring training.

The chemistry, timing, cohesion, call it what you will isn’t there and hasn’t been since last July.

I can’t explain why, but the results speak for themselves. I think the Sox are something like 12 games UNDER .500 in the last 85 regular season games played dating back to right after the 06 All Star Break.

Mark Liptak

I hate to admit it, but for once I also agree with Kenwo. The first words outta my mouth when the fans at the Cell booed Sammy was “why the **** are they booing him, what did he ever do to us? If anything, we should be cheering him for being such a de-bacle to the Scrubbies!

And can somebody PLEASE explain to me what the **** we acquired Darin Erstad for? Sure, he may be a decent center fielder but I still think BA was better and it’s not like he’s doing anything superior to BA in the batting box, in fact I think he’s even worse!!!

I think Ozzie needs to send a message to these veteran players by benching their ***** and let these hungry young rookies show them how to play with fire!! I know that it’s early in the season, I don’t have to be reminded of that, but I have been a devoted Sox fan for over 25 yrs. and I understand what it’s like to cheer for a team that is having a losing season. I never cared as much before because I always felt that at least they were trying. I don’t think this particular team is trying hard enough. In fact, I think they’re playing like a bunch of cowards and it would not be evident to a newcomer that this is a so called “veteran” team.

There, I said it! I feel much better now, thank you very much.

Now here comes the criticsm from all you “fanatics”…I can feel it!!


I think we acquired Erstad because of how hard he runs out all his ground balls to second base. WOW, what a grinder!

I agree with you Kenwo on evrtything but the Iguchi thing. That was a horrible throw by Crede, Iguchi was lucky to get the lead out, sacrificing his leg coverig the bag. Crede’s D has been the main reason for the last 2 loses, along with the fact they couldn’t hit a beachball right now. That being the main problem.

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