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Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 10:11 pm

Congratulations to Mark Buehrle

So my wife calls me this morning and says, "We want to come to the game tonight."

"Do you know how cold it will be," I ask.

"Yeah, we’ll come for a little while."

I sat with them in the first and sixth innings.  After the sixth I said, "You know you have to stay."

History in the making for my family, Mark Buehrle, U.S. Cellular Field and all White Sox fans.

What a great night.


Watching the ninth inning from a seat right behind home plate.  After the game, I headed across the field, caught my wife’s eye, and then ducked into the dugout to help with media right after the game.

The beer shower for Mark while he was being interviewed on Comcast Sports Net.  I tossed him a towel so he could wipe himself off.

The genuine excitement and joy expressed by the entire team for Mark.  Everyone stayed in the dugout to congratulate him.  Ken Williams came down to shake his hand.  It reminded me of the feel of the World Series.

Kudos to the fans who came and stayed.  Can you believe three people were leaving the ballpark as we went to the top of the ninth inning?  I asked them what they were thinking …

Collecting the game balls, lineup cards and various items to be authenticated from tonight.

Standing in the dugout after the game with Ozzie Guillen who said, "Look at this."  He pulled a coin out of his pocket and flipped it over.  It was a special dollar that showed the American flag, the Iraqi flag and a map of Iraq.  "Someone sent this to me and I had it in my pocket tonight."

"Keep it there," I said, and we laughed together.

Watching all of the White Sox collected in the clubhouse and watching Buehrle on the in-house television talking about his outing.  The clubhouse was dead quiet and all you could hear was Mark on all the televisions.

The terrific performance by my staff as they looked up stats and details, fielded calls from across the country, and dealt with the media right after the game.  First class jobs by Bob Beghtol, Pat O’Connell, Lou Hernandez, Marty Maloney, Colter McElree and Tim Miller.  Job well done.

To Mark Buehrle.  It couldn’t happen to a better guy.

This was the third no-hitter of my career.  First was Wilson Alvarez on 8/11/91 (also my first anniversary).  Second came less than two weeks later when Bret Saberhagen no-hit us in Kansas City and the third came tonight.

This was the first no-no in U.S. Cellular Field history.

Key defensive plays in the game:

Dye’s catch at the wall

Crede’s dive and throw on Hairston

Iguchi going to his left into the outfield

Uribe going into the hole

Crede’s play on the slow roller to end the game.



On when he thought the no-hitter was possible:

"In the ninth inning with two outs.  Konerko looked nervous.  Some of the other guys were nervous.  I joked with Thome in the 5th that I had a no-hitter going.  I was trying to jinx myself."

On the no-hitter compared to postseason:

"I was more nervous after the 8th, coming out in the 9th, when the crowd was going crazy.  I could feel it in my knees a little, definitely had a little extra adrenaline then.  Nothing compares to winning a World Series though.  Individually, this ranks high, but baseball is a team game."

On the last play:

"I know Joe Crede is a good defensive player, I started pumping my fist.  I just kept saying ‘oh, my God.’ I never thought in a million years I would throw a no-hitter.  It hasn’t sunk in."

Ozzie Guillen

"I was a little nervous because the last hitter (Laird) had some good at-bats against him.  I was telling Don Cooper, ‘I don’t care if he walks him and pitches to Kenny Lofton.  It’s a great feeling.  I think we needed that.  Buehrle needed that for himself.  As a team, I think we were nervous.  I heard guys saying they weren’t really nervous during the World Series, but they were nervous today.  It’s a great feeling, especially for Buehrle.  Everybody loves this kid.  It’s something that’s really hard to do, and he did it."


"It wa pretty cool.  I told Mark I’ve been nervous, but never like that, in the World Series, playoffs, or whatever.  In the ninth inning with two outs, I was a lot more nervous than in the World Series.  I don’t want to say there was more on the line, but for a personal accomplisment, that’s as good as it gets.  For him to get it, it’s amazing.  I couldn’t be more happy or more proud of anyone."

Final Thoughts

Maybe this is what we need to get going?

On J.D.’s Grand Slam … "Like giving a starving man a steak."

Jim Thome … boom-boom.

Enjoy your night.


Congratulations to a very good pitcher and an even better person.

Some of the greatest to ever toss a baseball have never gotten to experience the feeling that Mark did tonight and that he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

Just an amazing performance, again all the best to a guy who has represented the Sox very well since the middle of the 2000 season.

Mark Liptak

As always, Great post Scott!
Again,Congratulations Mark!!!

Ozzie got it right on that one. We DO luv ya kid!


great job by buehrle tonight… i had a feeling he was going to seriously challenge the no hitter when iguchi made that diving play vs. blalock. thome is heating up….dye had a clutch slam tonight. still only had 7 hits but the 3 homers were by far enough for buehrle tonight.

Wow so priveleged to attend this game! Congratulations Mark!

Great job by Mark. Not sure if you guys have ever seen this show on Comcast called Sox Talk with Tony and Pat it is so funny. They showed there own ads and it was pretty funny. They said with Thome that ” These kids can play grinder ball with black jerseys on” And then said Pods is as fast as a 1987 Honda. Its pretty funny. Anyway congrats for Mark again

Oh and to bad about that walk, because of the way he was dealing I felt the perfect game going and it didn’t happen. Ironic that once again Sammy did it to us. Still its a no hitter which is amazing. Congrats again Mark, Scott make sure Mark knows how much we care.

Congratulations to Mark and AJ for an awesome performance tonight. It could not have happened to a better guy, and a great representative of the White Sox community.

I’ve always said Mark is one of those guys that can be great when he hits his spots and gets the corners from the ump. That was exactly what happened tonight. Hopefully this will get this team rolling, and maybe contracts talks too!

No way to express being apart of that. This couldn’t have happened to a better person, so proud of Mark! Congratulations to him and AJ, this is something he 110% deserves! Now lets keep this ball rolling!!

I’ve actually had the privilege of meeting Mark at the Home Depot on the south side one time last year. Believe it or not, he’s as cool as he is in person than he is on the field. I couldn’t be more proud of a baseball player than I am right now. A well deserved accomplishment for one of the best people to wear a Sox uniform. Congrats Mark! You’re everything great about baseball.

I was at the game too, what a night! great effort not only by Mark but by the defense as well, some fantastic plays there. I knew it was something special in the 6th when I was at the concession stand and I could see his pitches more clearly on the TV there than from my seats. I never doubted that he could pull it off!!!

Congrats to Mark and to the whole team for an amazing game. That’s what baseball looks like!

Also I remembered, I have a question for you. Will this game be available for purchased download soon from I see you can buy some other no-hitters on there. I am sure I am not the only fan who would love to have a copy of last night.

What a difference a night makes! Mark definitely deserves all the accolades being heaped on him. It couldn’t have happened to a better person and to see the team rally around him was great. To call it a pivotal moment in the season might be a little premature since we haven’t made it out of April, but it was the most special moment since the ‘Most Special Moment’ in ’05.

And Jermaine battled for that grand slam. What a great memory for anybody in attendance.

And michaeljsnow get over it already. Stop trying to tarnish Mark’s no-hitter…Maybe next time Jerry Hairston Jr. eats his Wheaties laced with HGH, grows a couple inches and beats that throw out. Until then shut it.

Huge congrats to Mark!!! I’m so happy for him. And thanks for the great post, Scott – it’s like we were all there with you!

All I can say is that turned out to be one helluva Birthday Present. Great game: PHENOMENAL Pitching, great defense, offense taking a few pitches and working the count, Gooch stealing.. Hopefully we just got the shot in the arm we need for a 10+ win run or so… Thanks guys! That was awesome!

palehoses…great comeback to mjs.
Hairston Jr. was clearly out.

Maybe the worm has turned?

To myself a great pitching performance, great defensive performance, and timely hitting by Mark and the White Sox.

What made the night even more special was that my wife, who is pregnant with our first child, felt the baby move for the first time.

Not too many people give credit to the catcher when the pitcher throws a great game. I was glad to see AJ get his recognition.


Thanks so much for a great post on your memories of the night. Please pass on all our congrats to Mark and A.J. on a job well done.


If you watch the replay of Hairston Jr diving into first base he flops so hard that his arms bounce of that ground and instead of touching the base first with his fingertips he hit the base in the forearm area.


Just curious if ya’ll are going to sell plaques or anything of the sort with a photo, scorecard, and a place to insert a ticketstub? I’d love to pick one of those up for my Sox room.


Terrific post, Scott – and well-deserved congratulations are in order for Mark Buehrle, AJ and the entire team – because everyone on the team contributed with several stellar plays last night. What a game filled with indelible memories for all involved! Hopefully this is the spark they need to light the fire and keep it going! Go Go White Sox!

Very classy, Mr. Snow. Go cry on your own team’s website about a bad call. Can’t stand a pitcher getting credit who doesn’t wear your uniform? Sour grapes, dude, that’s all I’ve got to say. Check with other impartial parties and I’ll bet they say he was out, too.

I don’t know if there’s anyway to pass this on the Mr. Buehrle, but it would be awesome if you could. I was watching his post-game press conference, and saw that he was wearing a Virginia Tech hat. As a current sophomore at Tech dealing with everything, it made me cry, as just another amazing example at how people are reaching out to us. On what could be his greatest accomplishment as a pitcher, Mr. Buehrle reached out, and even with the tiniest gesture, lifted up an entire community that couldn’t need it more. Thank you, your gesture meant the world to us Hokies.

J.Muff, Our hearts in Chicago are truly hurting and broken for you and all your family at VT. We wish the best for you, and are praying for all of you.


Congrats to Mark and all the ChiSox office for that feat. What a great night for baseball fans, to see two pitchers flirting with a no-hitter at practically the same time, and one of them getting it. For obviuous reasons we’re “rivals” but I have to recognize when great things happen to our game.


J Muff,
That is the kind of person Mark is. Ozzie had one on as well, and he usually wears a Cure Autism Now hat after every game in his press conference. If there is one thing that MLB gets right it is allowing players and managers show support to causes like that. If an NFL player wore anything other than a licensed NFL product they would get fined.

I was stunned and horrified as to what happened at your school. I am still at a loss for words. All of the VT family there will be in my family’s thoughts and prayers.

Figures we’d be out and not watching/listening when something like this happens. Couldn’t happen to a better guy at a better time…for him AND for the team. As Scott said, maybe this will be what breaks them out of there funk. Go, Go White Sox!

Congrats to Mark Buerhle on an amazing performance last night! It is exactly what the Sox needed to get their season on the right track. After struggling out of the gate, hopefully the team will come together like they did in 2005 and bring another championship to Chicago. I also give Buehrle a lot of credit for not missing any action after getting hit with the line drive in his first outing. A lot of people thought he would miss some time because of the injury, but he was strong enough to overcome that. That symbolizes this White Sox team. They are tough, hard nosed players who will give it all for their team every night. If Buehrle keeps up what he is doing, and the players start hitting like they know how, then there is no saying how far this team can go. Watch out Twins and Tigers because the White Sox and Mark Buehrle are coming!

Hey, everyone, sorry for the comments by the michaeljsnow troll. He has been removed from the digital ballpark by ushers. If he comes back with other registrations now that his current one has just been terminated by us at (required to be able to comment at our MLBlogs community), just let me know on the community blog below and we can do that every day if needed. We’re here to keep it clean and hopefully everyone else here is, too. Thanks.


I am back muther *******!! All you Sox fans can **** my ****! just like your sorry *** cather AJ!! And your sorry *** non enlish speaking manager!

Let us hope that Buehrle’s no-hitter sparks the White Sox for a Championship season. I was listening faithfully up here in cheese land. Keep up the good work Sox!

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