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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, LF; Uribe, SS.  Buehrle pitching.


So a bad day (Podsednik onto the DL after hurting his right adductor working out on Monday’s off day) goes to worse (last night’s result).  The great thing about baseball is that there is always another game the next day.

Good Quotes

From ESPN Radio 1000 host and Tribune reporter Steve Rosenbloom:

"Yesterday, the Cubs learned something the White Sox already knew.  Don’t pitch to Geoff Blum in the 14th inning."

From Greg Walker, our hitting coach:

"We will be fine.  We will hit.  We just can’t panic."

From Ozzie Guillen about Sammy Sosa during his pregame meeting with the media.  Ozzie was asked about a young Sosa who was his teammate with the Sox:

"We called him Zorro.  You know, zip, zip, zip.  Strikeout."

Ozzie Postgame

During last night’s postgame comments to the media, Ozzie reinterated that he would always walk Texiera to pitch to Sosa, and that Sosa should be ready to hit.

It did sound like Ozzie said that Sammy needed to get ready to "get hit," but he and our department quickly corrected any misperception of his comments.  Everyone in the room at the time understood what Ozzie was saying. However, several televisions and a radio station carried the comments without explanation or correction.

Just to be clear:  Ozzie was not saying that Sosa would get hit by a pitch.  Throughout his career, Ozzie has pointedly said that teams should never hit an opposing hitter for being successful against them.


Where’s Anderson?

I hate to admit it, but for once I also agree with Kenwo. The first words outta my mouth when the fans at the Cell booed Sammy was “why the **** are they booing him, what did he ever do to us? If anything, we should be cheering him for being such a de-bacle to the Scrubbies!

And can somebody PLEASE explain to me what the **** we acquired Darin Erstad for? Sure, he may be a decent center fielder but I still think BA was better and it’s not like he’s doing anything superior to BA in the batting box, in fact I think he’s even worse!!!

I think Ozzie needs to send a message to these veteran players by benching their **** and let these hungry young rookies show them how to play with fire!! I know that it’s early in the season, I don’t have to be reminded of that, but I have been a devoted Sox fan for over 25 yrs. and I understand what it’s like to cheer for a team that is having a losing season. I never cared as much before because I always felt that at least they were trying. I don’t think this particular team is trying hard enough. In fact, I think they’re playing like a bunch of cowards and it would not be evident to a newcomer that this is a so called “veteran” team.

There, I said it! I feel much better now, thank you very much.

Now here comes the criticsm from all you “fanatics”…I can feel it!!


Before I read Alex’s comment, and even yesterday, I thought the same thing and ask the same question…what doghouse did Brian crawl into??? Scott, any ideas, or is mum the word?

Right, Lisa, Erstadtler is in a slump, Ozzie sat Dye to try to get him out, how about the new teacher’s pet, Darin? Why can’t we see Anderson in center, and Mac in left?

This is insane. Where is BA? Why not give him a chance? I know Ozzie’s po’d, but is it really in the best interest of the club to sit him until he’s staler than 3-week old bread? I have this sad feeling he’s not long for this team. Will my #44 BA jersey be even more of a relic soon?

I think it was said a couple of days ago that Anderson was one of a couple guys watching T.V. or or playing playstation or something before a game instead of watching film on some pitcher. I think that might have alot to do with the doghouse. Why not give Crede a day off let Mackowiak play his natural position 3B move Erstad or Pablo to left and give BA a shot. He is the best OF we have.

Erstad is now hitting .171 with a slugging percentage of .244. His OBP is .239. Ozzie embarrases the organization the longer he sticks with this washed-up, useless, player. Inserting him as the leadoff hitter when he’s 2-24 is the kind of stupidity Dusty Baker wouldn’t touch.

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again…why is Anderson here if he isn’t going to get at bats? How the heck can he ever improve if not given the chance? Is he being punished? Won’t play in Charolette or here? We all know he is great defensively, but we spent all last year giving him a chance and I think he did better after the all star break, but now we quit on him?? I seem to remember thinking the same thoughts about Joe Crede a few years ago offensively and persistance paid off with him. BA REALLY has someone mad!! Let’s just hope it doesn’t cost us a game having Mack in LF AGAIN

No criticism from me Lisa, you pretty much nailed it on the head. Sox fans are as diverse as they come, but one commonality we all share is pride. If we go down, I want it to be swinging. I want to see the effort. I want to see fire in their eyes.

The highlight of this week was when Konerko started bashing up the dugout. At least he showed he cares. I believe the Sox will break out of this stagnation, but I believed the same thing the last couple months of last season and….we all know how that ended. One step at a time fellas, please play with the appropriate amount of pride that jersey on your back demands. Win, lose or whatever.

The crowd seems a little more into it tonight, and Buehrle looked solid in his first inning. This team really needs to start hitting the ball and winning some ball games or this is going to be an ugly season. And I’d bet if the Sox are 10 or so games back in the Central come the All-Star break, Kenny will start unloading some of these guys.

JD!!! That was sweet!

What a difference a day makes!



Simply amazing. Awesome pitching Mark.

What a beautifully pitched game….maybe this turns it the right way!! $$$$$ thats the sound of Mark’s value going up!!

And the offense came to play too! What a dominating performance from Mark.

Mark – you rock! Kaa-ching!

HOT ****! That was fun! Our defense was totally on the ‘mark’ too! Way to go guys!

No Hitter!!! **** yea!

congrats to Mark. that’s the first no-no i recall since Wilson Alvarez turned the feat against the orioles. he was pitching on fumes that day, again, way to go Mark and Go Go White Sox ’07….. j.k.

I haven’t had butterflies in my stomach like that since Game 4 of the ’05 Series!! I imagine Buehrle’s heart was thumping out of his chest! Mark was nearly perfect tonight, and the defense rose to the occasion (much like the ’05 Series). Tonight’s game should provide much-needed spark for those guys.

Did Paulie’s reaction and expression after making the final out remind anyone else of Game 4 of the WS? Goosebumps, man! What a night!

Today simply has to be the greatest day since oct. 2005. Didn’t start that way though. This morning my girlfriend breaks up with me, feeling very confused and a little hurt I managed through my day at work. So latter that day I received a position from a job I had been pursuing for 2 months now. So to celebrate this bittersweet moment I went to go watch my sox exact a little revenge from yesterdays bummer. Mark Buehrle, you took that last bit of bitter taste outta my mouth

Today simply has to be the greatest day since oct. 2005. Didn’t start that way though. This morning my girlfriend breaks up with me, in a text message none-the-less, so feeling very confused and a little hurt I managed through my day at work. So latter that today I received a position from a job I had been pursuing for 2 months now. So to celebrate this bittersweet moment I went to go watch my sox exact a little revenge from yesterdays bummer. Mark Buehrle, you took that last bit of bitter taste outta my mouth needless to say. Thank you guys for making my day, somewhere Wimpy is smiling too. Now, if I only had her break-up with me before the super bowl……maybe next year =) Wwwhhhhooooooo!

Now if only I had her break up with me before the super bowl……..=)

MARK BUEHRLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Boy,they sure know how to shut me up huh? (at least for a while)You think they read this?(naaaah!)

Outstanding pitching, Great defense and good hitting. Sure, still the long ball,but, see what can happen when all those things come together?

Now,let’s take the momemtum from an accomplishment such as this and go git ’em in that rubber match!!!!

Let’s go boys! Keep fightin’!

That’s all I ask.

Go Sox!


Great work tonight guys! Excellent defense behind Mark too. Mark was locating and had great command. Congrats Mark, AJ, & White Sox!

And to think we were all worried about pitching coming out of spring training.

Oh, how I wish I could’ve watched this one! Mark Buehrle will go down in baseball trivia history – how can you face only 27 hitters, but not pitch a perfect game?

Congratulations to all – this is the way White Sox baseball is supposed to be: great pitching, outstanding defense, and timely hitting.

Go, go, go Sox!!

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