Thursday’s Lineup

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, LF; Uribe, SS.  Vazquez pitching.



To a great pitcher and a class gentleman, BILLY PIERCE.

The next White Sox great to be honored with a statue!!!

Mark Liptak

still no BA…i wonder if BA is on the trade block

I would like to know why BA isn’t in the lineup. And can someone shut Jay Mariotti up he is so stupid. First of all he said that the no-hitter means nothing. Then he rips on Brian Urlacher for wearing a hat and getting fined 100,000 dollars he says he deserved it. Someone fire this guy, I don’t understand why he is even on Around the Horn he embarasses Chicago.


He’s on, because ESPN and the Sun-Times understand that he gets people to read and listen to what he has to say.

The only way to get rid of him is for you and everyone to STOP watching, reading, listening, posting ANYTHING by him.

E-mail ESPN and say you refuse to watch anymore as long as he’s on, contact the Sun-Times and say the same thing, then contact some of the advertisers and let them know the same thing.

That’s the only way you’re going to get him out of here.

Mark Liptak

How about the White Sox acquire Rocco Baldelli from the Rays? They have too many outfielders anyway and desperately need pitching.

I’d cough up Charlie Haeger and Nick Masset for him. Rocco’s only 25, can rake, play CF, and has a favorable contract situation.

Congrats Mark!! Hopefully last night will be the spark that starts a good run. I wish I was at the game last night, but I was at the WA no hitter in Baltimore. I also read in SI that Baldelli may be traded. If the Sox are not going to use BA they should trade him so he can get some playing time.

Hi Folks,

Glad to be back here…

Big thanks go out to Scott Reifert for providing us with his ongoing (Insider) behind-the-scenes insights about Soxdom.

What an extraordinary performance by Mark Buehrle last night! AJ deserves some of the credit for calling a masterful game… and the defense (which had been erratic throughout the mostly frigid 13-game opening season stretch) was stellar on this heartwarming but chilly historic day in the windy city.

It was great to watch the White Sox bats show some life last night. There are some signs of life on the offensive front for the men in black:

Clearly, Jim Thome his lead the charge… with a .342 batting average, .519 on-base%, .789 slugging%, 5 HRs, 8 RBIs and 14 BBs so far this season.

Jermaine Dye has started to round into form over the past 6 games – batting .318 and reaching base 10 out of his last 25 plate appearances, with 3 HRs & 9 RBIs during this productive stretch.

Iguchi has started to come around, by hitting the ball to all fields and reaching base 9 times over his last 30 plate appearances and stealing bases on consecutive nights.

Over the past 6 games, A.J. Pierzynski has demonstrated discipline and patience at the plate, been hitting the ball to all fields, going deep into counts and (as a result of this approach) has reached base 8 of his last 21 plate appearances (with just 1 strike out).

Unfortunately, the 2007 White Sox hitting woes are widespread throughout much of the lineup and on the bench. They are dead last in MLB with a paltry team Batting Average of .215, and are second to last in the AL in runs scored.

The WS offensive difficulties begin with Darin Erstad at the lead-off spot and (prior to Posednik’s freak injury) the #2 slot. Erstad needs to find a way to exploit his exceptional speed and extensive MLB experience by finding other ways to set the table at the top of the batting order. Over the past 9 games, Erstad has hit a disastrous .063 with a paltry 2 singles, 1 lone walk, 1 SB and not a single run scored to show for his last 33 plate appearances. When a lead-off man struggles at the plate, he must find other ways to generate solid ABs (with effective situational hitting: including more bunt single attempts, coaxing walks, laying down sacrifice bunts, and moving base runners into scoring position with productive outs).

As for Joe Crede and Paul Konerko’s early season hitting challenges… Unlike last year… they clearly haven’t been looking to drive the ball to the opposite field. Crede and Konerko both seem to be trying to pull the ball on virtually every swing, in every situation. When the middle of the WS line-up is prepared (and committed) to drive the ball to all fields, they are as productive (and destructive) as the heart of any line-up in MLB. If Greg Walker can get Joe and Paulie to return to the approach that made them so successful at the plate in the recent past, they will be far more patient at the plate, have longer looks on off-speed stuff, pulling off the ball and getting off-stride far less, and have the ability to do some serious damage on breaking balls and off-speed pitches.

I am confident that as weather heats up… so will the WS bats. Hopefully, the Sox starting pitching will remain solid and their AL Central foes will continue to beat up on each other so the WS will be poised and within striking distance as they put together prolonged winning streaks in the summer months.

Let’s go White Sox!

Michael Harkins

Tucson, AZ

Erstad is doing nothing for this team. Stop making Brian rot on the bench, when he could AT THE VERY LEAST be doing what Erstad is (aka nothing).

well well well boys and girls, I think our time is a comin…

Sox 1966:

I hope your right, I mean the Twins can’t keep playing the dregs of the league like Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Seattle EVERY game…can they?

Who the **** makes these schedules anyway?

Mark LIptak

“CHICAGO — A.J. Pierzynski gets booed by opposing fans. That piece of breaking news is about as startling as the sun sets at night and Christina Applegate is attractive. ”

showing your age a little bit there eh, scottie? 😉

As usual Jay Marrioti does not think when he writes. The whole Urlacher thing with the Vitamin Water hat was the best advertising that company could buy. That fine was big national news because of the amount. I bet it will get at least 100,000 new customers to go out and try the product. Take that NFL!!!

Enough about that. I was watching my brother pitch tonight so I missed all of the game up until the 8th. Almost drove off the road when Crede drove in JD (first manufactured run in some time). Ed Farmer then called Mackowiack’s homer as he stepped in for his at bat.

Nice to get another win, and awesome for AJ to get a 3 run homer off Padilla. Let’s just hope we can get Paulie on track, and start driving in more runs on other ways than the long ball.


Yes, please give us an update on why Brian is not playing. He should be given a chance now that Pods is down. Move Erstad to left and let Brian play! Or better yet, bench Erstad, he’s not doing anything.

To everyone who answered me thanks…Mark I just wrote to ESPN. I think its funny how Tony K from PTI (can’t spell his last name) does not like the hiney bird. Great job as always Scott, have fun in Detroit.


mliptak… I just take one game at a time. Things felt so right the last two nights that, I just can’t describe what I felt when Mark pulled that no hitter. And Rob and AJ last night and surely Jim if he hadn’t gotton walked.. just fun fun fun.. time to take Detroit downtown folks.. dooowwnntoowwn!!!

As for the Erstad thing.. what has he done, I told my son two weeks into this that I was not impressed at all! Bring on Brian Ozzie!!!

No way I’d trade two pitchers for Baldelli. One pitcher and Anderson maybe. Even that still sounds like too much. One pitcher and Mackowiak sounds better.

mgmilne:…Somehow your logic escapes me…the White Sox have too many outfielders…so you want them to trade for ANOTHER one?…Who did you study under,Jim Hendry or Peter Angelos?…
Now, if Brother Liptak is correct (and it is rare when he isn’t…thank you,Mark for the Randy Milligan rememberance from the Alvarez gem…),my favorite pitcher growing up will be honored…I’ve always called him “the stylish left hander”,Walter William(Billy)Pierce…and it is one of the sad mysteries of White Sox history that the late Al Lopez chose not to start Pierce in any of the games of the 1959 World Series against the Dodgers…but,of course, when Lopez retired,was elected to the Hall of Fame,and wound up on the Veterans Committee for induction, he stedfastly refused to vote Nelson Fox in, while favoring his former 2nd baseman at Cleveland,Joe Gordon…(I’m sure that Mark will back me up on this statement…)so any slight to Billy on the part of the Senor could be understood…maybe…

el – crum… Evan,my man…obviously you haven’t been paying attention recently…you wished Scott to “have fun in Detroit.”…

First of all,as I explained,when the team goes on the road, Bob Beghtol and Ed Cassin are the men who are in charge…Scott seldom goes on the road anymore (I think…)…Also, Scott was to have undergone arthroscopic knee surgery some time soon, so I don’t think he’s going to be wanting to go anywhere other than his office on 35th Street and his home in Hyde Park…Finally(CHEAP SHOT ALERT! CHEAP SHOT ALERT!!)…

I DEFY anyone to tell me how you have fun in Detroit…As I mentioned last week,an unnamed player called Cleveland “the worst city in the AL to go to.”…Well, Detroit found out about that, and, together with Kansas City,Oakland, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh, filed a law suit for alienation of affection…

and to answer your spelling question…the “gentleman” on PTI that you mentioned (and I used the term “gentleman” in quotes because he’s one of the former vultures of the print media when he was in Washington D.C. …)spells his last name K-O-R-N-H-E-I-S-E-R…which I believe translated into English means “garbage collector.”…

Finally, to all my friends out there in the “What About Brian(Anderson)?” club(hello,obrnmac…how’s the husband and kids, Donna?)…relax…pop a Valium or something… it’s a long year, he will get his opportunities to play…it’s not like he set the AL on its collective ear last year, to begin with…I seem to remember a lot of people last season wanting to throw him under the bus, because he WAS playing and wasn’t contributing…now,all of a sudden, Erstad comes in,BA goes to the bench, and the members of WS Universe are putting his face on the sides of milk cartons…and sox1966…kris, my dear friend DEEPINAHEARTOFTEXAS…keep that point in mind as well, will you,toots?…it’s a long year…he will play…

As always an entertaining post from TQ! You will recall I have always been a fan of BA. He’s a baby, he needs time to mature at the plate, we did it for Crede why not him? (and look how patience paid off for him!!) I just don’t get why we spent all of last year being patient and now we quit? He needs at bats!! I will stop defending now and will gladly take that valium!! The hubby and kids are good thanks for asking, but say a little prayer for me I’m going for a thyroid biopsy next week! Let’s hope for a very successful weekend in Texas. I’m thinking Mark woke everyone up and we are going the right way now!!


Probing analysis my friend. We have one real outfielder. All the others are below league average, something that should not exist on a championship team. Check out

I’m not the only one thinking about this, thanks though, Socrates.

anyone see Cowley’s article in the suntimes today? Brian Anderson is pissed at lack of playing time. cant say i blame the giant outfield of Comerica park, i want anderson in CF, erstad in LF


Keep in mind Ichiro is a free agent after this season. The M’s have made very little progress on a new deal. If they are out of it come July, they could be dealing figuring ‘anything is better then getting nothing for him.’

Kenny might come calling offering some of those ‘young, power arms,’ he’s stockpiled.

Ichiro would solve A LOT of issues in left field, add speed to the lineup and be the ultimate leadoff hitter.

Tampa may be asking for to much for Baldelli because he’s still a few years away from free agency.

Just something to consider.

Mark Liptak

Of course Brian is pissed. Look, I’m not saying Brian is going to be great but only way to find out is to play him more. We stuck with Joe Joe, and we stuck with Aaron(who I still miss) and look what type of players they turned out to be. Only way to find out is to play him as I said. By the way just an update, he BA is not in again.

It sure would be nice if the rest of the team would step up and help out our rookie 5th starter. He pitched his butt off again, and Uribe has to go f*** it up. Just great! They better score some more runs so he does not get another L hung on him.

My mom just called and told me about a tee shirt with ‘no-no’ on it for Buehrle’s game the other night… does anybody know about this and where I might find it?

You can get them at The Cell, they have that new customized T-Shirt shop, I saw the shirts, they have the date on them as well.

Anyways, Mackowiak has had a **** of a last couple games.

that hotcorner, I was thinking that was the case, hope they have them when I finally get up there in June! I’m sure they will.

Hey, a BA sighting!! No at bats though. I can’t argue with Mack’s bat tonight. He is hot and we certainly need hot in the line up now. I was thinking the same thing Jim D…poor Danks has nothing to show for some good pitching. A game over 500!!

Ohhh and I wanted to give you guys a McCarthy update

1 IP, 6 Runs against Oakland. His ERA 10.20 and is 1-3

a few things…A- get off brian andersons nuts. you people act like he is the second coming. he stunk when he played last year, he has stunk when he has played this year, i think he should be dealt before he loses all of his value.

B- what was the HUUUUUGE issue being made of the uribe pop up? it was obviously a bad play but that is ALL that was talked about on both the radio post game and has its own story on the website. it was an error..big deal. the sox overcame it and won. i was out to dinner tonight (it killed me i missed the 6th on)…got in the car heard the post game and could have sworn they lost the way everyone was talking about that play. it wasnt til about 8 minutes later i heard they actually won the game. isnt that what matters most? leave mackowiak in the lineup they are winning and he is hitting and doing a better job in left than pods ever could. (keep in mind i wanted anderson in center everyday last year because mackowiak made me sick, but he is doing a decent job so let him play)…go sox make it 4 in a row!

by the way i told you i liked the mccarthy deal. also liked getting rid of cotts….still kind of upset that we didnt get more for freddy.

That was some harsh official scoring tonight in Detroit. No error given on the popup that would have ended the 5th inning. Danks should have had 1 earned run, instead he gets hit with 4. I realize nobody got a glove on the thing, but I sure thought an error would be issued to Uribe after he stepped out from underneath it.

Someone please inform Razor Shines that Jim Thome is slow! Who knows how that inning would have ended because Mack led off the next inning with a single.

Good thing we got the win though. Nice to see everyone has contributed the last couple days. Now let’s keep this rolling!

by the way congrats to massett on his first big league victory.

The way Danks and Masset have contributed so far it looks like we fleeced Texas. Brandon will have a tough time there because the ball flies out like it does here. If he leaves pitches up they will be homers. We saw plenty of that last year.

Cotts has done a nice job for the Cubs so far. His WHIP is only 0.63 so far in 8 innings. Aardsma has been stellar for us, but it’s good to see Neal doing well even if it is for the Cubs. He’s a good kid, and I felt bad for him last year becuase he just could not hit a spot to save his life.

A little friendly advice to kenwo4life (and anyone else): ignore 90% of what you hear on sports talk radio. They’ve got 24 hours a day to fill, so they have to manufacture controversy to get people to listen. I quit listening to a certain Chicago sports station (rhymes with “the wh*re”) for that very reason. I remember last season, when it was revealed that Jose Contreras was going to miss a start because of some injury (doesn’t really matter what it was) and the aforementioned radio station treated it like it was Pearl Harbor, Watergate, and the Kennedy assassination all rolled into one for an entire afternoon. When the season’s over, all that matters is which team has the most wins. Period.

Ozuna crappy baserunning on two different plays almost cost the Sox a needed run

its always nice to get a victory when you have no business doing so! konerko REALLY needs to step up. he has been just brutal this year (besides that double in the 10th, hopefully that starts him off). solid effort out of the bullpen yet again. im starting to think that this may be a theme of the season. dave aardsma is outstanding. clutch hit by crede. contreras did well after the first. i really like ozuna, i wish he could get more AB’s

speaking of “the *****”, what the **** is chris singleton doing in the broadcast booth? him and farmer are just brutal. between the name dropping and the talking over eachother, you wouldnt even know there’s a baseball game on. its a shame that ESPN 1000 went on the cheap and let rooney go and the Sox move down the dial. but christ these games are basically unlistenable. i used to like farmer, but that was with rooney when he wasnt the main play by play guy. in a major market city like chicago, i have no idea why guys like farmer, singleton and ron santo have jobs in the broadcast booth.

ah….we all remember what happened in 2000 when these 2 teams met on today’s date. anybody know if theres a video of that online anywhere?

Yeah Singleton is still bad, but I do feel like he has improved from last year.

You know what was bad? Yesterday in the 10th when Konerko hit that double all Hawk said was, “and there’s a double by Konerko.” No excitement at all.

I go to school in MN so everyone here is a Twins fan and they all love to talk about how awful White Sox announcers are. I never have any defense because its mostly true….

But I do really think Singleton has improved a bit from last year.

I like Hawk a lot, but DJ can be pretty bad sometimes. At times, he can make a humorous comment, but usually he is bad. And you can tell they are getting ready for Hawk to leave, by giving DJ the play by play duties a couple innings a game. Just wait till Hawk leaves, we won’t know how good we had it until he is gone.

As for Farmer, ya he is pretty bad. Rooney was real entergetic, but dumba** Farmer would always jump in with some movie reference or something. Singleton I don’t mind nearly as much as Farmer. Hopefully when Hawk does leave, they decide to mix things up and get some good broadcasters, maybe Steve Stone. I just hope they don’t go with McDowell & DJ.

‘Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.’

you know, if Konerko would get a clutch hit every once in a ******* while, they might not even be in the 10th. 0-5, 3Ks, groundout, double play…way to earn that paycheck paulie.

great bunt by AJ on the 10th there too. still tied, but they dont deserve to win this today. what a waste of a sunday afternoon.

Not to mention a wasted great game pitched by Garland, minus the first inning. I’ve spent 3 hours plus watching this game while I could have gotten something accomplished. They better pull it out.

At this point I hope Masset blows it so we don’t fatigue the rest of the pen. We can afford a loss here, lose it.

Dye was fantastic to see. He shortened up his swing and did just enough to get the job done.

In case you’re keeping score at home….

*This is the 3RD blown game already this season by the team. (A ‘blown’ game is a game the Sox lose when they enter the 7th inning or later with a lead…)

*All three blown games were the direct responsibility of the ‘new and improved’ bullpen. (Thornton, Jenks and Aardsma each have one.)

*Two of these ‘blown’ games came with two out in the 9th inning.

*Last season the bullpen (which was pretty bad) blew nine games directly out of the total of 12 by the club.

*The Sox are now 9-8 on the year, they could easily be 11-6 if they don’t cough up the two games with two out in the 9th inning. BIG DIFFERENCE isn’t it?

*Nice to see that Boone Logan is the same garbage pitcher that he was last year.

Oh well, on to Kansas City, where the atrocious Royals will do their usual number with the Sox.

Mark Liptak

How bout a Sweep in KC, that would be nice.

you know what i dont understand…why is konerko being trotted out there game after game in the cleanup spot? i mean, brian anderson is basically considered a liability with his bat, so he’s riding the pine. well folks, all paulie is right now is a good glove. he’s one of my favorite players on the sox, and i know he’ll come around, but right now he is doing zero good to this team by hitting a buck eighty at the #4 spot. he needs to be dropped down to 6th or 7th til he comes around a little bit.

game has been over for hours and im still steamed over it. i tell you this, the 2005 club would not have lost today. either they wouldnt have blown the save, or they would have executed with the runner on 3rd 1 out in the 8th, or did something with the few hits we had in extras.

The problem with doing something that drastic to a player like moving them down to 6th or 7th you are telling them that you are not confident in them, and then they won’t by any means have confidence in themselves. In reference to the ’05 team you love, check out Konerko’s stats for the first two months. They were awful, but the team kept him in a prime hitting spot and eventually he turned it around to still get 40HR, that and we won the WS.

Don’t worry, all will be good!

If I am Ozzie I would just give Paulie a day off. I know for a slumping hitter time to just sit and think is not always the best solution. But just maybe if he took a step back for a day, take a few deep breaths, maybe analyze some tapes of his swings he may be able get on track.

Also if I am Ozzie I pitch Mike MacDougal in the 9th today because he has plenty of closing experience. Aardsma has been very good so far, and will not be granted any excuses for what he did today but why use a guy in an unfamiliar role? That is simply being able to manage your pitching staff and knowing what they have to offer.

you guys are harsh. they just won 4 in a row. should they have won today? yes. should konerko sit? yes. but cmon 2 of three in detroit where yes you could have won 3 but also could have lost 3- il take winning 2 anyday. lets go get the royals!

you said it, kenwo!

I think Ozzie would normally agree with you Jim D, I think we would see MacDougal as the back up closer when Jenks needs rest on most occasions, but MacDougal had thrown 18 pitches the day before yesterday which was his third game in a row just as Jenks had thrown three games in a row, so to put MacDougal would be the same as putting Jenks in as far as the fatigue factor goes, whereas Aardsy only threw 5 pitches the day before yesterday which was only his 2nd game in a row. And like you said, Aardsy’s been good, he had only allowed 1 base runner in his past five outings. I’m glad we lost this one before it got deep in extras, I certainly would prefer a loss when we’re hot than a win that will drain are relievers before we are even far into the season.

I predict tonight that Buehrle will take a no hitter into the 7th tonight, ESPN will be wetting itself with the possibility of two in a row by a pitcher.

Oh and Aardsy may not having MLB closing experience, but he was the closer in college (and surprisingly still drafted 1st round) as well as the giants’ closer in A+ and AAA teams.

amen kenwo!

ESPN won’t even notice if there is a no-hitter going on tonight. They will still be doing their 24 hour recap of Yankees vs. Red Sox. Makes me sick how every time those two meet it is as if the world is coming to a halt.

mgrothendick – good points. I am just a little frustrated with Ozzie’s moves when it comes to relievers. He said at the start of the year that he was not going to live by the left-left and righty-righty matchups. He was going to go with his instinct. He has yet to show an instinct move.

I will always take 2 of 3 at a division foes home park.

I hear ya jimd. Nevermind that the last 2 AL World Series representatives were going head-to-head, the Yankees were playing the Red Sox! They really oughta cancel all other games when the Yanks and Red Sox meet up because apparently those are the only teams that matter to ESPN.

Onto this past weekend…I missed yesterdays game (was on the road) but it sounded like we let one slip away. That being said I’m very pleased with 2 out of 3 at Comerica. The sweep would have been nice but we just need to keep winning series. Especially against division rivals at their home.

Was able to catch the postgame on the Score and Rongey gave a shot out to our very own Mr. Liptak,***** near swerved off the road. Pretty cool, Mark, pretty cool.

Brian Anderson looks lost at bat with no patience, and in his last game he played a single into a double and almost a triple[if Konerko doesn’t back up second]how can Texas come up Kinsler, Young, Texeira while we get is Anderson. I have been a big booster all of last year but if I am Ozzie, he’s gone!
Plate patience was a problem last year and still this year, what good is Walker, either they don’t listen or he doesn’t teach. Doing the same thing over and over…


Chris is a friend of mine. Nice of him to mention me. Don’t know what it was for but I have spoken with him in the past and we exchange news, notes and views from time to time.

Mark Liptak

to mgmilne…re the “socrates” line at the end of that post… Sarcasm is never pretty…
to cozstanza…re the broadcasters/telecasters…if you don’t like any of them, here’s a solution, chum…Turn off the radio, mute the TV and do your own g-d PBP, by yourself….Try it, and you may just get sick of yourself as well…

Was that kenwo being a voice of reason and patience a few posts ago. I agree 2 of 3 on the road is more than acceptable, especially considering we stole those games Fri adn Sat. I know on Fri we tried giving them the game, but we still had to come back late.

Rongey can drive me nuts on the postgame and pregame. He agrees and disagrees with everybody, he tries to make a point, but won’t go too far. He’s a fence straddler. Make a point, and make it well.

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