Kansas City, Here We Come

Monday, April 23, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, LF; Uribe, SS.  Some guy named Buehrle on the mound.

Johnny Vander Meer

Very good story about Johnny Vander Meer and his accomplishment of throwing consecutive no-hitters on Page 2 of ESPN’s site today.  To read the piece, click below:


Hall of Fame

I boxed up Mark Buehrle’s hat (still smelling of stale beer) and a ball from his no-hit start on April 18 and sent both items to The Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in Cooperstown.  The Hall has a baseball from every MLB no-hitter ever thrown.  To this day, one of the cool moments in my career was taking a private, after hours tour of the Hall of Fame with the 1993 White Sox.  I stood next to Wilson Alvarez as he looked at his encased ball and hat from his 1991 no-hitter in Baltimore.  Made you understand the history of this game and what it means in about three seconds.

KC Starter

Rumor has Brian Bannister joining the Royals in time to start tomorrow’s game.

27-Up, 27-Down

Buehrle has actually faced only 27 men in a game twice in his career.  The left-hander also turned the trick on 7/21/04 in a 14-0 victory over Cleveland.

500 Games

Congrats to Ozzie for celebrating his 500th game as a White Sox manager last week.  Only three other Sox skippers had more victories in their first 500 games, Fielder Jones (304), Clarence "Pants" Rowland (303) and Al Lopez (286).

Good Weekend

As much as Sunday’s conclusion hurt, I still had to remind myself that it was a pretty good weekend for the White Sox (and the Chicago weather).  Two-game series are tough because you likely go 1-1, but let’s not let up against the Royals tonight and tomorrow.  If you look at last year, we beat the Tigers regularly (12-7, 6-3 at home, 6-4 in Detroit), but they pounded the Royals, 14-4 (9-0 in KC), and we struggled in KC (4-5) in going 11-8 against the Royals overall.

TV Tomorrow

Because of the Bulls playoff game, the Cubs game moves to Comcast Sports Net Plus while ours goes to Comcast Sports Net Plus Plus.  Check whitesox.com for an up-to-date list of where to find CSN++ on your cable system.  In most cases, I have been told it will be on the Total Living Network channel.


Guess I wasn’t the only one thinking of 2 in a row. Congrats to Mark the AL player of the week! I really hope he’s in a Sox uniform for a long time…wishful thinking??

Did I already mention that I bought Buehrle’s no-hitter on iTunes as it was the AL game of the week? Anyways, no BA again tonight? Taking two games in KC would make me a very happy man.

Let’s take two, and let’s jump start the offense. Paulie, how’s the film going, figure anything out yet? Sox need to get him cooking, somehow, some way. If he sits, Erstad plays first? Nope, couldn’t do that, you might have to start BA in the outfield. Oh wait, there’s always Pablo. Decisions, decisions.

What a night for Paulie to turn it on.

yes sir it is!!! can’t see it so well on mlb.tv but I suppose it’s better than nothing right? Hope this continues for the rest of the night!

How great to see Paulie do so well. Just a random thought, who would win a foot race Paulie, Thome, or AJ?? That would be a great charity event or instead of the Connie’s pizza race put them up.

I definitely think Thome would win, then AJ, and Paulie would be far far behind. He’s gotta be the slowest, non-old, non-fat, non-injured, non-catcher in baseball.

As to why Sisco came out and stayed out I have no idea, perhaps he requested to face his old teamates??? Gameday is failing, I hope we win this.

White Sox Winner

Don’t look back PK!

Thanks for proving me wrong about that day off suggestion Paulie!

Nice to put one in the correct column today, let’s go get another tomorrow. Gotta take advantage of KC if we want to win this division.

good win. good job by paulie hopefully he can keep it up. thome would smoke aj and paulie in a race…he isnt that slow. nice outing by buerhle. nice to see big frank homer for the jays…also nice to see cecil’s baby boy prince put 2 out to beat the cubbies. good day all around!

Whoa, I’m the one with egg on my face. I guess some guys need to work through it, and others need to think about it. Way to go, Paulie!!

Donna: I think we need to throw Hawk in there, just to make it really exciting. I’d wager on Thome, Hawk, AJ, then Paulie.

Good game last night. Great to see Paulie playing well all around. Keep it up.

I’d go with Thome, AJ (in catcher’s gear), Cora (bad knee and all), The Dan Ryan “Express Lanes,” and then Paulie…


Brian Bannister makes me fel old, just because my first ever White Sox game, back in 1983, had his father Floyd as the starting pitcher.


There is still a major problem accessing the MLB Audio feed for games. The person who was nice enough to fix it last time does not respond to my calls or emails this time. I’m really wondering why I spend any money at all on MLBAM products when they have such poor customer service. Any chance you can get someone to get this problem taken care of?

Hi Sox Fans,
It has been a while since I’ve posted but something happened last night that had me a little upset. First of all I’m happy we won, Paulie coming out of his slump, Mark looking like the Mark of old. All good.

Now, what I’m upset about is all this talk about our reliever finding their roles. I thought that Thornton and MacDougal were our 8th inning guys, bridges to Jenks. Why did Ozzie put in Sisco in a role that he’s not supposed to fill? It turns out he had to use both Thornton and MacDougal anyway, but I would have expected Thornton to start the inning since that’s his role (or so I thought). It made for a scary finish that might not have happened if the pitchers were used in roles they were assigned. Sisco has been great so far, but he’s been used earlier in the games or when we were behind. Granted I don’t know if someone was hurting or not, but the fact that Thornton came in anyway, he obviously can’t be hurt. Did anyone else have a problem with this?

Anyway, lets sweep the Royals and come home and get Danks his first ML win.


Very nice and needed game by Paul, hopefully he’s getting back into a groove.

Brian Bannister, another ‘unknown’ pitcher goes tonight for the Royals…we’ll see.

Mark Liptak

Maria: My husband suggested throwing Jenks in there just to make it exciting or have one of the faster guys (pods before injury) run backwards, but Hawk works too! I’d pay to see it!

Anyone know where to find tonights game on Direct TV?

obrnmac…First off, Donna, I hope that all is well with you in the physical sense…I put in a call to the Higher Authority to help you out…just in case, ya know…
Second, to brother Devereux…Jim, I like that term you used, “the correct column” for a victory…I like that a whole lot…very clever…

to joseph finn…I know how you feel, sir…I’ve seen a lot of father/son combos in my day…(no,Maria, NOT starting with Adam and Cain and Abel…although it’s close…)

Next, to the lovely Maria…I would be considered cruel and heartless if I wanted to put the radio color man for the Cubs in that foot race you and Donna want to organize…so forget I ever mentioned it…but in that race,it might be a (you’ll pardon the expression)”flat-footed” tie…

Finally, “the Captain” needed a performance like last night as much as the team did…Who knows how much of an impetus this might be?…

Also, a brief moment of silence, in memory of the Chicago Cubs…who passed away last night at the tender age of 20 games…talk about your train wrecks…

I forgot…to mgmilne…Keep reading that site you mentioned…mlbtraderumors.com…those people WANT folks like you to keep reading it and believing what people write when they have too much time on their hands, and a lot of space to fill…

Sox are on channel 669 on DirecTV tonight.

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