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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Iguchi, 2B; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, RF: Ozuna, LF; Uribe, SS; Anderson, DH.  John Danks on the mound.


According to the experts, things will clear for a time and then the rain will return around 4-5 pm.  The rest of the evening will be spotty rain and scattered showers, but we remain hopeful we will be able to play baseball in and around the rain drops.

Late Night

It took a long time, and it wasn’t pretty, but it was a win.  It’s safe to say that last year, this game in KC would have ended up as a loss.

Our team plane left KC around 2:00 am and arrived at Midway near 3 am.  Pat O’Connel our manager of media relations, arrived at his home at 4:15 am.  As a result, players don’t need to be at the ballpark (dressed) until 5:15 pm today for our game tonight.  We’ll hit in the cages, not on the field, which, given the weather, makes sense anyway.

Good Feelings

"It is starting to come," said Joey Cora, our bench coach.  "You can feel it in the clubhouse.  We’re close to getting rolling."

Big Announcement

Jim and Andrea Thome and Paul and Jennifer Konerko will join with Children’s Home + Aid at a press conference tomorrow at the ballpark (11 am) to announce a major partnership.


Anderson DHing?? Interesting move Oz

If by interesting, you mean moronic, you are correct.

Why put your best defensive outfielder as a DH when Pablo effin Ozuna is starting in left? Yet another bizarre decision that no one but Ozzie could explain. Unfortunately, Ozzie’s explanation will probably be that “he makes the g*dd*mn lineups!” Which, while passionate, is still a terrible explanation.

Wow that lineup sure is a head scratcher!

After last week the Sox are 5-0 in games against Chad Durbin. Hopefully that means Danks finally gets his first win tonight. Not that he has not pitched well enough for 2 or 3 already!

Thome and Dye both out of the lineup tonight. I heard about a reason for Thome but not for Dye.

Also, I agree that this is very strange to leave both Ozuna and Mackowiak in the outifled and have Anderson DH.

Wow, playing the defending AL champs, every game is important. And, we have 3 bench players and a rookie pitcher going. If we win this one, it will be some kind of win. I’ll bet Dye tweaked something out in the wet grass, or Ozzie is afraid of that, with the big man out there. Speaking of Dye, is it just me, or does it always seem like a pitch right down the middle, but halfway between his knees and his ankles, is always called a strike? Drives me nuts, can’t they tell Dye is 6’5″, not 5″5??

I wonder if Dye’s shin is bothering him. I noticed he’s been wearing a shin protector the last couple of games. Remember he took a foul ball a couple of days ago.
This lineup/defense is terrible I hope danks doesn’t fall victim again to bad defense.

This is so dumb, we don’t get WCIU out here in Western Illinois, and ESPN blacks out the game. I hate this ****.

ESPN blacks it out? I used to live in Central Illinois and it was never blacked out. You’re not missing much truthfully though! And truthfully, who DOES get WCIU???

this lineup tonite is a joke. maybe against the lowly royals, you can get away with having a glove glover at DH. mackowiak and ozuna have misplayed balls in the corner OF spots today. granted, it doesnt ******* matter now cuz this team cant hit againt chad ‘cy young’ durbin tonite.

i wonder if we’ll see thome at shortstop tommorow with cintron at first and konerko DH’ing..

The number now stands at four. That’s the number of games the Sox have lost this year to no-name, mediocre, garbage, journeymen (take your pick) pitchers.

But when you have a Triple A lineup out there should we have expected anything differently?

Oh one other note, the reason the minor injuries are piling up is because guys are being forced to play is trash weather. (Can’t have double headers later in the season you understand…the owners would lose revenue! Heaven FORBID! LOL)

Mark Liptak

ive been positive for the most part this season. and i understand dye and thome are injured..i dont even care that they let ozuna and mackowiak play the outfield. brian anderson MUST GO. he is brutal. he has gotten a bunch of at bats lately and is 0 for. that at bat in the 9th was terrible. id rather see him sent down and them keep andy gonzalez on the roster.

didnt like leaving boone logan out there in the 9th either. if they went with another pitcher those 2 runs might not score and then you are only a single away from tying instead of a slam. everyone knew polonco would get a hit off of logan. he probably would have gotten a hit off of whoever, but at least give a righty a chance.

nice DP in the 9th by konerko. i’m not a huge paulie fan. i always thought that if we were going to trade someone back in winter of 04 it should have been konerko and move C Lee to first. oh well.

I don’t really have anything against Anderson, but yeah I do think him coming off the bench or starting only part-time isn’t really going to help us or him. Nothing’s wrong with keeping him in Charlotte for a bit until he’s ready or we need him. Josh Fields might be coming around now, who knows! A slam tonight would have been awesome though….

So what happened to Cintron? I never heard, just saw that Gonzalez came up.

If I heard espn correctly tonight, Alex Cintron is on some form of bereavement leave which either means someone has passed or is very ill in his family. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard.

The fact that Ozzie let BA take that at bat and not pinch hit Thome really worries me. Thome must be really hurtin because that would have been the perfect situation to insert the power left handed hitter. Ozzie never lets BA go against a righty late in the game.

Because of Ozzie’s goofy lineup today he was forced to put a second baseman Andy Gonzalez in the outfield after Mack got hurt. Had he pulled BA from DH the pitcher would have been inserted in Mack’s slot in the order. Nice lineup Oz!

For those of you who don’t get WCIU you are not missing much. It is referred to as the fuzzy channel for a reason. Sox games look like they are being played without lights their picture is so awful.

**** i bet you guys wished you never traded McCarthy Huh?

Hey, everybody, the sniveling Cubs fan is back!! Yeah, michael.j.snow, we really miss McCarthy, with his 1-3 record and his 9.00 ERA, not to mention the 26 hits he’s allowed in 17 innings. What a blow to the Sox staff. I don’t know how we’ll get along without him! We’re so depressed, we may do something rash, like spend $136 million on a guy who’s so inept in CF, he has to be replaced in that position my a minor leaguer!

How could Ken Williams think that this roster would be anything better than a .400 team? I thought he was supposed to be of above average intelligence.
So what if Anderson is a good fielder..he couldn’t swing his way out of a wet paper sack. He needs a couple of years in AA ball to learn how to hit.

Give me a break.

How can any of you be all over Anderson after last night? How quickly we forget that the entire team has been struggling at the plate. How many total hits last night? Let’s not forget that Durbin pitched an amazing game. Anderson has only had a dozen or so at bats this season. What he needs is more at bats. He finished strong last year, has the best defensive outfield glove on the entire team, possibly even the entire league. Here’s how I see it–Erstad LF, BA CF, Dye RF. Ozzie needs to set his ego aside for the sake of the team.

Get out of here Michael Snow. Nobody wants McCarthy, have you seen his pitching line this season? Kenny got the best out of that deal. Just because the Sox don’t socre for Danks, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been good. Maybe not so muchlast night, but his previous starts were good. Get a clue buddy.

And BA is nohwere near the best defensive outfield glove in the league.

I’d take Danks and Massett over McCarthy any day. I think the opposition has figured the Sox out. If you can throw a curve ball over the plate, NOBODY on the South Side will hit it. What about Owens, what about Sweeney, and Fields? I’d say send BA down for a while, he’s still young, get him at bats, and give these other guys a shot.

I told you dumb *** whit seox fans, that I was not a Cubs fan. I do not even like the city of Chicago, all of your players are **** bags, and your dumb *** non english speaking manager.

michael.j.snow@yahoo.com why do you even read this blog in the first place? Why not go snivel around somewhere else?

p00p > michael snow

Now,now, White Sox Universe…let’s have some patience with Mr Snow, shall we?…I believe that he posted one time that he is a Rangers fan…(personal to sox1966…Kris, can you and Eric find someone to put a hit out on this clown, wherever the h*ll he is DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS?…)He has his own troubles…
As to Dye, he is currently experiencing back problems… Cintron’s grandfather, who helped raise him, suffred a stroke recently, so Alex left to be with him… I think he is supposed to be back either today or some time over the weekend…

to insidethesox… what do you intend to do with Podsednik when he returns from the DL, if you have Erstad in LF,Anderson in CF and J Dye in RF?…

Can anyone name one good reason why Anderson didn’t play in the outfield? The lineup was a joke coming for a major league manager.

salukidave…Let’s play pretend…Let’s pretend that you are the manager of the White Sox…Let’s pretend that you have seen your team perform to date…Let’s pretend that you have to take in the weather conditions,the histories,if any,that certain players have against the opposing starter, and all the othet things that have to concern Ozzie Guillen…Then let’s pretend that you, as the manager, put that lineup together…
Let me ask you then,saluki,old kid…

Is YOUR lineup a joke coming for a major league manager?…or even coming FROM one?…

As Jimmy Durante used to say,

“Everybody wants to get in on the act.”

Torii Hunter, the captain of Minnesota’s Team Rah-Rah, got hit in the mouth by KC’s Zach Greinke today…Grienke was trying to do MLB, and the AL Central, a public service…
Just my opinion,that’s all…

Hunter could miss the rest of the season and still get the gold glove – ala 2005.

That’s true, Mr. Quaid, Mr. Memory, old Snowjob is a Rangers boy. He, of all people, should know that they didn’t get any prize in that deal. Brandon with the elevated 9.00 ERA, and 1-3 record, only going 17 innings in 4 starts and 1 relief appearance, giving up 26 hits and 19 runs. But, Snowy, just move over to the message boards and take your classless self off of this blog, we don’t want you stinkin’ up the joint. Oh, and you gotta love the Durante referernce. Stop the music, everybody!

TQ-I’ll work on your request! He hates Chicago.. got news for him, better than this pit they call Tex-***!

Hey, Snowball, nice job your Texas Tinkerbells did with the Indians today, losing 9-4 and losing their last 6 out of 8 games. Hey, your team has the Cubbie colors, and are acting just like the Cubbies of earlier lore. Sammy sets his record for hitting a homer in his 44th venue, hits two homers, gets his accolades and the team loses. But what does ol’ Sammy care? Not a bit. Funny how things never change. Enjoy Sammy hitting his 600th, maybe setting a few more personal marks, and having your lousy team end up in last place.

Hunter got 3 stitches.. cry baby.. my daughter busted in her lip while sliding into 2nd after deemed safe.. she had to leave, clean up the blood and was right back out there the next inning! No stitches but a nice little scar forever! (she’s 15) Wish he would’ve charged and got the **** kicked out of him!

Toodles from Tex!

For those of you who haven’t heard: No game tonight. Postponed due to weather. Hey, at least it’s not snowing.

Wow – we’re all a little fiesty today aren’t we? Let’s try to place nice.

I felt so bad for BA during his last at bat yesterday. I was so hoping for a walk – i felt like it wasn’t fair! Who’s to say if anyone would have done better. I’d rather lose the game then have Thome bat and get hurt even more. It’s just one game.

Sounds like tonight is rained out – hopefully the warmer weather this weekend will help.

Oh and happy birthday Joe Crede!

So what happens now with Mackowiak, Pods, and JD hurt. I did hear JD said he probably would of played today though. Is it gonna be Pablo, Erstad, BA left to right. I understand BA hasn’t had alot of at bats lately, but the last two games he has had pitches right down the middle in hitter’s counts and he’s eithee taken them or fouled them off. He needs to to start hitting the ball, I actually am a BA fan.

Hitting is timimg, and when you don’t play for a week and then they send you out there for a couple games your timing is gonna be off. He needs at bats, and I think they should be in Charlotte. It’s apparent he is not well liked by the man making out the lineup card.

How about getting Fields up here. He can play left field, third base and first base. Plus he can run a little too. Using him to back guys up for as many positions as he can play would get him in the lineup probably 3 times a week at least, and probably more right now with the injuries.

The timing thing is even more evident in the younger players. Pablo/Mac are more accustomed to the spot starts, they’ve been doing it for a while. I like the idea of Fields coming up, he’s got a little more versatility to him, and he plays a great third base. I don’t like seeing the guys we have now at third when Joe needs a rest. And, I think maybe with Brian going down for a while, it might soften the edge between him and Ozzie.

WHos said I was even from texas, just because I am a Ranger fan does not mean I am in Texas. Goes to show how dumb you white sox fans really are!

Nobody cares where you are, donut breath. Go cheer on Sammy, and maybe he’ll let you hop with him around the basepaths, when they lose they’re 90th game, and he hits his 35th homer. And if you’re a fan of the Rangers, that’s proves your stupidity exceeds the highest of all “stupidness”. Bunch of losers, can’t figure out that you need pitching to win anything. Bring in Lee, nope, he didn’t do it for you. Well, how ’bout Sammy, maybe he’ll take you to the promised land, like he did the Cubbies, all the way to last place, and then he can walk out of your stadium before the game ends, too.

im a sox fan and i like sammy. he’s colorful. i liked him all the way back when he weighed in at 150 lbs in the white sox outfield. i believe he is the only sox player to ever have double digit 2bs, 3bs, Hrs, and steals.

that being said mccarthy is god awful and i wouldnt take him back if he came along with 5 of the hottest girls texas has to offer. he will never amount to anything in the MLB.

BA= TERRIBLE. at bats or not the guy blows. trade him, send him down never to return, or just shoot him for all i care. i was wishing they put up harold baines in the 9th yesterday. oh well. lets get the angels friday! at least we wont have to face bartolo, he’s been good his first 2 starts.

Okay guys it was fun ******* with you, time to go **** with the Yankee’s fans now!! Have fun muther *******!!

Please, Scott, can’t guys like Michael Snow be banned? My kids read your blog, and this is rediculous!

Anybody who thinks michael.j.snow isn’t a Cubs fan is crazy!

He’s a Cubs fan and Rangers fan when Corky Sosa is batting.

How did the “f” word make it through the censors? I wouldn’t stop at banning his sign in, I’d make sure any posts from IP addresses that he’s used in the past are rejected too…that is completely uncalled for.


At least Sammy and the Rangers will know when they receive a fan letter from that
crumbum…because it’ll be written in crayon…on the back of a paper bag…

I,too, am surprised that the f-word got past the MLB.com censor…but if he thinks he’ll have the same reaction with Yank-me fans that he had here, I have a rude message for him…Those goombas will eat you up, spit you out, and, well,let’s not even think about what they’ll do to your family…if you have one…

I’m sorry that he left…before I had the chance to ask him if his parents had any children who lived…

Well, enough of him…Let’s welcome in the visitors from SoCal…the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim…Azusa and Cucamonga…(I’ll keep doing that line until, and even after, someone asks for the history behind it…)The big Cuban horse goes tonight…and they need a big, solid effort from him, along with healthy bats, in order to take the lead…

And,in case you weren’t paying attention to Tom Skilling…it’s supposed to be in the 80’s by Monday…and where will the boys be at that time?…on the way to Seattle for a series with the Mariners, and maybe a latte or two at Starbucks…

Finally, to the lovely Maria…I got your message…I’ll call you back later…

Today the Sox will face Santana. Not THE Santana but our hitters will probly make him look like the guy up north. On the bright side, Santana has a 6.78 career ERA away from Anaheim. I would like to see Ryan Sweeney called up. He is hitting .316 against lefties.

Thanks, Tom. Is it more of a Yea or a Ney?

Radio team Ed Farmer and Chris Singleton are getting a little heat from Adam in the the Soxpride blog. Stop by and add your comments.


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