Angel Friday

Friday, April 26, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, LF; Uribe, SS.  Contreras pitching.

Sorry I didn’t get to the blog yesterday to inform everyone of the rainout.  The afternoon became a little hectic.


Think whatever you want about Curt Schilling, Gary Thorne, the blood/paint controversy of recent days and how the media covered it, but Curt did have an interesting post on his blog today.  Check it out if you care:


Yeah, Schilling is about as intersting as my big toe.

yeah, this is nothing interesting for me. we get enough SAWX and yankees shoved down our throats from the mothership in bristol.

a SWEEP this weekend would be very very nice..

im about to leave for the game…..i dont like schilling at all, i dont care if his sock was bloody or not, the guy is a conceited ********* in my opinion.

as for tonights game- good to see dye and thome back in the lineup…although i will give it a day to activate them in my fantasy line up- il stick with slammin sammy and raul ibanez for tonight. lets hope they dont see SANTANA on the bump and get nervous like they usually do when johan is on the bump.

Looks like Thome’s broken again.

I guess we can expect that from a 36 year old though with somewhat of an injury history. Fix him Herm!

oh well should have put JD in the line up after all…good call to sit thome though. At least slammin sammy hit a dinger.

good win tonight. bullpen bent but didnt break, contreras was good, dye iguchi and aj provided the pop….solid all around team win. fun game to be at!

im faily certain Carl Everett is looking to cash an MLB paycheck😉

I think they should sign him to be honest with you. Playing 2 guys that can’t hit on an everyday basis isn’t a good option. If Thome MUST be DL’d, I think Everett should be picked up. I dont think he should have been let go of in the first place.

On the postgame show last night Rongey or however you spell his name was saying he’d rather have Brian Anderson on his team than Sammy Sosa. I think he was obviously drunk during the broadcast. Sosa would be leading the team in homers and rbi’s. With thome out…what are you thinking rongey? goofball

Garland’s pitched at least 7 innings in his past three starts, lets get him his first win tonight.

I heard on 670 that the Sox will probably call up Owens or Sweeney. I would like to see what Sweeney can do. He is hitting .316 against lefties. It would be nice if Garland could get a win tonight.

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