Saturday Fireworks

Saturday, April 28, 2007, 3:00 pm

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Iguchi, 2B; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Mackowiak, LF; Crede, 3B; Cintron, DH; Uribe, SS.  Garland pitching.

First fireworks night of the year.

Nice to take that first game of the series last night against the first-place Angels.

After a sluggish start (at least according to batting average), Darin Erstad is now hitting every ball right on the nose.

As I write this, Ken Williams and Ozzie Guillen are behind closed doors in Ozzie’s office discussing what they want to do regarding Jim Thome’s re-aggravating his injury in the first inning last night.  If they do go the DL route with Jim, the question then is who to bring up.  Last night, Ozzie stated his preference to use guys on our current roster to take over DH at-bats as opposed to someone from the minor leagues.  We should have a final decision pregame today.

Several correspondents contacted me to point out that two of the top picks in today’s NFL draft — No. 6 Laron Landry (FS, LSU) to Washington and No. 11 Patrick Willis (LB, Ole Miss) to San Francisco — were sporting White Sox caps. 

Winning Ways

With the Yankees struggles this week, the White Sox now own the best record in baseball since Opening Day 2005, going 201-144 since then.  (And that is not adding in our 11 postseason wins).  The Bronx Bombers are second at 200-145, Boston third (196-150), followed by the Angels (196-151) and Mets/Cardinals (193-152).  Worth noting that the top four teams are all from the AL as well as seven of the top 11 (Minnesota, Oakland and Cleveland crack that list).

Tonight’s game is closing in on a sellout.

Scheduling Note

Tuesday’s game at SAFECO Field against the Mariners will now be televised on Comcast Sports Net, not CSN Plus as originally scheduled.


Another quality pitching performance wasted, shot right down the toilet.

Friends and neighbors when you have BOTH Cintron AND Anderson in the lineup, neither of whom is hitting their weight you’ve got serious problems.

And the ‘clutch’ ‘situational’ hitting is still as miserable as ever, NINE left on base.


Seriously unless something is done SOON to bring in some additional talent or get the players currently on the roster going, this season is going to go down the tubes VERY quickly.

These minor nagging injuries are KILLING this team much as last year when guys were getting hurt left and right in spring training.

Kenny can not wait (in my opinion) until the All Star Break to make some moves, they could be nine games behind by then.

Mark Liptak

i think the sox could use a veteran hitter that can play left field.

carl everett!!

Carl? Crawford would be great, Everett should retire to tennis. We don’t need another .240 hitter, and if he had anything left, he wouldn’t be carpooling his kids to school. Gotta love that Tampa weather, though.

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