Sunday Postgame

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hitting Woes Continue

As we drop the deciding game of the series to the Angels.

Following the game, we optioned outfielder Brian Anderson to Class AAA Charlotte.  A corresponding move will be made prior to our game on Tuesday.

A reminder that Wednesday’s game is now a day game.  Start is 2:35 pm our time.


I am scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery on my right kneee Tuesday, so you may not hear from me for a short while (hopefully).  I have a day of golf scheduled for Monday, and then Dr. Ho will work his magic on Tuesday.  Depending on the vicatin, I’ll post when I can …


hmm does this mean a trade or another guy from charlotte is coming up

Good Luck with your surgery! Hope to hear from you soon Scott!!!

As much as I love BA, I’m glad to see him get sent down. He’s too talented to waste away on the bench.

Hope all goes well for you Tuesday, Scott. Take care of yourself.

Good luck with the surgery! Don’t worry about posting, we will all still be here ready to kvetch when you get better. 🙂

And, for mariawagener: Man, I’m glad to see someone else who says they like BA. I was starting to feel like the only one over here. And I agree, it’s better to get him some more playing time rather than hanging out on the bench all the time. Hope he does great in Charlotte.

God’s Blessings to you on both your surgery and recovery. We’ll miss the insights while you’re out.

I have mixed emotions about seeing BA being sent down. I was really hoping he’d get a lot of playing time this year with the big club. Just watching his swing it’s obvious he worked on his mechanics and he looks much better (no longer ending on his toes but rather in a more powerful stance). I hope he really kills the competition at Charlotte and regains that swagger he had.

In the meantime I’ll be watching Sweeney with great interest, he looks like a great ballplayer. He and BA side by side will be great to see in the future and for years to come (hopefully).

im not gonna lie, im hoping for a trade

Anyone have any word on what’s the matter with Lance Broadway and how long he’ll be out? Gio Gonzalez may be on his way up to AAA.

You won’t be seeing a trade for at least a month or two. No team is gonna give up on May 1st and trade the type of player the Sox need. They are going to have to find it within the organization and within themselves. Even if a team were gonna tank the season they will hold on to their top players for a while to sell tickets and hold out for the best possible trade.

It is good that BA will be going to get some at bats. Not that he was treated unfairly here, but for a young guy it is a lot harder to assume that backup role and be successful. I do like him as well. He is by far our best outfielder, but the way we have hit so far we just can’t sacrifice that at bat like we did with him last year.

My hope is that we will see Josh Fields this week. I am just assuming, but Pods injury is probably worse than the team is letting on. For as many groin and leg issues he has had in the last 3 years he won’t be back any time soon. Fields can play left as well as be a backup for Crede and Paulie.

mgrothendick –

Broadway had stiffness in his back, not supposed to be anything serious. day-to-day as of right now.

Gio Gonzalez and Dewon Day have been absolute lights out in Brimingham. Day is averaging over 2K’s per inning pitched. I don’t think either will get to make an impact for the Sox this year unless we fall way out of it or if the injuries really mount up, but I would expect to see those two making a contribution by next year.

there is no need for anderson as long as we have a center fielder catching the ball. i was all for playing anderson everyday last year because mackowiak out in center was a joke *thanks kenny for not getting us a decent centerfielder last year by the way….dont let the same happen in left this year*

Going down can only help BA. He needs the at bats to gain some confidence at the plate. I wish him luck and good luck to you Scott!

Scott, good luck with the surgery. B. McCarthy 1-4 9.90 era.

Good luck with the surgery Scott.

Good luck with the surgery. Was at the game Sunday. Loved the 1st inning and the great catch by Sweeny, later. Hope BA will do well in AAA. I think he needs the time there to play every day.

Aww – I will miss BA but wish him the best.

Scott, hope you have a quick recovery from your surgery – good luck!

I dont understand the love affair you people have with anderson. his lack of hitting forced guillen to put mackowiak in center field last year (which i wouldnt have done, but he is the great manager that you all love). the mackowiak/anderson combination single handedly costed the white sox a chance at repeating last year. personally i think they both ****.

I don’t think a lack of hitting in the 9 hole or some errors in CF are the only reasons we did not make the playoffs last year.

Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows that the pitching killed the White Sox last season and prevented them from getting into the playoffs.

“Single handedly”, kenwo? Hardly.

I like Anderson for his defensive talent, his enthusiasm and for what I think he will potentially bring to our club. Very early on, I felt the same way about Crede and Garland and stuck with them through their struggles. I think Brian will be equally successful someday, but fear that it won’t happen here unless he can patch things up with Ozzie.

Mackowiak was brought on board to bolster the bench, not to be an everyday starter. The attempt to “replace” Aaron Rowand with Brian Anderson as the everyday CF was an experiment that failed (at least so far). What mostly killed the Sox last year was their starting pitching (Buehrle especially) and the lack of consistency in the leadoff spot (which is an issue again this year). Podsednik has not been the same since the ’05 World Series.

To me the two single biggest reasons as to why the Sox did not return to the playoffs last year were as follows:

1. A bad bullpen that personally lost NINE games when they took over with a LEAD in the 7th inning or later in games. NINE…folks.

2. A lack of fundamentals, “Ozzie-Ball”, call it what you will.

The team forgot how to bunt, steal bases, hit the other way, advance runners, get guys home from 3rd base with less then two out…period.

AND we are seeing the EXACT same thing this season despite six weeks of work on a field dedicated solely to this in spring training.

In 2005 and where other top teams are concerned, you have a blend of ways to win. The BEST teams can hit a three run home run, drive in a guy with a sacrifice fly, force a club to make a throwing error because of speed or move a guy into scoring position.

The starting pitching didn’t match the 2005 performance but it didn’t drop off the face of the Earth people. It was the BULLPEN that was the biggest pitching issue. And despite some gaudy numbers the 2007 group still has a way to go.

Here’s a number to consider….SIX blown save opportunities in 14 chances.

Mark Liptak

Mr R … I trust that the vicatin has kicked in already…Don’t be concerned at all, sir… you’ll be up and tap dancing in no time at all… and, as posted before, when you’re on your crutches after your return, you can always give some of the vultures of the media a crack in the back for all of us…
Let’s just see what the merry month of May, and hopefully a lot warmer weather, brings for the boys…The average could not get much worse…or could it?

As for the call up tonight…my guess is either Luis Terrero or Jerry Owens…Ozzie likes both of them…

You are probably right about who it will be. Owens should have been brought up when Pods went down. I have not seen Boone Logan steal any bases for us yet. I want to see Fields for this spot though because he can play more positions and get more chances to be in the lineup.

Today is the day Pods would be eligible to come off the DL. Have we heard anything about a return or even an injury update? No! Should be interesting to see how much time he ends up missing.

I’ve heard he will be out until June.

Anderson stunk and doesnt deserve a pass just because crede and garland turned things around. his extremely poor hitting combined with the absolutely brutal outfield play of rob mackowiak cost the sox at least 6 games last year. part of the reason the pitching was so terrible was half of the time they had a center fielder who couldnt cover any ground whatsoever. this all points back at kenny williams and his inability to make a move to bring in someone who could hit 250 and catch the ball in center. that isnt asking a whole lot.
anyway that was last year and this is this year.

there needs to be a move somewhere somehow. we cant run out a left fielder who cant hit, a designated hitter who cant hit, and still have pierzynski, dye, konerko, crede all hitting awful at the same time. if this continues we will be 8 games out by the time thome can come off the dl.

this ******* “offense” is awful. absolutely pathetic. so bad that they’re only down 3-1, and i dont expect them to win tonite. i hope im wrong, but i just dont see. there is not a single guy on this roster who is hitting. pitchers should be licking thier chops at facing the white sox, cuz right now they cant hit a barn door with a bull’s ***.


This is rapidly spinning out of control.

13 runs in the last five games with seven coming in a single game.

Four lousy hits off a left hander, nothing but home run or nothing.

Same song, about the hundreth verse.

“Corpseball” has officially returned to the South Side of Chicago.


Mark LIptak

Another wasted good start by a starting pitcher. This story is getting way too repetitive. Oh I know, it must have been cold in Seattle tonight, right White Sox apologists. Yeah lets blame it on the weather, it’s a convenient excuse.

I know it is not his fault, but Greg Walker’s days may be numbered. I’ve always liked him since I watched him when I was a kid, but that is usually the convenient thing to do is fire the hitting coach. Maybe when these bums get a good guy like that fired they will feel bad about it and start hitting.

Well at least we will be well rested for tomorrow. Nobody burned any energy running the bases tonight! Plus being a day game maybe it will be warm enough to hit!

I was thinking the same thing jimd. It’s not his fault, but Walker might have to face the music soon. This offense is pathetic, absolutely pathetic. I’m looking at the Cintron’s, Rob-Macs, Erstads, Pablo’s etc. and wondering how the **** we ever arrived at such a weak lineup. I know the injuries to Thome and Scott have caused some turmoil, but come on. As if anyone thought either one of them would actually be healthy for a good portion of the season. And the “stars” who should step up in their absence (Dye, Konerko, Crede, AJ) have been ghost. It’s not Greg’s fault but he really hasn’t done anything to rectify the situation and it’s probably easier to fire him then the entire starting lineup.

Let’s not be fooled by Luis Terrero’s first home run last night. Here are some stats that will make you scratch your head:

On Base Percentage .254 – 9th on team

Batting Average .231 – 6th on team

When we are not hitting why are we calling up a guy who is doing the same thing at AAA?

by “on team” I meant on Charlotte

If Terrero keeps jacking up solo shots and hitting .231, he should fit right in. He’s pretty much the prototype of this new era of Sox offense. I see no grinders on this roster, I see only scufflers…I suppose the ‘Southside Scufflers’ really doesn’t have that marketing zing to it though.

On the plus side Javier pitched pretty well. Unfortunately, near-quality starts just aren’t going to get it done. Our pitchers need to hold the opposition to 1 or 2 runs to give us a real chance to win. Unfair? Sure, but such is the plight of the team with the worst offense in the AL. And with Danks going today I don’t see the offense giving him more than one or two runs in support. We’ve provided nothing offensively for Danks, it’s like some sort of cruel rookie hazing gone awry.

All you hear is, “don’t worry, this team WILL hit”. Here’s my question…WHEN??? Send Walker out to the pastures, if you don’t hit, you need to shake things up. Don’t wait until it is too late. We are mirroring the Cubbies of last year, Lee goes down early in the year, things just snoballed, got worse and worse, and they did nothing about it. Let’s be pro-active, SOX!

I noticed Miguel Batista is opposing our ballclub this afternoon.


Yep, this definitely sounds like a pitcher capable of shutting down the offense.

Look immediately for Hawk and DJ to prepare viewers by indicating Batista “has a good arm,” or “has eight pitches that he throws with strikes.” Don’t forget the typical, “(insert player) of (insert bad stats) isn’t the pitcher we’re seeing today, fiesty.”

Anyone else who has a Sox Pride Club premier membership try to get Sox/Cubs tickets last week AND this week? Were you able to get tickets?

I was on at 10:00 am sharp and tickets to all games were sold out both times. It is puzzling how 60 tickets sell out, 2 different times, the very second the clock strikes 10:00.

please… no more rob. I cannot think of any other outfielder on any other team in the league that i wouldnt rather have out there than rob. i know he’s not a natural outfielder, but it’s all he plays.
the entire outfield and bench could use a change with the exceptions of dye and pablo, really… but first things first. no more rob!

why not play sweeney and terrero? why not call up pretty much everyone in the farm system that can play outfield and let them all have a shot? seriously, how much worse can it be?

Yeah mvp00, Rob is alot like radiation. In small doses he serves a purpose and can even be beneficial. But trot him out there too often and the liklihood of something bad happening increases immensely.
Had to laugh reading kenn64’s post about Hawk and DJ immortalizing trash pitchers whenever they beat us into submission. Previous stats have no bearing on the ‘pitcher we’re seeing today’. Just take those stats and throw ’em out the window. He has a 12.23 ERA? Expect him to throw 5 hit shutout. He comes in with .308 BAA? Expect us to wait until the 5th before we notch our first hit. Ah well. I love me a day game, especially when we’re out on the West Coast. Break out the funk fellas!

yes – it is amazing…when a pitcher faces the sox that I haven’t heard of, he does an incredible job. So, I rush to pick him up on my fantasy teams, thinking I’ve struck gold…Only then do I realize that lightening only strikes against the White Sox and I’ve picked up another piece of pyrite…grrr!!

Let’s get some hits today guys!

First things first. One, BA was not responsible for the poor pitching last year anymore than I was. Before you make stupid comments like that, at least take the time to do your homework. BA was and still is the best defensive outfielder on this team. I suppose you all have faith in Pablo Ozuna? Right. BA ended up hitting .225, and batted over .300 for a six week stretch while the rest of the team cratered after the all-star break. Quite frankly I hope Kenny W. does the right thing and trades BA to a team where he can play everyday. That should have happened after spring training, instead of letting Ozzie lie to BA like he did. BA will never play in Chicago again as long as Ozzie is manager, which leads to #2.

Its time for Ozzie to pack his bags and go. Before you all pile on, give a listen. In 2005, when we won the WS, any average manager could have won the series. The Sox were in a zone and not to be denied. In 2006, the year a “real” manager was needed, Ozzie didn’t answer the bell. His mismanagement of our pitchers was the worst I’ve seen in Chicago. Ozzie got a free pass from the media and Sox management due to the WS in 2005. Like Ozzie was a god. Not likely. He continues his mismanagement into 2007 playing his favorites; Alex Cintron batting DH with an .070 average. Ozuna dropping balls in Left Field, Mackowiac dropping balls in any field he plays. Look in the mirror folks, its happening again.

Three, this hitting slump dates back to last season for those of you who forgot our collapse after the all-star break. I want this team to win, but I don’t see it happening this year. Too many strong teams that ARE hitting now. Twinkies and Indians are out of the gate fast. Bold prediction for 2007: Sox miss the playoffs again, Ozzie fired (thankfully), Crede, Thome, Iguchi let go, along with Buehrle. Best to stock up on alcohol and aspirin now, cause we’re gonna need it.

Hey kr-
I have a Sox Pride premier membership too. I, also, was online both days right at the strike of 10AM and got shut out both times. No luck. I feel like a batter on the team.

I would like to challenge all bloggers to predict the Sox record and games +/- at the end of the year. I will record and then recount them at the end of the year. My prediction is 83-79, 13 games back.

blakeheem… I can’t even begin to predict, I’m thinkin 90-72 and that’s completely off the cuff and probably relatively hopeful!!!

awww, I’m kinda late…
Well, I hope everything goes well with the surgery Scott!!

And wow, BA… I’m really gonna miss that kid… but I am glad he’ll be getting more time in and I’m sure he’ll be back.

I guess Rob’s .175 avg is good enough to throw him right behind jermaine… Maybe he’ll be cleanup tomorrow.


Same old story different day!

My thoughts after another desultory, brain dead, “who cares” performance by the “Dead” Sox.

I’ll give it to you rationally first, then with my gut.


Before the season I was asked by some friends how I thought the club would do this year. I said they’ll win between “84 and 87 games tops.”

My friends couldn’t believe it, so I explained myself. I based my comments of two major issues:

1. The bullpen. It was the bullpen who cost the Sox a playoff shot in 2006. This off season that bullpen was overhauled with “can’t miss kids” with potential instead of proven relief guys with track records. So far this year the pen has put up gaudy numbers while also directly losing three games after they were handed a lead in the 7th inning or later and blowing three more leads where the Sox were eventually able to wind up winning. Six blown chances in the first five weeks doesn’t inspire confidence. Also without question we can all agree that Matt Thornton’s 2006 performance was a fluke, just as Politte’s and Cotts’ were in 2005 and the entire Sox team in 2000.

2. But the biggest factor I cited was the fact that this club is a ONE DIMENSIONAL, POWER HITTING STATION TO STATION team. Period. It started last July, continued through the spring and now into the first part of 2007. Sickening!

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with a middle of an order made up of Dye, Konerko, Thome, A.J. and Crede. The issue is, as Ozzie HIMSELF said this off season, was the top two and bottom two spots in the order.


They aren’t getting on base, they aren’t stealing bases, they aren’t moving guys over and they aren’t scoring runs.

When the ONLY guy on the team who can run is Podsednik you are in trouble.

Now Ozzie is a small part of the problem because of his goofy lineups, his insane desire to have a match up advantage every time and his insistence to give a lot of chances to ‘bench players’ but ultimately if a finger must be pointed, it’s pointed at Kenny Williams.

After Ozzie made his comments about going back to “Ozzie-Ball” what did he do?

(Crickets chirping…..)


Where’s the team speed Kenny? Where are the guys who can handle a bat and advance runners Kenny? Where are the smart baseball guys who know how to play the game and execute fundamentals Kenny?

He “stayed the course” except for the pitching staff, rolled the dice and hoped. We are seeing the results.

And PLEASE don’t say a single word about “payroll limitations.” That “excuse” goes out the window when you are drawing two and a half to three million fans.

Now I’ll give you my gut feeling.

This team is ROYALLY SCREWED this season. By the time trade chances come around they’ll be so far behind and so far in back of multiple clubs, they will have NO chance to win the division. None, nada, zip, nyet.

It’s swing from the heels and hope to hit four home runs a game. That is NOT the history of this franchise, that is NOT the way the Sox have had success in the past (the 1950’s, 1963-1964-1965, 1983, 1990 and the ultimate 2005.) Good teams can beat you in many ways. This club can only beat you in ONE way.

It’s going to be an interesting season, it’s going to be fascinating to see who gets shipped out in July and who gets shipped out after the year is over. Will the Sox rebuild with “kids” (and go back to drawing 15,000 a game) or will they increase payroll and brings in more talent….make that younger talent with somewhat of a proven track record in MLB.

We’ll see.

Mark Liptak

I really like John Danks, and I like him more with each outing. He’s young but he already seems to have a major-league mentality. As far as the offense of one dimension and our obligatory solo shots, I figure I’ve beaten that dead horse enough already. Enjoy the off day fellas, Anaheim and Minnesota coming up.

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a long time. Too bad time hasn’t changed our miserable 06. We still ****.

Go Sox.

I’m reminded of the words from the Gordon Lightfoot song, “If You Could Read My Mind…” to wit:

“I don’t know where we went wrong, but the feeling’s gone and I just can’t get it back…”

That’s been the White Sox mantra since July 2006.

Mark Liptak

Welcome back, Ira! We missed you and your occasionally negative and skeptical posts. There just haven’t been enough of those on the blog as of late.

The slump is depressing, but it will pass. Perhaps like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

Your gut feeling about being so far behind by the trade deadline has been my fear since we were sputtering through spring training. I am standing by my prediction of a 2007 white flag trade. It will be a “semi white flag trade” because if you are way out of a race does it really qualify as white flag?

The Sox saw this coming too. Why would they have not locked up players like Dye and Iguchi if they did not see shipping them out this July as an option.

What has really baffled me lately has been the callups from Charlotte. When Podsednik goes down why is he being replaced with a pitcher. Sure we have an abundance of mediocre outfielders to play alongside JD, but would it not make more sense to replace speed with speed. Jerry Owens was the move to make, not Boone Logan.

When Thome goes down why not bring up Josh Fields. He is a guy that can help the middle of that lineup, and he would run laps around most of the guys in our lineup. He can also play multiple postions. As we know Ozzie just loves to play guys all over the field.

How long do you think before the pitchers ask Ozzie to drop the DH and let them hit? Maybe they can help their cause better than the 9 guys in the batting order.

5 starts, 4 runs of support in those starts. The White Sox are killing John Danks.


Well in a few weeks is the anniversary of Gary Peters hitting 6th in a game against the Yankees!

Your talk about players being brought up illustrates another question about what’s going on and what is Kenny’s plan.

Remember last season when Anderson got off to a ragged start Ozzie seemed to have no options other then having to play Mac in center…..that turned out to be totally unacceptable.

I was in touch with one of the local columnists yesterday who’s a friend of mine and he asked that same things you did…..Kenny’s ‘track record’ the past two years has been resulting in more questions then answers. You have to give him the benefit of the doubt because of what he did in 2005 but how long is the “grace period” before you start asking ‘what’s going on?’

Mark Liptak

Good luck with your surgery….

“but how long is the “grace period” before you start asking ‘what’s growing on?'”

i think a months worth of absolute ********* hitting means its time to start getting more answers than questions. screw thome and pods coming back, this team might be done by the time they play the cubs later in the month! already 4.5 out. yeah, it is still early, but does anyone see ANY signs that this offense will start to come around? i certainly dont..

You say slump, Maria? Slump is right, but it needs a desriptive before the term, as in TEAM. We win as a team, and we slump as a team. A TEAM SLUMP. Last year I kept saying to my boys, over and over, “These guys have forgotten how to pitch. How do you forget how to pitch?” Now they’re getting tired of me saying, “These guys have forgotten how to hit. How do you forget how to hit?” Pitching and situational hitting won it in 2005, poor pitching lost it in 2006, and this year poor hitting will keep the Sox out of the postseason. The dumping of players in July sure looks like a reality as of now.

Hey Mark,
Does every post have to start with how many games the bullpen has lost after the 7th inning? If the bullpen held onto the lead every game, then you’d be giving us the stat that the starters lost all the games by not providing a quality start.

Blah blah blah…..

When the Sox start winning again will we see any positive posts or will you point out everything that was done wrong???

A modest suggestion from a Silicon Valley Sox fan. Before we write off this season, or give up on our players, how about trying a bit of technology to help our hitters?

I read in Sports Illustrated last season that a number of teams provide their players with video clips of their successful at-bats against each opposing pitcher. (Right, that’s *successful* at-bats only.) The players view and study these clips on their video iPods before the game and before their at-bats, and claim it helps them hit better.

I’m not saying this is a guaranteed solution, but it might help, and couldn’t hurt.

Believe me, I’m not looking forward to another season like last year (post-All Star break). I hope something happens to bring back the kind of baseball we saw in 2005!

That article was about Todd Helton of the Rockies, and that practice has become a bit of trend now. Scott would probably know if our players are using this technology to their advantage.

They definitely don’t carry their iPods on days when Danks throws.


When the Sox start “winning again,” I’ll be happy to answer your question.

Till then as Kenny has often said, ‘it is what it is…’

and what it “is” right now is a team of slow footed, one dimensional, station to station bashers who when NOT bashing seem to have no other way to score runs.

That’s because they can’t run, can’t steal bases, can’t bunt, can’t execute the hit and run or the suicide squeeze.

Need I go on?

Great teams (like the 2005 Sox) can beat you in a NUMBER of ways, this club can’t.

Mark Liptak

Yee of no faith:

Overall the pitching has been very good this year. The hitting will come around, it just will. Consider it lucky just to be near .500 with the current performance. I predict the sweep of the Halos.

Ross Gload had himself a good game against the Angels today. I’m happy to see Ross finally getting the opportunity he wasn’t going to get here. He never complained about being a bench player when he knew he was worthy of starting. He would just come out and do his job.

i sure wish we had ross is boss here this year. of course if we did that no mind of a manager ozzie would bench him in favor of mackowiak.


You’re right. The hitting will (eventually) come around.

The key questions are:

1. when

2. How far behind and how many teams will be ahead of the Sox, in the toughest, most brutal division in major league baseball when it does.

See my point?

In this division there is no room for error, no room for slumps, no room for injuries…and unfortunately the Sox find themselves having to deal with ALL of the above.

Not a good scenario is it?

Mark Liptak

Anderson goes 0 for 3 in his first AAA game of ’07.

Before you go ahead and call me crazy, I am not nearly as impressed with the Central as all the so called experts are. Injuries happen, slumps happen. I’d rather they occur now. Based on the hitting to date the White Sox are lucky not to be 10 out. If they finish May 5 games or less out of first and healthy, I’d say they are in good shape. That should be the goal. Hold the line until the lineup gets healthy.


The Sox are currently 5 games out of first place. They had better get hitting if they would like to stay there or improve.

You are a bit crazy, but it is understandable that you may not be impressed with the 3 teams ahead of us. This division is not going to be won in runaway fashion. It may be something like 90-92 games to win it. Between the Sox, Indians, Twins and Tigers they should beat each other up so much that nobody is going to have an extraordianry win total.

The key will be who dominates in their 19 games against KC and who has the best record outside the division.

I’m nervous healthy will never happen. These two injuries to Thome and Podsednik are lingering, nagging injuries. For Podsednik this is a recurring injury. The Sox are lucky to be only 1 game under, if the hitting comes around even a little they will be in the race for the long haul and there will hopefully be no white flag redux.

OK, I saw a commercial yesterday that had me laughing for about 15 minutes. First time I had seen this commercial so I thought it was quite ironic.

It consisted of Darin Erstad hitting the ball, and then on the screen pops up

Get em on

Get em over

Get em in

and then is goes to

Get em in October

While I think the Sox marketing staff is one of the best in pro sports the timing of this commercial was just ridiculous.

Yeah that commercial is pretty laughable when put into context:

Get em on?…Sox rank 13th out of 14 AL teams in OBP, last in Average, and are currently the only team in the AL that hasn’t notched 200 hits yet (180).

Get em over?…Last in doubles, Last in triples, but second in HRs! That’s one way to get em over I suppose.

Get em in?…Last in runs (only team that still has reached 100), last in RBI (96).

Get em in October?…Let’s get em out of May in one piece first.

There are slumps and there are Slumps. It’s a natural part of the game for a couple of individuals to scuffle for a couple of weeks but that’s not what this is. This is a team-wide, month-long epidemic of absolutely horrible play and nobody seems able to snap out of it.

Good stuff, still laughing about getting em out of May in one piece. I got a few stats to add.

The Sox have 32 home runs

19 – solo shot 60%

9 – 2 run shots 28%

3 – 3 run shots 9%

1 – grandslam 3%

They have scored a total of 99 runs so far, 50 of which are from home runs. Not all that shocking, but high compared to most teams.

The Sox have won 2 games in which they have not homered (16% of their wins). On the other hand they have lost 5 games in which they have not homered (38% of their losses).

Stats don’t lie.

Some brief thoughts from an old man who is getting slightly fed up with the “glass is half empty/half full” mentality of WS Universe…to Brothers Devereux,Liptak, etc… I think is was the eminent scholar Vin Scully who said “Statistics are like a lamppost for a drunk…it’s something to lean on.”
In other words,other than that little incident,Mrs.Lincoln,how’d you like the play?

As to the timing of the Erstad spot…well,let’s just say that the marketing department does not know ahead of time when they schedule these spots release dates that the team is going to go into a team wide slump…the head of the department is Brooks Boyer, NOT Nostradamus…I can recall hearing about teams that did TV interviews with players before a road trip, extoling how well things are going for not only said player, but the team in general…unfortunately, when those interviews played out, the team was looking like, and playing like,absolute garbage…and the interviews looked foolish…

In closing, may I simply say…Those who can, do…those who can’t…write negativity and host sports talk shows on radio and podcasts…

Now before anyone puts me down(hello, kenwo…), let me just state this… I know I can’t do what these players do…never have been able, never will be able… BUT…I have belief that things will right themselves…hopefully sooner than later…the good thing for the WS is that no one is running away with the division as of yet…

I will defend myself,if I have to…

Brooks and his staff are awesome. Since he has been running the marketing dept the things they have come up with have been very creative. I am just pointing out the irony of the timing for the commercial. Just made me laugh. Wasn’t he running marketing for the Bulls before?

The sox are 5 games out..i predicted that if no significant move is made, they will be 8 out by the time thome comes back. i think i may have given them too much credit. They can’t hit. I dont care if they get em on get em over and get em in or if they get 5 hits in a game and they are all homers. the pitching staff is giving these guys a chance to win every game and they cant do it. to put the blame on greg walker is insane. these are professional hitters who have had success in the past and for some reason cant do it now. is it because they are too old? i dont think so…dont care enough to try? maybe but i doubt it….were they steroid guys? i dont think so (though sammy, bonds, giambi would all look outstanding in the sox line up right now steroids or not). whatever it is they better fix it soon. either that or dump them all. bye bye paulie, jd, aj, tadahito, crede….we will find out by june

Geesh, we are in the 2nd inning of this game and it looks like a joke.

How do you get your first two guys on and then can’t score even one run?? It is going to be a long night.

ok folks, I get 1 game a week on real tv..the snake I just discovered outside in my air conditioning unit actually made me less ill than the errors in this game! What is the deal? I try so hard to be optimistic but it gets harder and harder with each game!

Message for Scott… hope you’re feeling better each day and you’re on your feet and keyboard soon, we miss you.

OK, looks like the sweep call is gone. While I tried for he life of me to remain positive, I was very disapointed by probably the most lackluster plsy I have seen by the WS in a very long time. Even the “fiery” manager looked like he was just going through the motions!!

There’s not much you can say right now, these guys are simply going through the motions…there’s no life in this team and there’s no life with the manager.

In 2004 or 2005 Ozzie would have been calling out guys,and exploding.


Sensitivity training has taken all the fire out of him and subsequently this team.

If this keeps up for another few weeks it will be more then reasonable to start asking when the ‘fire sale’ starts because they’ll be so far behind and more importantly have so many teams in front of them, that short of a miracle, they’ll have absolutely no chance to do a **** thing.

This is just embarassing. To the franchise, the city that they call home and the fans.

Oh by the way did anyone notice how the Angels scored runs tonight?

Four stolen bases, a sacrifice fly, a bunt single and by taking advantage of bone headed plays by the Sox.

I remember when the Sox used to actually play the game that way don’t y’all?

Instead it’s now ‘all of nothing,’ let’s hit a ‘nine run’ home run. LOL

Mark Liptak

Ok, aside from the MLB Sox game, here’s some good news and bad news.

The good news, Brian Anderson goes 3 for 4 tonight including a triple to help the Knights win 6-3.

The bad news, Gio Gonzalez who had been dominating at Birmingham this year, was rocked tonight, giving up 9 runs on 3.1 IP.

are you serious?! there is no good news right now.

i couldnt care less about brian anderson hitting .450 at charlotte or gio gonwholez throwing like cy young in another southern state.

the fact of the matter is, the BIG LEAGUE club (you know, that little team from chicago…the one that actually matters) couldnt hit water if they fell out of a boat right now, and they’ve lost 5 in a row. until those scrubs you’ve mentioned do something for us here at the MLB level, there is zero good news to this GOD AWFUL, bevingtonesque, slump.

hi, ya’ll. i just wanted to let you know that I haven’t died yet. i was going to make reference to our team here, but i can’t force myself to do it just yet. i agree with all the statements about our hitting woes. every one is right on. and i completely agree with mliptak about Ozzie having NO fire. the sad part so far for me in this season is that i just dont seem to care weather they win or lose. i guess i have been desensitized to the whole business. kind of sounds like our Boys right now doesn’t it. my only hope is that when the hitting DOES kick in that our good pitching will still be there. i’ll weigh in again sometime, but for right now… what’s the point? you’ve all said it better than i can anyway…. j.k. from tucson…..

oh well…there are good things about a team playing like this. parking will be easier to find, the vending lines will be nice and short, i can go take a leak and be back without missing a single pitch, i can move all the way down to the first row because noone will be sitting there anyway….

i also am going to throw up if i see alex cintron in the line up again today. i understand uribe is gone to be with his sick mother, but good lord play pablo at short. id be willing to bet anything i own that i would be hitting better than his .070 average after this many at bats. id do it for a lot less money too

Quote of the day (and perhaps the season):

“I don’t see no life, no fire. Everyone is flat.Now they feel sorry for themselves, but the only one that is going to help them is themselves. If they’re going to start feeling sorry for themselves, it’s going to be a long summer.” — Ozzie Guillen to the Sun Times’ Joe Cowley.

We won. Where’s everybody at? Yea, we won due to the Angels having a really rough game, but it’s still a ‘W’. So, why is it that nobody posts after we win, just ***** when we lose?

Good to see John Garland put one in the win column….would be nice if John Danks could do the same. Sorry Sox1966…I was playing in the dirt (gardening) after the game:) Will be doing the same before the game tomorrow…go Sox!!!

Enjoyed seeing some inspiration today and liked Ozzie’s quote. Also nice to see them score w/o the long ball.

Nice to break what seemed to be like a month long skid. Five straight losses and a few off days seems like an eternity.

Jon looking good again today. One tough inning, but other than that he was good. Looked to be the stopper like last year. Saw Jenks hit 99 on the gun today. That was a nice sign.

Hopefully we can get some more sticks going tomorrow against Colon. Would be nice to beat him up a bit.

We are now 3-6 in games where we do not have a home run. It will make me feel a lot better about our ability to score/manufacture runs in clutch situations when we get that record over .500.

Mark – Do you think Ozzie is including himself in “everyone” From what I have seen out of him so far this year I would conclude that he is part of that group.

His timing for going off in 2005 was pretty good and it was effective. In 2006 everytime he went off it seemed like wrong place wrong time. It’s almost like last year really changed him, or forced him to be different if he wants to keep his job. It’s not like Captain Konerko can start yelling at people because he would look like a huge hypocrite because he is one of the major underperformers right now. I was kind of hoping Ozzie would have let it rip this week.

two wins in 1 day… not only did we beat the angels, but i didnt see rob once all day. im going to go out on a limb and say the two are definitely related. please take not of this, ozzie. and kenny too. see if we can just send him off, preferably to the twins. just for free… like a present. he can be like a trojan horse and bring them down from within.

i swear, not since the days of billy koch have i had such disdain for someone in a sox uniform. the sooner he goes, the better. i’m conincved, no team could win the al central with him on their roster, even as a backup OF.

oh, yeah, and nice to see us score runs without homers. please… more of this.

Actually Mackowiak did play today, got an RBI pinch hitting for Pablo.

Speaking of all time most hated Sox, I’d have to go with Karkovice. Nothing good came out of him, ever.

I liked Karkovice. Thank god in 93 they started letting him play instead of Fisk. Karko had a good arm, way better than everybody’s boy AJ, and had a 20 homer season, more than AJ will ever have as well.

I agree with the Mackowiak pick. He is brutal. I thought he would be o.k., but boy was I wrong. Also included on my least favorite White Sox, Scott Pathetic, Bill Long, Steve Sax, Phil Bradley, Chris Snopek.

My favorite list consists of Ron Kittle, Harold Baines, Warren Newson, Frank Thomas, Paco Martin, Carlos Lee, Bobby Thigpen, Roberto Hernandez, Wilson Alvarez, Tim Raines, One-dogg, Sammy Sosa, George Bell, Danny Tartabull, Tony Phillips and George Bell. From the current team- J.D. and Tadahito Iguchi. both who sadly will be traded mid-season if the team dont start winning.

That second George Bell was supposed to be Albert Belle. my bad!

Sox players that everyone loves that I could have done/do without- Ozzie Guillen, Carlton Fisk, Robin Ventura, Jack McDowell, Paul Konerko and AJ Pierzynski.

they arent quite on my hated list, i just dont see the love affair.

Last one i promise….i must include on my all time favorite list Ivan Calderon. He was outstanding. RIP Ivan!

How could you not like Robin Ventura.. really? What about Bucky Dent.. he was a fan favorite for quite awhile but of course, I might be aging myself. Sammy Sosa… why? What did he do for the Sox?

Sox 1966:

I spent seven hours Saturday from 3PM to 10PM Mountain time painting my wife’s new office so I wasn’t around to “Congratulate” the club for winning A game.

So to the Sox “congratulations.”

Do it another 79 times or so and it’ll be a good season.

Mark Liptak, what a good husband you are! I’m all for winning at least 79!!! 🙂

Did you watch Willets drag a bunt hit? Maybe the sox could try that idea?Who on the Sox could teach that trick? That seems like a good way to break a slump, don’t you think?

Very exciting game today. I wasn’t expecting a comeback like that but AJ came up big and Bobby came up huge. Great series overall, considering the last two games were againt bonafide aces, the offense’s showing encouraging signs. Let’s hope they can build on this.


It can never be easy can it. If it weren’t for Quinlan Buerhle would of had another win and great outing. That guy always seems to hit him pretty good. I know one of them was pretty cheap, but it was nice to see Sweeney get a couple of doubles and not just swing for the fences every at bat like everyone else does.

Holy Cow! A Sunday win!!!!!

FYI, this is the 5th time this season the Sox have come back to win when trailing in the 7th inning or later. (As opposed to blowing 3 games)

I’ll take that ratio for the rest of the year.

Mark Liptak

That showed a sign off some fight in this team. AJ comes up huge twice. He’s good for providing a spark, hopefully this is the spark that gets this team rolling for the rest of the year. He has been pretty clutch in that park the last couple years. He really gets off on the people that hate him.

Eat it Thornton haters.

I couldn’t agree more, Jim. AJ does seem to feed off that. Maybe we should start booing him at the Cell? (Joking, of course.)

Scott: Hope you’re healing well. We look forward to hearing from you again soon!

Two in a row. On the road too. They’re not dead yet. Keep the faith. Despite the horrible play, its early and the Sox are still in it.

How about old school?….. Luis Aparicio, Richie Allen, Wilbur Wood, Tommy John, Bill Melton, Walt Williams, Carlos May, Pat Kelly and one of my old favorites, of whom I still have an autograph of somewhere, Rich McKinney. (His parents made him sign for me)

Don’t forget Harry was a Falstaff man way before he was a Bud man.

First of all, since I’ve not posted to this blog before, I want to wish a speedy recovery to Mr. Reifert. Ok, now for my comment:

Folks, I know it’s not been sunshine and rainbows lately, but how many trades are really possible at this point in the season? Most of the GMs out there are going to want to stay the course with the guys they already have, even if those guys are struggling, just as Williams seems to want to do. The fact of the matter is that, for the time being, we are most likely stuck with pretty much these same 25 guys, for better or for worse (so far mostly worse, admittedly.) There are some players who can be sent down or brought up, but beyond that, what do you expect Williams and Guillen to do? It takes at least two teams to make a trade, and there are probably very few teams looking to trade right now. Who are they supposed to be able to trade for that would be better than the people we have now? Realistically, who would we get in return for these people who are supposedly so bad? You have to trade quality to get quality.


The Lady White Sox Fan

anybody hear/read JD’s comments about wanting to be traded to a contender? boy, our team isnt even a contender on may 7th? hey JD, quit swinging at **** pitches, and drive in a few runs here and there and help make the team you’re on right now a contender

the same can be said for crede, konerko, etc

I think, George, you might have misread JD’s comments a little bit. He said something more along the lines of, if the Sox don’t turn it around, He and Beurhle could become rent-a-players to contenders, just as he did with the A’s a few years back. He didn’t say he wanted to leave the Sox, but that the business end of it might see him go. He’s not the first one to think that this is a possibility, everybody’s been saying it.

This team never had a chance out of the gate. Does any “real” GM think he could win with this line-up? There is really nothing of promise left in the vets, management needs to start bringing up the younger talent.

What a waste of money to resign Konerko last year,he looks out of shape and clueless at the plate. He got some $$$ and has no desire, he’s done. I like Thome but why is he here. Rowand was a player. KW got his money’s worth out of Dye, let him go.

Just be thankful for the ’05 miracle….I never thought I would see a WS champion in my lifetime.

yurt, i’m only 27- didnt pay attention to the sox til 1983 ( i was only 3 at the time), so i never seen any of those guys play. ive heard my dad tell many stories about billy pierce, minoso, nellie, louie, melton, allen, wood, but i was just going off of who i seen.

I really dont know why i liked sammy back then. i just did. he had a great (although wild) arm, could run, and he’d hit em out every once in a while. my favorites were Kittle and Baines and they were gone at that time, (though kittle came back in 90 and 91)…so i guess i was just searching for a new favorite to go along with Calderon . Dan Pasqua wasnt cutting it for me.

i dont know why i never cared much for ventura. i just used to think he’d get way more hype than he deserved.

As for yesterday- what a great win. i wish there wasnt a day off today and they could start building on that momentum. outstanding job by the staff. we should be winning a lot of games like this considering how good the staff has been. hopefully its the start of something good.

no santana or mauer for the twins…cuddyer is even banged up. if we cant beat them now we will never beat them

Everyone needs to relax and quit whining already. Its still early, not July/August. Yes the Sox played poorly so far, but they are not out of this race by any stretch. The Sox have had some injuries and poor hitting, but they are only 4.5 games back. Pitching has been pretty good too. Something that could not be said last season. The Sox have also had a pretty decent schedule while teams like the Tigers have played KC 9 times already.

The other teams in our division are now beginning to face some adversity. Indians put Westbrook on DL yesterday. The Twinkies have been on a bad stretch, Mauer DL’d, Cuddyer ailing, the Sox have a good chance against them this week. The Tigers have had some bullpen issues with Zumaya going out for 4 months. The Sox have a chance people, its only May.

Go Go White Sox!

Yurt, give me a break. So, the Sox should get rid of the “real” GM, and all the vets. Yeah, that’ll go over real well. Konerko got his money prior to ’06, not ’07. In 2006 all he did was hit for a .313 AVG, 35 HR’s, 113 RBI. What a bust, maybe we should have picked up Matt Stairs, probably could have gotten him for cheap. The whole team is not hitting, and any real GM could’ve seen this was going to happen, huh? I guess all the offensive records set last year should have been a warning to Kenny to trade all the starters. You’re brilliant!

One year ago today, the Twins were 9.5 games behind the Sox but they still won the division. So, even though the Sox are not playing well, it is a long season and they can win the division.

All Konerko had to do was produce for one year after his big contract and all is good huh? I’ve seen this way too many times in professional sports…get the big payday(as if it wasn’t big enough)and then the desire and motivation vanishes. Mark my words, Konerko won’t be a factor in MLB again. Dye is a great player but his heart isn’t in it. The outfield is a major liability at the plate and the gloves/arms are marginal.

When BA learns to hit he should start period. Pods is not someone I would include.

Like I said ’05 was a dream come true and as close to a miracle as it gets.

The name is not Timmy, Yurty. And you said the Sox signed Konerko last year…sure hurts to be Yurt, and be so wrong. This year isn’t over yet, pal, PK will be back, he’s not done. He’s got heart, he’s not just a money guy, I don’t know where you get off thinking this of him. Dye is a winner, and he tries every game. Erstad and Dye’s gloves or arms are not marginal, and Sweeney just may stick. You been watching anything this year? Did you see that catch Sweeney made in left the other day, flat layed out to make that play. No glove, huh? I think you’re a troll from another team, got you figured out, pal. Go stir up your garbage somewhere else.

I’ve been a Sox fan since ’63(the year I was born), my grandfather forbade me to be a cubs fan. He had his heart broken by the ’18 Sox, and still supported them until the day he died. Imagine, how you would feel as an 8 year old, if your idols threw the Series. Don’t take pro sports so seriously dude, it’ll eat you up. Your heroes should be doctors (including your therapist) and scientists, not overpaid, coddled “athletes” that don’t earn their keep.

The truth hurts, don’t it.

How’d Paulie do last night?

Yurt, how could your grandfather have his heart broken by the 1918 White Sox when it was the 1919 White Sox that threw the world series? The Red Sox won the series in 1918.

Probably just a typo on your part.


The Lady White Sox Fan

Yucky Yurt, I take it too seriously, because I support the team? You take it to seriously in your rants against the team. And my greater point that I am/was making is that you don’t know beans about what you’re writing. Again, another mistake, pointed out by Denise. Why don’t you get your facts straight for once? Besides, I don’t even believe the story about your grandpappy, I’m sure it was all contrived.

yeah,yeah my bad. It was ’19. Believe me I know when the Black Sox ruled. I just don’t proof read when I know I should. Sorry, I don’t like to read my ****.
If you don’t believe me about grandpappy, how would you like a roster/line up card (you know the thing in the back of the official programs?) from the 1919 Sox or any other of his memorabilia from his childhood scrapbook. I’m dead serious. I will gladly scan and fax it to you. I’d even sell it to you for the right price. Heck that’s not even the best of the lot.

Tickets from’59, personal letters from THE owner from the 30’s – 50’s.

It could all be yours!

I’m not a wh—, but this stuff should be in the hands of someone other than me. I’d even throw in my Rich Mckinney autograph, and a Minnie Minoso autographed ball for 75.00, of course.

Yurt, I couldnt’ get you at the email listed, but you can scan and send via email to my account, whatever you can. My kids would love it, one just did a report on the 1919 Sox and would be thrilled to see it.

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