Return From The DL

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Thanks for all the emails, messages and calls during my recovery.  I underwent arthroscopic surgery on my right knee a week ago and laid low much of last week.  All is well now and I am back on my feet, if limping.

Tonight’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Ozuna, DH; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Iguchi, 2B; Crede, 3B; Cintron, SS; Sweeney, LF.  Vazquez pitching.

Jim Thome, while still on the DL, is in Minnesota and plans to take some swings today.  Juan Uribe, while not in the lineup, has re-joined the team.


One of the things we have tried (and are tyring) to add to our website this summer is more video.  If you didn’t catch them, the last two newsletters contained some cool video stories shot during spring training.  Those are now suppose to be on our website under fan forum.  If you have a minute, check them out and let me know if you like them, want to see more of them or if you could care less.  I’d like to know what you think.


A reminder as well that if you haven’t purchased your commemorative brick for the Gate 4 Championship plaza (to be unveiled next Opening Day), do so soon.  Supplies are limited and we keep selling bricks (all of which benefits CWS Charities).


I have been told that both Leo de Caprio (spelling?) and John Cusak wore Sox gear to Saturday’s fight …


Welcome Back, we missed you! The limp will fade in time, trust me on that! Again, glad to see your back!

Hey, welcome back! The Sox blogscape has been pretty uniformly grumpy without you. 🙂

Yes, welcome back to the grind! Hopefully Thome will soon follow in your footsteps. Thanks for the info on the videos, will watch them soon.

Welcome back Scott! Glad to hear you are healing well. You’ll be running around as opposed to limping before you know it! Mayber I’m mental (don’t go there, bloggers) but I can’t find the videos under fan forum. If these are the same videos from the e-mails, I like them. It is something different.

why does every game have to be filled with such ‘excitement’ and ****?

what’s the Minnesota Pirahna (?sp) thing? Totally don’t get that, could someone explain it to me. Thanks

This team s*cks. Plain and simple. If you’re waiting around for them to catch a spark and put it all together, you better have a lot of free time on your hands. How a team with the talent level and experience that one has (many of the same core players who won a World Series, mind you) can keep dropping these stink bombs is beyond me. How many weeks ’til training camp starts in Bourbonnais?

That is Ozzie’s nickname for the Twins (from last year). He said they just keep nibbling away at you and before you know it you’re dead. Like tonight.

As the ‘new and improved’ (LOL) bullpen snatches defeat from the jaws of victory for the 4th time already this season.

That’s seven losses in the last ten games folks…look out below.

Mark Liptak

The sox have a better chance at winning the world series than the bears do the superbowl bjw…..this game isnt going to kill them in the long run, but it will cause me to lose some sleep tonight.

I think ozzie is hands down the worst manager in the league. first of all with second and third in the 9th he should have walked bartlett (luckily the smash he hit was right at JD) then in the 10th how could you possibly pitch to morneau with 2 outs? i believe cirilo was on deck, and even if he wasnt it for sure wasnt hunter or cuddyer. so why pitch to morneau? even the most optomistic person in the world had to know he was going to win the game. it was just a really really stupid decision from a really really stupid manager. ozzie was once good at lighting a fire under his players, now he is good at making a fool of himself and the organization. its time to get the axe out while there is still time in 07.

Every great once in a while I agree with Kenwo. Well tonight I was thinking the same thing. Why in the world would you pitch to Morneau. Jeff Cirillo (0-3 tonight) was behind Morneau. Way to go Ozzie!

Morneau is 4 for 10 with 3 HR’s and 7 RBI’s against the Sox so far this year.

On a positive note Javy Vasquez is starting to look like moeny well spent. Very nice effort again from him. Too bad his bullpen blew it tonight. Guess you got to get it all the way to Bobby yourself.

Someone needs to inform Ozzie that Mike MacDougal is never going to get a righty out if he keeps throwing his 2-seamer that floats back over the plate to right handed hitters. His 2-seamer is nasty when it busts in on the hitters hands. Start it over the middle of the plate not the outside corner!!! He should have learned his lesson when Sosa hit the bomb that still has not come down.

Here’s what I’m wondering. In the 10th, why did Ozzie bring in Masset and then intentionally walk Hunter? I feel like I have never seen a pitcher being brought in and intentionally walk a batter, that seems like it is always done prior to a pitcher’s entrance. I was wondering if Ozzie didn’t want Sisco to be picking up more than one ER there or what…that stinks for Masset

Very glad to see Javy pitching well. Very sad to see another ‘pen loss. John Danks is getting his first win tomorrow, I’m going to the game, I promise a victory.

BTW, I’ve really appreciated Ryan Sweeney while he’s been up here. He had a great hustle tonight and almost beat out what appeared to be a routine grounder. I look forward to his future here.

Thanks for validating my previous posts….until Ozzie is not the manager, the Sox won’t be a winner. He gets way too much credit for ’05.

Hi Scott, welcome back and hope you are back to feeling great soon.

If you are talking about the videos that come via e-mail, like the Darrin Erstad Q & A, I like’d that a lot.

I would ask that someone should wake me up when this pathticism is over, but I can’t afford to sleep for the next 5 months. So glad I renewed my subscription to I get to to watch the South Side “S hit Men” blow another one. Welcome to 2006…or is it 2007??!! Sorry-just can’t tell the difference anymore.

ozzie had masset walk torii to see if the runner at 2nd was stealing like hed tried ealier. the first two pitches were pitch outs.

should have just walked torii in the 8th with 1st base open. cant let the guy on the hot streak be the one to beat you. especially not when it’s torii hunter. plus that would have snapped that hitting streak of his right there and gotten all those twins fans riled up. win win. not to mention that all things being equal, the next guy grounds out to second and wed have had a 1 run lead in the 9th, with bobby coming on to face the lower half of their order. win.

There are currently two organizations in MLB whom I despise seeing the WS lose to…One group are the inhabitants of Jurassic Park at Neverland, located on Clark and Addison…The other group is Team Rah-Rah…As Captain Konerko might have said after the game last night…”…been there, done that…”… If the chumpires would allow it to happen, and if I had my way about it…EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY MAN IN THE TWINS LINEUP TONIGHT,TOMORROW AFTERNOON AND THE REST OF THE SEASON WOULD EITHER BE BRUSHED BACK, OR DRILLED…AND NOT JUST AT THE HUMP DUMP EITHER…
You see, it’s the attitude of their players that galls me the most…and, even though he does not say anything about it, Ron Gardenhire, the manager, in my opinion…LOVES IT… So…THROW A BALL IN HIS DIRECTION IN THE BUNKER…I MEAN,THE DUGOUT,AT THE HUMP DUMP…

They are called Team Rah-Rah by myself because of their “celebrations” at home plate after occurances like last night… like they just won the freakin College World Series or something… and it distresses me even more when I witness the WS or any other team do the exact same thing…YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PROFESSIONALS… F***IN ACT LIKE IT…

That is why I want to see the Sox come up with the cajones to do something about Team Rah-Rah…

Now, onto other business…Welcome back, Mr R…we can schedule your tap dancing lessons at your convenience…to dreifer…Ira,you are correct, counselor, when you say you can’t tell the difference anymore, because when it comes to the Hump Dump…well, you folks know my thoughts about that joint…When it is schduled to be imploded, let me know…I’ll run up to Minneapolis and trip the plunger on the SOB… Finally, based on the posts previous between the two… how about Timothy Tucker versus yert275 at the next WWE pay-per-view…two out of three falls,falls count anywhere in the building, no DQ…

There is an old, old feeling in all of sports, yurt, and it goes like this… When the team is winning and dominating, the manager or the head coach can do no wrong and gets all the credit…when the team is scuffling,floundering, is being dominated, and can’t even get out of their own way…the manager or head coach is the lowest of the low forms of life as we know it…

Thus it has been, and thus it will always be…

BTW,Scott…it’s John CUSACK…Don’t you read Bill Zwecker’s column in the tabloid?…Aren’t you up on your show biz personnel?…Don’t you remember just a couple of years ago when Mr C was on the bandwagon during the post season…Don’t you recall those of us on this site wanting to rip him a new one after appearing at Jurassic Park at Neverland, professing his preference for the North Siders? DeCaprio, you had right… BUT they don’t wear WS gear because they are head over heels in love with the franchise… they just like the colors…
I don’t get it, either…

The last thing I want to do is defend the Twinkies, but watch Sportscenter and you will see the exact same celebrations by ALL teams at home plate after such things as a walk off hit or in last nights case a walk off homer. Heck, you would see the same kind of celebration on our side if we could beat these ********!

There is a lot of emotion involved in sports. Winning a game in dramatic fashion, coming back from behind or beating a hated rival will bring out more emotion.

Would I like to see the Sox just start drilling Twins players? Absolutely. Start with Torii Hunter!

If the Sox hit a walk off homer and didn’t show that kind of emotion I would assume they just don’t care. The Twins did something that felt great last night, they deserved to celebrate. Hopefully we’ll do the same thing to them tonight. Danks is going to go a full 7 with 10 K’s to go with it. You’ll see!

I also predict Paul Konerko will get a triple. Well..maybe not

For Konerko to get a triple it would have to be a high fly ball to centerfield, all three outfielders would have to collide and knock each other out resulting in the second basemen and shortstop running into each other chasing the ball. Konerko now rounding second chugging along as the first baseman runs out grabs the ball and nearly nails him in a bang-bang play at third.

Here’s an interesting fact for you. Paul Konerko has as many triples as he does stolen bases, 5. Somehow he hit 4 triples in 1999, his first year with us.
Also, welcome back Scott.

TQ, always one for good ideas. Make sure you send Yurty a few blood packets, we would want to make this one look good! Wow, Paulie, I would venture no “cycles” in your career, with only 5 triples. Maybe if he had 2 homers, a double and a single, he could stay on third for the second homer and call it a triple, and thus a cycle.

I’ve really enjoyed the video clubs. Keep em coming.

jimdevereux, thanks for the laugh – that was a good one. I’m still picturing that scenario and it really makes me laugh!


It is great to see Sweeney get off to a great start. BA who? I live in southern Indiana and have not been able to see him play. How does he look at the plate? I have read that he likes to hit the ball to left field. It looks like he did it again tonight. Please enlighten me.

Congratulations to John Danks on his first major league win despite the best efforts of the ‘new and improved’ bullpen to toss the game away (again).

Mark Liptak

Congrats to John for finally (not his fault) notching that first win. I was really happy when I found out he was one of the guys coming over from Texas. He was the best pitcher they had in their system. I would have taken him straight up for McCarthy.

I heard something from Ozzie in his postgame comments that bothered me tonight. He referred to Torii Hunter as “my friend.” Am I missing something? Am I the only Sox fan who is wishing we would bean him every time at bat. I could see that he might respect him, but this guy is a Sox killer!!! How could you refer to him as a friend.

One other thing, I believe it was in Joe Cowley’s Sox noteds today. When Jim Thome is ready to come off the DL they intend to send Sweeney down to Charlotte and keep Luis Tererro up on the big club. HUH??? Why would you send down the guy who has been contributing. Is Tererro doing a good job filling the gatorade buckets or something. Is that why they need him, because he sure has not played as much as Sweeney!

So tonight at the game I wanted to get there when the doors opened at the Dome so that I could get the front row of the general admission seats, which means I got there early enough to watch the Sox’s BP. I didn’t realize that Guillen goes out there with a glove and catches fly balls in CF with all his players. That’s cool, I never realized that before.

I’m sad that Sweeney will probably go back to Charlotte when Thome comes back, I’ve really liked him up at the MLB level.

blakeheem –

Sweeney does go to left a lot, mostly on fastballs. He has a long swing that makes him late on them, but he does a nice job hitting to that side. Most of his power comes against breaking pitches which he pulls more.

He has looked pretty good so far. Good enough that I would consider letting him start in left everyday. He needs to keep getting at bats, or you will just see BA version 2.0. The question is if he will be hitting well enough not to be sent back down when guys start coming off the DL.

Welcome back, Scott! Yes, I do like the emailed videos, like the one where Darin Erstad answered questions.

Great to see John Danks get a win tonight! Let’s hope this is a “turnaround moment” for the Sox and they start a nice, long win streak!

Just got home in time to see Sweeney slide in safe and Gardy get tossed. Sweeney is really impressing me. The kid’s got ambition oozing out of his pores. And we’re starting to string together hits! Keep it up Sox take this game and take the series for one **** of a road trip. And congrats to John Danks, wasn’t able to watch last night but listened and he sounded like he was nothing short of dominating.

To Brother Liptak,deep in the wilds of Idaho… Mark, you talk about the WS bullpen? Have you gotten a glance at the bullpen of the Yank-mes?…That is no fun for Guidry or Torre,or especially for the beloved and non-interfering(???)owner, Mr Steinbrenner… at least the WS have not had to make the moves that the Bronx Bummers have had to,depleting their minor league system to satiate the parent club…
Getting back to the bullpen and last night, I think it is time for Mac Dougal to have his backside permabonded to the bullpen bench… his performances are scarier than Space Mountain at Disney World…Logan had to come in to save Mac’s backside, and the team’s bacon, with a three pitch gem against Morneau…Then Manchild comes in and makes it WAY TOO interesting in the 9th…10 pitches, two walks,two men on…then, all of a sudden…eight pitches, all strikes, a strikeout,flyout and another strikeout…and we can all breathe again…

Regarding the Terrero/Sweeney situation when “Sock-It”Thome returns next week…as much as Ozzie likes Terrero, as long as Sweeney is doing well, he will avoid going back to Charlotte…

Also, Brother Devereux…regarding the speed(???)of Captain Konerko, this recall this…The Hump Dump was the scene of an inside the park, grand slam HR(I do believe I’m correct in that…Mark, you’ll either back me up or correct me on this…)by Ron Karkovice…who ran the bases not only like he had a piano on his back…but had Billy Joel on top playing it… so do not completely denigrate Paulie…

You are right Karko could not run away from a dead turtle, but what a cannon he had from behind the plate.

What a performance Jose put on today. Such a gutsy 8th. He just overwhelmed the Twins today. **** of a road trip Sox, things are looking up.

Nice game White Sox and congrats to Jose Contreras, his 2nd career shutout. Way to go! Let’s go home and sweep the Royals.

Wow, what an outing from Jose! That is what an ace does!

Ryan Sweeney a big hit and RBI, and a huge heads up play sliding to avoid the tag on the run he scored. I ask again, why would this guy be sent down instead of Terrero?

Mr. Twins scorekeeper – ever hear of Karma? O-4 for Hunter today is what you get for crediting him with a hit last night on that awful throw by Uribe. Bye bye hitting streak!!!

Scoring runs without the long ball…that’s what I like to see. What a great outing by Jose! Glad the bullpen (and my heart) got a rest today. It is going to be interesting to see what happens when big Jim comes back. Sweeney is sure working on making that a tough decision. I say keep him out there AT LEAST till Pods gets back. He gets his at bats and we have a REAL outfielder out there. He certainly isn’t hurting us and seems to be adding some spark to the line-up.

That is now 5-6 record in games where the Sox do not have the benefit of a home run. 2 wins in a row and 3 of the last 4 wins. It’s nice to see the timely hitting looking as if it may be coming around.

Space Mountain is not scary…that is all…

Go Sox!🙂

Good to see you back, Mr. Reifert.

Contreras, you painted a masterpiece today. Pierzynski, you called a masterpiece today. I salute both of you, and am glad that the Sox got the win.

Terrero’s only been in one game, Sweeney’s been in seven. Based on that, and Sweeney’s performance the past two games, it would seem that Terrero would be the one sent down to open the roster spot for Thome.

I must admit, I am very impressed with Sweeney. Before anyone reminds me, yes, I’m an Anderson fan. However, Sweeney is able to execute on the field and Anderson wasn’t, which means Sweeney is ready to be with the big league team now, and Anderson isn’t. The guy who’s ready to be here should be the one who’s here. In the past two games, Sweeney’s only had one hit each game, but both of those drove in runs, so he’s getting those hits at the right time. I hope Sweeney stays with the team.


The Lady White Sox Fan


With respect I care not a wit for what the Yankees do, not do or will do. Last I looked they weren’t in the Sox division.

However a point to keep in mind whenever anyone talks about the Yankees…..when push comes to shove come July, you’ll see them go out, make three trades and pick up another 20 million in payroll. There’s a reason they haven’t missed the post season in over a decade.

Will the Sox be as willing to make improvements at the trade deadline?…we’ll see won’t we.

Congratulations on taking two of three in a tough place (they should have swept them though….)

Now we’ll see what happens against the team that loves to stick it to the Sox yet roll over and die for everyone else (especially Detroit), the Royals.

I close with this statement courtesy of the AP wrap up on this afternoon’s game:

“We feel like we’re a better baseball team (then the White Sox), but you have to play out on the field,” said Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.

Mark Liptak

For those who were able to watch the game, did it not appear the Gardenhire must have had somewhere else to be this afternoon? Sure seemed like he wanted to get tossed, especially since the ump really made him work for his ejection.

Tom you are correct, here is the information:

August 30, 1990 – Ron Karkovice, one of the slowest catchers in baseball history, (although he amazingly had ten steals in 1992!) hits an inside the park grand slam off the Twins David West at Minnesota.

With the bases loaded in the 4th inning Karkovice hit a line drive just over shortstop that rolled to the wall in left center.

Outfielder Dan Gladden was picking the ball up when he started to slip and fall. As he did so, he tossed the ball towards outfielder John Moses to try to start a relay, except that Moses wasn’t looking for it and the ball rolled towards center field.

By the time the Twins got to it, Karkovice and all the runners had scored. It was the difference in a 4-3 win.

Mark Liptak

Glad all is well with you, Mr. Reifert!
And those videos sound cool- I’ll be sure to check them out.

I have a somewhat completely unrelated question that I’m sure someone on here can answer:

Where do I get a scorecard at the park? I know it’s a dumb question, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Help would be appreciated!

good game today i hear…unfortunately by the time i left school that no good rongey was already on the air. i didnt find out who won for a good 15 minutes. oh is he terrible. anyway that a boy jose.

If the sox dump sweeney back to the minors so they can activate thome they are on serious drugs. that would mean they are choosing to play my favorite punching bag mackowiak in left over sweeney. that is ludacris. i could see maybe MAYBE when pathetic returns sending sweeney down, but not until then. (or not until he falls like a hot chicks pants when I’m around!!!) he is looking like an everyday player. leave him there for petes sake

Glad the Sox ended the road trip 4-4 after the poor start.Sweeney looks like a keeper, a great looking swing, bat control, hittig to left and playing fine left and center field. Why would Ozzie think of sending him down it would only demoralize him-get called, play well and the rewqard is to be sent down. Even though the Sox won with a great game by Contreras the hitters are still lost Dye can’t hit anything around his knees, Konerko, Iguchi,Crede,Uribe look pathetic at the plate still waving at balls low and away being blown away by a hard-one inside. This is not the mark of a well-coached team if something isn’t working- change! ozzie is looking indecisive keeping Danks in two batters too long, MacDougald- one batter too long. This is another of those interminable seasons where they struggle all year and repent during the offseason of their mistakes. Note to Ozzie: please forget Posednik he is not near the player Sweeney is and it will hurt Sweeney to be sent down.

Look for someone selling the scorecards right after you get in the park. There are usually guys selling them right by the entrances to the concourses. I think they call them programs though, not scorecards.


Marie: I can help with further infor for adinadi…Yes, they do sell programs (I believe at $3.00)at the concession stands, but there are also seperate scorecards available…I think they cost 75 cents…Check the concessions when you go to the Cell,adinadi, and see if I’m right…
Brother Liptak…Mark, I recommend an article by Buster Olney in the new ESPN Magazine regarding the Yank-mes,and their spending habits…The article is entitled “The End Is Near”…

kenwo…Relax, professor…they won’t be sending Sweeney down anytime soon, because Podesdnik’s injury is still going to take some time to heal…However, with J Dye in a slump,big-time,look for Ozzie to give him a night off tonight in favor of your favorite punching bag…

jpoulsen…Hindsight is always 20/20, my friend…Put yourself in Ozzie’s position…Make the same split-second decisions that he has to make, sometimes two or three innings ahead of the actual point in the game…

It ain’t easy…

Brother Devereux…Regarding Karkovice,his arm was the ONLY thing that kept him in the majors as long as he did…and to your point about the official scorer in Minnesota—the venerable Tom Mee(I hear you laughing about that, Reifert—you know…)–the scoring procedures vary from city to city…but nothing beats good old “home cooking”…if you know what I mean…

jpoulsen- I must disagree with you about Ozzie keeping Danks in too long. When we have a 6 run lead going into the 7th and Danks had been great the whole game, I would definitely want my rookie to try to have a 7 IP under his belt for his first win. When it got to the point that there could be trouble he pulled him, but it worked out just fine.

Up for grabs: 2 tickets to tonight’s game. Sec 144. I hate to see them go to waste, so email me BY 5:00 if you want them. (After 5:00, I can no longer forward them thru email.)

RE: my last post… Nevermind. They’re gone.


They’ve been saying that for the last few years…all I know is a brand new stadium is going up which will add even more revenue to the biggest income producer in MLB.

And as far as the Eastern Sports Programming Newtwork…no thanks, I won’t watch, read or contribute in any way to anything connected with them.

Mark Liptak

Thanks for the help, Marie/Tom Quaid.
I’ll be on the lookout for them at the concession stand.

Hope you are feeling better and back at ’em, Scott!


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