KC In The House

Friday, May 11, 2007, 5:29 pm

Welcome Home

Tonight’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Ozuna, DH; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Iguchi, 2B; Uribe, SS; Terrero, LF.  Garland pitching.

Lots of unpacking going on in the clubhouse after an eight-game, three-city road trip that seemed to take forever.

Now, the team is in Chicago for the next 17 days (15 games).

I saw John Danks at his locker and congratulated him on his first career victory.  Then I noticed that four pitchers were listed for BP today — Danks, Vazquez, Jenks and Buehrle — in preparation for playing at National League ballparks starting against the Cubs on May 18.

Danks laughed, saying he had not batted since high school.

"It could get ugly," he said.  "I won’t lie."

Inside the team lounge, Ed Farmer and AJ were going at each other … there’s a surprise.

Dog Day

It’s Dog Day tonight, which I have to admit I don’t get, but 500 very happy dogs and dog owners will be out to enjoy the night.  No fireworks on home runs.


Cedric Benson is scheduled to throw out a ceremonial first pitch tonight, while Alex Brown is planning to take in the game tomorrow.

Welcome Back

Ross Gload …


Yes welcome back Ross, you too Scott. This series is important for setting the tempo for this upcoming, lengthy homestand. Let’s start it off on the right foot.

Offense still M.I.A. but Garland pitched wonderful.

Elarton gets his first start of the year tomorrow and he’s the type of soft tossing junkballer who’s given the Sox fits the past few years, we’ll see how much the Sox try to go the other way with his off speed pitches or if they try to pull everything for an eight run home run.

Mark Liptak

Personally i thought that it was pretty lame when gene honda said “lets welcome back to chicago ROSS GLOAD!”. like ross gload ever did anything that super while he was here. dont get me wrong im a ross fan but i think the sox are getting a little too wierd about the “welcoming back” old players since thome got boo’d in cleveland. i understood the thomas thing, but ross gload? cmon now. quit being ridiculous.

anyway great game tonight. nice pitching by garland and thornton. jenks worries me somewhat but he got the job done today. i was praying that the previously mentioned gload didnt come up to bat because i would have bet the mortgage he’d get a hit. lets get em 2marrow!

by the way isnt owner jerry the guy that gave ray clay the boot when he said ‘FROM NORTHHHHHHHH CAROLINAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AT GUARD 6’6 MICHAELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL JORDANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”…that was MJ for god sake this is ross f’ing gload!

Another great effort from our starter. I think that is now 17 straight games with 6 innings or better from the starter.

Looking at Elarton’s history over the past couple years against the Sox it is pretty much all or nothing. Either we chase him by the 4th or he shuts us down. Let’s just hope tomorrow is not the latter.

Sweeney would be a good matchup for this guy. Slow fastball with Sweeney’s long swing will equal a bomb to center for the kid.

Jim this is the second time you have said something about Sweeneys long swing, except for the fact it’s not long at all. He is the one Sox hitter who lately, except for A.J., who as any idea of how to hit. He is not going up there wailing away looking fastball. He waits back sees the pitch and slaps, drives the ball to left and left center. Leaving him time to see the ball better allows him to turn on the off speed stuff and turn on it and kill, i.e. his dobule against the Angels.
I think along with Erstad he has been a most pleasant surprise and deserves to stay up even when Thome is healthy. Sweeney LF, Erstad CF, and JD in RF is a solid OF. Now all we need is JD to hit just a little. Kind of funny though who would of thought we would be worrying about JD’s hitting out of those three.

kenwo… Don’t blame the chairman for getting rid of Ray Clay… he doesn’t have anything to do with decisions like that…no, sir,that move was all done by the marketing genius who started the entire production number that has replaced the simple introduction of the starting lineups…Mr Steve Schanwald…who attempted to sabotage the WS with that same junk before he was sent to the West Side to join MJ and the boys…The previous marketing man to Brooks Boyer, the one who replaced Schanwald, Rob Gallas,did everything in his power to make the WS the LEAST fan friendly organization in the history of Chicago sports…Now, at least, they have a competent man in that position…even though he attended the University of Notre Dame…
Now, onto last night’s game…

Mark, I don’t really give a rat’s rear aperture(hi, Dawn–whereever you are…)about the abundance or lack of hitting…as long as there is just enough to propel them to victory… with the pitching, for the most part, that the WS have received most of the year to date,you don’t need to bash the opponent’s brains in to come up with a point in Brother Devereux’s correct column…or don’t you recall the popgun offense that got the WS through the ’50’s,’60’s, ’70’s(up until the South Side Hit Men), ’80’s(including “Winning Ugly”)and ’90’s…as I recall, it was pitching and defense that dominated then…

Is this a case of “the more things change, the more they stay the same?”

tom- he’s the chiarman…that means if he really wanted to he could over ride that decision.

kenwo…you are correct in your assessment, sir…but, unlike his counterpart in NYC, the benevolent Mr Steinbrenner, as far as I know, Mr Reinsdorf hires people to do their jobs, and then lets them do them…

What I mean by that is…Jerry does not stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong…unlike George…The people who work for the White Sox and Bulls know that they work in a buttinski-free environment… I bet that the bill for Maalox in the South Bronx each month is STAGGERING…
Maybe Scott could find that out for us next week when the Bronx Bummers stagger into the Cell…

Wow…22 inch flat screen for Mother’s Day to now watch my boys on mlb.tv… gotta admit, the hubby is pretty sweet.. or else my bitchen finally worked!! :} Win another for all your mom fans!!

Kris, I have a feeling that things went something like this, “What do we get Mom this year? Oh yeah, she’s mentioned the new flat screen over and over but that’s too expensive. Aw, heck, I don’t know what else to get her, and at least she’ll get more use out of it than flowers.” After so many years, we guys walk around in a stupor, not knowing what to do. So drop the hints, we’d rather spend a lot of money than be stuck in that stupor!

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