Trying for That Sweep

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day

To all moms … enjoy your day.

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, DH; Uribe, SS; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; Iguchi, 2B; Sweeney, LF; Terrero, CF; Molina, C.  Vazquez pitching.


Let’s hope last night’s ending gets JD rolling …

Walkman … the White Sox have walked just 22 times in the last 12 games (1.8 per game), all without Jim Thome in the lineup.  In the first 21 games, all with Thome on the roster, the White Sox drew 97 walks (4.6 per game).

The White Sox are tied with Boston for third in baseball with 11 come-from-behind wins … Atlanta (13) and Tampa Bay (12) lead.

With 23 solo home runs (out of 37) the Sox rank third in the AL behind Tampa Bay (28 of 43) and Toronto (24 of 40).

Anniversary …

On 5/13/57, White Sox pitcher Bill Pierce became the first member of the organization to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Earlier this year, our sculptor borrowed Bill’s 1959 uniform and game glove to use as models for Pierce’s sculpture, which will be unveiled on July 23.  I met Bill and his wife Gloria before the game last night and passed the items back to the lefty.

Kids Day

I brought my 10-year-old to the game with me today.  During BP, Ozzie gave Taylor the pink wristbands he was wearing for Breast Cancer Day.  Made Tay’s day.


A few points…

Today is also the 25th asnniversary of ‘SportsVision’ which changed the way sports broadcasting was done both locally and nationally.

It was an idea that was ahead of it’s time and that resulted in consequences that I’m sure no one in the Sox organization could have forseen.

Now to today…

Well if it’s Sunday, it must mean another desultory loss.

Folks, in three games, the Sox scored a total of eight runs….EIGHT runs against one of the two worse teams in baseball.

I understand the injuries (Podsednik, Thome, Hall) and for want of a better term, distractions (Uribe, Cintron) aren’t helping matters but what’s the excuse for Dye, Konerko, Crede, Iguchi?

All I hear from the players and many fans is ‘it’s early,’ or ‘it’s coming.’

Gang we are now SIX WEEKS into the season…if that’s ‘early’ I admire your definition.

Do I think those guys are going to start hitting evetually?

Let’s say that I think they ‘eventually’ will…the question is ‘when’ and ‘how far behind will the Sox be’ when they do?

And there’s also this (small) possibility….this basically is an old team, there’s a chance that many of these guys, may in fact, have lost it.

If they are going to start hitting, now would be a pretty **** good time to do so with the Yankees, Cubs and A’s in the next ten days.

Oh and Happy Mother’s Day!

Mark Liptak

And need I forget…another loss to a garbage pitcher with a bloated ERA who made the hitters look like fools.

The number’s now up to five of those this season.

Mark Liptak

The Sox are now 5-7 in games where they are not aided by a home run. Of course we would have needed 11 of our solo shots that we specialize in to win today.

Maybe the players wives and mothers could have gotten more hits today. Not being able to hit garbage pitchers must get embarrassing at some point. It’s not like it is a 2007 thing either, this has been going on for years. I turn on the game, see a garbage pitcher on the mound and think why didn’t I call a bookie? Easy cash every time!

As for the upcoming games with the Yankees we get Mussina, Wang and Darrell Rasner. We have very little experience against Wang, only 24 total at bats against him from our roster. We have never faced Darrell Rasner so you know to expect us to make him look like an ace.

You make a good point about the age of this team, and it has been something that I have been thinking about lately. Our youngest regular starter is Uribe at 28 and Crede is the only other one under 30 at 29.

I am not accusing anyone of anything, and I would certainly hope the players on the team I have always loved would have nothing to do with this, but I think you are going to start seeing a lot of guys breaking down now that steroids have been cracked down on, especially as they hit their 30’s. The result won’t be just injuries, but the players are going to be more tired. If it was not steroids it was the uppers (amphetimenes) that kept them going.

I expect that we will see players all over baseball age faster than we have in the past 20 years (the steroid era). Some of the Sox hitters look they aged 10 years this off-season.

Coming into this year I never thought this would be the case, even with the injuries there is more than enough talent, but you just have to wonder what happened.

We are on pace to score 620 runs this season, that would be 248 less than last years total of 868. That is a 29% decrease. I hope the new and improved bullpen can help cover that!

I just hope we can get going consistently real soon.

I can always trust that Konerko will come around, Crede tends to be real hot after the AS break, the only one I’m not so sure about is JD. I feel like we can sometimes forget that he hadn’t had a 100 RBI season since 2000 and then we jump to the conclusion that since he pulled it off last year he’d be doing it again. I think we should hope for more like 80 RBIs out of him in a season. There is no way this team will hit .220 the whole year. We just need one slumping guy to get going and the rest will follow. The good thing is though, as long as the offense is bad, the starting pitching will be extra good. That’s usually hot it works.

Brother Liptak… Thanks very much, Mark, for making me feel somewhat older than I really am with your reference to the 25th anniversary of SportsVision…I joined the crew there in June of ’82 and was there as an associate producer/newswriter/researcher/statistician/occasional voice-over talent(???)(…”It’s all tonight, HERE…on SportsVision!”…)until New Year’s Eve of 1983, when the decision was made to cut out the wrap-around programming in favor of just the events themselves…and it was the BEST job, and the MOST fun I ever had in my life…
As to Sunday…Scott, I hope that Amy was treated like the queen she is by you and the girls…and that she wasn’t treated the way that the bullpen was treated by the KC batters in that disastrous 8th inning…

Now comes “Fun Week”…with the apperance of the Yank-mes Tues, Wed, and Thurs… and then the visit to Jurassic Park at Neverland for the weekend… Wouldn’t it be something if the boys decided to take this week to get off the schneid offensively?

ive always hated how ozzie manages on sunday. i wonder what his record is on sundays compared to the rest of the week. i bet it is way way worse.

Off the schneid sounds like a good idea to me. Holy canolies, anybody who gives up 11 runs to KC, you just gotta put the tail between the legs and sneak off the field. Anybody who scores only one run on KC, and it’s gotta be a team who lost the 2 most productive members to injury, and VOLUNTARILY rested their two other most recent offensively productive players. Oh yeah, we did that. (Erstad, AJ rested on the seventh day) Never mind.

Just an FYI, Oakland also only scored 1 run on KC last night and lost the game.

Despite all the injury problems and poor hitting, the Sox have won the last 3 series.

Good luck in Charlotte Jim. Hopefully you get back soon.

Go Go White Sox

Winning series is what you at least want to do, it’s like getting a “B”. Let’s get an “A” once in a while and sweep somebody.

Winning series is not like getting a “B” If a team wins every series they play they will end up 108-54. Yes I like the sweep, but winning 2 out of 3 consistently is good enough for me. All I’m saying is that for all the adversity the Sox have already faced, its good to see that they aren’t in a huge hole. Things can only get better. The bats come back and BAM, the Sox are right back in this thing.

If you win every series from the start, which we haven’t done. So to make up for some of the lost series, you need to sweep some. It just seems to me in the last few years, if we win the first two, no killer instinct for the third. Plus, you’ll see 3 bench players or more in that game, too. For me, losing 11-1 to KC doesn’t sit well, even if we win the series. It’s great that we haven’t dug too deep of a hole, but these other teams might get hot, too, Last year people were looking ahead, stating that if we went .500 to the end of the year, have over 90 wins, we’d take it. We didn’t go .500, and even 90 wins left us sitting at home.

Ozzie said it best after Sunday’s game. He said that they have won the last 3 series, but it feels more like they have been losing them.

Winning 2 of 3 all year would be great, but don’t lose the 3rd game by 10 to one of the worst teams in baseball!

When my family and I got to Sunday’s game and saw that lineup, we immediately thought “What’s Ozzie doing – he’s conceding the series!” Yeah, I get that you need to rest some people, but come on. For the 1st time in 3 years, I wanted my money back. I could’ve gone elsewhere to watch minor leaguers play for much less, although the regulars aren’t doing any better. And then saddest of all was when they played the infield in, in the 2nd inning, to try and keep KC from scoring their 1st run from 3rd. Wow… even that early, they knew they couldn’t score much against the basement dwellers in the division. Sad.

Ozzie always plays the infield in early in the game. I don’t understand that either. That early in the game they should be playing for the double play. At least have your middle infielders back.

As for the lineup they have to rest Erstad so he does not fall apart and AJ needs a break from time to time as well. If they are going to rest guys game 3 against KC after winning the first 2 is a good time. You have a shot at beating a team like them with subs out there. Of course giving up 11 did not help!

I’d be upset too if I bought tickets for Sunday’s game, but with an Ozzie Guillen lineup you will never know what to expect!

‘right back in this thing’? Wasn’t aware that 3.5 games back was ‘out of this thing’.. wow..

They had yesterday off and weren’t traveling there is no reason to Terrero and Molina in the same lineup with Pablo as your DH. Let PK DH Erstad play 1st and maybe Pablo in LF. Ozzie is trying to be way to creative with these lineups. I don’t want to hear well nobody is doing anything anyway routine.

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