Long Day Ahead

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today’s Lineup (Game 1)

Erstad, CF; Uribe, SS; AJ, C; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Mack, DH; Crede, 3B; Iguchi, 2B; Sweeney, LF.  Danks starting.

Rain, Rain

Long night for all last evening …

With last night’s rainout rescheduled for today at 1:05 pm, the White Sox have made a special offer to fans with tickets:  you can attend today’s makeup and also receive a complimentary ticket to one of the next 13 premier games at the ballpark.  See the press release for details.  All exchanges go through the ticket office here.


This is the first of three split doubleheaders this season.  The second game starts at 7:11 pm.


Sox hitters have gone 1-16 with runners in scoring position over the past three games.

This will not continue.


With 28 strikeouts, John Danks ranks second among AL rookies, behind only Dice-K.

Bears and Bulls

**** Butkus, Head Coach Lovie Smith and the entire Bears coaching staff is planning to attend tonight’s second game with Butkus throwing out a ceremonial first pitch.


To all of you in WS Universe who blogged in last night and today concerning last night’s postponement…as the eminent philosopher Mick Jagger once uttered…”…You can’t always get what you want…”
I was somewhat surprised, though, that the rescheduling was for today…but then I recalled what some of you brought up regarding the amount of games played in a certain amount of days before the almighty Players Association would get their pantyhose knotted up and bring up something about cruelty to dumb animals, or indentured servitude, or some such crappola…the only thing that Don Fehr and Gene Orza care about is the salary THEY take in…

Anyway…somewhere up in Heaven, Branch Rickey, Tom Yawkey,Walter O’Malley and the other owners were looking down on what didn’t take place last night…and were smiling…the reason,you ask?…These were the men who originated the day/night doubleheaders…two separate games, two separate gates…they figured out way back then that giving one game away for nothing…a doubleheader…wasn’t going to give them anything in the bankroll category…so what not gouge…I mean,gage…the interest of the ticket buying public by the practice of separate games in the same day…

This practice is as old as the hills…

BTW, before the second game, I just hope that # 51(Butkus)doesn’t go after the guy who catches the ball after it’s thrown…you all know how old habits don’t die…

Another outstanding outing by Danks, especially impressed with how he wiggled his way out of the 6th. Let’s hope the bullpen holds the lead.

Very nice win, great effort by Danks and the bullpen. The only time Danks found himself in trouble was when he went 3-0 on people. He either gets ahead 0-2/1-2 or goes 3-0 on hitters. He needs to fix that, and he will be able go deeper into games. Right now it appears that Ozzie has confidence in him to go about 90 pitches. I’d look for that to increase as the season goes on and he continues to get better.

Now let’s go get #2 tonight. Maybe Molina can get his first hit!


I honestly thought the Yanks would rock Danks and had this one down for a loss.

Nice to see I was wrong!

Even better the Sox scored a few runs without a home run. That’s a refreshing change to be sure.

Mark Liptak

Danks continues to impress. 2-4 4.10 era. McCarthy 3-4 6.51 era. I will take Danks any day over BC. Where is that Texas Strangers loser? We haven’t heard from him lately.

blakeheem…Why bother asking where people(you’ll pardon the expression)like that are?…The team is winning and starting to account for themselves much better, so crumbums have nothing to b**ch about…If you’ll recall a post I did before this series began,I asked if it would be surprising if they started to improve their hitting with this week, with the visit of the Yank-mes,then the trip north to Jurassic Park at Neverland…Well, a point at a time… .221 from .220…I think the improvement has begun…at least I hope so…
Now we have to get the crappy weather to change as well…it looks warm for the weekend… I’m tired of writing “CLOUDY/COOL” on my scoresheets every **** game…

BTW, Boston/Detroit tonight at Fenway… fuggetaboutit…rain all night long… Guess what?…A day/night DH tomorrow…
Is this a conspiracy on MLB’s part?…

Pray that the radar stays somewhat clear tonight…

I was wondering why there are never back to back doubleheaders. Are teams so money hungry that they need to get both ticket sales. I would love another true doubleheader. I wish we could have one but I guess not.

Well once again the Sox have a chance to get to four games over .500 (be still my beating heart!) and once again they can’t.

Almost 40 games into the season and they still can’t hit.


Oh one more thing Andy Sisco is bad…very bad…real bad.

Mark Liptak

It’s hard to believe we are above .500 as horible as we have been hitting. I am so frustrated that I am pretty much at a loss for words. I was really hoping Ozzie would have gone out there in the 8th and gone nuts over the strike zone. Something needs to happen to wake this team up.

Pre-sensitivity trained Ozzie would have blown up at this point. Maybe more than once. What is wrong with him? It almost seems like he may be on his last chance with Sox management and he may be afraid to make a public tirade.

Nice move by the team regarding the ticket exchange from Monday’s rainout.

It seems every year we have our Marte, Politte, Sisco. Somebody in the bullpen just stinks, and we’ll keep running him out there, again and again, until we know for sure they’ve got nothing. Then you look up, and voila, there’s 6 games that he cost you. Andy, you the man this year.

Well we need to have somebody to throw out there in “lost cause games” I guess Sisco will be that guy. Of course if we don’t start hitting he may get quite a few appearances.

Gosh, some of you are so fickle. Last week everyone was calling Thornton the new Politte. Now it is Sisco.

Just jump off the ledge already, please.


Maybe they BOTH are…after all last year the Sox had Cotts and Politte fall apart remember?

I see where the Yankees are starting some kid named DeSalvo today.


Normally that should be meat for big league hitters, but these are the White Sox, with five losses already this season to unknown / garbage / junkballing / mediocre pitchers (take your choice on the appropriate adjetive…)

Mark Liptak

Matt Thornton has pitched in 7 games since April 24 and has not given up any runs or earned runs. In that time he has given up only 1 hit and 1 walk. His ERA went from 8.44 to 4.66 during that time as well. Just because a guy has a bad stretch doesn’t mean he is washed up.

This DeSalvo kid was junk last year in the minors, 1-6 with a 7.6 era, but they like him. This year, only 2 games so far in the majors, he’s been lights out. Don’t like the looks of this one. Lefties hit him, righties don’t show up, I say our woe-be-gone offense is in trouble again, today. Then again, I thought the Bulls would lose their last game.

Nice effort from Garland today, looked like he may have been in trouble a few times, but rolled some double plays to get out of those jams. Jon did a nice job of working with a horrible strike zone today from Angel Hernandez.

Has JD’s bat woken up? Let’s hope so. It would be nice to have him hitting well, and maybe spark some others. Unfortunately he did most of the work himself today.

Paul Konerko needs to make a change in his approach. He needs to consider swinging at the first pitch once in a while. It seems like in all his at bats, the first pitch is the best on he sees. The book on his the last few years has been that he will take first pitch strikes, so why not change it up to throw the pitcher off (and maybe you’ll get a hit too!).

Darin Erstad is 1 for 17 lifetime against Ted Lilly. Let’s see if our genius manager sticks him out there tomorrow.

History shows that we need to get to Lilly early tomorrow. In games we have beat him we knock him out early. If he gets past the 3rd with no troubles we will have a problem on our hands.

I don’t know what your dept had to do with this, but I just saw Sox Talk with Pat and Tony on Comcast. Absolutely hilarious!!!

If you can, you should post the videos on this site.

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