Pregame Thursday

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rubber Game

Of this rain-delayed, cold and windy series with the Yankees.


Erstad, 1B; Ozuna, 3B; AJ, C; JD, RF; PK, 1B; Mack, LF; Uribe, SS; Sweeney, CF; Iguchi, 2B.  Garland on the mound.


What do these five pitchers have in common?

Roy Oswalt

Johann Santana

Dontrelle Willis

Jon Garland

Josh Beckett

News and Notes

Toby Hall is back with the club today (Gustavo Molina was sent down late last night after the second game) and Ozzie said he is likely to start tomorrow.  Guillen also told reporters before the game that he is leaning toward starting Jose Contreras Sunday on short rest.  They were going to see how Jose felt and maybe discuss it once more, but that was his inclination.

On Deck

We begin interleague play tomorrow with that series in ????? oh, yeah, Wrigley.  With everything going on in Chicago this week, Cubs at Mets, Bulls and Pistons, Yankees and Sox, this first series is really sneaking up on folks.

The Sox went 4-2 against the Cubs in 2006, taking two of three in each place.  Since interleague play began in 1997, the Sox hold a 29-25 edge.  Chicago was 14-4 in interleague play in 2006 (as the AL Central ripped through the NL Central) and are 100-75 (.571) all-time.

Jim Thome, who is on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right rib cage, is the all-time home run leader in interleague play (52) and ranks third in RBI (126).

Darin Erstad ranks third all-time in interleague play with a .340 mark and fourth in hits (198).

To Sox fans heading North this weekend, have fun and stay safe. 


Those five pitchers have the most wins in MLB since 2005:  Oswalt 41, Santana 39, Willis 39, Garland 38 and Beckett 38.

More Questions

I’d love to read you favorite moments from Cubs-Sox series past.  Post your thoughts and memories and we can vote on the 10 best for our June series …

And …

We are looking at shooting video for our website that might give Sox fans a behind the scenes look at our players, the team, the game, etc.  If there’s something you always wondered about … why do they do that?  what’s going on there?  what do the players do when …? post it for me and we will see if we can turn it into a video feature this summer.


We should do really good with 2 First Basemen🙂
I’d like to see video of what happens in the clubhouse before and after BP. Are they watching tv? Playing cards? Reading fan mail?

Would love to see what video games they play lol. I know AJ is always on his PSP. I would challenge him to a game on PS2 MLB07 the show. Any word on that blog night? will it go down again? Thanks Scott…

Favorite moment? June 20, 2003 at Wrigley: Miguel Olivo’s grand slam in the first inning. That game was over then and there. Our boys went on to crush the Cubs 12-3. I was there, and it was awesome!

Things I would like to know about the players, team, etc.: 1) The players’ thoughts on their teammates’ superstitions. What are they? Whose is the wackiest? 2) What does Roger Bossard’s lawn at home look like? 3) How in the heck do the staff get the players’ uniforms so clean?! ( I am such a mom.)

I’d love to see behind the scenes at the park. Like what’s the work out room like? I also heard there is a swimming pool in there? True? Let’s see it. What does the players lounge look like? Stuff like that.

We want to see video of you blogging! 🙂


Favorite part of the series was last year. I was at the game when Barrett ****** punched AJ. Gooch comes up that very inning and blasts a Grand Slam right in Rich Hill’s face.

Favorite Cub/Sox moment: I would have to say the whole atmosphere. It is playoff like. I know the players say that it is just another series, but it is city braggin’ rights. Maybe not so much last after winning the WS, but it sure is alot of fun when the Sox win the series! On the field moment has to be the whole AJ/Barrett thing. How wild was that!
As far as video moments. I have to second some of those already posted: players pre-game, what goes on during a rain delay, what does the clubhouse/gym look like?, A day with Kenny Williams, A day in Scott’s life(blogging included!), What the boys do on an off day, what they do on plane rides, players interviewing each other and asking THEIR questions. I’m sure I’ll think of more!!

Ok, two more. The bullpen bunch….what do they do out there? I imagine they become good friends, would like to see some of what happens out there. Also the bench. What goes on during the game? Conversation, teasing, superstitions. Would like to know about that as well.

The two moments that stick out the most for me are CLee’s walkoff blast a few years ago. And as much as I hate to have a great memory anytime Wrigley is involved A.J. hitting that bomb of Dumpster in the 9th and just hearing a pin drop in that place was awesome. My friends and I were getting it pretty hard the whole game until he hit that ball that almost hit one of those dump apts. across the street that go for for about 2500 a month rent.

Fantastic game today! Great pitching all around. Even though the Yankees aren’t on the top of their game, its always good to take the series from them.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. Go Go White Sox!!!


Don’t look now but another great series by the Sox. So good to see Jermaine swinging a strong bat today. And Garland pitched himself a great game. Starting to look like the team they’re capable of being. If the pitching and defense remain this solid, and the hitting comes around our team should be a force to be reckoned with. On to the Cubs who lost in a laughable fashion today.

4 series in a row now. It doesn’t seem like it, but very quietly our boys are putting it all together. It can only get better as people get healthy…I hope! Nice series. I’m off to Wrigley Sunday to cheer them on!

Video feature this: What does Konerko do with the ball after the third out of an inning? Is it used for fielding warm-ups before the next inning? I’ve never seen him roll the ball back to the mound – so why bother waving it?

Mike Caruso doing DEEEEPPPP onto Sheffield to win a game…Jose Valentin doing his Sammy impression after going DEEEEPPPP onto Sheffield…and the reaction of Rany Hundley, who was doing color commentary on TV with Chippy Caray…Quote…”I’m not gonna comment on that, Chip…”(say it to yourself with a West Virginia accent, and you’ll get it…)
Also the game when the Flubs won the first 4 1/2 innings, then Captain Paul went to work to almost single-handedly beat the Flubbs…and got onto his 1st All-Star team as a result… What I’d like to see is a feature(surprise, surprise)on the pre-game work(you call this WORK?)that Hawk, DJ,Farmio and Singleton go through prior to a broadcast/telecast…(of course, I’d also like for everyone to see what I do in the same manner…but no one gives a rat’s rear aperture(hi, Dawn…wherever you are…)about that…I would also like to see Jessica Alba at my front door…whoops,wrong site for THAT request…)…

Finally, what kind of a mood do you folks think that Uncle Lou and the Flubs are gonna be in after blowing a FOUR RUN LEAD in the 9th inning today in Flushing Meadows?

I apologize to Cecil Randolph Hundley for bolloxing up his first name in my prior post…(bolloxing up…that’s another way of saying…WHOOPS, almost got censored by Mark and…)…

It’s not pretty and they still can’t hit but a win is a win is a win.

Four series in a row now, five straight would be VERY nice.

Mark Liptak

I can not remember for the life of me what year this was or who it was. It was either 2001 or 2002, I was at the game and someone hit a walk off grand slam to win the game. As for the video, I like the bullpen idea. Or maybe just a behind the scenes of what it is under the stadium, like where the all the different parts of the stadium are at. Like medical, cages stuff like that.

I like the superstitions and what happens in the bullpen suggestions. I always wonder about those. There are a lot of fav Cubs/Sox memories- the punch last year is up there though. Last year I finally got my sister to take the trip up north for the games there and it was like showing a stranger a foreign land. The whole experience disgusted her and she absolutely hated Wrigley. The ceiling crumbling on us didn’t help- but the look on my sister’s face as she clearly did not experience what that ESPN guy deemed to be one of the ten things that every sports fanatic must experience before they die is a special memory I’ll always have.

Favorite Sox Cubs moment was the 2002 game when Konerko hit the 2 homers after being down 8-0. Against “Cy Young” Wood.

I would like to see what the players do before and after the game, but not necessarily at the park, more so what they do in their free time. Where do they stay when they’re in Chicago or away, do they eat out usually or make their own food? Stuff like that.

And man, I hate those Cubs, I hope we can break out the brooms by Sunday.

I’d like to see video of the players and Ozzie in the dugout between innings, and of the pitchers in the bullpen – how they interact, stay loose, or whatever they do. It would also be fun to see video of the team packing and leaving for a road trip.

Favorite Sox-Cubs moment: any time the Sox win; LEAST favorite moment – reading the silly error in this week’s Sports Illustrated, where Chris Mannix alleges in the “Week Ahead” column that the Cubs “hold a 29-25 edge in games.” Can anyone in sports media *ever* get the facts right, or give us our due?

Scott, can you or someone from the team set SI straight?

Peggy, I read that too, like 3 times to make sure I was reading it right, I’m not a huge stat memory keeper but I knew that sounded off. Irritated me too! Go get em Scott! Women that read SI… need I say more!

OMG! Did anyone else just hear Ozzie cal in to WSCR? He and Mike North were going off on each other. Ozzie was dropping explitives over and over. Wow!

Go to Mockingcub Lane today to see Lilly Munster get her socks rocked off. Sox BATS will come alive!

Favorite memory – the 2001 game on Friday night. Wells got hurt in 1st inning and Sean Lowe…remember him…comes in and pitches 5 scoreless innings. Sosa leading off in the 9th of a 3-3 game and being struck out by Bobby Howry…what a cheer went up for that. Then in the bottom of the 10th, bases loaded, Ordonez just struck out but Carlos Lee hits the bomb to left…Grand Slam…pandemonium in the park. That was a blast! Both the hit and the experience.

Things I like to see…Sox taking BP…we never get to see it at the park. Tour behind the scenes of the home clubhouse and facilities. I’d also like to see Roger Bossard’s lawn. Also, this is too late now since they probably did it in spring training, but how do they decide on poses for their baseball card shots? Does the card company decide, the player or do they take multiple shots of different poses and use the best one.

Back to the action. Great win yesterday. Looks like Jermaine is getting squared away. Starting pitching is starting to resemble 2005. Lets get off to a great start to the weekend with a great performance today from Mr. Buehrle.


Did not hear the Mikey Nort show, he’s such an idiot, can’t stand to listen to him. What was he giving the Ozz man a hard time about?

I don’t like North too much either, but I listen while at work.

North was talking about how AJ should be catching during the 1st game of this series and not Toby Hall. He said AJ has been on fire recently and should be in there. Then they started interviewing Bob Brenly. Ozzie msut have called the show and they went right to him. He was telling North to shut up and calling him names and North warned him to stop swearing, “we are live.” Ozzie kept spewing, hard to understand him, except for the explitives. North finally said that is neough and told him to have some respect and don’t even treat me like that. Ozzie and North kept yellnig at each other and then Ozzie punked out and hung up.

Mike North is a pompous a-hole. The Score is second class organization compared to ESPN1000. I was shocked and mad when Reinsdorf made the change. Their talent and programming is garbage.

Maybe if North knew anything, he would know that Lilly is a lefty and Toby Hall is a right handed hitter, and that he has been hitting great since he started his rehab games. Get a freaking clue dude!

Darin Erstad in the lineup today despite being 1 for 17 lifetime against Lilly. Way to do some research there Oz! I hope I get to eat crow for dinner tonight, but can you make any dumber decision especially when everyone is struggling!

Forget all about hot dog boy…North is nothing more than Jay Mariotti with 50 thousand watts…big mouth, no brain…Whatever he says he hopes causes controversy, because that is the ONLY way anyone will recognize who he is…He is the president of the “dese,dems and dose” club…Four and a half hours of static between 5:30 and 10 AM would sound better…
But don’t give a pass to the manager,either… Ozzie is crazy, all right…crazy like a fox…He doesn’t care if the publicity is good or bad,as long as you spell the last name correctly…If I didn’t know better, my suspicious nature(fueled by years of watching the WWE)leads me to think that this blowup was…(gasp!)STAGED between the two combatants…

Now back to the game…these games will either be a blow out or a blow up(as in the North Side Arson Squad…er, bullpen…not that the South Side doesn’t have the combustibles at times…Thornton,”Space Mountain”Mac Dougal and even Manchild…)…but for those of you heading north today, just remember as they always tell you when you attend any zoo…


Quick question Jim? Who would you play in place of Erstad. Terrero? I don’t think so. Erstad is starting to get hot. He was on base quite a bit yesterday.

I’ll echo some favorite moments:

1. Carlos Lee’s game-winning grand slam off “Flash” Gordon.

2. A.J.’s homer at the Shrine last year.

3. Anger Management Barrett’s ******-punch.

4. Tadahito’s grand slam.

5. Jose’s Sammy impression.

As for video moments, I love the miked-up stuff when guys are goofing around in the dugout, encouraging each other–the friendships, togetherness. Hard to capture that unscripted, of course.

Also, how about following one starter through all five days of work. A couple of years back we were in Tampa and saw Buerhle getting his side work in from just a few feet away. Coop calling pitches, Man Soo offering feedback/encouragement, and Mark just locked in and hitting every spot. It was fascinating. What the starters do for those four days we don’t see them would be an interesting behind-the-scenes.

brett…you’re an author, aren’t you?…Why not put together a book about a day with the White Sox?…I know that the idea has been run thru the ringer so many times,BUT…give the assignment to…the fans of White Sox Universe…arrange for any of them who would want to be journalists for a day or two, and give their honest impressions of a day of preparation…
What say you, Mr B ?

Favorite Cubs/Sox memory for me actually came after the Sox lost a series with the Cubs. I don’t remember the year it happened. I have an aunt (by marriage, not blood, praise God) who is a DEVOUT Cubs fan. I wouldn’t mind that, except she knows she married into a predominately White Sox family and she will occasionally go on and on at length about how much better the Cubs are than the Sox. (The last time she did this while I was there was July of last season, so reality apparently makes no difference to her.)

Anyway, I was visiting family and this aunt happened to be there. We were watching the Cubs/Sox game on T.V., and the Sox lost the game and the series. My aunt was triumphant. I was trying to be gracious in defeat, saying things like, “That’s right, the Cubs beat the Sox. The Cubs played well today, really had the Sox number.” After about 10-15 minutes of my aunt carrying on about the Cubs victory, I reminded her that the announcer had made the comment that this series was the first series in something like 7 years that the Cubs beat the Sox in the season series. My aunt replied, “That’s right” in a smug sort of way. I thought a second and said, “Well…I guess the Sox can let the Cubs win it once every 7 years.”

Shut my aunt right up.


Lady White Sox Fan

I would rather see Tererro or Sweeney out there. Sweeney is a good breaking ball hitter if he is looking for it, and Lilly throws lots of junk. 1 for 17 says that Erstad just does not see his pitches well. If you are going to play Erstad don’t hit him leadoff. Between your pitcher and Erstad it’s two straight outs, and nearly a wasted inning.

Like I said, I’d love to have some crow for dinner, but I think it is just a lame brain desicion by Ozzie playing one of his favorites instead of being smart about the decision.

Tom Quaid,

Excellent idea. I’d love to see something on the Sox like a book that I have read called “The Icehouse Gang: My Year with the Blackhawks.” I forget the name of the author, but he was a writer who got to go everywhere with the Hawks one season (and the season was something like 1970, so the team consisted of Tony-O, Makita, Hull, etc.) Dated but still a great book if you’re any kind of Blackhawks fan.

I’d love to see a book like that about the Sox. Heck, I’d love to be the person who got to write a book like that about the Sox.


Lady White Sox Fan

I’ll take Erstad over Terrero any day, agaisnt any pitcher, in any game.

My favorite Sox/Cubs memory (I apologize in advnace for not having exact information) – last year, last series at Wrigley – the Saturday game. We were losing by a couple runs late into the game (maybe even into the 9th) and AJ came up to pinch hit with I think 2 outs. I just remember thinking “oh poor AJ – if he makes the last out, this place is going to go crazy” But actually the opposite happened, AJ hit a homerun to tie up the game or give us the lead. The place still went crazy because I think there were more Sox fans there than Cubs fans. It was such a great feeling. The Cubs fans were so upset they delayed the game by throwing garbage onto the field – which I never really understood. But that was a great game!

Such great ideas from all the posts about the behind the scenes videos. I agree with all of them!

deidre…You now know why I have given AJ the nickname of “Lightning Rod”…That HR you mentioned was off,I believe,Michael Wuertz(did that mean that the Cubs went from bad to wuertz in one inning?…I’m sorry…)and,coming on the heels of the Pearl Harbor(sneak attack, for those of you who don’t know diddly squat about history—or who get your nightly news from Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert or Bill Maher…)that was the Barrett/Pierzynski dustup in May at the Cell, that only ADDED to AJ’s reputation as “America’s Sweetheart”…

Well we know where Scott is about now. Working on smoothing over the latest Ozzie dust up. Maybe you are right Tom, and it was planned by Ozzie to take the focus off his slumbering bats.

My favorite memory of the White Sox/Cubs series HAS to be June 8th, 2001 game. At the time of that meeting, BOTH teams were playing at the top of their game – the Sox had won 11 of 13 and the Cubs had only lost ONE game in their previous 15! If you were a SOX fan (and I am!) the game did not start out planned. The Cubs scored two runs in the first off David Wells, who left the game with back spasms and failed to retire a single batter. The Sox got one run back in the bottom of the first, but we had to hear it from the Cubs fans until we tied it at 2 in the bottom of the fifth. Cubs fans again got the first laugh in the top of the seventh. After loading the bases with only one out, Matt Ginter plunked Julio Zuleta to force in the go-ahead run (3-2). Jon Garland came into the game as a relief pitcher to retire the only two batters he faced and stopped what could have been a disastrous inning for the Sox. We got the tieing run back in the bottom of the seventh and thing were extremely tense through the tenth – even though the game was tied, the Sox still had only six hits in the game. In the bottom of the tenth, after a walk, a single and a wild pitch, Ray Durham was intentionally walked to get to Magglio Ordonez. Maggs struck out swinging for the second out to bring up Carlos Lee. Only needing a walk or a single for a Sox winner, Lee crushed a walk-off grand slam to left field.

I’ve seen a lot of Sox games in person over the years, and while Konerko’s grand slam and Podsednik’s walk-off homer in Game two of the 2005 World Series may have been the loudest crowd I’ve ever heard at the Cell, there is something about that 6/8/01 game against the Cubs that really sticks in my memory. It is by far the greatest cross-town game played between the two teams.

It’s also interesting to note that this was the last time a game between these two teams was played at night. Most people I knew (Sox and Cubs fans alike) began partying after lunch. Given the intense rivalry between the opposing fans, fueled by over-consumption of alcohol, by gametime, many fans were ready to let loose. I saw numerous fights break out and was told by an employee that the Sox set a record for arrests that evening. It’s too bad…I’d love to see another game between these two Friday in primetime.

Mike McDougal is downright awful. What happened to using his fastball first?

MacDougal flat out *****! Maybe there was a reason one of the worst teams in baseball got rid of him!

That’s 11 straight games now with less than 10 hits.

If you folks will excuse me, I am about to rip “Space Mountain” Mac Dougal a new one, because…He DESERVES it!!… Am I second guessing Ozzie?…H*ll,NO…I’m FIRST guessing him…Helen Keller could see that this BUM deserves to have his a** permabonded to the bullpen bench…and it was addictive…and by that I mean
absolutely, flat-out, LOUSY defense…by Hall and by Ozuna…hopefully Crede just needs a bandage to take care of whatever happened to him off that albaster plaster at Jurassic Park…it’s gonna take a h*ll of a lot more than a bandage to heal whatever that garbage was in the 7th and 8th innings…

Well friends and neighbors it looks like I’ll be avoiding the newscasts tonight.

A flat out disgusting, **** poor performance…absolutely sickening.

FIVE, count em’ FIVE BLOWN GAMES where the Sox took a lead into the 7th inning or later and lost so far this season and we aren’t even at Memorial Day yet.

‘New and improved’ bullpen my rear end! and FOUR ERRORS!

Mark Liptak

Consise,but correct, Brother Liptak…
Let’s put it this way, folks…Maria Wagener’s son’s Little League team plays better on a more consistent basis than the White Sox do right now…

The arson squad(bullpen)was in the wrong dugout this afternoon, after what happened yesterday at Shea…

The optimists will say “this is only one game.”…Maybe so…but this is one that gonna stick in my craw for some time…and it should stick in the craw of Guillen,Cooper,Kenny Williams and everybody else in White Sox Universe…


I’m disgusted…Good night…

wow…tom getting a little fired up i like that!

i didnt agree with guillen bringing in macdougal when he did…but i didnt think it was going to come out like that! AWFUL! but the biggest suprise came in the bottom of the 8th when he was BACK ON THE MOUND TO START THE INNING!????!!??? what are you thinking!? youre going to have to call mike north again in the morning and explain that one too… the way- mike north is a great guy i interned at the score and he is the only one that is currently still employed there that gave a **** about us…he’d give us cash for lunch, mention us on the air and was always polite. the true tools of that station are Terry and Dan. they are as ignorant and arrogant on the air as off.

by the way- i also agree with north in this case. why on earth would you bench aj when he is a lightening rod in the opening game of a series that may not be big to the players but its big to the fans. toby hall can hit lefties- thats fine- maybe he can dh from now on because i didnt see ANYTHING that he can do well behind the plate. he threw one into the dirt at second that eventually cost us a run and let a pass ball (or what should have been a passed ball) go by that brought home the go ahead run. if he has to be on the team id like to see gustavo there to handle the back up catching duty til this guy proves he’s ready to be a backstop in a major league game.

I’m so behind on my blog reading!
Sorry to see Gustavo go, but glad to see Toby come back.

As for the video thing, my mom (I asked her because she’s relatively new to the world of baseball) said she wanted to know what the manager says to the pitcher when he goes out there. I told her I don’t know, but I think it’s supposed to be a secret. Then, she said she’d just like to know what the dugout is like during the game (what’s the atmosphere like?, what do they talk about?, etc.)

kenwo…I met Mike North once, very briefly years ago when Dan Jiggets and he were still together at the Score, and Jiggs was still working at CBS 2…So I could not say what kind of person he is away from the mic and the station…But I have my own solution to the contretemps that occured yesterday…it worked for me when the games were up the dial at 1000, and it will work here as well…at least for myself…
The solution is simple…I tune into that station only when the pre-game show begins…I listen to that and the game itself…when the game is over,I tune the station OFF…that way I don’t have to subject myself to the crying,b**ching and moaning when they lose,or the smirking and smugness when they win…and I also don’t have to subject myself to Stan from Bellwood or the other “instant experts” that sports talk radio has given breach birth to…

Now I would like to know how Brother Liptak,living in the wilds of Idaho and a pre,post and show host himself(for Idaho State)would feel about that…

As to today’s encounter by the shores of old Lake Michigan(in the famous words of the late Steve Goodman)…hopefully, the boys will remember what they did to Marquis last season when he was with the Cardinals and La Russa(aka Perry Mason)left him out to dry and get blasted…The regulars will be in the lineup,perhaps,and they can get the uniforms fumigated to get rid of the stench from the 7th and 8th innings yesterday…

Also, does anyone want to donate a roll of duct tape, so that Kusnyer can see to it that “Space Mountain”Mac Dougal doesn’t wander off towards the bullpen mound?…This is, I believe, the ultimate insult towards him from yesterday…


Damaso Marte, TQ? OUCH! That’s pretty strong!

the game i’m gettin on FOX deepintheheart../nym vs nyy is going much more to my liking than this pos game! What it god’s name is going on?

What a heartbreaking game. I don’t have words to expess the disappointment in the Re-vamped bullpen. The last couple outings have been horrible. I really don’t know what to say at a time like this. I’m just gonna pray they don’t get swept tomorrow with Massett on the bump. I wish Jose or Danks would Sack Up and pitch but no.

Let’s call it what is is, folks…It is a bull***t pen in the series… 2 1/3 innings pitched,11 hits,9 runs,7 earned runs…that computes out to a ERA of…23.60!…give or take a percentage…while the Cubs bullpen, which was toasted at Shea Stadium on Thursday,has pitched 5 innings, allowing 3 hits,1 run(on the Konerko HR today off Howry),1 walk and 5 strikeouts…
Tomorrow, Ozzie feeds Masset to the frenzied crowd at Jurassic Park…who smell blood…

God help White Sox Universe…

The kid had better pitch a PERFECT F**KING BALLGAME TOMORROW…

Either that, or hope to h*ll it gets rained out before the bottom of the 8th…

I’m stepping out of character here and I hope Scott doesn’t take personal offense, but I’m really, REALLY angry right now, so here goes…

This bullpen BLOWS… period.

They are worse then last season’s which was a disaster.

That’s what happens when you (once again) rely on ‘can’t miss kids,’ looking towards the ‘future’.

The Chicago White Sox franchise shouldn’t have to be relying on ‘projects’, ‘prospects,’ and ‘potential.’

That’s for losers like Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and the Cubs.

Tomorrow for the 3rd time (all at Wrigley) the Cubs will sweep the Sox. That is totally and completely unacceptable.

The bullpen issues fall SQUARELY on the shoulders of Kenny Williams, who since the championship season has made a number of strange, bizarre deals. I gave him all the credit in the world for the title, he was the architect…therefore it’s only fair that his rear end be put in the line of fire for the bullpen situation.

It was his doing.

I hope he’s ‘enjoying’ the carnage.

SIX blown games now this season by the bullpen.

Mark Liptak

Ozzie Guillen = Mike Ditka. You win one title (which was and is incredible) and it goes to your head and mouth! It’s not that I dislike Ozzie, I just wish he’d focus more on the game than making obnoxious profanity laced phone calls to a radio guy. Grow up your embarassing yourself and the team. What happened to letting your pitchers (both of who were in control) finish a game? If he keeps it up with the mouth he get himself fired.

I’m not excusing the bullpen, but bc I would like to point out that on Friday Buehrle had thrown 110 pitches when Ozzie took him out. I was concerned about keeping Buehrle in there much longer, and apparantly Ozzie was too.

The Lady White Sox Fan

While I’m not happy about the language Ozzie used and the fact that he was pretty much out of control during the phone call to Mike North, I do believe journalists of all mediums should be held accountable for what they say or write.

I’d bet money that every manager and head coach in every city you can think of has wanted to call into a radio show and address an on-air personality directly for something that personality said. I’d have had no problem with Ozzie calling in if he’d been calm.


Lady White Sox Fan

i hate wrigley field. my boy scored some tickets for the game and yes we were running a little late, but we got to the stadium in the top of the 2nd and didnt get in until the top of the 6th because there was no place to park the car. then we couldnt leave because when we did find parking we got blocked in. so i walked in seen crede’s homer got fired up…seen konerkos homer got more fired up….then watched the explosion in the 8th.

i also went to the cubby bear which i vowed never to step into because we were waiting on getting the car…. awful day.

now i come home and read massett is going? ozzie is a stuborn jagbag that is out to prove that the sox vs cubs doesnt mean anything. he did it by benching aj for one armed toby and he is doing it again by starting massett. this is brutal managing. this guy has been a terrible manager throughout his tenure on the southside. i said it back then- the team won despite him. he needs to go. williams is another one who is treading on thin water. none of his trades have worked out well. from wells to ritchie to thome to vazquez (i like javy but wouldnt it be nice to have chris young out in center the last couple of years instead of messing around with BA?) he doesnt sign free agents..he couldnt sign bartolo colon…he caused a big spat between the organization and the organizations best player…he is an arrogant *** if you ask me.

also caused trouble with the teams up and coming third baseman the MVP of the only world series championship we are probably ever going to see….the best pitcher your team has had since the mid 90s… the more i think about it the more i think williams should go before ozzie.

Ok, any guesses on the Sunday Ozzie line up?? I’m off to Wrigley hoping against hope we can pull off a Sunday win and avoid the sweep. Ok I’m a dreamer, but a girl can dream!

There was a comment in Sunday’s SunTimes by either Ozzie or Cooper saying that they hope they have stretched Masset out long enough to get 4 innings from him today. What the F*** is that? What are we supposed to do about the other 5? pray for rain?

This series has been embarassing, and is showing the Sox what kind of team they are and will be for the rest of the season. If they get swept today it will be very demoralizing. And if they do it by blowing another lead this team will have no confidence in it’s bullpen.

So will next years marketing slogan be “These kids can play too” or are we gonna need to start using that slogan come July. To be honest I would rather watch the minor leaguers than this garbage.

That’s 8 straight games for Thornton without giving up a run. Eat it Thornton haters.

That also makes 6 straight games without a baserunner.

A few points…

1. Thank God they won a game.

2. COLLECTIVELY this bullpen could screw up a two car funeral.

3. If Thornton is having such a ‘great’ season then why wasn’t he used in game situations either Friday or Saturday PLUS Matt leads the club with ‘three’ blown save chances.

Excuse me for holding off on crowning him ‘great’ until he puts together more then one outstanding season.

Remember Cotts and Politte had one great season to and we say what happened with them didn’t we?

Bottom line, this bullpen is a mess and the onus is on Kenny to fix it since he was the one who put it together (just like he did the 2006 version.)

Mark Liptak

And I glad that Kenny sounded off before Sunday’s game…he’s right, the Sox play has been “embarassing” (his words) this season.

Mark Liptak

thank god they brought in neal cotts….new team same result. that dude stinks!

Ok, no “Sunday line-up,” a great job by Masset, a Sunday win, and we avoid the sweep!! Dreams DO come true! I am finally thawed out from my trip up North and quite happy with the outcome. Have to admit, our bullpen gave me a bit of a scare there. Glad to hear Kenny sounding off. I think a few folks need to hear that. AJ is on FIRE!! Still only 4.5 out and 2 over .500. With the way we have been playing it could be ALOT worse….look at the AL East. Don’t give up hope yet White Sox Universe! The bats may be waking up.

If the bats are indeed ‘waking up’ (finally) that would go a long way towards helping solve the issues with this team but it won’t cure everything.

Here’s a stat to consider friends and neighbors.

Going into Sunday’s games, the Minnesota Twins were converting 80% of their save opportunities.

Both the Cleveland Indians and the Detroit Tigers were converting over 70% of their save opportunities.

Meanwhile the so-called ‘new and improved’ White Sox bullpen has been converting only 61% of their save chances.

As Spike Lee used to say in his commercials with MJ, “let me repeat myself…”


You can’t even win the SEC, Big Ten or Big 12 college titles with that percentage let alone win the championship in the toughest division in the toughest league on the face of the planet.

61% with nine blown saves already and it’s not even Memorial Day.

Think about that gang.

Mark Liptak

Is it me or was there a big collective sigh of relief from the Sox faitful today. Outstanding work by Nick Masset today, and it was nice to see the bats show up to support him on a COLD day! Hmmm, maybe the weather was not the reason for our awful hitting in April.

I know Ozzie was trying to get Aardsma a chance to regain some of his confidence today, but why pull Thornton after he looked very good in his inning of work, and did not throw many pitches. He only made it worse by having him get lit up again.

Also, maybe Ozzie did not learn his lesson on Saturday. Why go get the lefty with Derrek Lee on the bench. Whom would you rather face Daryle Ward or Derrek Lee. Forunately Lee did not homer again, but why take that chance? One time is a mistake, twice says you are just an idiot.

Before AJ came up and hit his grandslam I told my wife that Iguchi needed to walk to get em loaded because they would bring in Cotts for the lefty-lefty matchup. Who knows a pitcher better than the guy that has caught him for the past two years. Sure enough the lightning rod came through.

And of course how about that chip back at Barrett on the foul ball coming at AJ. I think I see a challenge for Tiger Woods!

This is back to back games with 10 or more hits. Hopefully that is a sign the bats are now awake. We’ll see when the A’s come to town, and hopefully Crede will be back out there tomorrow.

I was glad to see that Ken Williams seems to be as upset as Sox fans are about the team’s performance so far this season. Unlike all of us, he’s in a position to do something about it.

Ozzie made the comment after the game that if the bullpen didn’t perform well there were minor leaguers who were doing well who could be brought up. If I may make a suggestion, I’d like to see some of these Knights bullpen pitchers at the big league level:

Paulino Reynoso (2-0 with a 0.55 ERA over 16.1 innings pitched.)

Shaun Babula (1-0 with a 3.38 ERA over 13.1 innings pitched.)

Bret Prinz (0-1 with a 0.79 ERA in 11.1 innings pitched.)

These aren’t kids either: they are 26, 30, and 29 years old respectively.

Meanwhile, not counting Jenks, the Sox bullpen’s best numbers belong to Thornton, who is 2-1 with an ERA of 4.22 over 10.2 innings pitched.


Lady White Sox Fan

Per Bruce Levine, Ozzie said Crede will be out of the lineup tonight and there is quite a concern today about his back. Can the Sox now make the move they should have made when they brought up Terrero and get Josh Fields in Chicago. I love Pablo, but I don’t want to see him at 3rd every day. Fields can play 3rd and go to left when Crede is ready. Make the move Kenny!

Any chance we could persuade Man Soo Lee to come back? I think the bullpen misses him. He always kept things loose out there.

I’d like to see how the scoreboard works, must be some neat computer controls and stuff to make all that media and sound stuff work. Is there a stage director? Who posts the balls and strikes?

DJ and Hawk were commenting during Sunday’s game about how fast the guy is at Wrigley Field. Let’s start some crosstown “scoreboard wars”🙂

I guess the Cubs did not appreciate the Grand Slam ball given up by Neal to AJ.on Sunday. I heard on the Score that they sent him down to the minors and brought up Marshall

I’d like to see Ozzie reading thru his emails. getting pissed, laughing, etc….

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