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Monday, May 21, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Ozuna, 3B; Mack, LF; Cintron, SS.  Contreras pitching.


Juan Uribe is out of the lineup tonight as his mom’s health has taken a turn for the worse.  Ozzie and Joey were waiting to get a call from Juan to have a sense of how things were going.  Joe Crede is feeling better, according to Guillen, but is getting tonight off as well.

Catching Up

Crazy, frustrating weekend.  So ask me how my Friday morning went!

In the end, it didn’t amount to very much, despite many different angles, stories and analysis.  The AJ/Ozzie/North stuff was over by 11 am Friday.  Obviously, my personal preference is for Ozzie to not call in to radio stations while driving to the ballpark in his car.  Buehrle and AJ talked via phone this morning about today’s piece in the Tribune, and the two spoke again this afternoon.  Ozzie said he wanted the two to resolve whatever the issue was, but that he would get involved if he seemed to continue.

As one dugout observor notes, "Good, we all play better when we are @#$%! (angry)."


I saw nothing wrong with what Buehrle said.

A.J. revels in his role as the ‘bad guy’. And his ******** and moaning Friday was unwarranted. Who cares if you felt you needed to be in the lineup. The Sox got more pressing issues than making sure A.J.’s expectations are met. Like hitting the **** ball consistently. Like not getting lit up every time we make that call to the pen. This team needs to get it together and get it together quick.

It isn’t still early in the season.

It isn’t cold outside.

It isn’t a division where you can afford to tread water.

Hopefully Jose pitches a complete game tonight. 2005 seems a light year away and that window that was wide open is being propped up by a brittle stick.

Nice to get a win this evening with half the regulars missing (it seemed like) and the ‘new and improved’ bullpen stinking it up yet again.

Four walks in less then three innings of work?

That won’t get the job done gang in the long run.

With the Sox waiving Lopez off the 40 man roster earlier today, I sure hope they are thinking about a new relief guy.

I can think of at least two right now who need to go, starting with Sisco and Logan.

Mark Liptak

Oh some guy named Colby Lewis gets the start for the A’s tomorrow.

Stay tuned friends and neighbors! We’ve seen this before haven’t we?

Mark Liptak

That’s 3 games in a row with 10 or more hits. I hope this is a trend!

Hopefully AJ is ok, we don’t need to lose him for any time at all.


We actually have history against Colby Lewis. The Sox players who have at bats against him combine for a .340 average (17 for 50). Of course Crede is 6 for 8 against him with 2 homers and 4 RBI’s. It would be nice to get him back out there tomorrow.

I’d look for a callup or two for the pen pretty soon. I think Sisco still has one option left and I am ready to see Boone Logan gone. He never should have been here in the first place. I’d like to see them DL MacDoougal for a couple weeks and give someone else a shot in his role. He has been garbage.

Seems like the last couple years our pen has been a **** shoot. We got lucky in 2005 and were good, and were able to replace guys that got hurt too. So far the last 2 years the dice have not been so kind. We’ll see how well Kenny and Ozzie adjust.

This year in AAA Lewis is 5-1 with a 2.31 ERA with 47 Ks in 50.2 IP. A good start this year, but because he’s a righthander I think we’ll be ok, the Sox have faced him before. The offense seems to be ready to explode more tomorrow.

Even if we lose tomorrow, I would really be happy to see 0 ER from our pen.

Can somebody please clue me in on the Tribune piece that Scott is referring to…I haven’t picked up a newspaper in at least a month. Thanks.

Nice job against the A’s in the opening game. The Sox seem to have figured out how to beat this team. You will rarely shut out or no-hit the A’s. (OK, John Danks, prove me wrong, and make my day!!) They have a system that is all about getting walks, getting on base in any way possible.

The way to beat them is to do what the Sox did last night: throw strikes, and score lots of runs against them.

Let’s go get them again tonight and tomorrow night. Go Sox!!

That article was about Mark Buehrle’s comments about what AJ had to say on Friday about Toby Hall starting the first game of the series against the Cubs. Mark kinda called AJ out and said he should have opened his trap. Sounds like they kissed and made up yesterday.

In both cases they should have kept their traps shut. Learn from the mistakes of your manager.

AJ answered a question that someone else asked him. Why is it wrong for AJ to say that he wants to play? It’s not wrong. If he didn’t want to play, then there should be a problem. AJ has been hitting very well altely and wanted to be in there.

Tim Cronin of the Daily Southtown is now saying that the Ozzie-North blow up was preplanned:,221CRO1.article

Mark Liptak

Absolutely nothing wrong with AJ wanting to play. Every player should want to play. The problem is AJ isn’t in charge of deciding who ultimately plays day-to-day, Ozzie is. And throwing your manager to the dogs is tacky.

Mike North is a fool and an instigator. His ratings are dropping and he figures he needs to spice it up a bit so what does he do? He throws AJ this juicy bait and like the big mouth bass that he is he eats it up hook, line and sinker. I know this may seem like a foreign concept to Anthony John Hollywood, but show some **** decorum when talking about team issues. Ozzie overeacted yes but I’d be pissed to. I love AJ the player, not so much a fan of AJ the radio/Cold Pizza/Wrasslin’ personality…

Anyway good hitting last night. Great to see Thome back in the lineup and Erstad is making a believer out of me. I didn’t like the acquisition to begin with but I shudder to think what our offense would look like with Pods on the DL, Brian in Charlotte and Rob-Mac and Ozuna as the everyday outfielders.

Brother Liptak: Tim Cronin’s piece seems to substantiate what I wrote the day of the contretemps between the manager and the hot dog vendor…I was not born yesterday,and I think that I know some things about the business of radio/TV and promotion…even though I have been out of the business effectively since 1984…and that entire thing,which I heard excerpts from later on, smelled fishy to me…now, I see that I am not alone in those feelings…
As to what Scott credited one dugout observer with, that the team plays better when they are @#$%!…(no doubt, an accurate quote…)yet me refer those of you who are uneducated in the past historyof baseball to the team in the first base dugout…In the early ’70’s, the Athletics of Sal Bando, Reggie Jackson,Catfish Hunter,,had a common enemy whom they fought…Their cheapskate, absentee owner, Charlie Finley…but they also had a lot of big egos in a small clubhouse, so they almost constantly fought amongst themselves…and all they did was win three World Series titles in a row…therefore proving that “in DISunity, there is strength…”…The writers back then had a field day with all of that…Now these vultures(especially the ones from the tabloid,you know them, you despise them, you wish they were sent elsewhere…)are having a field day with Buehrle and AJ…If the team responds, in a sort of half-a**ed unity,to **** like that…so be it…

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