Game Two Tonight

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Ozuna, 3B; Mack, LF; Cintron, SS.  Danks on the mound.

Waiting to see if Uribe can get to the ballpark for the game.  His mom is hospitalized at Rush.  Our thoughts and prayers do go out to her.

With XM down for a time today, I wonder what Ozzie listened to on his way to the ballpark.  A CD, I hope.


Beware fellow MLB teams, it appears that the sleeping giant (our bats) are arousing from their slumber!!!


Sox BA against Colby Lewis tongight – .545!!! Nice!

Danks threw a lot of pitches tonight in 6 IP, but Oakland is known for making pitchers work hard. He should be 6-1 and getting a lot of early pub for ROY. Hopefully he keeps rolling along, especially now that the offense has decided to help him out.

Good to see the bats alive!

Well they beat a no-name last night (Lewis)…can they do it again tonight against a game who already shut them down once? (Gaudin)

It would sure be nice to keep this rolling for a little bit.

Mark Liptak

It has been great seeing the bats come alive. But the Sox have not had a three game sweep this season. I hope they can do it today.

The White Sox have more hits than any other team in baseball over the past 7 days.

Was at the game and had a great time. LOL on the “CD”, Scott.

Stats of the Night:

Since last June 23rd, the Sox are now 1-9 in games, going for the sweep, when they win the first two games of the series.

The only time they pulled it off was when they swept Detroit last August.

That friends and neighbors is called ‘zero killer instinct.’

Oh by the way, that’s the 6th loss this season to a no-name / mediocre / garbage / journeyman / soft-tossing / junkballer. (Feel free to pick the word that bests describes the pitcher!)

Gaudin has shut them down twice to go along with such other ‘All-Stars’ as Byrd, Tejeda, Durbin and De La Rosa.

Simply amazing.

Mark Liptak

Why in the world is Pablo Ozuna pinch hitting with the bases loaded in a spot where we really could have used a home run? I don’t want to rely on the long ball, but that was the spot to look for one. I know he is the backup catcher but what about sending Toby Hall up there. Pablo did not have a chance.

Of course, that would have been a great spot for Crede to jump in and save the day. So he must really be hurting. And that gets me back to my rant from when they replaced Podesdnik on the roster with Boone Logan. Would have been a great spot for Josh Fields to be hitting.

I know Erstad has had a few nice games lately, but if I see him ground out to the second baseman in another clutch spot I am gonna puke!

Can we PLEASE do something about fans throwing back homeruns? Its not Wrigley. Kick em out. Or at least do a Public Service Annoucement. Give the ball to a kid if you dont want it!!

They do get kicked out when they throw the ball back.

We may be seeing Fields pretty soon, Crede might be going on the DL. Jim, Erstad I know has a penchant for ground out to the 2nd baseman, but he has been the most consistent and clutch hitter we’ve had. Thome being the exception when healthy.

I didn’t get the Pablo thing either. You’re down 4, which you don’t want it to be greater than that number, because you know you can tie it up with the slam. SO GO FOR THE SLAM! Why put in the slap hitter? And, why wasn’t Garland pulled after the first hit in the 7th? Nope, leave him in when he clearly has lost it, he’s got nuthin’ left in the tank. Now it’s 4 runs because he left him in too long, and you don’t even go for the slam. Uggh! Am I the only one getting a little fed up with the game management? What about you, Kenny?

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