Sox vs. DRays

Friday, May 25, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Erstad, 1B; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mack, LF; Uribe, SS; Terrero, CF.  Buehrle pitching and going for his 100th career victory.

Pregame Thoughts

Among Ozzie’s pregame comments to the media …

Paul Konerko will miss tonight’s game due to a death in his family … he is expected back for tomorrow … with James Shields and Buehrle throwing tonight, the scouting reports say the game will go quickly … Joe Crede is back in the lineup … Ozzie spent most of the off day trying to catch up on sleep … he didn’t expect there to be any issues between AJ and Mark tonight … "We’re not friends out on the field, we’re family" … he is debating starting Toby Hall on Sunday against Scott Kazmir and again on Monday at Minnesota against Johann Santana … Scott Podsednik remains far away from a return … likely sometime in July.

Worth Noting

The Sox have won 11 of their last 17 … with 19 stolen bases, the Sox rank ahead of just Oakland and Toronto … "So much for the Go-Go Sox," Guillen quipped … we have hit .306 over the last 10 games but still rank last in the AL with a .232 team average … Sox are 14-9 with Jim Thome in the lineup … Guillen is five victories short of 300 for his career … JD (11 game) and Darin Erstad (10) enter tonight on hitting streaks …


Toby Hall and Rob Mackowiak are scheduled to attend the opening of this summers White Sox Training Center camps at our fields in Mt. Greenwood.  During the event, which is open only to campers, the duo will work with special needs ballplayers on the Miracle Field.

Tonight and Sunday

We are giving away replica 1977 hats tonight and Ozzie Guillen bobblehead dolls on Sunday.  We sent samples around to the morning television shows, so you may have seen Patrick Elwood of WFLD and Pat Tomasilo of WGN-TV sporting the hats and perhaps Oscar Gamble-like hair on this morning’s shows.

Thanks A Million

At tomorrow’s game, fans have the opportunity to write thank you notes to the men and women of our Armed Forces who are serving this country overseas.  Our hope is to generate 20,000 out of U.S. Cellular Field, thanks to Pontiac and GM.


Are moving fast … if you haven’t ordered your commemorative brick as part of the planned Championship Plaza at Gate 4 (debuts next year), act now.


As you spend the weekend holiday with family and friends, let’s all remember those who sacrificed "to the last, full measure" so that we can enjoy our freedoms.


I’m curious, does Ozzies W-L record include the game last year in which he was suspended? IIRC the Sox won that game 1-0 against the Cardinals.

Lets all time the game because let me tell ya, these pitchers will be fast just like Scott said. Would like to see us steal bases more.

How do you expect to steal any bases when you replace your base stealer with a garbage relief pitcher? That’s some great decision making!

It was great to get a win, but is anyone livid at the effing stupid-*** managing decision made (or not made) in that game last night? Buehrle’s got 2 outs in the 7th. He plunks a slumping, no-name hitter to make it first-and-third and Guillen, who’s got McDougal warming up in the ‘pen, actually goes out to the mound and does nothing. Clearly, Buehrle’s not sharp at this point. That brings up Dukes, who’s got tons of pop, and he jacks a game-tying 3-run homer. Why go out to the mound and leave Buehrle in there? Why?! I don’t care if Buehrle says he’s okay. Get his *** outta there! McDougal would’ve been a total change of pace to Dukes and would’ve tied him up in knots. Not only would Buehrle have gotten the win, but he would’ve left the game with nice numbers. On top of that, the Sox would’ve probably cruised through the next couple innings instead of having to come up with a run late in the game. This kinda **** drives me insane.

Let’s see…the Rays start Edwin Jackson tonight…0-6…ERA of almost eight…do you think the Sox can beat him?

(And no I’m not being facetious…)

Mark Liptak

The pitchers we face the next couple days definitely does not favor us. Our roster has 11 total at bats against Edwin Jackson. That means he will probably look like an ace tonight. Kazmir pitched well against us last year when we had never seen him before. Hopefully with a little experience we might be able to get to him, but he does fall into the category of the guy we get to face Monday, Johan Santana. It could get ugly for a few days.

As for Guillen not pulling Buehrle last night I was a little surprised too. Usually he like to go out there and get his starter out in a situation where if the bullpen comes in and blows the lead the started won’t be charged with the go ahead run, therefore hanging a loss on him.

I still don’t get Ozzie’s management of the pitchers, either. Left Garland in when he was clearly done, now only a few days later, does the same with Beurhle. But when the starter seems to be going strong, maybe gives up a bloop single, he’ll bring in the releif corps. Makes me want to shake my head like the Aflac duck.

I think we should all start taking bets for when Mark will get his 100th win. Hey the guy who runs ***********.com” (shout out to Mr. Miller, great site by the way) ran a contest asking when people think Writz will leave so why not a contest on when Mark will get to a 100 lol


Scott’s last thought speaks absolute volumes… During these next three days,while watching a kids game played by grown men(in most cases…),give a thought or two to those men and women who have given their service,and their lives, to the cause of freedom, so that we can sit at the Cell, or at home,or in an establishment, and watch a kids game played by grown men(in most cases…)
To those of you in WS Universe who have had fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, whomever,who have served our country…

Thank you …

If you would have rather seen Guillen bring macdougal in for mark last night to face
Dukes you are an idiot. yes that means you bjw. I was upset he brought in macdougal to start the 8th. He is awful and should be traded, cut, shot whatever just not be brought in to a game in which we are leading or losing by 5 runs. i was perfectly fine with the decision to leave mark in over macdougal.

short memory spans…
what happened in mark’s last start in the 7th against the cubs… ozzie takes him out in the middle of the inning for macdougal to come in and not only cost mark the win, but cost us the loss.

is it ‘leave him in when he’ll get out of it, but take him out when he wont’? maybe you should loan ozzie your magic 8 ball to help him decide which is which.

if we needed an out to get out of a tough inning, id always rather see a tired buehrle than any kind of macdougal.

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