Sunday Best

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; Hall, C; Uribe, SS; Terrero, CF.  Vazquez pitching.

About Last Night

Spotty rain after 6 pm around Chicagoland probably had some Sox fans wondering about the decision to postpone last night’s contest (until August 27 at 1:05 pm).  Last night’s forecast at 6 pm by the weather service — with the White Sox, the Rays and the umpires all in the room listening on speaker phone — was terrible with no hope for any windows, so at that point the decision seemed like a slam dunk based on our knowledge.  I guess even slam dunks bounce off the rim sometimes.


Last nights decision was ridiculous to say the least! All involved should be embarassed. The forecast at 6 PM was no different than the same forecast at 3,4 and 5 PM. If the game was going to be called it should have been done so much earlier. As it turns the game could have and should have been played. First the wait on the Yankees rain out and than this debacle. Get it together.

The Yankees rain out was a totally different situation. If you remember, it rained for 2 or 3 days straight; the field was in no condition to play.

Roger Bossard’s field “no condition to play”? I think not.

man on first with 2 outs, crawford up, the outfield should be playing no doubles… and on a 2-2 count crawford hits a stand-up TRIPLE to center. well, i guess it wasnt a double.

who’s still looking for macdougal to get pitchers out of jams?

gooch and juan have been brutal lately… gooch may as well be blindfolded and juan would strike out on an intentional walk. pablo going down is really gonna hurt now.

Just another sickening Sunday performance.

Absolute garbage all the way around.

*Strand a million baserunners because every Sox hitter is trying for that eight run home run…

*The bullpen is absolutely brutal, ‘new and improved? LOL (Sisco, MacDougle and Logan need to be shipped out or released right *******’ now…)

* And ANOTHER injury…it’s been one thing after another after another ever since Hall got hurt the final week of spring training…

The only way this team wins the toughest division in baseball is if they wind up playing Strat-O-Matic or APBA baseball and rig the dice.

And Santana’s pitching tomorrow, that means two things:

1. Another bizarre, goofy, Ozzie lineup.

2. An automatic loss.

Happy Memorial Day right?

Mark Liptak

Sunday worst! The Sox are 2-6 on Sunday. I’m tired of losing to crappy teams. The bullpen is a joke. I don’t see this team going to the playoffs. Santana is 5-4, 3.05 era. But he always beats the Sox.

If you’re going to rip on the bullpen at least learn how to spell their names correctly!

Who do you think they are bringing up for Sisco? My hope is Floyd

This may be the most negative board I have ever seen.

Things could be much, much worse folks. We could be fans of the team on the north side of town.

I think you’re right. It seems like win or lose the comments here are pretty negative. Not that I blame anybody for being negative after watching the bullpen give up 6 runs in the last two innings.

I only read this blog for three reasons:

1. This blog, CWS Fan Message Board and my blog are the only Sox blogs that are updated pretty much every game, and

2. It’s written by someone within the Sox organization, and

3. The people who post here are the only people I get to discuss Sox baseball with.

Personally, I think #3 is pretty sad, but hey, I’m the only baseball nut that I know personally, and I live in Seattle (which means there’s a shortage of Sox fans.)


Lady White Sox Fan

And yes, we could be fans of the team on the north side of town. If we were, the bullpen blowing leads would be same old, same old.

Assuming the Cubs don’t win the World Series this year, I wonder if the Cubs are going to schedule all kinds of promotions next year celebrating the 100th anniversary of their last championship. What do you think?

does anyone else find it ridiculous that not only was the saturday game rained out, but that it was reschedule for a monday 1pm slot? i had 6 tickets to the game which was a saturday fireworks game and i get a monday day game that would normally be half price tickets. i cant believe that the tickets can only be used if i skip work on a monday to go watch a game that should/could have been played anyways. i don’t know if anyone else will but i plan on calling and raising some kind of **** about it because in my opinion it is a total ripoff.

Too bad for what happened to Pablo. He is one of those supersubs that I enjoy having on this team. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

Josh Fields had better be on his way to Minnesota tonight.

As for Sisco’s replacement I would look for Carlos Vasquez or Gio Gonzalez. Floyd has not exactly been tearing it up so far this year.

Armour: I agree with you 1000%. That goes to the point of my first post yesterday. They should have played the game and than they turn around and schedule a Monday day game with no exchanges. Additionally, for those of you who believe this board is negative, you are correct. This team is highly paid and highly underperforming.

I’m off to the game today. Hopefully they will overcome whatever it is that troubles them when facing Johan.

Anybody know what hotel the Sox stay at while in Minneaplois?

Glad to see the Sox giving someone else a chance instead of Sisco. Not sure who they want to call up, but he can’t be too much worse. Hopefully Fields for Pablo too.

Go Go White Sox!



Since when do Sox fans compare themselves to the Cubs in anything?

Are you saying we should be ‘grateful’ because we’re 24-21 while the Cubs are four games or so under .500?

Sox fans expect and more importantly DEMAND excellence. We won’t tolerate nor support mediocrity.

If you choose to do so, that’s your right but please don’t insult those of us who think a team that won the World Series two seasons ago should be doing better on the field then mediocrity.

And Hint just wondering…aren’t you the same guy a few weeks ago who was insulting those who felt Thornton was a ‘one year wonder’ following in the immortal footsteps of Cotts and Politte?

If you can’t figure out who I’m talking about in my comments all you have to do is look up the ERA’s of this so called ‘new and improved’ bullpen.

Mark Liptak

White Sox signed first baseman Craig Wilson to a minor league contract today. Not sure what effect that will have on the Sox as I don’t believe he has played much other than first base in his career. He played a litle outfield last year for the Yankees, but he is like a right handed Rob Mackowiak with a little more power. One Mackowiak in the outfield is enough.

Andy Gonzalez comes up for Pablo. Can we get an explanation as to why they are holding Fields back. He is the most capable of filling some roles and helping this team.


Fields has very little experience playing the outfield so at this point he could be considered a liability.

I’d like to toss out another reason…maybe, just maybe Ozzie and Kenny BOTH realize (but aren’t saying) that the so called ‘top’ Sox prospects (Anderson, Sweeney, Fields, Owens) just aren’t very good and they are trying to ‘hide’ them somewhat so their trade value isn’t decreased.

In point of fact the Sox haven’t had a lot of measurable success with their minor league players over the years (compared to other teams).

Kenny realizes this is a issue since the newspaper had a story last week that he is personally getting involved in this year’s June draft and has now twice ‘threatened’ the minor league folks that the must start doing their jobs better.

Mark Liptak

OUTSTANDING performance today by Aardsma and the new-meat, Day.


But hey they can all throw 95 miles an hour! (of course they can’t get anybody out and they can’t throw strikes but why worry about such ‘details’ eh Kenny?)

Brutal, simply brutal.

Mark Liptak

I hope you are wrong about what we have in the system right now. If you are right we are in big trouble. No doubt we are going to lose a few of our regulars over the next 2 years plus this team is getting old and slower(if that is really possible). The Sox have proven in the past they won’t be players in the free agent market for good players so we have to rely on our system guys to step in at some point.

As for today’s game Hawk said it towards the end, if you get 4 runs off Santana you need to win that game. Hard to win when you give up 16 hits, 6 walks, 2 HBP and 2 errors. Their OBP for the game was a mere .500!!! That is awful. No way you can win a game when you do that.

I thought it was a great mangerial move by Gardenhire to go out at the end of the top of the 6th and go nuts. He seemed to wake his team up and they jumped all over us from there. Not sure what he was arguing about because replays didn’t show AJ doing anything other than running his mouth when he passed Morneau, but Gardenhire sure did something right.


I merely commmented that the board was negative. I don’t think that I intended to insult anyone.

My thought is this. It’s May 28. The team is 2 games over .500 and certainly still in the hunt. I’m not going to let a slumping bullpen and the slow-starting offense ruin my summer.

Am I happy with the results so far? Of course not.

Do I expect better? Of course I do.

Can I do anything about it? Certainly not.

Kenny and Ozzie (and Coop and Walk and the rest of the staff) have had success in the past. I’m not going to get too frustrated in May.

I agree that it stinks about the Saturday night rain-out. I had two tickets – I was going to take my godson to the game and enjoy the fireworks. Now, it is scheduled for a Monday day game when he is back in school (come one – don’t they realize kids start school at the end of August??) and I am at work. IT STINKS!

I would like to know why that Day guy is up. Why not the other pitchers in AAA? Isn’t there a pitcher with a 0.79 era?

i cant imagine very many people are happy with the unnecessary cancellation on saturday. why should the fans be punished for a poor decision made by the people in charge? i havent had time yet but if anyone calls and voices their opinion, let us hear how it turns out.

Does Roger Bossard control mother nature? No! What happens if you start the game and it goes 3 innings and the rains come, and then Vazquez’s start is wasted. Options are double header the next day and hope for a miracle start from Masset or a emergency call-up to go along with Contreras, and not have to completely use up the bullpen. Or you play it safe and find an open date later in the year for a quick 1 game set where Tampa can get in and out as fast as possible. Yeah it stinks that it ends up having to be an afternoon game, but that is just the way it has to be for travel reasons. I’m sure MLB has procedures for teams in these scenarios. I’m not saying that it does not s*** but it’s not like they can go and cancel another Saturday night game and just throw this one in.

Give it some time, and I bet they will offer some sort of ticket exchange. It took a working day or two last time before they worked it out.

i think some of you are dumping on Day a little too much too soon. give the guy a chance. pitchers usually stink in their debut (unless they are making a start against the sox)…give him 5 outings before you cast him aside.

I also believe that Terrerro should be handed the everyday job in left field for 2-3 weeks. Lets see how he does. he has been whacking the ball around the park lately. he hit a 450 foot bomb against a good righty and a homer off of the great johan santana (about time someone stood up and jacked him out of the park on the sox…i almost fainted) he seems to have a lively bat, runs like a deer, and i havent noticed anything in the outfield that would make him worse than mackowiak. leave him out there!!!!

the sox win 3 games in a row then drop one or two awful ones, then win 3 in a row then lose 2 bad games….to me they seem like a team that is going to win 84 games this year. thats not enough. lets get consistant for god sake. why hasnt macdougal been sent down yet? im still waiting on that one.

good luck to pablo. i have always pushed for him to get more playing time than he does. he is one of my all time favorite bench sox players…right up there with paco martin and deacon newson.


Where does Jerry Hairston rank on your list of bench players?

I don’t believe the Sox have any options on MacDougal so they can not send him down without waiving him. The only things they can do is trade or DL him, but who would trade for that garbage? Another poor outing and I would not be shocked to see him on the 15 day DL with some mysterious injury.

Waive MacDougal now, he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. His control is brutal. Who ever thought we could get a good pitcher from KC for nothing? KC is KC because they have no talent, so why do we raid them for two arms in the bullpen?

I have been thinking the same thing for a while now. KC is one of the worst teams in baseball for a reason. I know a former scout from KC, and he could tell you horror stories of how bad that organization is run.

I’d like to add my voice to those complaining about how the rainout was handled. I bought tickets for a Saturday game because I work during the week. Forcing people to either lose a lot of money already spent on tickets or making someone take off work to prevent that is unfair of the Sox. I realize that it was a bad situation all the way around, but this is being handled really poorly.

Scott, you say the Sox pride themselves on good customer service. Maybe the Sox should think about offering us some alternatives on this one? A response (either personal or general) would be appreciated.

There seems to be a perception that the Sox have been blessed at avoiding injuries over the past few years but does that translate in fact?

The answer may surprise you.

Consider just the past seven seasons, 2001 through 2007.

The 2001 season was gutted due to numerous injuries that wrecked in particular the pitching staff. Among those going down or coming off injuries suffered in 2000 and were ineffective were Jim Parque, Bob Howry, Kelly Wunsch, David Wells and James Baldwin. The Sox tried to rebuild the bullpen by picking up rejects like Bill Pulsipher and Alan Embree to no avail. Frank Thomas only played 20 games that season as well.

The 2004 season was ruined with the season ending injuries to Frank Thomas and Magglio Ordonez.

Now in 2007 already Toby Hall, Pablo Ozuna and Scott Podsednik have or will miss significant playing time. Jim Thome was out for two and a half weeks, Joe Crede’s back is acting up again. And according to the newspaper reports from today MacDougle has a bad groin, Cintron’s throwing arm is sore and Mack has an abdominal pull.

That’s potentially three of the last seven seasons ruined by injury. 43%.

I don’t know how that compares to other MLB clubs but when almost half of your recent seasons have been ended by injuries that seems pretty high.

Oh by the way, notice a pattern here? 2001…2004…2007…

If I were Kenny I’d stock up on guys before the 2010 season starts….he’ll probably need them!

And TC, by all means don’t let it ruin your summer those of us who live and die with the team will make our own decisions on how miserable we’re going to be. I can tell you that right now, with all the injuries and the awful bullpen and just in general the lethargic performance by this club since last July I’m about ready to start counting down the days until the Bears get to training camp.

Mark Liptak

As to the complaints about the game last Saturday… If people were asked when they would like to have a game made up that they had tickets for,you would never get a consensus of opinion…
Everyone wants to be given what they want… no one wants to be inconvenienced…

Well, SORRY, friends and neighbors… Life and major league baseball aren’t like that… If you get shafted out of seeing a game,I feel for you – – but I can’t seem to quite reach you…

Should the game have been played? Speaking from where I was, 10 blocks south of Jurassic Park at Neverland,there was virtually no rain… Therefore, my surprise to see at 6 PM, the centerfield shot of the Cell come on my TV screen, and hearing DJ say that the game has been postponed due to advancing bad weather…then not seeing another drop of rain the rest of the night…

Roger Bossard should take whatever machinery that told him about this “advancing bad weather” back to Radio Shack and get a refund…

As to yesterday,I think that Hawk and DJ said it best…there is always something weird going on at the HumpDump when the Sox are playing there…Team Rah-Rah,let’s face it, just has the whammy on the boys…Santana,Hunter,

Gardenhire or not…that is why I am all in favor of imploding that ****** ASAP…

Mark I see you still don’t know how to spell. His name is spelled MacDougal, not MacDougle. It’s hard to have much credibility when you don’t even know the correct names.

Spell it anyway you want, he needs to go.


You’re like a drowning man grasping for straws.

Why don’t you discourse again like you did about a week ago about how ‘good’ this bullpen is? LOL.

Talk about no credibility!!!


Mark Liptak

Mike MacGarbage does not deserve to have his name spelled right.

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