In Need of a Win

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, Iguchi, Thome, Dye, PK, Mack, Crede, Cintron, Hall.  Garland pitching.

Today’s Game

Yes, we need a win.  For a little perspective, a win today gives us a 3-3 record at Minnesota for the month.  The Sox don’t return to Minneapolis until a weekend series on 9/21-23.  With 47 games played, by far the fewest in the majors, we currently trail the Tigers by two in the loss column (Cleveland by four).

A victory today will be a great start toward turning this week around.


Last night there was at least one note talking about Scott’s shall we say, ‘optimistic’ attitude and that he should for want of a better phrase, tell the truth.

Just a few thoughts on this.

One. I know Scott a little bit, we have enchanged e-mails and I’ve spoken with him on the phone.

Scott is very, very good at what he does. He’s professional, honest and dedicated.

I don’t think what Scott posts is ever a line or a con job. I think Scott, HONESTLY feels this team will still be there in the end.

Now I personally disagree with him but I would NEVER question his sentiments. I think anyone who does is dead wrong for doing so.

Second from a practical position Scott works for the White Sox remember?

They pay him and by proxy his family.

Anyone who thinks Scott is going to bite the hand that feeds him is insane.

And THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. You should be loyal to your employer.

Scott is the media relations director, he’s NOT a reporter, columnist or editor.

He has NO obligation to be saying things the fans might want to hear.

I appreciate Scott giving everyone an opportunity to vent, to speak their minds, to exchange comments on the Sox.

We’re all guests here at his invitation….let’s keep that in mind.

Mark Liptak

Mark is 100% right. I met Scott in person during last years blog night(which I hope we have again pretty please Scott) and he is a great guy and a WIU alum LETS GO NECKS! Anyway I know that Scott isn’t going to blindly follow what the company does however like Mark just said hes not going to sit and be a critic to what the team does. I for one have loved this blog, since it began in 05. It really gives us a great perspective on the inside of the White Sox clubhouse. Plus I don’t think we want a person doing a blog that just trashes the Sox left and right. If you wanted that read that idiot in the Sun-Times. Remember my fellow fans we get an exclusive privilege here and should be thankful that Kenny, and Jerry let this happen. I’m a Hawks fan and we all know that Bill Wirtz would never let this happen. Scott keep up the good work, and don’t worry if there are people that sit and say your doing a bad job, just please keep this blog going.


Evan, you mean there are still Hawks fans out there?

Big hits by Joe and Tadahito in the second. Nothing extravagant, just Joe working the count and Tadahito going opposite field. Keep the pressure on Sox.

Yes there are still Hawks fans out there. And when the team starts getting better the fans will start coming out. Anyway, I would like to know why this ump behind the plate *****. I know that Hawk likes to complain about the umps and sometimes he shouldn’t but this time hes right. This ump has had 2 different strike zones, and I have watched the whole game. We haven’t pitched well either, but still doesn’t help that the ump behind the plate isn’t calling the game the right way.

I used to be a huge Hawks fan, but I just don’t find it right to put any money in that jerks pocket. When he takes a dirt nap and his son takes over I will be back, but until then they are the biggest joke of a franchise in the sports world.

It’s tough to pitch when the strike zone is moving around on you.

Is it me or does Jon seem to pitch better when he gets less offensive support? Seems like when they spot him a nice lead he tends to give up more runs rather than a tight game where he knows he really needs to buckle down.

Why oh why did Ozzie put MacDougal in to pitch the 9th?? I would have put Jenks in there to at least give us a CHANCE to get to the 10th.

Wow oh wow! Garland never should have given up that lead, but for Aardsma to come in with the bases loaded and throw 4 straight balls to Hunter. Wow!

I’m heading to the bar. What a downright disgusting series that was.

Looks like the team that wanted it more (and made things happen) won this game. Hats off to the Twins – they played aggressively (at least is sounded that way on MLB Audio).

And the pitching didn’t help. Finally, the bats come around and the pitching falls apart.

Is anyone else as tired of the Mike MacDougal era as I am?

OK, I have tried to give Ozzie the benefit of the doubt considering 2005. However, he continues to make poor decisions. Where was Jenks? This has become ridiculous.

this team is downright awful

You know I was thinking the same thing. What was MacDougal doing out there. However he actually did not pitch a horrible 9th. When he needed a ground ball he got it and Konerko screwed it up. It was not going to be a double play, but the next ground ball hit to Cintron would have been an easier out had they not been in double play position. Instead the runner on first hustles to second and beats out a throw Cintron had to make acorss his body on the move.

I know Hawk complained about the umpire all day, but way too many walks regardless of the strike zone. Aardsma has to throw strike one whether it be at 94mph or 50mph. Gotta get ahead in that situation. He has taken a complete 180 from the first month of the season when he looked to be lights out.

This is just sickening!

This team has to turn it around. It isn’t time to hit the panic button yet….yet. Yankee fans have done that already and they are on a 5 game skid and running around like a chicken with there heads cut off. I don’t understand why Ozzie would take Logan out. Maybe this sweep will jump start the team. I mean hey are leaving the country for a series so maybe we need a change of scenery.
I don’t think we need to blame everything on Ozzie I mean every Sox fan loved him in 05 can’t turn on him this quickly. Plus a manager can only do so much.

Are we still 6th in the AL?! I think we are now at least the 7th, but I haven’t checked the standings after this game. Scott, please let us know ASAP! This will really help us put this season in perspective!

I guess we should start another 88 year countdown. If I knew this would be the result following ’05 I would have celebrated a lot more!

Swept by the Twins…..I am so disgusted. Fire em all!!!!!! I am so sick of this team and their costly mistakes. At this point we may have a better chance with bringing up the minor leaguers. I have to go throw up now. Cowards…Cowards….Cowards!!!!

Our infield defense (not including Joe Crede) has been terrible. it seems like anything not hit right at the second baseman, or shortstop goes thru for a hit, or gets mis handled. It also seems like its a real effort to get a double play. Some body needs to stand on these guys & get it going.

Little things win or lose games folks…there was no better example then today.

The bullpen implodes, Konerko makes a big error, the Twins get their usual assortment of infield hits and they make the plays when they need to.

It all adds up to another White Sox loss.

This team doesn’t have it folks. They are one dimensional, can’t run, can’t execute fundamentels. Period. End of story and all the talking in the world isn’t going to change what is.

Mark Liptak

58 days until training camp.

i didnt want to see jenks come in to start the 9th… because if he didnt lose hed have to pitch the 10th. then probably would only be able to pitch one game this coming series. remember, we dont have an off day for a while. i was kind of thinking masset till jenks hopefully, but saw macdougal warming up. ozzie cant be upset. you bring macdougal in, youre gonna see a lot of baserunners. not a great idea agaisnt the twins in an extra inning scenario.

however, after boone actually got morneau out(!!!), i thought jenks could come in, and youd commit youself to getting torii out, then with thome,dye,paulie coming up, the lead and the win in the 10th or bust.

this isnt rock bottom, though. much easier to take than the cubs series. even though we took a game against the cubs. at least this one you could kind of see coming and be ready for. honestly, if you didnt see macdougal coming in for the 9th and think there was a real good chance that was gonna do it, then you havent been paying attention.

lastly, on him, i think every twin hitter he faced had 2 strikes on them. i dont believe any of them swung at a pitch until they had 2 strikes on them. if i were a manager thats exactly what id have anyone not named thome or pujols do against macdougal. seems like every time he’s out there he walks someone who never took the bat off their shoulder. i dont care what hes done before, that is about as unacceptable as it can get… so WHY ARE WE ACCEPTING IT??? send him down, release him, something, ANYTHING to not only spare us the embarrassment and aggravation, but let the rest of those mediocre arms know that they ought to get their acts together, or theyll get an all expense paid vacation to charlotte.

last thought, lets have a charity drive featuring a hyped up duel between macdougal and uribe… macdougal wants to walk him, but juan really wants to strike out. who will defy the odds?

smart money says juan k’s.

My money’s on MacD walking him, even Uribe wouldn’t swing at that garbage. So when does Aardvark join Neil down in AAA?

Oh, by the way, does anybody know if Mags has been invited to get clipped at Mullet night?

This hypothetical matchup between Mike ‘the ultra-movable object’ MacDougal and Juan ‘the easily resistible force’ Uribe is one for the ages.

My thought is they’d feel each other out, eventually arriving at the 3-2 count. After 56 minutes of Mike throwing erratic pitches outside the zone only to have Juan foul each and everyone off, MacDougal gets frustrated and zips one straight at Juan’s head. This pitch Juan swings at and misses. Victory MacDougal.

As far as Magglio goes, if he were on my team, I don’t care if he looks like Cousin Itt so long as he keeps abusing the ball like that. What I wouldn’t give to have that glorious Venezuelan mullet back on the South Side right about now.

LOL – Palehoses

My money would be on MacDougal. Uribe is so much like Ozzie at the plate (probably why he likes him so muuch). Throw him a pitch right down the middle and he will watch it go by, but throw a pitch a foot or two out of the strike zone and watch Uribe swing like a madman.

All this talk about Juan makes me remember my friend telling me that he is the whirling dervish and pretty soon he’ll spin himself into the ground. I’m heading for Minnesota tomorrow and glad that I’m not visiting any bb fans!

The dervish has less strike outs than Konerko and Dye so far this year. That’s not saying much for Paulie and Jermaine’s starts this year.

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