Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, Iguchi, Thome, Dye, PK, AJ, Crede, Mack, Uribe.  Buehrle on the mound.


We are badly in need of a victory.  Yesterday was very ugly, I don’t need to tell you that.  Just when we think it can’t get any worse, it … does.  We need someone to step up tonight and create a moment to win us a baseball game.

At least with our clubhouse, our general manager and our manager, there is never a question of how much we care.  You can see it on faces and read it in the newspaper each morning.


Both Mark Buehrle and Roy Hallady are going for career win No. 100 tonight.  Only one of Halladay’s 99 career wins has come against the White Sox, while just two of Buehrle’s have come against Toronto.


I will be out of touch this weekend but will return — along with Roger Clemens, it appears — on Monday.  Next week also features the First-Year Player Draft on Thursday.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be filled with pre-draft meetings for our scouting and baseball ops departments. 

For the first time, ESPN2 will televise the first round (and sandwich picks) from this year’s draft, starting at 1 pm CT.  Roland Hemond, who literally has seen every draft (it started in 1965), and Chet Lemon, former All-Star Sox outfielder, coach of top AAU team in nation, son was drafted recently, etc, will represent the White Sox at the Orlando event.

If you are a baseball fan, tune in to watch the event and make sure you follow it on-line at


wow 1st and 2nd nobody out, 0 runs. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

er excuse me…2nd and 3rd.

If I was Mark Buehrle, I would be begging for a trade after this season. This P.O.S. offense couldn’t buy a win. The bullpen is ****, our offense is ****, our lineup is different every **** night. How does he expect to get win number 100. I can’t wait for someone to post on how we faced a great pitcher and that is ok. Screw that!!!! This team is going to finish 4th this year and there is no way around that. I’m sure someone will also post on how we need to stay positive and things will turn around soon. Guess what, they won’t. We can’t beat Tampa, we can’t dominate teams like KC and the rest of the division is above average. I challenge anyone who posts here to give me some insight on how this team, (that doesn’t seem to care very much) can contend this year.
I love on how no-one gets fired up enough to challenge this team to perform better. Ozzie takeing blame for this team’s record sure doesn’t get the job done.

Wow Erstad just got hurt, looks like his spikes stuck in the clay. Anderson will be brought up hopefully unless Ozzie still doesn’t like him. I was just going to say that watching Halladay and Buehrle is a treat. This game has gone by so fast…even if Toronto wins great game by these pitchers.

i wonder if the charlotte knights could beat this team…oh wait, they are terrible too this year =[

Sox are definitely killing me lately. No question.

On a different note out of last years blog day, I know there are people on here dying to go to a game, but because of time, financial, and other reasons, you can’t.

So I am offering an opportunity to get two tickets to the upcoming game, this Monday June 4th (same game that Clemens is ‘supposed’ to play for a overly reasonable price (less then face value or free if you state your case!) These are super cheap compared to how much they would cost anywhere else. Not a scam, nothing more then sharing the game with a few fellow, die hard, fans.

The seats are good, up on club level. Contact me at the email address listed and state your case why you deserve them is all I ask.

See you at the game.

I’ll be the first to call it…this season is done. Erstadt’s injury was the back breaker.

Buehrle allows two hits and loses.


Sox have guys on 2nd and 3rd, NOBODY out and can’t score.


Ozzie was exactly right, this team is going through the motions.

That and Kenny’s moves which have blown up and it’s a disaster on the field.

First losing season since 1999 is just ahead gang.


Mark Liptak

Is it time for Kenny to Blow ozzie down the road..The team is out of control..Ozzie been looking for excuse..go already

I have tickets to the June 8th game section 159 row 2. Its my birthday and I purchased these tickets and then found a group to go and bought different tickets. So if anyone wants these tickets I will be willing to negotiate with them. It is mullet and firework night. I paid 80 for the pair. Email if you are interested. Or want to bargain, I don’t want the tickets to go to waste.

Can this season get any worse? I say that everyday, yet the next day it DOES get worse. There has to be a point where things start going our way, right?

Mark if you hate this team so much turn off the tv. Your whining on this blog every night gets annoying. At least point out something that we don’t already know.

Geez talk about people complaining everyday eh? Mark…bmf is correct I think that whining doesn’t do anyone any good. Envoy I don’t think Kenny should fire Ozzie. It wouldn’t fix the team, seeing as the team can’t hit a manager can only do so much. The only that thing that gets to me about Ozzie is that I really think he doesn’t like Brian Anderson. Erstad goes down, and he says ” Probably going to bring up Sweeney or Owens.” What about Brian? Oh wait, I remember Ozzie wants to start Luis at center all the time, while an everyday center fielder (Brian) sits on the bench. I think this is Brian’s time to shine…Ozzie bring him up

For those that had not already heard, Jerry Owens will be replacing Erstad. He was pulled from the field during an inning tonight after the Erstad injury.

The only good thing we get out of tonight is finally a good effort from a starter. We got all the way around the rotation with bad starts before Buehrle tonight. Hopefully the rest of the staff will follow up with some good starts. Heck, it’s really the only chance we have to win.

How can you have runners on 2nd and 3rd and not score a single run. In 2005 we get both those runners home. This team just can’t get it done.

Mark is right folks, this very well could be a losing season. I have been saying it for a while, there will be a big dumping of players before the trade deadline, and the result of that will be more losing. Don’t get me wrong everytime I tune in or got to a game I will be hoping for a win, but the outlook is bleak.

This hitting problem is no longer a slump. Slumps last 2 weeks, not 2 months! If they don’t start playing like the millionaire athletes they are I hope they dump some guys so we can give the kids a shot who want to play and prove themselves.

I am a Brian Anderson backer, but he has seen his last days as a Sox player as long as Ozzie is here. Ozzie screwed him over last year, and Kenny screwed him this year by bringing in Erstad, which I still think was not so bright of a move since he like Thome has been an injury waiting to happen the last few years.


I know I’m sounding like a complete hyporciate (sorry not a good speller) here but I think the reason Owens was brought up was because they need a lead off guy. Brian isn’t a lead off guy…at least in my book he isn’t. I don’t think Kenny screwed Brian, because I think Kenny likes the kid a lot. If he didn’t why would he have traded Aaron in the 1st place? As good as Thome is and as much as I love him in a White Sox uni if Kenny didn’t like Brian he wouldn’t have made the trade. I think Ozzie doesn’t like him for some odd reason.


Here you go.

In 2001 the team was gutted by injury yet somehow had a winning record.

In 2004 the team was blown up by injuries yet somehow had a winning record.

Can the 2007 team accomplish the ‘three-peat?’ time will tell.

But face it, that’s the ONLY thing to provide any drama left in this season.

BMF ‘hate’ has nothing to do with it. I am tremendously depressed this morning knowing that the season is done and it’s just June 1st! That is sickening to me. Winning is the ONLY thing that matters and this team in Ozzie’s own words has been out of synch since last July.

I know, you being the expert, are probably saying ‘look at the Twins last year, were they done?’

Well the Twins had a bullpen to fuel them playing almost .700 baseball for a time.

I think it’s stretching it a might to even think of a scenario where the Sox could do that don’t you?

Don’t shoot the messenger BMF, try asking questions of the front office about how their ideas have all gone wrong.

Now tell me something I don’t know.

Mark Liptak

I was not suggesting that Brian be brought up in this situation. I agree he is not a lead off hitter at all. Owens is the best choice. This is our 3rd leadoff hitter to go on the DL this year. That is just unlucky.

If Kenny was really in Brian’s corner Erstad never would have been brought here to play CF, or they bring Erstad here to play LF and not resign Podsednik. Most of it was the conflict with Guillen, but Kenny seems to bow down to what Guillen wants on this team. He should have told Ozzie to get over his personality conflict because he does not have to be buddies with all his players.

anyone else feel we should be the first team to try to break away from the conventional lineup? thomes on-base% is around .500. how about a lineup of thome, dye, paulie, aj, crede, followed by interchangeable losers. we dont manufacture runs anymore… we sure as **** dont steal. so why are we bringing up rookies and throwing guys like uribe in the 2-hole??? it’ll just be giving more at-bats to easy outs.
how many people werent thinking we had to get through that 9th inning in minnesota the other day because thome, dye and paulie were coming up for the 10th? why dont we just start with that. even reduces that chance about as much as it can of seeing us lose with thome on-deck.

seriously, why not? shake it up, ozzie.

and whats with all the love for brian? great defense, sure(except when it comes to knowing where to throw the ball), but if you’re platooning with rob, you dont deserve any love. watching brian hit is like watching rob field.

Brian never should have been platooned. That was the problem. After a bad first half he hit about .260 in the second half last year. Young guys need at bats to be successful early in their careers, and it’s pretty much always been that way. At .260 we’d be praising him on this 2007 team.

Ozzie’s decision to continue to run Mackowiak out to CF last year was just proof that he is not that good of a manager. He failed to realize the talents and capabilites of Mackowiak and continued to put him in a spot where he could not succeed. That is simply poor management skills.

Remember Willie Harris? Batting .389 platooning in left field for the Braves. Sure would not hurt to have him back. He’s a guy they never should have gotten rid of.


With all due respect, Willie was a liability with the Sox.

He was a lead off type guy who could never get on base because he swung (and missed) at practically everything.

He couldn’t bunt or do the little things. He was especially miserable bunting.

He was the fastest guy I’ve ever seen who couldn’t steal bases.

I’m glad Willie’s having some success in Atlanta (it won’t last) but Cintron and Ozuna more then made up for his absence.

Mark Liptak

Everyone….we all are complaining about the Sox this year…but at least we haven’t sunk to the Cubs level. I just found out that Zambrano punched Barrett in the dug out and the 2 started going at it….so yea we are complaining but at least our guys aren’t hitting each other.

Who in here thinks that Mike Devereux and Brian Anderson have a little bit of a fling going on? Anderson was awful. Owens did more in one night for the sox than anderson did in 1 year. Willie Harris? he was also awful. I think Jim has gone insane. I’d rather bring back timo perez than willie harris. i couldnt believe hawk was trying to make the arguement that thome has had a better career than frank. are you insane hawk? i am a fan of yours…but come on that is a HUUUGE company man line. Thomas was the best player in the league for a few years. thome has rarely been the best player on his own team. get a clue hawk and quit kissing up to Kenny.

I also almost threw my remote controller through the television when i found out that jenks had been brought in for the 9th. luckily he knocked them down, but you gotta give javy the chance to throw the CG SHO especially with the bullpen being so awful lately.

now that we’ve won a game, it’s time i posted again. it’s been a long time since my last few comments primarilly because we’ve not been playing well, but also because i’ve been busy moving to a new house and that’s been all consuming for the past six weeks. i have been reading all of our faithfull’s comments /criticisms though and there’s not much to add, but i’ll try.

you all know me as an optomist when it comes to our team. this year is no exception, even though there hasn’t been too much to be positive about to date. i would remind everyone that the leaders of this team want to win even more than we do…. it’s their JOB to do so. moves not working out for Kenny is something he will fix. moves made or not made by Ozzie are subject to our scrutiny and input, but he is still our manager and as such i believe we owe him our allegiance. that brings me to injuries. we all know that is part of the game and we also know our team has been relatively injury free the past two years. look what injuries did to cleveland last year and see where they are now. to me, that is the greatest problem facing our team right now. whether we will overcome this will have to been seen as the season progresses.

the Dawn’s and Maria’s and Lisa’s and klein’s of this blog have been silenced by those of you who bemoan everything that comes out wrong for this team. we are the “rah-rah” types who simply want to enjoy watchig our favorite team play baseball and not have to catch flack for hoping they win, or believing they can win. i have noted this before, but just for the record (again). when this team has ANY adversity, there are those of you who are simply brutal in your complaints. some of you have been bit**ing since 2005 whenever we lose a game or two. when the indians were closing in on us towards the end of that majical season, some of you were giddy at the proposition that we were going to fold up and not even make the playoffs… remember? lighten up a little, maybe your blood pressure will thank you for that.

and finally, i have a yankee fan friend who still believes his team willl make the playoffs. what is the difference between his type of confidence and our doomsday mantality? he has a track record of winning and he expects to win. we don’t have that yet, however, on paper, we do have a team that is capable of winning. we do have a team that has underachieved thus far, and we do have that possibility of a turnaround in the future. i for one would prefer to think our team can win and pull for them to do so rather than constantly complain about everything they do wrong…. but i guess that’s just me….. j.k. see you soon again, i hope…..

AMEN Klein! Put me on the rah-rah list! I have been just as frustrated as everyone else, but a 6-7 game winning streak and we are in it. As I said before, I am not ready to pull the plug on this season–the prognosis is not looking good, but if the pitching holds up, I can’t believe that these bats are going to stay quiet and maybe we put some wins together. I’m not saying there isn’t reason to complain and that in the privacy of my own home and head I haven’t thought some of the things, but we have ALOT of games left against those in our division, who knows what can happen. Off of that, Owens was GREAT last night! You all know I am a BA fan, but he was the right move given the speed he has shown. Another great pitching performance (Buerhle deserved better yesterday) and an easy save for a change. Lets start a winning streak!

i never said this team is done……they can still make a run if a couple of guys wake up and start playing like they should be playing A.K.A Dye, Konerko, Crede, Iguchi, Macdougal. The starters have been solid all year. Personally id play owens in center and terrerro in left and roll with it. I think they both are fast, tererro looks like he can pop the ball when given a chance. i’m just afraid that Williams will end up trading Buerhle before the deadline..(probably will get no one that is currently helping the team like he did for Freddy). If i were the GM, Joe Crede would go. not that his value is high right now, but i think its time to give fields a shot at the hot corner. Crede’s injury problems make him almost impossible to sign plus he is hitting like my 9 year old cousin.

I couldn’t agree more with you, John and Donna. As a fellow member of the optimistic few, I want you to know that I am still here, still reading the blog daily, and yes, still excited for the current baseball season.

At least a dozen times recently, I’ve tried to compose a post asking that the whiners on this blog tone it down a bit. But I never followed through with my post. Instead, I came to realize that they are entitled to ***** about the team as much as I’m entitled to believe in the team. What is that wise adage about teaching an old dog new tricks?

But there’s a question that continues to plague me, and I’m seriously in hearing your comments: If you as a fan truly believe that the Sox season is already over, then what is the point of watching the rest of the games? Or of participating in this blog for that matter? Aren’t you just wasting your time? Wouldn’t that classify as some form of masochism? Seriously.

Have a good day, all. I’m off to “golf”. (If you try not to laugh John, I’ll try to keep my profanity on the course to a minimum.)

I’ll be the first to admit that it is rare that I post comments even though I read this blog everyday. That’s because so many of you convey my thoughts before I get a chance to. Yet, even I, a self proclaimed rah-rah girl have voiced my frustrations at the way this team has underachieved of late. That is simply because I know what they are capable of. However, after yesterday’s debacle in Neverland (Hi Tom!) I feel even more blessed that I was born to and raised by die-hard Sox fans.

Kenwo, since when have you given up on Bobby? 8 out of ten times he gets the job done. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt here, besides I’d rather have him in there than anyone else in our bullpen right now. Ozzie had to take Javy out because he had gotten himself into a bit of trouble in the 8th and thankfully got himself out of it, but he was over his pitch count and it was evident (at least to me) that he was tiring. So, I think Ozzie did the right thing taking him out when he did.

I was truly impressed by Owens’ performance yesterday and a glimmer of hope penetrated my pent up frustrations! So let’s take it from there and get on a winning streak!

But the bottom line is, no matter how bad or how good the season ends for this team each year, one thing they can count on (as long as I’m alive) is that rah-rah girl Lisa will be there cheering them on or cursing them out whichever they deserve, but ALWAYS on their side. Go Sox!


I was mostly pointing out the irony that Harris is having success playing in the outfield where he came up through the minors before the Sox moved him to the infield after getting him from Baltimore. Soemtimes a guy just needs a change of scenery after struggling like he did here.

I could be wrong, but I swear Kenwo had him not far below Carl Everett as guys they should not have gotten rid of.

I am thrilled to see what Owens did last night. About time that we see some speed. I also would like to see some more of Terrero in left. He does look like he can hit on this level, and is more of a natural outfielder than Mackowiak.

As for the optimists, sure I am negative a lot, there has been a lot of negative performances so far. I would love to be eating crow in October, but I just can’t see it happening at this point. Not in this division. I love this game and this team win or lose. I can’t quite say I am a self masochist because I just love baseball. Although maybe I am because it tortures me to see this team lose.


Here are the differences:

1. 26 World Championships.

2. Eleven STRAIGHT post season appearances.

3. The fact that if needed the Yanks will go out pick up three more players and shell out twenty million or so to get them AT THE TRADE DEADLINE.

Can the Sox make the same claim IN ANY OF THOSE AREAS?


That being said the Yanks are as dead as the Sox are this season.

Like I said just produce a winning season and retool next year.

Mark Liptak

Brother Liptak, deep in the wilds of Idaho… Mark, the happiest time I have ever had as abaseball fan was the period from 1965-1975, then in the middle ’80’s, and finally the period right prior to 1996… Why?… That’s because the **** Yank-mes went into the porta potty…CBS bought them, couldn’t cancel them, then sold them to the benevolent and never interfering owner(???) George Steinbrenner…
I have had it up to the tope of my thinning head with Yank-me fans and others WHO THINK IT IS THEIR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO WIN THE F**CKING PENNANT AND WORLD SERIES EVERY DAMNED YEAR… I got sick of them, as well as Notre Dame football fans, UCLA basketball fans,fans of the Boston Celtics,Montreal Canadiens and Green Bay Packers… Every one of those other teams I mentioned has suffred a free fall of sorts at one time or another…and I, for one, was personally DELIGHTED when it happened…

It was like the scrawny kid seeing the bully who’d been picking on him for years and years and decades finally getting the s**t kicked out of him… So, please don’t bring up the subject of the team who plays in Fort Apache, the Bronx, and will be here on Monday night, again…because I’m T-I-R-E-D of hearing about them…

To lisa munoz…Thanks, sweetie, for the shoutout, but please get the name right… It’s JURASSIC PARK AT NEVERLAND…

And I was not the least bit surprised at what went on there yesterday…When you have a hot head like Zambrano and a baby-faced assasin like Barrett put together, and the least little thing goes wrong…The 2 inch fuse on their tempers goes off like the 4th of July…or have you forgotten last May 20th at the Cell…Barrett was frustrated then, the Lightning Rod lit the fuse…and the rest was pugilistic history…

I could just picture the scene in the clubhouse at Rogers Centre…Buehrle and AJ sitting next to each other,tsk-tsking what went on…Ozzie sitting in his office, looking at another Venezuelan go off the deep end…quite a site…

As to the game, I’m surprised that no one has pointed out that Javier (third time thru the order not the charm)Vazquez pitched his best outing of ’07 to date…against a pretty good pitcher in his own right, who struck out 12 but still lost…

Offensively, thank the Good Lord for Owens and Iguchi…because the rest of the lineup did zip-ah-dee-doo-dah… then Manchild comes on for the 9th inning… 12 pitches and three outs later…hello to Brother Devereux’s correct column…

That is why baseball is the game it is… and why it will drive you nucking futz (got around THAT ONE,didn’t I, you permit it too…

Owens looks like the real deal out there. Hes fast, has a good arm ( he was a QB at UCLA) and has the speed. This kid looks good, and I hope he stays up for the show (sorry just been playing MLB 07 a lot lol) By the way…what comes around goes around. Barrett ****** punched AJ, then h e gets ****** punched himself…thought it was amusing. Read the trib and thought it was even more amusing that AJ cracked a smile when they asked who did he cheer for.


I feel dumb…Owens wasn’t a QB at UCLA my bad

Ok, anyone else cracking up at “coach Walker” in the dugout. You know if they win AJ will take all the credit!

I’m so sick of Mcdougal…..and our bullpen all together. The only sure thing we have is Jenks and Logan has been better. McDogual can’t pitch a strike, and once again the runs come with 2 outs.

Say what you wnat on this board about negativity. It is what it is. Ozzie should be fired, he’s asked for it let’s grant him his wish. Continuously bringing McBum into games where and asking him to hold down a lead is like asking a 1 year not to wet their diaper. Ozzie and McBum need to go.

That my friends was 2007 White Sox baseball.

-Nice job by the starter

-**** from the bullpen

-No hits from the offense the last 6 innings

Aardsma should be taking an early flight out today, stop in Chicago to grab some clothes and head down to Charlotte. Whatever he had going for him April is now gone. Ever since he blew that game in Detroit (on a Sunday afternoon of course) he has been awful. He is starting to get Cliff Politte face on the mound. Just that lost puzzled I want to cry look.

We need a starter to get pissed at MacDougal and just kick his *** ala Zambrano and Barrett. Maybe land him on the DL for a while.

This is sickening, and you could tell the way Hawk was talking at the end of the game it is time for drastic moves if you want a chance to turn this around.

I’m waiting for all the ‘defenders’ of this garbage bullpen to come out and continue to pontificate about how ‘great’ they are and how they’re going to ‘turn it around.’

Come out, come out where ever you are!

SEVEN blown games friends and neighbors where the team took a lead into the 7th inning and the bullpen threw it away in losing the game.


Tomorrow another ‘no-name’ pitcher goes for Toronto and it’s a Sunday….we know what’s going to happen don’t we?


Mark Liptak

By the way as bad as the bullpen was in 2006 they ‘only’ blew NINE games.

These games will surpass that by the end of the month.

Mark Liptak

mike devereux i never wanted them to get rid of carl everett. i actually was hoping they would bring him back. he had intensity and fire..something the sox have been lacking since he’s been gone. as for the game today…why on earth would you bring in macdougal? he is garbage. then they bring in thornton with vernon wells on the bench? come on ozzie this has happened before (d. lee slam off of boone logan if you recall). poor bullpen, poor managing and ultimately poor GMing have gotten the sox where they are. I am willing to sign a contract with the sox. i can throw about 79-80 and i wont walk a batter. better than macdougal can say. il also take half of his contract🙂


Like some others, I haven’t posted in a while, but have been faithfully reading this blog and following the (mis)fortunes of my beloved Sox. I prefer to remain positive, and hope for a turnaround, because it’s more fun than throwing in the towel on the season in May or June. Sometimes, Kenwo, I think the same thing you said – just leave the starter in till they drop. But then, I have another idea – starters do pitch between starts, they pitch “side sessions” and other practices. So, if the starter du jour shows signs of faltering, or reaches a “cut-off” pitch count, bring in another starter to pitch the “middle relief” and then have Bobby close out the game, if appropriate. That way, you don’t ruin a valuable starter’s arm, and you don’t let the less-than-effective bullpen lose another game.

To help the hitters, let’s break out the videos of all their successful at-bats, and let them view and review them, and get back in the groove.

I agree that the Sox can’t afford many more of these losses in a tough division like ours, but I have to hope Ozzie or Kenny will do something to turn things around.

For those who want to unload Ozzie mid-season, do you have a realistic suggestion for a replacement?

I’ve been a Sox fan for more years than I care to admit, and it’s not a job for the faint of heart. Few teams can break your heart like our beloved Sox, and that’s why seasons like 2005 are sooooo sweeeet!!

I am feeling the same pain as everyone else, but I will keep believing in my team.

If it came down to Ozzie being fired or stepping down as manager the first guy they should look at is Joe Girardi. Let’s face it, this team needs to, and will get younger. Look what Girardi did with a very young and inexperienced team in Florida last year. He taught them to play the right way.

I don’t see Ozzie being fired anytime soon. He does make some pretty dumb decisions, but he is not the one throwing the pitch or swinging the bat. You can complain all day about who he brings in to pitch, but what does it matter when nobody but Jenks is doing anything.

Throwing the starters and not paying attention to pitch counts is just ridiculous. If you take that approach I’d bet you would be using all you AAA starters by September. And I would also think there is no way the players would go for it. They have way too much to lose financially if they hurt themselves.

You would think skipping the side session and maybe going an inning or two middle relief might work, but there are a few problems with that. First of all the side sessions are usually thrown early in the day before batting practice. You could say ok today Javy you are gonna skip your side and pitch out of the pen, but what if the starter goes all the way. Then Javy either misses his side or has to stay late to do it. The other reason is in game pitches are more pressured and stressful. You just don’t want to wear down the arm.

All you have to do is look at a guy like Kerry Wood. His arm was abused when he was young. No pitch counts, pitching three time a week. Now his career is ruined, and was never able to reach his potential. These guys look at that and they see dollar signs.

Kenwo – go reread what I wrote. I know you loved Carl Everett. You spent most of last year blasting KW for letting him go.

Maybe we should let the players have long hair again and slide on the tarp when it is raining outside. Remember when all we had to worry about was that stuff.


You are absolutely correct. Joe Girardi is the guy. I appreciate what Ozzie did in 2005 and will always give him the kudos he deserves. He’s now however become this decades Mike Ditka. Big mouth, poor decisions and puts himself above the team.

Girardi must be a severe jagbag because if he wasnt he would have lasted longer as marlins manager. i wouldnt be so quick to hop onto that bandwagon. plus i hate the idea of a former cub managing my team. wait til george fires torre and go get him. but the more important question is who is going to replace that cocky arrogant GM we have. he is the one that needs to go before ozzie. him and his 3 year board can get the heck out of the windy city as far as im concerned

Per Joe Cowley in the Sun Times today MacDougal does have minor league options still. If that is the case maybe he and Aardsma should go apartment shopping in Charlotte together.


I have no trouble with sending those guys out (and others) the problem though is ‘who replaces them?’

Does anyone thing the Bukitch’s and Prinz’s of the world are any better? The guys at Charlotte and Birmingham for the most part, are JUST as inexperienced and just as shaky as the guys getting dumped!

That’s why I said Kenny is between a rock and a hard place and it’s of his own making. (for the past two seasons…)

Mark Liptak

kenwo… There is only one problem,Ken, with what you are suggesting/hoping for, regarding the starters… In today’s baseball, pitchers are TRAINED AND COACHED TO ONLY GO FIVE INNINGS… Any more effort, and the poor baby’s arms will fall off…
and then they won’t be able to hold up…er,negotiate, for new contracts every two weeks…

Brother Liptak…You and I both know, having been around this game and this team since the days of the Old Roman (that’s Charles Comiskey, who started this whole deal–for those of you out there who think that the history of this franchise began with Frank Thomas…)phenoms are a dime a dozen (talk about an antiquated phrase…),and may be better off in the obscurity of minor league baseball… or have we forgotten Rodney Bolton?…

As to Joe Girardi…he committed the prime sin — he told his windbag owner, Jeffrey Lauria, to get off the case of the umpires in a game last year… and that ticked off Steinbrenner, Jr…

So, Girardi did a marvelous job managing the Marlins, but he p***ed off the guy who writes the checks,which led to his being shown the door…

For an owner whose ego doesn’t get in the way of running the show,like Jerry Reinsdorf, who knows, the NU grad might just work out… however, according to the tabloid,Ozzie is going to be here till his contract runs out after next season, according to the Chairman…

By the way, off the track for a moment,is anyone else besides me having a field day with how the tabloid is reaming the GM and the field manager on the North Side…after praising both to the highest heavens just four months ago when all this started… which all goes to prove the old adage…

You can dress a pig up in an evening gown, but in the end, it’s still a pig…

By the way, I should not have referred to Jeffrey Lauria as Steinbrenner, Jr… I should have called him Little Steinbrenner… and that’s only because I could never get away with calling him a**hole… which is what he is to begin with…

Speaking of Steinbrenner(what a segue!!!)and the Yank-mes…Any of you who are coming out to the Cell tomorrow night(Monday)…I invite you to look out towards the RF bleachers…I believe it’s Sec 105, about 20 or so rows up… and say to yourselves… “LOOK,IT’S A BIRD… IT’S A PLANE…NO, IT’S… QUAID !!!”…
Yes, kiddies, Uncle Tommy will be out there IN PERSON to not see Roger Clemens…

What the h*ll happened? I go away for a while, they have a 3 to 1 lead, and the next time I look… Masset becomes the latest arsonist to blow one for Danks and the starters… Maybe Cooper needs to be replaced, as well as the balance of the bullpen…he doesn’t seem to able to wave the magic wand and get rid of the spell that these members of the bulls**t pen have been under…

Same **** different day!!

The fact that the White Sox are only two games under .500 is really unbelievable when you consider that they have the worst team batting avg. and the worst bullpen (except Jenks) in baseball.

OK here goes my try at optimism for 2007: The year was 2006 and the date was June 3. The Twins were 11.5 games back. We all know the rest of the story (painfully). By the way the Twins were still 11 back on June 30 as well.

The Beatles said it best so many years ago.

HELP! I need somebody…

HELP! Not just anybody…

HELP! You know I need someone.

H E L P!

and BC…not to rain on your parade but the Twins bullpen last year blew FOUR games total where they took a lead into the 7th inning or later and lost.

That’s a big reason why they played over .650 ball for two months to get back into it.

This Sox team couldn’t play .650 ball for two months if ever other team in the league forfeited.

Mark Liptak


Thought you might enjoy seeing this.

Chris Berman was just babbling at a Boston charity event on CN8 television on the East Coast.

He confessed that he is a lifetime Red Sox fan and sometimes roots for them on the air when doing ESPN games. Then said he got nasty mail from White Sox fans after the 2005 ALDS.

He said “White Sox fans go to games to drink and fight and couldn’t care less if their team wins. The Cubs fans have more passion”


There’s an old saying… better to keep quiet and be thought a fool then open your mouth and prove that you are…

This of course is the same Chris Berman who:

Butchered ‘Hawk’ Harrelson’s signature home run call during the 2003 All Star Home Run Hitting Contest at Comiskey Park and then got upset when he was called out on it.

Sox fans remember his comment following the All Star Game on SportsCenter where he said that Sox fans ‘were the worst fans in baseball,’ after booing Manager Jerry Manuel, Cub representatives, Twins players, and Indian selections. (Yet in 2004 when Houston fans booed their manager Jimy Williams, nothing was said by him…).

And they remember his comments during the 9th inning of Game #2 of the 2000 ALDS when, with the Sox playing lousy and trailing badly, fans started leaving in droves. Berman castigated them for it.

This is also the network that:

Had comments from “experts” like Jeff Brantley and Steve Phillips which many felt went beyond the lines of simply reporting. (and which ultimately prompted both of those individuals to apologize to Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.)

They remember the apologies being reported in newspapers like the Tribune as well as comments from columnist Teddy Greenstein about Brantley’s butchering of White Sox player names. (Chad Hermanson…Freddy Guzman…)

They remember the Baseball Tonight preview show the day before the 2005 season opened where in the five minute or so segment devoted to the A.L. Central the word ‘White Sox’ wasn’t uttered one time.

Nor were any of the Sox players mentioned under any circumstances by people like Peter Gammons, Harold Reynolds or John Kruk.

What they do remember is the Baseball Tonight crew talking about things like attendance issues while the club got off to its best start in franchise history as well as Brantley’s forceful comment that ‘Sox fans would be crying in their beer’ since the A.L. Central ‘belonged to the Twins.’


I here what you are saying about the pitchers that would be coming up, but can it get any worse? Probably not, so it is worth it to give one or two guys a chance to see if just maybe we can catch lightning in a bottle. The GM absolutely screwed this one up, and it will not be possible to fix it this season with guys not already in the organization. You know nobody will deal with Kenny in-season unless they are ripping him blind.

Also, great stuff about ESPN and the idiots on Baseball Tonight. I never watch it. I stopped watching in 2005 and have yet to tune in. And Chris Berman has to be one of the biggest blowhards alive. That guy is so full of himself. He is just painful to listen to.

Countdown to 2093 – 88, 87….

Aardsma and MacDougal are heading to Charlotte. Prinz and Bukitch are up.

Mark Liptak

How can they even send MacDougal down? Does he really have options left? Shouldn’t they be forced to release him?

MacDougal has an option left so he can and has been, sent down.

Mark Liptak

Well at least they are trying to do something.

Maybe the solution would be for our hitters to take live BP off our bullpen pitchers. It either fixes the bullpen or our inabaility to hit a bullpen pitcher. I’ll take either fix at this point.

Sorry Tom!!!! I’ll get it right next time I decide to quote you…thank goodness I’m not a newspaper reporter, huh? You probably coulda sued me for mis quoting you. LOL
BTW, our bullpen S**ks and I’m still disgusted, but I must be a glutton for punishment because I continue to watch and hope.


As to anything uttered, belched or any other way by any representative of the “World Wide Leader in Sports” –their slogan, by the way, not mine… consider location and the source… I used to watch Chris Berman when he lived next door to Barney Rubble… oh, I’m sorry…that was the OTHER rockhead…
Brother Liptak… as i mentioned yesterday…the bulls**tpen members of yore were Rodney Bolton and Scott Ruffcorn… then GM Ron Schueler thought the world of them, brought them both up numerous times after they lay the minor leagues to rest…then watched in horror as both pitchers got lit up like they were throwing BP…which, as I recall,would have been an accurate assessment…

Lisa… don’t worry about any plagiarism, mamma mia…I’m not the litigious type… I don’t sue at the drop of a hat…and all of us are in the same masochistic boat with you…

It will turn around — won’t it?…

Please. Let’s not trade Dye for Bobby Abreu. Please.

Don’t fear, that rumor is garbage. For one, the Yankees are not dying to get rid of a left handed hitter after losing Giambi for a month and that ******* Mientkiewicz for 2 months. They will also see what Dye has done so far this year and may fear that his best is behind him. Their GM is on the hotseat. One sour move and he is toast.

If we do start trading people like Dye it will be for young players.

Hey Scott..give us an update…is there going to be a game tonight?


The worst White Sox bullpen that I can ever recall would be the 1996 version that set the MLB record (since broken by the Orioles) for the most blown save chances.

It was headed up by such ‘stars’ as Matt Karchner, Larry Thomas and in August Tony Castillo.

It’s a miracle they finished the year with a winning record after getting off to a 40-21 start.

The best bullpens bar none were the versions from 1963 through 1967 which had such guys like Jim Brosnan, Hoyt Wilhelm, Eddie Fisher, Don Mossi, Bob Locker, Wilbur Wood and Don McMahon.

Killer bullpens…when the Sox took a lead into the late innings the game was over.

Mark Liptak

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