Homestand Opener

Monday, June 4, 2007


We are now expecting a first pitch around 6:20 pm due to the rain.  They do forecast a window that will allow us to get this game in …

Tonight’s Lineup

New Look

Owens, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; AJ, C; PK, 1B; Mack, LF; Uribe, SS; Crede, 3B.  Garland pitching.

Pregame Thoughts

Ozzie reinforced that his new look lineup wasn’t meant to punish anyone, but to give Paulie and Joe a chance to relax and put together good at-bats.  Once they do that, then he’d move them back to their normal spots in the order.  "They just need to relax," Guillen said.

He also stressed that Aardsma’s and MacDougal’s demotion to Class AAA Charlotte was not punishment either. 

"They need to go down and work on things," he said, "and we can’t afford to have them work on their problems here with us."

GM Kenny Williams also met with the media before the game and said any blame should be his.

"I’m the one responsible.  I put the roster together."

He reinforced that he still believed in the talent and character of the players in the clubhouse.  When asked where he expected to be after the first two months of the season, he did not hesitate.  "First place."

Williams joked that he is always looking for "one more move" to make a team better.

"I even thought that after we won the World Series," he said.  But that one more move isn’t necessarily always a trade, he said, pointing to the acquisition and then promotion of Bobby Jenks in 2005.

But as for possible trading a veteran for prospects, Williams challenged, "that’s not what we’re about.  We’re trying to win."

Williams did say he is making the rounds, calling other big league clubs and admitted he made more out-going calls than there were incoming.  "But it’s always like that."

And when asked about Ozzie Guillen’s self-critical comments during the road trip, Williams said:

"He can’t fire himself.

"When Ozzie talks about managing, AJ talks about catching or Buehrle talks about pitching, then listen," he said laughing.  "Otherwise, ignore them."

Random Thoughts

Would you believe …

That before the game on May 8, our bullpen ERA was 3.29?  It’s 5.57 now.

That despite our struggles, we are only three games out of the wild card in the loss column …

The White Sox are in the beginning of a stretch where they play 34 consecutive games (from 5/31-7/5) against teams without a winning record … the Phillies, who are 28-28, are the only opponent during that stretch with at least a .500 record.


Well they won the game and I’m relieved.

It does say something though about the state of affairs when you have to bring your closer in to end the game after you take a 6-1 lead into the 9th inning.

As Hawk would say…’mercy!’

Mark Liptak

Perhaps things will start to turn around. Even in the 9th, they were able to overcome the “little things” that tend to beat them…sure Damon got that infield single, but they got past it and won. Those things will happen and the resiliancy of the team will determine if they win.

It may have turned a bit “Yuugly” at the end, but I’ll take it!

And doesn’t any win against the Yankmees feel good?


GREAT stuff from Kenny. Thanks, I think we all need a laugh!

Who would have thought it would take moving Konerko to the 6 spot to get him going. Maybe Dye and Crede could take a couple turns after him.

Good effort by Garland tonight. I thought for sure Ozzie would start the 9th with the bullpen considering Jon had 114 pitches at that point. Thornton has been fairly reliable lately, so not good to see him get his confidence shaken tonight. Although I thought Iguchi should have bare handed that infield hit by Damon. The ball was practically dead by the time he gloved it and then had to rush the throw.

Heck of a play by Crede breaking up that play at second on Jeter.

Hey we scored runs against bullpen pitchers tonight!!!

Iguchi needs to start charging the ball, that was not a single he should of been charging the ball. He loves waiting back and throwing that frisbee over to Paulie making plays 10 time closer than they need to be.
I was almost laughing/crying during the 9th, there was just a hopeless feeling of here we go again.

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