Wednesday Night

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; Dye, RF; AJ, C; PK, 1B; Mack, LF; Fields, 3B; Uribe, SS.  Vazquez pitching.

Rain showers wiped out batting practice but the weather looks great at game time.

Tomorrow is the draft, and I’ll try to blog from inside the "War Room."  We pick 25th in the first round and then not again until 89th due to all the sandwich picks between the first and second rounds.


Any thoughts on who or what position we’re targeting with that 25th pick?

The talk is pitching… Phil Rogers has the Sox taking a kid out of Vandy who he says, can be immediate help in the bullpen.

Quote Of The Day: “You can’t put any emotion in when you don’t get on base. It feels like nine dead people walking.” — Ozzie Guillen to Mark Gonzales of the Tribune.

Pitching or middle infield would make the most sense because that is where we are most depleted in the organization. It will be interesting to see their approach with KW being a much larger part of this draft than he has in the past.

It would be nice to see some picks for guys that can help in 2007 or 2008, but usually a baseball draft class can’t be judged for about 4 years.

I made sure to watch Ozzie’s postgame press conference tonight expecting a little fire. The comment he made about the “nine dead people walking” was nice, but he seems like number ten the way he talks about it. He just does not seem like he has that fire inside him anymore.

Mark, in response to your questions “What’s to be positive or happy about?” “How can anyone enjoy anything that’s going on?”:

First off, thanks for asking. I think that genuine interest and a desire for understanding are important when you have two passionate parties with differing opinions.

When it comes to the team’s performance so far in ’07, I agree with you, there’s not a lot to be happy about. But for me, baseball IS more than winning or losing (although the former is certainly much more enjoyable). No, it’s about spending time with my family. About teaching my kids the fundamentals and strategy of the game. And witnessing some amazing offensive and defensive talent on the field, even if it isn’t the Sox who are wowing me. It’s about being at the Cell and soaking in the atmosphere. About taking my son up to Fundamentals and watching him field balls or outrace Scotty. It’s about visiting other teams’ parks. We’re heading to Philly next week. That’ll make 26 ballparks that we’ve seen the Sox play in. All those things make me happy.

Of course I want the Sox to win. I take the game seriously, and can and do get frustrated when they play poorly. But I see no point in dwelling on it. For me, that kind of negative energy is simply not productive. I know we differ on this, but I DON’T believe that I personally have the power to make any change within the Sox organization. I am a season ticket holder, but no way would I pull the plug because we’re losing right now. Wouldn’t that be the very definition of fair-weather fan? Didn’t we just have the time of our lives less than 2 years ago?

Anyway, that’s where I stand. It may not make sense to you, but I’m happy the Sox are here in Chicago, and still proud to be a Sox fan.

That may be the best post I’ve ever read on this board. Well done Maria!

So much for Casey Weathers. He went 8th!!! He would have been able to possibly help this year being that he is 22 and has not had to log a ton of innings being Vandy’s closer.

Well said Maria. I’ve always enjoyed your posts and the posts of our other optimists like jklein, bethany, krtrepac, donna, dawn, manausa, etc. It’s good to have balance in all aspects of life, Sox blogs included.

That said, I don’t know where all the vitriol for Mark is coming from. The man speaks the truth. Further more he provides stats to back up his opinions. I don’t doubt for a second Mark’s allegiance to the Sox. And I don’t believe pessimists are any less of fans than optimists, it’s just a difference of perspective, a different way of dealing with the season. The classic battle of kleiniacs vs. dreiferians.

This has been a hard season for fans. I for one am thankful Scott created this site where we can all come to celebrate, commiserate, or just ***** if you feel like it. I know I’m guilty of the latter, but honestly it helps me. I feel better after griping on here and it goes back to Maria’s point about how much a fan can actually affect a change in an organization.

Probably not a whole lot, true, but at least in my mind I’m voicing my concerns, my passion, my perspective…

In any case, I’ll be a Sox fan for the rest of my life and don’t plan on leaving this blog anytime soon so if I’ve offended anybody here with my harsh comments I apologize. There are a lot of different people who frequent this blog with the one commonality (aside from that Texas Derangedrs fan) being our love for the White Sox.

Anyway, let’s get the split with the Yanks tonight fellas.

Amen Maria! I agree with hinthorn. There have been many great posts on this blog especially coming from Klein and Quaid but that was BY FAR the best comeback to pointless ranting that I have EVER read. Congrats!
To Mark…play nicely please!


Maria, nicely said! I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you. I was at the game last night and I’ll be there again on the 18th. I hoped against hope they’d win, but, nonetheless, I was there with my son, my sister and my nephew and it was a wonderful night because I was with people I love, in a place I love, watching a team I love play a game I love. I watch the games on TV every night with my son and daughter and we talk, cheer, yell together. I bet we watch 100+ games a year and that’s a nice chunk of time spent with two teenagers. 🙂

As for Mark, the beauty of the mouse is, you can scroll right past his posts without reading them.

Go Sox!


I give you lots of credit for not being as affected by winning or losing. Obviously you are a great fan, and probably feel much better when the team is winning, but some of us just can’t accept losing as easily. Not saying that you do at all, but I guess some just expect more. The competitor in me just can’t take losing the way we have this year.

I am one of those people who just does not like to lose. I would not say I am a poor loser, but always looking for a way to improve to win the next time. I don’t see this team as a whole trying to improve, and to me that means they are accepting their fate rather than creating it.

White Sox fans for the most part are smart fans. If they play like garbage or put garbage on the field we will not show up unlike the dopes on the northside. I’m not calling for a protest, but when it comes down to it the fans can cause a change. I’m sure Mr. Reinsdorf and his business partners have been very happy with the great increase in attendance the last 3 years, and would like to keep it that way.

I’m sure complaining on here won’t make any changes in the lineup, roster or how a player performs, but it is a place to vent as most blogs are.

Those ripping Mr. Liptak should layoff a bit. He provides great insight to this community, and his experience outweighs most of us combined.

Great post Maria! I guess with younger kids you see things a little differently. I’m just as frustrated with this year as the next guy, but so look forward to my first trip to The Cell later this month because I love watching my kids coax a ball out of a player during batting practice, the shine on their face when they finally do, the excitement my son gets beating Scotty Pods in Fundamentals, and watching the intro on the scoreboard before the game. We also take in games out of town wherever we go on vacation and even work our vacation around the baseball schedule!!Baseball is something our whole family gets into, its a common bond. We complain when the Sox are playing bad and rally with them when they win. Sounds alot like what this family here is doing! Like it or not, most of us have the Sox in our blood and have since being kids. Lucky for us it isn’t fatal! Frustrating sometimes, but not fatal!


The biggest difference between us it appears is that you have kids and a family.

My son is 27, married, with no kids (yet.)

I don’t have the example responsibilities that you appear to have.

I’ll make my position clear on this, I LOVE the White Sox, have been a fan since 1960, have worked in the media since 1979, know folks in the front office, know members of the media, interview former players every month for a different publication.

Again I LOVE the White Sox, but unlike many I don’t love baseball.


My point is when the Sox are bad, I could care less…not one iota about the sport. I don’t care how the Reds are doing, or the Mariners, or if Joe Blow struck out 23 in a game.

It means absolutely nothing to me.

If the Sox aren’t in the post season (especially with the taste we were all given in 2005) I don’t watch one pitch, one inning, one game.

I simply DO NOT care.

My library (literally) of Sox audio goes back to 1952, I have TV video going back to 1961. I tape anything and everything I get my hands on for research purposes. However if the Sox have a losing season literally everything is erased except for very unusual, bizarre circumstances (i.e. say a no-hitter.)

To me it’s ALL about one thing and one thing only, winning. Period.

The fact that the weather’s nice at the park, or it’s a great kosher dog or the beer is cold means absolutely nothing. I watch every pitch and at the end of the day, I only care about the score.

If that offends some, frankly, to bad. I’m ‘offended’ by the garbage performance so far…so I guess it evens out.

I also agree 100% with Palehoses. Boards are for venting.

Besides if you think I’m rough, you should hear what is said off the record by folks in the game, and that includes some of the Sox.

Mark Liptak

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