Thursday’s Lineup

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Iguchi, 2b: Thome, DH; Konerko, 1B; AJ, C; Fields, 3B; Mack, CF; Cintron, SS; Terrero, RF.  Contreras pitching.


Looks like Scott is finally admitting that our lineup is nonexistent🙂

Never mind my first comment, the lineup was originally blank when first posted.

However, I don’t think Owens and Mack are both playing CF.

sadly im not even looking forward to watching this game whatsoever

I’ve often wondered which is worst: having good starting pitching but terrible hitting, or having good starting pitching but terrible relief pitching. Fortunately, the White Sox have given me a taste of both.

Looks like Prinz and Pukevich (no that’s not a misprint)have fit right in with the bullpen’s mentality this season. And these guys were supposed to be an improvement right?


Mark Liptak

This seems like a bad dream that I just can’t wake up from.

Why doesn’t Ozzie understand that Jenks can be used in non-save situations?!?! I am so sick on this **** bullpen!

Hey let’s all have some fun!

Like some of the posters yesterday were saying…’it’s all good right?’ ‘doesn’t matter if you win or lose or are just going through the motions right?’

Tell you what, how about we swap jokes? Let’s turn this into The White Sox Iprov Show!

I’ll start: (drum roll please)

I understand the White Sox bullpen has decided to go into a side business.

They’re going to call themselves ARSONISTS INC.!


“It’s funny cause’ it’s true!” — Homer Simpson.

That’s 3 and 11 in the last 14 games friends and neighbors.

Woops can’t be negative, can’t let facts get in the way of being delusional!

Mark Liptak

I feel like we’re in some kind of Groundhog Day (the movie) scenario – same game, different opposing teams. Can’t wait to see the end of this awful movie!

I can understand a team going through a bad period, but how can a group of good players like we have all stink at once for so long. It’s just becoming mind boggling wondering why they can’t and if they will ever snap out of this.

I did not come into this season expecting to make the playoffs (hoping we would) because of how good this division is, but I did not expect to be chasing down the Royals.

Darned if I know why we didn’t use our best player, Bobby Jenks. Look at the bright side though: No long lines at Sox Fest next year!

You really are an arrogant ar$e Mr. Liptak. You may love the Sox and be right about all that you say, but you really are a p_r_i_c_k.

I SO agree with you right now b pierce…I used to read Liptak’s posts because of the stats that he would provide…Now, he provides stats but is arrogant and rude as well. Who needs it? We’re all pretty frustrated as it is so why add fuel to the fire?
Mark, I just wish you would stop being so condescending to those of us that enjoy the game of baseball in and of itself!

We all LOVE the White Sox, that’s a given here on this site (most of the time). But there are so many other aspects to the game itself that those of us who actually have a life enjoy. Maria so eloquently provided many of those examples.

And if you have been a Sox fan as long as you say you have then you should be used to being let down season after season (prior to 2005). The only difference between then and now is that we now know (thanks to 2005) what the nucleus of this team is capable of. But in reality what the h_e_l_l can we do about it? Absolutely freakin’ NOTHING!

So, yeah, you are entitled to your opinion and unfortunately, you are also entitled to express it here on this site, but can you at least find it within yourself to not be so disrespectful about it? Jeez!


Lineup looks like a 8th inning spring training lineup. The play like it also. Kenny has made some totally horrible decisions. Very hard to watch a group of overpaid men just go through the motions. Ah, we have 2005.


You bring up some good points.

I don’t apologize for my comments (especially in view of what others have said about me –notice I’ve never used any ‘forbidden’ words to describe the ‘Pollyanna’s)but you have some valid comments.

As posted in another thread (which you may have missed) when the Sox are doing badly (or are under .500) I don’t watch, listen or read ANYTHING about baseball. I care about the Sox, not the sport itself.

Obviously some others buy into the idea of ‘sunshine, cold beer’ and so forth.

I don’t get frustrated when the Sox stink, I get angry and have the ability to write in some ‘creative’ ways expressing that. (and get paid for it to boot!)

What I’ll try to do is produce the numbers and reserve comments…there are some others on the site who have freely expressed their disgust, frustration and embarassment over the performance of the club. That should be good enough, and give some of the other ‘optimists’ a new target.

Fair enough?

Mark Liptak

Alright already, we know. You get paid by WSI to write about the Sox. How could we ever forget with you telling us every other post.

This is pathetic. I can usually feel good about the Sox by looking at the Cubs games. My wife, a life long Cubs fan, said after A-Rods blast, ‘Man they look like the Cubs in the June swoon!’
OUCH! Ozzie should learn to handle his pitchers better or get rid of Don Cooper, I don’t know which.

If you get rid of Coop, you should also get rid of Walk. He hasn’t been able to get even one of these guys out of their slumps.

Thanks, Mark. No hard feelings okay? We’ll save those for our currently flailing beloved team.

B Pierce:

As someone who actually knows the real Billy Pierce you are an embarrassment to his name.

Oh and for the record, I get paid by four different media outlets.

Thanks for playing!

Mark Liptak

Thanks for letting us know…..AGAIN! I know you have to keep telling us that so you feel important or whatever, but please build up your self confidence on your own time.

Thanks for playing!

Brian Pierce


Also for the record I do NOT get paid by WSI.

I and a number of other talented individuals volunteer our time and efforts for that particular site.

Take a Lexapro and calm down, my friend.

Mark Liptak

Mark: After reading your reply from yesterday, I walked away feeling that you and I can both “live” on this blog together respectfully. Your perspective on the Sox is quite interesting to me, and frankly, one I’ve never encountered.

But in my opinion, poking fun at someone’s name (i.e. B.Pierce) is a cheap shot.

Go ahead and play, but please… play nice!

There you go talking yourself up again. Don’t worry buddy, others may already enjoy your writing and think you are talented without having to tell them.


I’ll certainly try.

Mark Liptak

Im new to this board, but I am for sure not new to watching the Sox underachieve! I get sick to my stomach watching these guys look—well, like the Cubs out there. Im not gonna go blame the coaching staff either–these guys should know better! Theyre the top of the line (sorta) ballplayers–but play w/o any heart at all. It seems that this team hasnt recovered from last year when they went into a nose dive out of playoff contention only to watch the Tigers,who they beat the **** out of in the season series, get knocked out by the Cardinals, another team the Sox beat the **** out of. Thing is, what I see this year and in the latter half of last year is a familiar Sox, sorry to say.
Im frustrated at what Im seeing out of the Sox this year, very frustrated and disappointed. Im sorry, Im not a Cub fan who is the eternal optimist–I see the writting on the wall, this team is headed towards dismantlement–fast. If things dont dramtically change–SOON, Kennys gonna trade everyone who has value away. We all know he will too! Guess this is a wasted year of baseball for us Sox fans, thank the lord for 2005!

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