World Series Rematch

Friday, June 8, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Iguchi, 2b: Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Fields, 3B; Mack, LF; Terrero, RF; Uribe, SS.  Danks pitching.

Dye needs another day for his knee.


The Astros just have to love coming back here to play us.  It would really stink.

Tonight marks the return of El Caballo to U.S. Cellular Field.  It was good to see Carlos.  Let’s hope he is quiet this weekend.

The Sox and Astros have shared struggles recently.

Lance Berkman is appealing his suspension and is hitting third in the Houston lineup today.

Windy City Sox Fans

I went along with Ozzie to the Windy City Sox Fans luncheon at Polo Cafe this afternoon (if you haven’t eaten at Polo Cafe, you definitely need to.  It is located at Morgan and 33rd on the left-hande side).

Ozzie signed autographs for the crowd and then did a Q & A session with WSCR’s Chris Rongey.

Among the best of his lines …

"Ozzie ball … remember that?" as Ozzie waved his hand in the air indicating how many years it’s been since we saw it.

He recounted his conversation with JD during last night’s game.

"You guys are boring," Guillen said to his right fielder with a chuckle.

"Remember, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish," Guillen quoted his right fielder as saying.

"We’ll," Ozzie answered.  "Can you guys start tomorrow?"

On last night’s game …

"We played really well for seven innings and played like Fantasy Camp for two."

On his team’s late inning struggles …

"I am going to call Bud Selig and ask if the White Sox can play the seventh, skip the eighth and just play the ninth."

On Mark Buehrle’s pursuit of 100 wins …

"My wife and I drank that champagne (Guillen had been saving to celebrate) the other night," Guillen said joking.  "I had been saving it, but I told her, let’s drink it, he might not win another.

"Now that I drank it, he’ll win No. 100.

"He should have won six of his last seven starts.  Marks one of my favorite players on and off the field.  He’s special, real special.  He just wants to win for the team, not himself, the team."

On the Braves’ Class AA manager who was recently ejected for a theatrical display during a game …

"I called Bobby Cox to give him some strategy on the Cubs.  I told him to hurry up and get ejected because I had a box of cigars to send him when he broke the record.

"I asked him if he could picture himself laying on the ground like that.  He said, ‘yes, but who would pick me up afterward?’"

On what he likes best and worst about being a major league manager …

"What I like best is the game, the 2 1/2 to 3 hours of competition each night.  What I hate most is the other 21 hours."

On using Bobby Jenks more …

"I can’t ask Bobby to take care of someone else’s responsibility and risk his being injured or not being available to us down the road."

On blame for the team’s performance to date …

"Who do you blame, the player making $15 million or the coach making $80,000?  We’ve got the same ballclub as the one that won in 2005.  We’ve just not performed.  It’s always the coaches and managers who get blamed when the players don’t do their jobs.  That just the way it is," he said with a shrug.

On Joe Crede’s health …

"I really appreciate the effort for him to play through the pain in his back.  In the fifth inning of one game last week, he came up to me and said, ‘Ozzie, I don’t feel my legs.’

"Two days later he was back in the lineup."

To close the session, a fan told Ozzie:

"Ozzie, two years ago, you gave us the thrill of a lifetime.  Thank you for that."

Ozzie responded:

"My job is to get you another one.  I want you to feel proud to be a White Sox fan and I want to win again so that I can make $50 million a year."


That’s all folks …


Once Again …Great Post Scott!!! Very entertaining!
Here’s hoping for an immediate start to a decent finish!


Very entertaining post. Hopefully we win tonight and I won’t need to reread to get me in a good mood!

Another good post Scott. Especially like that exchange between Ozzie and JD.

A little entertainment to break the stress nice. Any one ask him why the Sox have made 6 errors over the last 6 games with several wild pitches as well?

New nickname the Sloppy South Siders!

Is this nightmare ever going to end?

Hawk and DJ spent a lot of time talking about the draft tonight and the players who get selected in the later rounds based on their desire to play the game. Sure sounded to me like Hawk was taking a shot at this team.

the team stinks. im back to negative kenwo…i dont have to say much about the game you all seen it. garbage. the sox should go 20-6 (they are already 0-1) over the next 26 games. if they go any less than 18-8 the GM, Manager, Coaching staff should all be fired. a new gm should clean house of all of these over paid non producing pieces of filth. id rather see “the kids can play part 2”.. and i dont mean anderson, sweeney, fields, owens or any of the young losers that are already infesting the team. new ones from other teams will be fine with me. trade aj, crede, dye, konerko, iguchi, jenks, all of them. im sick of their tired ridiculous act. (id trade jenks not because he is bad but because he is worthless on a team that never has the lead anyway). id also clean house of the dope that decided to announce “welcome back to chicago ROSS GLOAD!” and then when carlos lee, who did more in 1 week for the sox than gload did in 5 years, have no mention of him returning to the southside. awful. by the way lee should still be on the sox. what a god awful move that was. seriously who would trade lee for pathetic? are you kidding me? if you were going to make a move like that it should have been i have a bad year every other year paulie konerko and moved c lee over to first. and give terrerro a shot for god sake. he looks like he could be a spark plug. let him play. boy do these guys make me sick.

im canceling my seasons tickets next year. hopefully the 10 dollar monday thru thursday upper deck tickets go back into play because noone goes to watch this anyway.

They keep playing like this and you can bet the half price days will be back because attendance is going to drop through the floor.

Does anyone, by any chance know were to get audio of the Bruce Levine/Ed Lynch “without me you dont have a job” interview? It is driving me nuts, I cant find it anywhere.


I was at the luncheon and had a great time. Kudos to Ozzie for showing up during a strech where surely the last thing he wanted to do was get grilled by fans.

I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to say hello and thank you for the great work you do, so instead I’ll just tell you now!


You’re blog is exceptional. You continue to provide insight and perspective in both the up and down times. Regardless of how the team is playing right now, nice to be reminded how much the guys still want to win. I am finished with any nay saying because at the end of the day I like this team no matter what.

Who knows maybe, just maybe the boys will get as hot as long as they have been cold?


scott, dont do anymore draft coverage until we can make a fricking first round pick that proves to be at least DECENT for the first time since alex fernandez. who does the scouting anyway? whoever it is should be canned

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