Good Morning, Philadelphia

Monday, June 11, 2007

Road Trip

I am with the team in Philly for the next two days (flying home after the game tomorrow night), and I received a few strange looks on the plane yesterday afternoon (like, "what are you doing here?")

I travelled with the team on almost every trip from 1991 to about 1998 or 1999, so it didn’t seem strange to me.

I haven’t seen the new ballpark here and wanted to scout it out a bit.  I can say hello to Aaron Rowand and Freddy and then head back to Chicago.

Last night, Ed Farmer, Herm Schneider, Chris Singleton and I eschewed the final Sopranos episode (my wife said it was very ordinary) and headed out to a late dinner at Capitol Grille.  AJ, his wife, Jim Thome, JD, John Danks and Toby Hall were also at a table.

Singy was star-struck by Patty LaBelle, who dined next to us.  Herm leaned over and said to Patty, "he wants to meet you," pointing to Chris.

Chris and Ed walked over to say hello and talked to the stage and screen star, who was very polite and friendly.

Farmio entertained us, telling stories about his first spring training as a rookie with the Indians in Tucson, Arizona.  I can’t imagine a big league club using the visiting "clubhouse" at Hi Corbett for six weeks, but they did.

It seems Farmio’s pitching coach hated him and the two butted heads (can you imagine that?)  Great stories all around.

Marinanne Rowand came in and was waiting to meet Aaron for dinner.  The Phillies team plane from KC was later given the long game, but he was just a few minutes behind us when we left.  I’ll see him today at the ballpark.

Then, I returned to the hotel to see the end of the Braves game, which they won in interesting fashion.

All-in-all, a good evening.

If you wonder what we do on the road, it usually amounts to this (at least for the PR guys):

-field calls from Philly media looking to talk to Jim Thome about his return

-Answer emails via my blackberry

-Talk to office several times

-Catch up on some sleep and some work-related reading

-Have two conference calls, one with consultants we use and the other a weekly staff meeting in Chicago

-Workout (I am proud to say that I’ve lost 14 pounds since spring training but unfortunately, will still need that high bllod pressure medicine … is it the job or genetics?)

-Head to the ballpark (later today than usual for me.  Usually, it’s by 3:30.  Tonight around 5:30 because of conference calls).  Pat O’Connell is on the trip to handle the daily media requests and duties.

-Check in with Ozzie and the clubhouse

-Take in the game (I am going to sit in the stands for this one)

-Bus back to the hotel

-Answer any late-night emails/calls

-To bed

Tough life …


Now I really can’t wait to get there. Let me know if you discover any must-see’s within the ballpark (or must-eat’s, for that matter).

Let’s keep the winning streak going!

And if you happen to see Naperville’s own Harry Kalas in the press box, please tell him he has a long time fan and admirer in Chicago, whom he met many years ago when a gentleman named Ralph Buehlman was their radio engineer at Wrigley Field…(I would call it what I normally do, but he wouldn’t understand it…)
Imagine that… Ed Framer butting heads with someone… hard to believe…

Great insight into your day in Philly. Thanks for the post Scott. Hopefully the Sox take a liking to the ballpark and spank the Phils. Get ’em tonight before they toss Hamels at you tomorrow.

Scott, you work very hard at your job. But any job in which part of the duties ential “take in the game” can’t be too bad.

ok, now i REALLY want your job….they have some GREAT french fries in left field – covered in old bay seasoning – delicious.

Maria (and all),

My dad and I went to Philly last year as part of a Jacobs/PNC/Citizen’s/RFK tour.

You’ll like it, lots to see at the park, which is situated oddly in the middle of nowhere. They have player statues in and outside the park, but they are larger than life. I prefer the USCF life-size ones in the concourse. The outfield has a decade-by-decade history of baseball in Philadelphia that’s pretty detailed. I’d like to see the White Sox do something similar.

Be sure to visit Greg Luzinski in the right-field corner. He has a BBQ restaurant there and was around for the game we were at. Close by there are “crab fries,” which my dad and I thought were actual pieces of crab, but were a little embarrassed to discover were just french fries. Tons of cheesesteak stuff if you’re so inclined.

I’m vegetarian, so the cheesteaks and BBQ don’t apply to me. I found the pizza there (Peace Pizza or something like that) to be really good. I daresay better than ours in Chicago.

For the record, I thought Pittsburgh and Cleveland were better parks, but Philadelphia is a real nice one too.

Hope that helps. Have a great time when you go.

More importantly, here and now, let’s sweep the Phillies into such sadness that they send Aaron back to us!



Tell Aaron we all said hi. Would love to have him back.

WSCR radio is reporting that Crede will have back surgery tomorrow and will be lost for the rest of the season.

These injuries have gone beyond the law of averages haven’t they?

This is 1973 all over again and is the 3rd season in the past seven ruined by guys getting hurt. (along with 01 and 04).

Mark Liptak


Wow, how about all the clutch hitting tonight. Adam Eaton comes into the game with about 6.00 ERA and we can not score a single run off him. Having lost 13 of 16 pir winning percentage is actually lower than our batting average. That is emnarassing!

Oh and tomorrow we get lefty Cole Hamels (96 K’s leads the NL) whom we have never seen before, and to close out the series we get a call up from AAA. Enjoy the sweep Phillies fans.

Glad I don’t get WCIU. I would watch and be very disappointed. Now I can enjoy my evening.

Couldn’t agree with you more b_pierce. It’s times like these that I’m thankful I don’t get WCIU. And as Jim noted, Cole Hamels is the perfect storm of pitching as far as the White Sox are concerned. Young, lefty, unknown to the batters…

This nightmare just keeps on. I read an article this morning where Rowand was asked about the Sox struggles and he sounded like he pitied us. A man we threw out like last weeks garbage pities us! That’s royal. Nonetheless it was good to see Rowand even if he was in a different uniform. And that Philly lineup is impressive. You got speed and power in the front (Victorino, Rollins), followed by Utley and Howard (who showed us why Thome is so expendable). All good young players in their prime producing. Take notes Kenny and Rick Hahn, that’s what the top and middle of a lineup should look like in years to come.

NO more broken acquisitions, NO more old and overpriced acquisitions, NO more heartless acquisitions!

This team is an embarassment to it’s fans, to it’s city, and to itself. There was a point last night when Dye was “hitting” (or rather doing his best impression of someone hitting) that I just started laughing hysterically. He looks so horribly clueless up there. He’s like one of those old family dogs that you love so much but is getting a little too long in the tooth. You keep glancing at that shotgun wondering if today is the day where you take him out back and put him out of his misery. And before enraged fans and PETA members jump on my back, I don’t advocate killing Jermaine Dye or otherwise enacting the Ol Yeller treatment but ****! This is really getting hard on the eyeballs not to mention the heart.

These players should seriously consider donating a sizeable portion of their 2007 salary to a charity of their choice cause they know as well as we do they have done nothing to earn that money.

Kind of strange that Scott left out the part where Sox players at the restaurant were loud/obnoxious, using obscene language, and getting in an argument with Labelle.

I guess that’s what the PR guy is for though.

Trade Gio for Aaron. He’ll probably just be another McCarthy, not amounting to anything, anyway. We just can’t seem to get any young pitchers clicking these days, not since Beurhle. Hey Mr. Pierce, where did you here that stuff?

It’s being reported on the Chicago radio stations and in some Philly newspaper. I’ve been trying to find a reliable source. If I do I’ll post the link.

I believe Aaron is a free agent at the end of the season. He has said more than once he wants to come back to the Sox. I’d be shocked if the Sox traded for him being that this is pretty much a lost season.

In all fairness to the altruism of Sox players, I was touched by Tadahito’s generous donation to that little boy who needed surgery. I think it was around $10,000 that Tadahito shelled out to help the family. Nobody can ever accuse the Sox players of not being good people. Iguchi’s biggest hit of the season and he should be proud of it.

The Joe situation is an interesting one. On one hand I’m glad he’s getting fixed because he clearly wasn’t 100% on the other hand you wonder why he didn’t opt for surgery in the offseason. It seemed like a chronic situation that wasn’t going to get any better without surgical intervention. Ah well. We’ll be getting a good, hard look at the young Fields.

Lastly, will he command more $ than the Sox are willing to pay? This will be Aaron’s first try at the free agent market, it will be interesting to see what he commands. Regardless, we all think the season is done, but I’m not so sure KW is willing to concede as of yet.

Hindsight on Joe. I think he was just hoping to get in one more good year, get the big contract, and buy a little more time until the surgery was absolutely necessary. Seems like that time came quicker than he expected.

I agree, Aaron will have more money offered to him by other teams, but he is the kind of guy that would give a discount to a team he wants to play for and not think twice about it.

KW is just putting on a front right now to keep the turnstyles turning. He knows just as well as a smart fan that this season is a bust. I’m sure he is hoping that a miracle will occur like the rest of us, but he knows the time to sell is soon.

This season is a bust? In the end maybe so, Twins of 2006 and Indians of 2005 tell a different story however.

It’s worth the hope and I stress hope!

A very very very faint hope. A miracle would describe it better. Last years Twins team had such a good bullpen that once their hitters got it going they were unstoppable. Unfortunately we don’t have that luxury. The 2005 Indians were pretty good most of the year, we just fell back to them when we slumped for a few weeks.

Im just wondering when the wholesale salary dumping for prospects will begin? Im thinking the All-Star break is it. Im very thankful Im in Florida living now for if I was up in Chicago this season would make me way more sick! I feel for my fellow Sox fans up there, its pathetic the way our team is “playing” this year.

On that note, I saw what the Indians managed to do from all their trades last year, so Im hoping when (and we all know its gonna happen) KW dumps salary he gets some good young players ready for the majors next year. Granted even if theyre ready next year they may not perform great right away–but at least a new core will be formed and may lead to a more prosperous team in the years to come.

Greetings from not-so-sunny Philly. Just wanted to thank you, Brett, for your suggestions. We hopped an early flight and took a tour of the ballpark. Very nice. Already scoped out Bull’s BBQ. Now if we can just get this game in. Seriously, it’s coming down fierce. Lighting, winds, and lots of rain. (Quaid, are you here? Did you bring this on?) Oh yeah… a win would be nice, too. How ’bout it, guys?! Go Sox!

Maybe it will be rained out and the Sox will miss Hamels.

Word has it Freddy Garcia got bad results from an MRI today. He may be out for the year. I did not get specifics as to the problem, but I hear it is not good and surgery may be required.

I read this blog everyday but don’t post very often. Sure wish it were happier times around here. I keep hoping against hope they will turn things around maybe when Pods and Darin are back from the DL things will get a little brighter. I saw on ESPN a report that Freddy needs Rotator cuff surgery and he is done for the season. Even though the trades for Freddy are in the minors those guys are young and could improve on their pitching and be on the upside to come to the Sox to pitch. It looks like Kennny knew what he was doing. GO SOX !!!WE NEED A WIN ESPECIALLY AGAINST A WINNING LEFTY PITCHER LIKE HAMMELS TO BOOST CONFIDENCE. YOU NEVER KNOW !!!!IT COULD HAPPEN. STRANGER THINGS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO OCCUR!!!I WILL BE WATCHING THIS GAME ON TV AS I HAVE ONLY MISSED A COUPLE OF GAMES THIS YEAR HOPING FOR A WIN!!! CAROL

I hate to say it but Greg Walker must be fired immediately!!!!! A new hitting coach might be the spark that this club needs. Soon the only other option that will remain will be another “White Flag” sale.

How in the WORLD is Jim Thome not playing AT ALL in Philly??!!!

Back to back jacks Konerko and Ol Yeller!

14 losses in the last 17 games.

Amazing…simply amazing.

Don’t look now but the Royals are actually getting bigger in the Sox rear view mirror for last place.

Mark Liptak

After the top of the first I really thought maybe we could score some runs tonight. Sure it was 2 solo shots, but maybe it was a start. Well it was the end too(yes Terrero hit a meaningless homer later, but is he ever not swinging for the fences). Contreras was just flat out awful. He throws so many pitches to each batter it’s no wonder he can’t get deep into games.

A thought I had tonight: You know you are in trouble when Juan Uribe is batting 5th!!!

I also made a mistake last night when I laid out the pitching rotaion for the Phils, it is AA call-up going tomorrow for them not AAA as I had written. If they don’t beat the snot out of a AA pitcher then blow up this team.

Good Morning Sox Fans,
I hail from Philadelphia and have been a Phillies fans all my life. Over the last few years I have also become a Jim Thome fan. We sure do miss him in Philly and as you know he returned this week to play against us. My Wife surprised me for my birthday with tickets to last nights game. We wore our Thome jerseys that we had bought when he was still here. Well, the highlight of the night was being able to meet Jim briefly before the game and he was nice enough to sign our jerseys. I told him how we miss him and wished him luck in the game. He shook my hand, looked me square in the eye and thanked me for coming to the game. He is a true gentleman and wish you all the best with him and your team. Good luck with the rest of your season.



Love the blog, but have never posted. The recent insights from Scott have been great, please keep ’em coming.

Went to the game last night with my 4 year old…it was the first time to Citizens Bank and I have to say it was a great ballpark. Good food, great sightlines, and despite our Sox apparel, the Phillies fans were very nice. There were quite a lot of Sox fans in the crowd and a ton of Thome and Rowand jerseys (both Phillies and Sox).

Too bad the losing continues. One strange thing happened though: I only took 3 pictures of batters during the game- Paulie, JD, and Terrero right before they each hit a HR.

Going again today, but without the camera…it freaked me out a little. (Maybe I should sell it Greg Walker.)

Hey, Schanz, you should have brought the camera and taken a picture of Danks at the plate. If he hit a homer, I’d personally deliver that camera to Walker, he’s run out of all other ideas at this time, anyway. Hey, gameday said Thome grounded out softly in his first at bat today. Must be an understatement, since he was thrown out by the catcher!

Really cool how Jim got cheered loudly in Philly. Unlike at Jacobs field where Indians fans disrespected him.

Absolutely pitiful (but exactly what I predicted). How does a major league team manage only 6 hits and 3 runs off a AA pitcher in 6 innings! One would think, hey AA pitcher, maybe we can knock him around and get on a roll. Not this sad bunch of losers!

Sox were 14-4 vs. the NL last year. So far they are 2-7 this year. WOW!!! The combined winning percentage of the NL teams we have played so far is .466! And so far in the first 10 games of the long stretch we have against teams that were .500 or below we are 2-8. Watch out KC here comes the Sox.

I must say this really, really, really really SU**S!!!!!

What’s up with Jose hitting AAron TWICE!!!?? What the heck is all that about?

To top it all off Aaron hits a grand slam in today’d debacle!!! AMAZING!!!!******** I really, really, really miss having Rowand on this team. I’m praying HARD that he’s back in this team next season. It seems that is all that is left to hope for this year. Utterly depressing.

I’m really gonna miss Joe!!
(I haven’t really made this well known on here, but he’s absolutely my favorite player.) As to how long he’ll be out, I’ve heard anything from two months to the rest of the season, so I hope we hear for sure how long very soon.

Scott, can we send get well cards?

WOW, absolutely pathetic! We are fast falling into KC’s domain. Im wondering when KW is gonna call it a season and start trading the dead weight away. This is sad to me, after the Sox aquired Thome I was thinking the Sox were gearing up for a few years of championship caliber baseball, boy was I wrong–no fault of Thome mind u. This lack of offense is gonna have to be accounted for sooner or later. THis pathetic state of things must be recognized and dealt w/ accordingly. Im one of them types who shies away from blaming coaches for professional’s incompetence, but in this matter, firing Walker might send the proper message that “produce or ur job is on the line!”. Results equals longevity in all sports and lack of results equals an exit! The hard truths of sports, especially in a big market like Chicago.

I just hope once KW starts his wholesale trading we get some great prospects and ready to go young players in return.

BTW–sorry ot double post but I must congratulate Aaron Rowand for his success in Philly, I was sad to see him go. His style of playing is what I love, hard nosed! “Crash” Rowand as me and my friends used to call him deserves his success!

Somehow it seems symbolic that he would toss the final shovel full of dirt on this Philly series w/ his Grand Slam. I would love to see him patrolling CF for us once more!

It is beyond comprehension how this team can look this bad.

I understand about the injuries, I understand they don’t have a bullpen but still…3-15 with a lot of games against similar bad teams.

This club is reminding me in many ways of the White Sox teams from 1968, 1969 and 1970.

You’d look at their roster and see a lot of talent. Names like Herrmann, John, Aparicio, Horlen, Melton, Wood, Berry and Walt Williams, yet when it came time to play they were horrid.

Sporadic hitting (like now), bad pitching (like now.)

Even worse what may be happening now is something Ed Herrmann told me in an interview about those teams, that is, that the mind set was totally destroyed. Herrmann said it got to the point the players were coming to the park, EXPECTING to lose…the only question was, ‘how’ it was going to happen.

And ‘congratulations’ to Matt Thornton. This year’s winner of the Neil Cotts / Cliff Politte ‘last year was a fluke’ trophy.

It should have sent up a warning flag that the Mariners, who desperately need pitching, would give up on a former first round pick for Joe Borchard. (Ditto for the Royals ‘giving up’ Sisco and MacDougal for prospects….)

Well not much else to say except we’ll see how they choose to lose in Pittsburgh.

Mark Liptak

In ‘recent’ history there are only two other stretches that I could find that were as putrid as the one the team is now in:

1991 (87 wins) 3-16 from 8/12 to 8/30 (including a nine game losing streak and being no-hit by Bret Saberhagen.)

1997 (80 wins) 7-17 from 7/14 to 8/8.


I made the trip to Philly too. Was there for the Monday game and my highlight was standing near the visiting dugout during the stadium tour and saw Thome walk up the steps and say hello to the fans (mostly ChiSox) taking the tour. I was a bit nervous of a rain delay since it POURED about 2 hours before the game. But clouds clear up and despite the loss enjoyed my first trip to Citizens Bank. I too miss Arron. Took lots of pictures and made sure the tour guide knew we wanted him back! Go Sox.

Well Maria and others, I hope you guys enjoyed your triop to Philly despite the outcomes. How ironic that Rowand slams us. I’ve been one of the cheerleaders, but Crede’s surgery sure seems to have put the nail in the coffin. I’m having a hard time watching anymore! Someone please tell me how this team can all be slumping at once?? Are these guys at the end of the careers? Have the scouts figured them out and pitching appropriately?? I guess you’d be rich consulting the team if you knew the answers. Seems like we finally get a little offense going and then the pitching gives up alot. It is so completely frustrating!!

Williams is the dope that put this trash together. he is the one that traded lee instead of konerko. he is the one that refused to trade for another outfielder last season when it was clear that one couldnt hit and the other couldnt catch. he is the one that has messed around with buerhle, crede, thomas, among other stars on the white sox heads. he refuses to sign free agents yet hasnt developed any talent of our own. the last first round pick to make a dent on the white sox was alex fernandez. i was in 6th grade when that happened. before he was gm he was minor league coordinator. way to do that job too. he got lucky in 05 and every other year he has been terrible. kenny williams is to blame for the collapse of the white sox.

i have no opinion on what goes on the rest of this year. if he trades dye, buehrle, iguchi he wont get anything good in return. so do you hold them? i dont know. one thing i do know is terrero should be out there the rest of this year and the next 10 years. that guy is good. he could be a star.

Mark: Thanks for your take on the other rough stretches in Sox history. I’ve been wondering that a lot lately (i.e. Has it ever felt this bad?). As one friend put it, what punctuates the current malaise is that our fall from grace happened so quickly after the WS.

A couple of comments on the Philly road trip:

1) Philly fans aren’t anywhere near as bad as I expected. In fact, all but one that I met were exceptionally nice. (The guy I met must have been a Saguaro cactus in a former life. He was a BIG p-r-i-c-k.) Of course, you’d be nice too if your team was winning. I also thought their fans showed a tremendous amount of class in how they treated Thome. Their respect and admiration for him was clearly evident, from the number of Thome jerseys in the crowd to their cheering Tuesday night when Thome took the on-deck circle in the 9th. (Take note, Indians fans.) They also seem to have taken a strong liking to Rowand and his all-out style of play. That’s good to see, as I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the sentiment last year. And finally, they are – without question – the most vocal fans I’ve encountered when it comes to letting their players know when they’re underachieving. Barajas took such a beating every day I was there, mainly because his avg. is hovering around .220. Can you image what our games would sound like if our fans took to that same approach? We’d be hoarse, not from cheering, but from booing. Yikes.

2) Citizen’s Bank Park is a beautiful facility, as it should be for a place that’s 3+ years old. There’s too much to say to include it all here, but if you’re visiting the ballparks, it definitely is one to see.

Finally, a word on Joe Crede. All my best to Joe for a quick and successful recovery. I can’t blame him one bit for wanting to postpone surgery until all other options were exhausted. Back surgery is often a scary and anxiety-provoking experience (my dad has been through it twice in the past 3 years) and the recovery can be difficult. The notion that he screwed the team over by deciding to do this now (vs. end of ’06) is ridiculous. Regardless of when/if he goes under the knife, the Sox needed to have a Plan B. If that plan doesn’t work out, you can’t put it on Joe. I look forward to seeing you again on the field, Joe. Godspeed.


To answer your question ‘has it ever felt this bad?’in my opinion the worst of the three by far was the 1991 stretch.

It happened at a time where when it started, the Sox were only a couple games behind the Twins, had put together a red hot July (capped off by Ventura’s 9th inning grand slam off Gossage to beat Texas) and continued it into August.

They were ready to possibly take over the division lead.

It came out of nowhere literally as for three weeks the team stopped hitting. If memory serves they were shut out four or five times in the stretch.

That was the ‘worst’ because of the implications.

The stretch in 1997 was meaningless to me because the “White Flag Trade” killed everything for me.

This current ‘el foldo’ is bad but remember since last July 9th the Sox are an under .500 team. The results the past few months of the 2006 season should have served as a warning. So while this is awful perhaps it’s not that big of a shock.

Mark Liptak

Since tarp diving is politically incorrect in the Kenny William’s régime could you have the video of Mark Buehrle confiscating the Philly Phanatic’s wheels but on the web site.

I have to disagree with you about the second half of 2006 serving as a warning. Last years problem was all pitching. We scored about 100 more runs than we scored in 2005. Nobody could have expected this teams bats to go in the dumps like this. At this pace we are looking at a 30% decrease in runs scored. That has been the most shocking and gut wrenching thing thus far in 2007.

Changes were made towards the pitching staff, but have obviously not worked out. The only offensive thing I thought they badly needed to address was replacing Podsednik with a healthier version of him. Not having any speed on base makes it easier to pitch to batters 2-5.


Those runs were scored in the first half of the season. The Sox couldn’t but a clutch hit towards the end, which is when the pitching finally came around. Any stats on this Mark?


Should have been clearer but my point was this club started to go South in the 2nd half of 2006. To me the reason is irrelevant, be it bullpen, pitching, hitting…they just didn’t have the same chemistry, the same swagger.

That has carried over.


Regarding the runs scored in 2006.

According to the White Sox media guide, in the ‘first half,’ the Sox went 57-31 with a team BA of .288 and 520 runs scored.

In the ‘second half’ they went 33-41 with a team BA of .271 with 348 runs.

Apparently the Sox term for 1st half / 2nd half is the All Star Break as opposed to the 81 game mark.

Mark Liptak

Leo: LOL! In the misery of our sweep, I had forgotten all about that pre-game stunt. Did you see it on TV or the internet? Let me know — I’d love to watch it again. It was hilarious!

If anyone missed it, here’s a recap: During warmups, the Phillies’ mascot, the Philly Phanatic, wheels about the field on his ATV while firing up the crowd. Inevitably, he stops at the visiting dugout to harrass the opponent. On Tuesday night, there was a bit of back-forth heckling between the Phanatic and Ozzie. Well on Wednesday, the Phanatic predictably stops again. Cora (I think) coaxes him into a game of catch, only Joey throws the ball about 10-15 feet away from where the Phanatic is standing by his ATV. So as the Phanatic lumbers over to retrieve the ball, Buehrle BOLTS out of the dugout and commandeers the ATV, riding it down the 3rd base line with a mischievous grin on his face. The whole scene was so unexpected and absolutely hysterical.

I thought it might light a spark with the team, but alas….

I absolutely agree that the chemistry and swagger went south last year and has only gotten worse this year. That swagger has turned into the losing mentality that you brought up the other day.

I have been part of both very succesful teams that always found a way to win, and losing teams that always found a new way to lose. When you are on one of those losing teams all you can think about is how you are going to lose that day. It’s obvious by their actions and body language that they can not shake that mentality.

With regards to Joe, I echo the sentiments of Maria. It was obvious the man was scared of surgery, and especially when he has just gotten that name recognition, anyone in his position would be fearful of losing their career. Sometimes you do what you think is the correct thing to do, and great if it works, but to rip him as Mike North has, and because it didn’t work, how lovely that it gives media more to complain about. Too bad, North. Oh well, **** happens. I’m sure this is “killing” Joe inside that he isn’t with the team. Hindsight is 20/20. Decisions are tough sometimes and we do the best with what our knowledge is. Give someone a break. It’s all about the darn $ with any management. As for North it’s oh “MY” team isn’t doing great (with media), oh whoa is me poor North won’t have a remote game to attend. My gosh, what would happen if you had to undergo throat surgery, should everyone bash you because you wouldn’t be on the air. Geez, maybe you would be fearful of losing the job you love, and opt for lozenges and sound worse than you already do to then be forced into having throat surgery just to worry that maybe someone would replace you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I hope everyone looks in the mirror and asks themselves what would I do. This team and city do not deserve Joe. Selfish. Disgusting. Joe had a good enough sense of humor to go along with the haircut thing, and you bash him. I think all of the Sox players should stay clear of this antagonist. A.J., Cooper need to ask themselves is this aggravation worth it.

P.S. Noticing the Fields propaganda that Scott posted today. Trying to get the customer to feel better.

The Sox make me want to throw-up and this comment section is as bad. It is difficult to get on and you must waste time scrolling to be able to add a comment it is as if you want to inhibit comments. I hope Mike North gets to “chat” with you I am confident he will express my feelings about this stinking team and it’s gutless players,except Jim Thome.

Maria, I saw it on the ABC 7 news at 10 PM. Have not beeen able to find it on the internet.

You write about as well as a third grade student. Please stay off this blog until you improve your communication skills.

someone needs to go. ozzie, kenny, cooper, walker, the ball boy, dye, iguchi, andy gonzalez…i dont care someone needs to be fired. this is f’ing ridiculous. for the love of god! the pirates! are you kidding me? that worthless bum thome K’s in the ninth. terrible. he is about as clutch as he was last year….not at all! i seen damaso warming up. boy i wish we had him in our garbage bullpen. to make matters worse they bring back macdougal? wow. ive seen enough of him for one lifetime. all of you ripping on north should concentrate your efforts on ripping this garbage lack luster piece of trash sickening dead team. its time to blow up the rest of that 2005 team. il be happy to see konerko, crede, aj in the year 2030 at sox fest for the 25 year reunion of the 05 champions. until then they can stay away from chicago.

oh my god i read that day is going on the DL and the sox will most likely recall aardsma? are you kidding me? first we bring back macdougal and now aardsma? these are the two fools that started the demise in the first place. bring up someone ive never seen before for goodness sakes. try something new. whats next sisco is coming back? i need to go take some tums before i throw up

I know this is a little extreme, but we are kinda turning into the cubs. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of faith in these guys, but I mean look at this we are putting someone on the DL every week! Someone needs to talk to Herm!!

Don’t even go there. The Sox management is not flat out lying to the fans about players injuries. That is what the Cubs did, and I am sure it is the two pitchers you are referring to. If I remember correctly the trainer advising them did not have the proper certifications either.

The Sox problem is they are old, slow and have a bunch of guys on this roster that are injury prone or an injury waiting to happen, ie: Thome, Erstad, Podsednik, Dye, Crede – need I go on. Herm does not have the fountain of youth. As the starting lineup is constructed an injury laden season was a risk, and KW lost that bet. This is KW’s *** on the line more than anyone else.

I agree somewhat jim. Kenny’s fingerprints are all over this team so naturally he deserves his share of the blame. Pretty much every move he’s made since the end of ’05 has backfired. The Thome trade is a bust. It was an expensive acquisition that weakened our centerfield and ushered out the Sox greatest player. The Javier trade was a bust. Three players for an adequate .500 pitcher with ‘great stuff’. Awesome! Sign him for three years! Aardsma, MacDougal, Sisco, bust, bust, bust.

So yeah Kenny deserves blame, as does Ozzie for shaky managing and Walker for whatever he’s been doing but ultimately the players deserve the lionshare.

These players are horrible. Flat out horrible. Abnormally horrible in fact.

There’s not one of them aside for Jenks that shouldn’t be considered in a trade and I mean that truthfully. We shouldn’t stop at Dye, Buehrle and Iguchi. Konerko, A.J., Erstad, Pods, Thome should all be put out there for the picking. Uribe should be dropped. Rob-Mac and Cintron can get the stepping. Why keep them? Honestly what good is it to keep them? We can just as easily finish in fourth or fifth place with cheaper, minor leaguers. And with Terrero, Gonzales, Fields we’re half way there anyway. Just let the youngsters play out the rest of the year to see what they got. In the meantime listen to all trade requests for any players. Because this organization is in desperate need of an infusion of young, solid players.

For some reason or other, our minor league system has let the major league club down the last couple years. We haven’t produced a single homegrown player worthy of wearing the major league uniform since who?…Crede? Everyone who comes out our minors is adequate-to-below adequate with glaring deficiencies in some area. Brian can’t hit. Owens can’t hit. Sweeney can’t hit. Gonzales can’t hit…

With our opponents producing people like the Andrew Millers, Garkos, Verlanders, Bonsers, Bartletts you’d figure we’d be able to pump out one just by probability. But alas, no.

Anyway what’s really left to say that hasn’t been said. If we can’t beat the Pirates then we certainly won’t be beating the Tigers, Indians or Twins. Give me that white flag and I will wave it from the highest heights!

The trade deadline and this upcoming offseason’s free agency will tell us where this team is headed. I don’t think they will dump everybody, but there is a lot of dead weight that needs to go. Guys like Dye(he is breaking down physically) Uribe, Mackowiak, Podsednik to just name a few. Hopefully they can trade for some quality talent that is top AAA stuff and may be able to contribute in 2008.

However, the biggest tell will be free agency. There will be some huge options out there especially in the outfield with Torri Hunter, Andruw Jones, Ichiro and Rowand maybe coming back to add some heart. You also have A-rod opting out of his contract. You can’t tell me he would not love to play in a right handed home run hitters paradise. Not to mention MLB would love it to so he could break Bonds’ records. I am looking forward to see the moves they make.


This team badly need balance in the lineup. Guys who can get on base, run, force mistakes by the opponents, hit the other way, steal bases.

Three names to keep an eye on this off season, since the Sox will have plenty of salary room after they lose a number of guys:

1. Ichiro

2. Luis Castillo

3. David Eckstein.

I feel not for the players who have caused this embarassment but for folks in the front office like Scott, Roland Hemond and Bob Grim.

One can only imagine what’s it’s going to be like having to go to work and see this day after day after day until this disaster finally ends in late September.

Mark Liptak

Ichiro would absolutely be #1 on my wish list. I know Ozzie like Castillo because he coached him in Florida. I sure would not mind David Eckstein. He is one of those overachievers that just finds ways to win.

Perfect situation for me would be Ichiro in right and Rowand back here in center. Aaron is not the best centerfielder or hitter in the game, but man does he have a heart. Something that this team really lacks. Ichiro won’t come cheap, but for him to play in a larger market would be a great thing. He does not get near the exposure he deserves in Seattle. He would wreak havoc and make it so much easier for guys like Thome and Konerko.

Question is will the Sox be willing to leave their own madeup free agent market and get with the rest of baseball and pay for what they need.

the move id like to see the sox make is to grab hunter from the twins. it weakens the twins, strengthens the sox and gives the sox a bit of a swagger…something that has been missing since frank, everett, timo, rowand left. i think hunter will be better for longer than rowand.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all from these guys come bunting into not one, but two double plays.

And that trip to the minors hasn’t appeared to have done MacDougal any good has it?

Mark Liptak

Yikes, it feels like we’re back in the Groundhog Day movie again.

When I think of changes to improve this team, I don’t focus so much on the coaching staff (which, after all, is the same one that brought us a World Series Championship) as on the scouts and player selection folks. That has been our weak area for a long time. Because I live in the San Fran Bay Area, I see the A’s up close, and they seem to do a much better job of selecting prospects.

The A’s had quite a few injuries this season, and the minor leaguers they’ve brought up to replace injured players have made an impact from day 1 (both pitchers and position players, like Jack Cust).

Not so true for us.

If roster changes are made via trade, I would not be interested in Ichiro or Eckstein (Ichiro is too old, and Eckstein is aging and currently injured). A-Rod hasn’t made the kind of difference for his teams that we are looking for, and I’m not sure how much of a team player he is.

If we look to replace someone like Dye, I’d be looking for Torii Hunter, or Nick Swisher,. Not as sure who in the NL might make an impact for us, but we should look there. I would definitely want younger, faster players, to give us more speed and more productive seasons.

To solve the third base problem, what about returning Konerko to that assignment, and letting Fields try out at first base?

Most of all, I’d like to re-tool our scouts and player selection folks. Either replace them, or teach them to make choices based on a different set of criteria than they currently use.

PODSEDNIK STOLE A BASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And something else to consider…

For five years we’ve heard Kenny and Ozzie express admiration for the way the Twins play baseball. Yet the only time the Sox had anything close to a ‘balanced’ attack that could beat you with a home run or a stolen base, a bunt or a hit and run was in 2005.

If Kenny and Ozzie truly mean what they say, then how is it that after five years the Sox STILL can’t play the style that apparently the G.M. and the field manager want?

And how is it that after five years, which included daily drills in spring training this past year on fundamentals, the Sox STILL have guys on the roster who can’t even get a bunt down?

Sounds like Kenny and Ozzie are paying more ‘lip service’ (no pun intended) to this issue then actually trying to do anything about it.

I mean we’re talking five years right?

How long does it take, if that’s the way you want to play, to get guys who can actually do it?

Mark Liptak

i havent gotten on ozzie at all really this year as most of my focus remains on Kenny. Today , however, was Guillens fault. How could this guy bring in Macdougal in a close game? let him work his way back. look what happened, he comes in gives up a 2 run single, then gives up a costly insurance run in the 8th. Then he puts up Rob Mackowiak in for my guy Terrero to face Damaso Marte who has been unbelievable this year. Mackowiak had 0 chance of getting the job done. Leave terrero hit you fool! Speaking about Marte, Ozzie and Kenny ran him out after one bad half of a year. Marte previously had numerous quality seasons in the pen. They decided on keeping cotts, pollite, hermanson who have never done anything before or since 2005 and gave up on a guy that was quality for 90 percent of his career. that is also partially the sox fans fault as they helped run marte out of town when he would look F’ing awesome out of our pen this year in comparison to that piece of garbage macdougal, aardsma, sisco, thornton, massett, logan or any of the other dopes you want to include on that list. what did we get for him? mackowiak. a guy that had a big hand in costing us the 2006 season and is dead weight on the team now. another outstanding move by kenny williams. terrible- just terrible

What is Fields doing wrong at third base where you would want to move the person on the team with least amount of quickness over there. Konerko came up as a catcher, played about a year on the minors at 3rd part time, but is just way to slow. Teams that can bunt (anybody but us) would bunt at him relentlessly.

Until Ichiro has a year of less than 200 hits I want him on my team.

Why did Ozzie take Masset out today. He was throwing really well. I thought it was gut decisions this year and not changing for matchups!

And why did he not pinch hit for uribe with Cintron, Hall with AJ and Thome in the pitcher spot. With Thome hitting for the leadoff spot (Gonzalez I believe was still there at the time) if they had tied it up they would have had Thome and Konerko in the field at the same time with no moves left on the bench. So does Buehrle or Garland then come in to play the outfield?

Sometimes you just have to try to win and worry about who’s going to play where later. Lets be honest though, did anyone really think these bums were going to come back?

Yes, but if the manager starts the pinch hitting moves with Uribe, Hall and pitchers spot then you don’t run into that problem. Why would he let Uribe hit there, he is brutal. Plus you still have to go out there for the bottom of the 9th or more if you take the lead or only tie it up. No manager in their right mind would put themselves in that situation.

Uribe got a big hit in that game. id rather have him up there than cintron anyday of the week. Uribe is one of the top offensive shortstops in the major leagues over the last bunch of years in homers and rbi’s devereux you tool. trailing by that many id rather see uribe possibly rip one out of the park than cintron ground out to second like he does everygame.


Come on Kenwo are you that blind to think Uribe is one of the best offensive shortstops in baseball. he’s hitting .212!!! Sure he got a couple hits yesterday, but my point is, and it appears you were not smart enough to get my point, is that we would have had Konerko and Thome on the field if we extend the game with no subs left on the bench. Where would that have left them?

Oh and Uribe hit second that inning and in case you did not know a 2 run home run does not tie the game when you are down 3. It’s that kind of we need to hit a home run attitude that this team needs to get rid of. You are right Uribe can hit some home runs, but he strikes out and pops up a lot more often.

The kids CAN’T play.


What happened? This blog was great.

Is Scott on vacation?

There is nothing good to update.

if thome and konerko had to be on the field so be it….they have to come back in that situation. id rather maybe hit a 2 run homer down three runs than hit a grounder to second like your boy cintron!

Not saying Cintron is my boy or that they even had to pinch hit for Uribe, just that manager almost made a tremendous mistake that he would have been ridiculed for.

If Cintron did not need elbow surgery this past offseason there was a strong possibility that he and Pablo may have been sharing shortstop this year. There were a lot of things, attitude included that the Sox were not happy with Uribe about last year.

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