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Monday, June 18, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Mack, LF; Fields, 3B; Uribe, SS.  Contreras pitching.

Thoughts From Today/Tonight

"We just need to win some games and all of this will go away," said one White Sox player.

We still believe we can win this thing, but to do that, we need to start playing better and winning games NOW.  And our window in which to do that is shrinking fast.  But there are too many recent examples, Minnesota last year, Cleveland in 2005, Oakland many times, where talented teams struggle early and then something lights a match.  We need a match.  And you have to believe it will start tonight.  You can’t think five games or 10 games ahead.  You have to think day to day.

Let’s get Darin and Scott back to give us some speed in our lineup and then see how we play for a spell.

But the clock is ticking very loudly now.

A thunder and rainstorm before the game had Ozzie Guillen thinking today’s afternoon weather was a lot like Miami.


That was an awesome catch by Jermaine.

Story in the Tribune this evening (Dave Van Dike) confirming that Mark Buehrle wants a five year deal.

As we all know thanks to Jamie Navarro, the White Sox will not give a deal of longer then three years to pitchers.

Mark, thanks for everything you’ve done and good luck to you in your new home.

Mark Liptak

decent win tonight. thought that jermaine was traded when all of a sudden he was pinch hit for….what is the big love affair with pods and erstad coming back to the line up? i think terrero has done a good job and should continue to be out there instead of scott pathetic. i for sure hope that if/when those two come back up that iguchi remains in the 2nd spot. everytime they try and mess around with him he struggles. leave him bat second he has been hitting well lately. why tamper with success.

If the Sox are smart they will realize that Buehrle is one of those guys who will be able to give them over 200 innings until he is about 40 because of the way he throws. This is the kind of pitcher and the kind of person you break your rule for.

A match? How about a blow torch?

Jim, I couldn’t agree with you more. He is the type of person and player that the White Sox should keep around. The guy has never broken down in his career either. They need to **** it up and give him 5 years if he wants it. In two years his deal will probably look like a steal too.

I agree about Buehrle – he is 28 years old and will probably pitch till he’s 40 – like Maddox and Glavine.
Make an exception for him, Jaime Navarro was a free agent and Mark has done so much for this team. He deserves it – they can even increase my season ticket prices if it helps to keep him.

Ozzie has already said that when Pods comes back he’s hitting 8th or 9th. I also have to believe that Terrero has earned as much as getting to start in the place of either Pods or Erstad vs. lefty pitchers.

Also, with all the outfielders back, Mack can platoon some at 3B and take a little pressure off Josh.

Terrero will be playing when Pods and Erstad are back, but it will most likely be in right field. Unless this team finds its stride and goes out and wins 10 of 11 or something like that, Jermaine Dye is as good as gone. I too thought maybe he had been dealt last night when they pulled him from the game. I don’t want to see Dye go, but he just simply is not worth what he will get in the free agent market. Might as well get something for him while we can.

Mark certainly deserves the five year deal. He’s a quiet leader, he’s relatively young, he’s durable, and he’s capable of greatness (’05 postseason, no hitter). Unfortunately, he probably won’t be getting it here.

No, we reserve our big and lengthy contracts for old, decrepit players.

As for the not-that-old decrepit player coming off the DL I don’t have high hopes. He only stole one or two bases down in the minors and I hope for our case he was just being cautious because the last thing we need is a slow and tentative Pod’nik. I think we will definitely have a more balanced lineup with him and Erstad but it might just be a case of too little too late.

Last night was a nice reprieve though. We were hitting that ball all over the park. It was a freaking bonanza! Fields has been putting together some steady games and Owens showed some flashes. He’s a prototypical leadoff hitter. If he could just work on his patience and contact he could prove to be valuable. Anyway, another WCIU game this time against Dontrelle. I wonder between him and Buehrle who will command the most interest and dollars either in the trade market or free agency. My money’s on Mark but then again I’m biased.

To all of the armchair GM’s out there, as well as all of the vultures in the print and electronic modes, who want this team to pull the trigger on a total Home Shopping Network styled sellout…from this corner of White Sox Universe, I have this to say…
TOUGH S**T, YOU B*******!!!

If beat writers and talk show dopes were GM’s,even for one day,it would be chaotic…They would do the trades they had been waiting to do for the longest time…and then three days later when the player they traded for turns out to be a buptkie(a nothing, for those who are Yiddish impaired–right, Ira?)…BOOM, they want to get rid of him…

Talk is cheap…and so are the people doing the talking…

Now I know that Mr Reifert has to toe the party line most times… but, in the Thoughts from Today/Tonight portion of this selection, I am in total concurrence with him…They just need to start playing better– hitting, pitching, bullpen, fielding, the whole works… and see what results from it…

One thing that they can do of a positive nature regarding the bullpen and the reactivation of “Space Mountain” Mac Dougal comes to my mind with the name Jamie Navarro being brought up… because years ago, when he absolutely STUNK ON ICE for them,I made the suggestion about the only way that the WS could get any positive use out of him…

Cut off his head, arms and legs…and make second base out of him…

Anyone for the same solution for Mac D ? …

Oh,my Mr. Quaid you are starting to sound a little angry!😉 I made my first trip for the year to the Cell and despite the threat of rain and despite the not so good way we have been playing, there was a great turnout and cheers for the home team. It was encouraging despite some mishaps and we have scored some runs the past few games. I have to say it is a little scary when you have to bring Bobby in with a 4 run leave. That spoke volumes as to Ozzie’s confidence in anyone else out there! Ok its been a week since he’s pitched, but still! I am not listening or participating in any trade talks, but REALLY hope Mark stays!

obrnmac… Donna, my dear lovely friend… STARTING to sound a little angry ???
Kiddo,you should only know how much pressure has been building up in the engine that is the body Quaid about the 2007 White Sox, their ineptitude and the thoughts and feelings of the know it alls and know nothings who inhabit this space to vent their rath… how much I just want to…

BLOW UP AND TELL THEM ALL TO GO TO H*LL…then return to the age of 9, when I thought that the team was great, and was not so bummed out and disturbed when they played badly…

Teach the family of Mack well, my dear, that it’s only a game…your kids are still young enough to listen…

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