Tuesday Night With The Fish

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Gonzalez, LF; Iguchi, 2B; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Fields, 3B; Terrero, CF; Uribe, SS; Cintron, DH; Hall, C.  Danks pitching.


General Manager Ken Williams appeared on ESPN’s PTI this afternoon with hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon.  KW echoed many of his comments from yesterday’s meeting with the media, including:

"The only questions about Ozzie Guillen’s status are coming from people outside the organization.  I am firmly behind Ozzie, and all of our coaches for that matter.  They’re the right guys to lead this team.  We’re not out of this thing.  We’re all right.  We just need to step it up.

"He (Ozzie) can’t quit, and I’m not firing him."

"We need to start believing we are as good as we think we are.  It’s important that we keep the faith.  Our fans have been wonderful with their support during this stretch.  We hope that continues as we ride this thing out.  There is a sense of emergency.  We need to step it up.

"I decided we were a ‘buyer’ in October of 2000, the day I took over this job.  I really haven’t known any other approach.  We are always trying to aggressively pursue championship caliber players.

"Even this winter when some of our moves were interpreted as cutting payroll, we did not see it that way.  For us, it is about acquiring assets that are going to help us win championships, either now or in the future.

"We did what we thought was right (last winter).  We feel very good about our starting rotation now and into the future. 

"When I told Ozzie I was coming out here to talk to you guys, he asked me what I was going to say.  I told him, ‘Is it all right to throw your hands up in the air and shrug your shoulders on national tv?’

"We need to start anew.  Let’s go.  From today forward, let’s see how good we can be."

Speed Gun

The Zapruder conspiracy theorists were all over the air this morning about the speed gun readings last night both in the ballpark and on Comcast’s telecast.  This was news to me, so on the ride in this morning I called our scoreboard guy and Comcast.

The scoreboard gun did not work the entire game for some reason (no one could figure it out), and the Comcast gun was intermittent early in the game before stopping sometime in the middle.

No one will believe us, but this had nothing to do with Jose Contreras’ velocity.  This type of speculation makes for interesting talk, but that’s about it.  And as far as I know, no media person asked about it before going to the airwaves …

Trib Notes

Several insiders were shaking their heads after reading a piece in yesterday’s Trib.  You had to look deep into the sports section to find it, but there it was:  "Sox Make Right Call On Garcia, McCarthy," the headline read. 

"When White Sox General Manager Ken Williams traded Freddy Garcia and Brandon McCarthy in deals for younger pitching, he said those trades with Philadelphia and Texas would help the Sox in 2007, as well as the future," the story explained.  "While only John Danks is delivering immediate benefits in Chicago, he probably will be right." (bold emphasis is mine)

So why the head shaking?  Well, how many front page stories did Sox fans read in December, January, February and March about what a mistake these trades were and how we were just dumping Garcia’s salary?

With Freddy likely out for a long time, if not the year, we have Danks, Nick Masset, Gio Gonzalez and Jacob Rasner to show for the trades.

KW is probably right.  If he had a better PR guy (some people call me a puppet), he would get the benefit of the doubt more often.

Proud Papa

Oney Guillen begins his professional career tonight at Rookie Bristol in the Appalachian League under manager Bobby Thigpen.  Ozzie will be all over the internet after the game looking for a boxscore.

Special Thanks

To Joe Cowley of the Sun-Times for his devoted reading of this blog.  Thanks to a mention by Joe, the number of visitors and page views to this site spiked last week.  As dedicated readers know, we welcome all participants (it just increases our advertising rates and revenues, which as you all know, go right back into payroll).

Blog Night

Do you want to have another one this summer before college starts again?  If so, let me know.  We do have a decision to make.  Do we:

A. Want to do the same thing as last year? (which limits our availble dates and also the number of people who can attend)


B. Just want to have a Patio Party? (which limits the program but not the number of fans)

Let me know your preference.

(I’m thinking of asking Joe Cowley to be a guest speaker)


Mr. Puppet: Thanks for another great post.

I am completely in favor of another Blog Night. While option “A” is most appealing to me, I’m all for any venue that gives us bloggers a chance to interact face-to-face.

What a beautiful night for a ballgame. Glad to see Dye in the lineup. Let’s go, go, go White Sox!

I also will vote for Option A. Last year was a blast. Hopefully I can attend this year due to me getting my assignment in 2 weeks and not knowing what my schedule will be until then.

Scott – If I buy tickets and can not make it, would there be a way to either get a refund or sell them to someone else on here so I am not out the money?

Would love another bloggers night! Had a blast last year. I really enjoyed last years program and the way it was last year, but I’ll go with the flow. I would enjoy putting the names and faces together again no matter how done! Any word on how Joe Crede is doing? I gotta say, except for the baserunning snafus yesterday, I am pretty impressed with Josh Fields and Jerry Owen. They have surely added a little something. And TQ from your previous post, I fear the Mack kids are already corrupted! They hear Daddy Mack and Mommy Mack whine and complain too much!!

Puppet, huh? Hmmm…
That’s great about Oney Guillen!! Unfortunately it looks like the game was postponed (I think?).

And I know that, as I write this, the Marlins are tying it up, but we’ve played some quality baseball tonight. And for the first time in a while I feel like we’re playing well because we deserve it and are working hard, not just because we got lucky.

How can you allow a bullpen to blow EVERY SINGLE GAME you have a lead in? How can the team with the fourth largest payroll in the Major Leagues put out such LOSERS as this? Every single one of them should be FIRED! Keep Jenks and let the others go – if the Twins and Tigers and Indians and Royals can pay a guy the minimum and have him be 100% more effective than our overpriced underachievers, then why can’t we? It can no longer be a question of putting faith in them – they’ve squandered it too many times. Just as we had to let Politte and Cotts go last year for wasting too many opportunities to win games, this year these guys need to go. Bring up Gio! Bring up Broadway, Haeger, and Floyd! Why waste talent starting meaningless games in the Minor Leagues when they could be helping to seal up victories here?

You can ruin careers by rushing young pitchers. We did it with Kip Wells and Jon Rauch.

There is no need to rush Gio and Broadway; I’d rather we have those guys reach their potential with us down the road. Give Floyd the rest of the year in AAA, too.

Well the number of games blown by the bullpen where they were given a lead in the 7th inning or later is now up to EIGHT.

It’s June 19th by the way….last year’s bullpen which was awful coughed up NINE for the SEASON.

If last year’s bullpen was awful what does that make this year’s?

Mark Liptak

I understand Ozzie just had a post game rant.

He signled out Danks for his pitching and Iguchi because he couldn’t get that bunt down in the 7th inning.

Highlight of the night was DJ saying (on air) that a Japanese manager would have “boxed”Iguchi’s ears off for not getting the bunt down.

LOL…so it’s come to this.

Sad…very, very sad.

Mark Liptak

The votes are in, and it’s all over, Matt Thornton is the 2007 winner of the “last year was a fluke” award. The former failed first round pick of the Mariners, had one good season in his entire career yet was ‘rewarded’ with a three year contract.


Other winners of this “prestigious” award this decade are:

Antonio “The Meatball” Osuna, who was given a three year deal in the spring of 2001 by Kenny, just after he was traded by the Dodgers to the Sox. In 2000 with L.A. he pitched in 46 games. With the Sox in 2001 he pitched in FOUR games…before blowing out his arm.

Neal “Head Case” Cotts who proved 2005 was a fluke by imploding in 2006, at one point being near tears in the locker room after a bad outing where he was viciously booed by Sox fans.

Cliff “The Midget” Politte whos meltdown on the mound in Detroit in July 2004 after wild pitching in the winning run is still one of the funniest things seen. Cliffy had a sensational 2005 season, the only good year he ever had in MLB. True to form he reverted back to “normal” in 2006, had surgery and is now failing miserably in the Indians minor league system.

Mike “The Arsonist” MacDougal, another guy with a three year deal in his pocket despite some bad years for the Royals and two major injuries.

I have no problem with giving PROVEN, EXPERIENCED relief pitchers a two and three year deal. In fact I’ll all for it!

Guys with a history of competence and credibility.

Kenny apparently has other ideas about this.

Can’t wait to see David AAArdsman get his long term deal!

Oh you’ll notice Billy Koch isn’t on this list.

Some of you may have seen that story on him and his family last year in the (I think) Tribune.

Apparently he and his entire family is suffering from a strange, bizarre illness. One that was just beginning to manifest itself when he was in Chicago.

Unfortunately the symptoms weren’t advanced enough for any of the medical folks to detect them.

Most feel that was the reason he pitched poorly.

Nobody’s fault…just one of those things.

Even I won’t kick a guy when he’s sick.

Mark Liptak

Danks needs to get deeper into games. He has got to stop going so deep in the count to every hitter. Throw STRIKES! He is trying to be too pinpoint accurate and it is causing him to throw too many pitches. He needs to learn from Buehrle while he is still here. Throw strikes and use your defense.

Ozzie also needs to let him go past 90 pitches. He is consistently being pulled at 90. Let him go longer, what do we have to lose at this point.

Yes the bullpen blew a late lead tonight, but we scored 5 runs in the first two innings and ZIPPO after that. As usual everyone was up there swinging for the 8 run home run all night. How is it that we can not get to anyones bullpen? Just brutal!!! You’d think we would have learned something from the way we hit to all parts of the field the last two games.

Bottom of the 5th we got the first 2 on and nobody out just like the 7th inning when Iguchi could not get the bunt down. In the 5th Dye comes up and grounds into a double play. Why is Dye who has been miserable at the plate not trying to bunt those runners over. Anything positive can help break a slump. Swinging for a 3 run homer and pulling off the pitch and grounding into a DP does not help!

Either is fine with me.

Can you please tell us AGAIN who is the winner of the last year fluke award. Get some new material on your rants. Do you get paid to be a writer? That is like the 5th time you’ve mentioned it. We got it.

I would prefer B to some degree.

Bring on plan A.

So if the team is supposedly taking extra bunting practice, is anyone going to work with Iguchi on his bunting footwork? Instead of pivoting around or taking a step to open up his stance, he’s doing some strange 2-step. It looks like he doesn’t get squared up enough, and (surprise) the ball goes foul down the 1st base line.

Also, what ever happened to the hit and run? Isn’t Iguchi a better contact hitter than bunter? I used to love watching him push the ball to right field, getting a runner over to 3rd.


I’m also human and get royally pissed off O.K.?

Here’s something “new” just for you…

The Sox bullpen now has a 2-10 record and 8.14 ERA over its last 37 games.

Feel better?????

“This is a joke. Believe me.”–Ozzie Guillen to Nat Whalen of the Daily Southtown.

Mark Liptak

this game i cant blame on the bullpen. for the most part they did a halfway decent job last night. when the offense scores 5 in the first two innings and doesnt score again and the starter gives up 4 and only goes 4 you cant expect the bullpen to hold them down the whole game. John Danks needs to step his game up. he has been garbage the last month. i also dont understand why iguchi was even bunting in that situation. sure it is a nice thought, but with olivo behind the plate and AJ on second he wasnt going to get a good jump and probably would have been forced at third. i would have liked to have seen tadahito swing since he has been hitting very well as of late. also dont like pinch hitting that cancer mackowiak for terrero and owens for gonzalez. owens couldnt hit his way out of a wet paper bag and mackowiak has been trash since he stepped into the sox clubhouse. Heres to hoping mackowiak goes before the deadline! heres to hoping i dont waste a day off by going to this game this afternoon and watching them lose!

Plan B would be great, again.

Coop needs some major work in the bullpen, but what do you do at this point? Who’s really going to give up GOOD pitching? We don’t need another KC pitcher, seen enough of those!

Good news: at least we won’t have to put up with Barrett this weekend!

Maybe the offense needs to produce more, but the bullpen guys are paid to get outs. They allowed 3 runs when handed a lead; that’s failure by all accounts.

Either Plan A or Plan B sound great…because it would be nice to get the group back together…The question is:If you did have Brother Cowley as a speaker, would he be closed-captioned for the people who read between the lines?
Also, I’m not sure if Brother Liptak would be able to venture out of the wilds of Idaho for a one-nighter…and a lot of people would like to go one-on-one with him, I’m sure…

As for myself, I will keep in touch through the lovely Ms Wagener to see what’s up with the plans…

You see, somethings never change…unfortunately…

(There’s a cryptic message in there some place, for those of you who know my situation and who would like to go on a scavenger hunt for it…)

I kind of wanted Barrett to be there Friday so I could boo him. Oh well, good riddance.

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