Wednesday Matinee

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, LF; Cintron, 2B; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, DH; Mack RF; Fields, 3B; Terrero, CF; Uribe, SS.  Garland pitching.

Random Bits

Ozzie remains hopeful that Jim Thome will be back in the lineup by Friday.

Last night was a tough loss, more so because we lost that came by failing to execute on several opportunities.  As you could tell from his quotes, Ozzie was not a happy man about our failures last night.

We also blew a chance to pull to under 10 games behind the Indians.

Today’s starter, Jon Garland, is 40-21 since 2005, the fifth-highest victory total.  The right-hander trails only Roy Oswalt (42), Johann Santana (42), Josh Beckett (41) and Dontrelle Willis (41).

A Different Perspective

A reporter from the Tribune recently took tours of both Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular Field.  His comments about the press boxes follow:

"If you were a reporter, you’d definitely want to work on the South Side.  The new press box — relocated this year from what is now the Jim Beam Club — is spacious and comfy.  At Wrigley, things are definitely cozier.  And with, uh, more character.  As one fan put it: ‘You’d think it’d be nicer.  Look, there’s duct tape on the corner of that table.’  Still, every fan will appreciate being able to sit in a press box and see how reporters and team officials view a game."

Good Read

Check out Dave van Dyck’s story in today’s Trib about recent teams that have turned around their seasons when all appeared lost.


Haven’t posted in a while, but I had to today. I think Phil Rogers article in the Trib is much better than the other trite mentioned in the blog. Why not spend a little more with a few more years on a proven commodity instead of dropping all this money on vazquez, garcia, thornton, etc. I’d rather see buehrle and garland pitch us into the future with some promising rookies. Rather than a bunch of pitchers who we signed because it was easy.

My .02,


Josh Fields has been real fun to watch lately. Aside from Spring Training I’ve never gotten a good look at him. Surely I wish Crede would have been able to play but maybe there’s a silver lining in getting to see Fields almost everyday.

Suppose Bobby was due. Juan’s got to get it together.

Man I hope Jenks has not caught this bullpen disease as well. His appearances have been so few and far between that I don’t think people have noticed him giving up runs lately, and have forgotten about his lost velocity.

Ho hum…another day…another loss…another blown chance by the bullpen.

So what else is new?

Oh isn’t it amazing what a good sacrifice bunt can do?

Imagine that, a successful bunt setting up a big inning….my oh my!

Mark Liptak

If anyone is looking for Sox tickets for games in July, August, and September, then shoot me an email. I think I’d rather throw them away then go and watch a painful baseball game.

2 tickets – Sox vs. Twins 7/7/07 SEC 516, Row 7

2 tickets – Sox vs. Blue Jays 7/28/07 SEC 516, Row 7

2 tickets – Sox vs. Mariners 8/11/07 SEC 546, Row 6

2 tickets – Sox vs. Red Sox 8/25/07 BOX 522, Row 16

2 tickets – Sox vs. Twins 9/8/07 BOX 522, Row 21

2 tickets – Sox vs. Twins 9/9/07 SEC 518, Row 9

Jsut looking for face value. Email me if interested.

The point is correct, but that was not a successful bunt, it was a halfa$$ attempt by Uribe to catch the ball. If he makes that play Garland probably gets to finish the inning, and who knows maybe Jenks mows ’em down in the 9th.

Jenks just does not have a lot of luck in a non-save or long save situation. Although that is common for most closers.

2nd and 3rd and no outs in the 8th and we can only push 1 run across on a walk. You have got to get those 2 runs home. It just shows the execution is not there.

Anyone know if todays usual promotion was changed to wave a white flag Wednesday?

No, but I hear that they are planning on adding a promotion where they will give out towels for everyone to throw in soon.

Just wanted to thank the Sox organization for giving me so many great moments to celebrate back in 2005; no matter how bad things get today nothing will ever take those memories away.

The article in the Trib Scott refers to in this entry is really good. I hope the players read it. I hope th players are reading positive things. Check this out: This article is the play by play when the Champs visited the White House. They need to read THIS stuff. They need to remember that champion feeling and mindset. There has been too much focus on the negative. We, as fans, have not given up! I really hope the players do not give up. Paulie’s 9th inning homer yesterday was awesome. It’s too bad the game fell apart but they can still pull together and make a great run. What could be a better boost of confidence then a Sox win vs. the Cubs! Go Sox.

I missed last year’s Bloggers Day but option A sounded good. People really seemed to enjoy that last season.

Interesting read in the Sun-Times by Couch. It had to do with the mentality of the Sox, in particular our dealings with proven players who reach their potential and are in position to get paid for it. Naturally he brings up the Buehrle situation. I won’t harp on the matter other than to say it’s interesting to note the players we sign as opposed to the players we let go.

You wonder about future some. I remember reading something about how Kenny has this bulletinboard of sorts on which he tracks out the probable makeup of the team one year down the line, three years down the line, five years, etc. I wonder what that board is looking like now and if Kenny allows himself the necessary wiggle room to make drastic changes in the direction that board takes.

You feel like this is going to be a big year in terms of Kenny’s legacy as a GM, even bigger than 04/05 as foolish as that sounds. I figure that with success, most of the accolades go to the coaching staff and the players, good acquisitions and moves are looked at like ‘big deal, that’s whats supposed to happen’.

But in times like now, with not a whole lot of success to speak of, his moves get magnified, the repercussions become louder, and the mistakes or misteps become glaring and costly.

We don’t have the luxury of making bad trades this season. We’re not in the NL Central or the AL West. Pretty much every move we make needs to be made in it’s proper context which is ‘how does this make us more competitive next year and for the years to come in the AL Central’. Obviously this isn’t a team that can tangle with the Tigers, Indians or Twins for that matter but we can once again become that team if we make the proper moves…

Ah well, not much looking forward to the Cubs this weekend, I’m more looking forward to the end of interleague play and a return to normalcy or whatever passes for that at U.S. Cellular nowadays.

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