Cubs vs. Sox I

Friday, June 22, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Erstad, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Mack, LF; Fields, 3B; Uribe, SS.  Buehrle pitching.


It hardly seemed like a White Sox vs. Cubs battle around the ballpark this morning.  We’ve had more media interest and more buzz at other regular-season games this year.  I’m sure it has something to do with this being the second meeting, with interleague play loosing some of its uniqueness and of course, with how the two baseball teams have played to date.

Worth Noting

PK enters this series with 249 home runs as a member of the White Sox … Konerko is a career .313 (51-163) hitter with 13 home runs and 37 RBI in 46 games vs. the Cubs since joining the Sox in 1999 … he hit two home runs off Carlos Zambrano in his last home game vs. the Cubs on 5/21/06.


Earlier today, the club announced that Duane Shaffer, senior director of amateur scouting, has been relieved of his scouting responsibilities.  Duane, who supervised amateur drafts from 1991 until 2007, had been with the club for 35 years.



Can you tell us what the process is for scheduling these games? Why are all 3 games with the Cubs day games?

It seems like the Cubs may have a slight advantage playing day games since they do it all the time on the North side. Also, at least tonight’s game will be much tougher to watch for fans that work a typical schedule.

As a White Sox fan, I like the fact that we play most of our home games in the evening. Leave the weekday, day games to the lovable losers on the north side.


I think that they don’t want to schedule the Cubs Vs. Sox games at night because of security and safety reasons.

Sad, just really sad…It’s the freaking Cubs!!

A thank you goes out to Duane for his work, 35 years is an amazing amount of time. I got the feeling that’s only the beginning though. Many more heads to roll before this season’s over.

Heads HAVE to roll. Our farm system/scouts have not given us anything in recent memory. All these “great” prospects have turned out to be duds. This is just pathetic, The CUBS??? I need to go puke.

Gang all you can do for the rest of the season is sit back, laugh and try to keep your sanity.

I mean when Erstad just comes off the DL then hurts his ankle in the very first inning, all you can do is laugh. “It is what it is” and what it is, is that we stink…period.

Regarding Shaffer, Kenny warned over the winter he wasn’t happy with the scouting department which seems to have the uncanny ability to draft players who do very little at the big league level.

Now if Kenny is smart and I think he is, he IMMEDIATELY starts throwing money at some of the Twins top amateur folks to get them to come on down.

Keep smiling everyone, Bears training camp starts in about a month!

Mark Liptak

WHERE’S KENNY!!! I can’t belive that His still our GM. Is he in Chicago? Does he see Whats Happening to this Team? Somebody Please Find Kenny? Or Was He the One I was with the CUBS Cap On!!!!

I am so tired of watching Juan Uribe, cannont bunt, waits on the ball, head some where else, no speed , swings at everything , a losing type baseball player , what is he doing on this team

Day after day I read and hear all of these positive things about the opposing players that the white sox play, and about their own players , but when positive becomes head stuck in the sand, too many people are not seeing reality in the white sox situation, we need major change , Now it is already too late to get the max. return, on a lot of these players, dye, mark , uribe, and all free agents to be along with others should be traded or let go, drastic measures , as the marlins did, you get have results from half measures.

sorry should be half results from half measures.

Ok, as for Uribe we have a huge problem in a search for a new SS. That problem is that there really aren’t any quality short stops available. After this season in F.A. there will be one notable, David Eckstein (32). Omar Vizquel may be available but he has a team option I think for ’08 and ’09 which’ll probably be picked up, and he’s pretty old anyways.

Inside the organization there’s really no one who can play SS. Maybe you could stick Andy Gonzalez in there or start getting Bourgeois to play SS, but otherwise no one would do anything at the major league level.

I guess your best bet is to either trade for ****, resign Cintron, or resign Big-Butt again.

I really really really don’t want to see Buehrle go, we should start a petition.

I dont understand why everyone is so pissy about Uribe. Uribe isnt a losing ballplayer as he was the shortstop on a world series winner. You ****** are the same people that wanted to run damaso marte out after one bad half, Carl Everett out because he didnt believe in dinosaurs and Frank Thomas out because he was injury prone (and then we get thome who is more injury prone than thomas). Ozzie the fool ran out carlos lee and magglio ordonez and now we have erstad and podsednik clogging up the DL. Its about time Shaffer got released. He headed up the draft since 1991…our last solid contributor that was a first round pick was in 1990-Alex Fernandez. Where is the guy that was the head of the draft in the mid-late 80s? He drafted Thomas, Ventura, Fernandez. Get him a beer. Why dont you people try to run Kenny and Ozzie out of town? They put together this trash team. Personally i think Jerry Manuel was a better manager but noone could stand him because he didnt swear. I seen Manuel show more emotion than i see from Ozzie this year.

I would sign that petition. The Sox must keep Buehrle!!

well kenwo, you are right about a lot but dead wrong about uribe, he is bad, no situational hitting, cannot bunt, strikes out a ton, swings at everything, few walks, does not adjust in field or at bat, has limited range, on plus side great arm and some occassional power, on balance a terrible player to have, seems uncoachable as he does not change or adjust or learn to bunt.

ps I vote to get rid of buehrle, he had his chance to sign, we are overloaded with big dud salaries, while he is not a dud, we cannot afford him huge salary to be, we should have already traded him, he will be gone folks.

If the Sox are willing to spend the money, and they should be after this awful year, A-Rod is your shortstop next year.

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