Saturday vs. the Cubs

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Gonzo, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Iguchi, 2B; Fields, 3B; Terrero, CF; Uribe, SS.  Vazquez pitching.

We will need to make a roster move prior to today’s game to make room for the return of Pods.


Yesterday was just one of those games that a team is going to have over the course of a long season…Buehrle fell behind 20 pitches in on the two long balls, then settled in, fought the flu as well as the Cubs, and left with the game still within reach…It’s just that, right now, and all season long…this team couldn’t hit water if they were standing in a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan…
The at bat that really ticked me off was Dye’s in the 7th…Konerko homers to get them on the board, then AJ singles…Zambrano looked to be quite vulnerable…Dye coming up… What does HE do?

First pitch, he goes after it, instead of waiting Zambrano out… 5-4-3 DP, end of rally…end of chances…

That really frosted me…

I don’t know, but it seems to me that this team right now, as it is constituted,is playing so tight that you couldn’t get a crowbar up their backsides without a subpoena…

What they need, I couldn’t tell you…the play that Erstad made in the 1st…outstanding… but then he gets hurt AGAIN…

This is the way the non-luck goes for the 2007 White Sox to date…

After a while, I think that everyone in that clubhouse should realize that the quotes they give after the game really ring hollow…the “black cat” is after them…and there seems to be no good fortune staring them in the face at this time…

Looks like Buehrle wants a five year deal. Oh White Sox, I know you don’t like going beyond the three years but, it’s Mark Buehrle!,1,1244363.story?coll=cs-home-headlines

Question for everyone. We have the worst hitting team in baseball and have scored 2 runs in two games against a team that you certainly wouldn’t call a juggernaut in the Cubs, our bullpen can’t get anyone out and this team is sleepwalking out there, and the best they could do is fire a senior scout. This is an embarassment. Someone’s head has to roll to prove a point here.

I am probably in the minority but I like kenny williams as a gm, I just do not think he went nearly far enough past off season, he should have remade the team then getting rid of a crede, mark, t.o., dye, uribe, now only mark is worth anything in trade value, that really hurts because we still need to remake the team totally but it is much more difficult now, still go all the way and remake team, time is essential

Interesting that apparently EVERY other team in baseball, even the deadhead Cubs can bunt, hit and run, steal bases EXCEPT of course, the White Sox.


Second time in less then a week a bunt has beaten these clowns.

Think they’ll learn something?

Naw. They’ll keep trying to blast those eight run, mile long home runs.

Here’s a suggestion for Ozzie.

Since this team is going nowhere and since “it’s time” to throw some of these ‘so called’ players under a bus, what I’d do is ORDER every single hitter, every single time in a game to bunt.

No one swings away for the nine innings. NO ONE. Let Konerko, Thome, Dye, everyone, have to bust their rear ends running it out on every at bat.

Embarrass every single one of these ‘players’ just as they are embarrassing the organization, the city and the fans.

As far as I’m concerned (and I held out as long as I could) Kenny can get this club totally.

Mark Liptak

Let’s get down to brass tacks here. Kenny told us coming out of spring training that he liked the team he has. Our bullpen has been a disaster. Let’s see, we have ex-Kansas City Royal, Rockie and Cub pitchers out there. Gee, those have been successful organizations lately. They might **** because these guys have had a part in their *******. Everyone in the Cell today knew the squeeze was coming when the Cubs third base coach came running down the third base line to make sure everyone saw the sign from Pinella except Ozzie and Jenks. Ozzie is starting to resemble Jerry Manuel. He needs a cattle prod to get him off the bench. Kenny left us with the cupboard bare but they’ll still draw 2.7 million-starting to take a page from the North Siders? We don’t tolerate that on the South Side, though.


Attendance is already down 2,500 per game now…wait till you see how far it drops by August 15th.

If drastic changes and major money isn’t spent gutting and rebuilding this team for 2008 (think Ichiro, Luis Castillo, Eckstein and Jason Bey as targets)they’ll be lucky to draw 1.7 million.

You don’t need to worry about Sox fans becomming lemmings like the drunks on the North Side.

Sox fans actually care more about the on-field product and will not spend money seeing garbage.

Mark Liptak

Mark, South Side fans will never be lemmmings, we just expect our team to put a product on the field we can be proud of. Right now, from the GM down, they seem to be going through the motions. I would like to believe that 05 wasn’t a fluke, but watching Ozzie manage and Kenny’s latest moves makes me believe we were awful lucky to get what we got. How can you fall so far so quickly? I guess that is a question for Da Coach.

Think drastic now, I recommend getting rid of Contreras ,too old, Buehrle too expensive, Jenks big chip probably two young everyday players, plus he has a history of arm trouble and weight could begin to tell sell now, dye for whatever and pay someone to take uribe ,money well spent,

I sure would like to see Andy Gonzalez play shortstop instead of the outfield. I guess we can’t afford to sit Uribe though.

Love me Sunday mornings, the smell of breakfast in the air, the sound of another player hitting the DL maybe and you get to read alot of articles in the papers.

Pretty funny one by Downey in the Trib. Downright laughable one in the Sun-Times by Mariotti…. Seriously Jay, I know you fancy yourself a big star now, but I honestly don’t believe Reinsdorf is making organizational moves to spite you. Great article by Cowley talking about Red Sox scouts eyeing up Buehrle. Hey if we can get a Hanley Ramirez out the deal like Florida did with Beckett I’m all for it. Hanley’s don’t grow on trees though. Adequate article by Couch, DeLuca was talking Soriano so I skipped it…believe it or not I’ve gotten my Cubbie fill for the weekend.

Arvia’s ranting on the futility of our minor league system and drafting in the Southtown while Rozner’s talking about how we need to reload not rebuild in the Herald. My response to that is why reload when the gun has a propensity to shoot blanks? Get a new gun. Imrem talks about how Kenny should push the envelope and trade Konerko to the Dodgers. Hey I’d listen if LA was talking Kemp, Broxton and some others….

Suppose this is what the season has come to, devouring articles about the Sox trying to find any insight into why the on-field product is so unappetizing. Waxing nostalgic about something that happened two years ago (we were champs two years ago! it’s still hard to fathom how we could get so lousy so quick). And wondering when’s the next time we’re going to win a ******* series. Haven’t won one all month and if I’m not mistaken Oakland in May was the last time we obtained that ever-elusive goal of winning a series.

Anyway, if we have to suffer the indignity of being swept by the **** Cubs please make it quick Jose. Do your best Buehrle impression while he’s still around.

I’d like to sign Buehrle to a nice deal. If the sox choose to go otherwise though i can understand it. All the other players they have let walk havent really done too much after they left. (colon’s cy young 05 the only exception). Fernandez, McDowell, Alvarez, Colon, Freddy all have not performed well after the sox dumped them. But i have no confidence in the white sox trading Buerhle and getting something for him. so id hold on to him and see if he’ll take 4 years (i think the sox could give him that one extra year) and if not get a draft pick. They cant draft either but then we wont have any other gavin floyds around.

as for dye, good luck in trading him. with his latest injury and poor play you will have to give him away. maybe if you hold onto him he’ll take a discounted deal next year and the sox can resign for cheap. then maybe they can trade thome and dye can dh. Congratulations to my guy the Big Hurt on homer 498! he’ll be joining the 500 club sometime this week is my guess. to bad it wont be with the sox. thomas was a F’ing threat his entire career. right now i dont have the feeling that any of our players are even a threat to the other team including thome, konerko, aj. shoulda kept the big man.

If the Sox are going to trade Buehrle they better be fleecing someone for him. Mark is a guy who will pitcher another 10-12 years in the majors because of his pitching style. He will hang around similar to guys like Jamie Moyer and Tom Glavine. He may not be the best of the three, but he is a left handed innings eater. Someone please tell me how you replace his 230 innings a year effectively with a chance to win? You can not base an organizational philosophy of Jamie f***ing Navarro!

Palehoses, did you see the last section of Mariotti’s column where he quoted Podsednik on his observation of the clubhouse attitude. That pretty much wrapped up the season. They are gonna lose and don’t seem to care.

the strangest thing for me about this year is how we go from supposedly one of the very best clubhouse up beat support team effort clubs to a club that does not seem to care , and this from the get go, I think it is certain guys looking ahead to free agency, mark, dye and crede , changed the chemistry, but that is just a guess , I do not want to label anyone for sure , but it is strange

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