Sunday Randomness

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Gonzo, RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Iguchi, 2B; Fields, 3B; Terrero, CF; Uribe, SS.  Contreras pitching.

Random Items

KW spent a lot of time with reporters this morning responding to Sun-Times speculation about us possibly trading Mark Buehrle (this didn’t qualify as news in my mind but it did for the Sun-Times).  I think most White Sox fans know that a trade of any of our potential free agents is a possibility given how the team has performed.  KW basically said that all options are on the table at this point … we might be trading our potential free agents if he finds deals that make us a better team or we may end up playing out this season and accepting draft picks for any free agents who depart.  Reporters were looking for answers that aren’t there yet.  There are too many games still to be played.  We still have to hold out hope that this team will start playing better.  We’ve got weeks, not months, left to prove it.  You maybe could argue we have days, not weeks.

And I love the intimation in the ST that we would extend Ozzie Guillen’s contract (a speculative story based on no sources that ran a few days ago) just to silence "critics."  The same columnist, one of our favorites, also offered the conjecture that we are changing our ad agency and fired our scouting director to deflect blame.

On the first count, it is pretty ludicrous (not to mention arrogant) to think we would make decisions like a manager’s contract in response to public critics.  Believe me when I say we tend — and have tended — to make those types of decisions on their merits without much concern for media reaction.  We believe our fans understand our plan, our goals and how we hope to get there.  The other two decisions were based on timetables that have nothing to do with team performance.  To make that type of connection shows an amazing lack of knowledge about how sports organizations function (which shouldn’t surprise me given the source).

Anyone who comes out to the ballpark and talks with Ozzie or KW (which this columnist does not) would know those two are the first to accept the blame.  You can physically see how this season’s struggles have affected them.

Maybe this disconnect from reality is one of the reasons why no one bothers to read him much anymore (or his newspaper for that matter given its last financial report).

We’ve certainly had a bad year to date, but I think analysts (financial and otherwise) might still argue that we’ve had a better year than a certain newspaper.  Who has the "brighter" future?

About the Game

Anyway, one run per game certainly won’t cut it.  We need to get something going today or Sox fans are going to hear about it for a long time, and none of want to hear it from Cubs fans (any more than we have to). 


i normally keep my opinions to myself, BUT…. i can not this time. trading buehrle would be an extremely unwise decision. he’s been here for 8 years showing steadiness AND consistency. okay, if you are in the middle of the ocean on a boat like that, do you trade it for one that you hope will do the same? this seems like common sense here. there ARE other avenues open. buerhle needs to stay!!

WHen I watch the team go through what they have in the last month or so it made me think that the team was attempting to showcase some of the young talent to bring on guys that could help us now. Problem is, our young guns misfired and did little to help their casue of styaing here other than to fill a roster spot for an injured player. I would agree that Buehrle is not the guy to go. I would love to have Freddie back eating up all those innings. More should be said for guys NOT producing than guys that are. Look at our run production and lack of basic fundamentals. I don’t know if it is the coaches fault but Joey Cora being on the bench now sure seems like it has an adverse effect on the small ball idea.

If the sox trade away mark buerhle, arguably their best starting pitcher, I will be highly upset with the club. If we don’t get a manny ramirez or david ortiz caliber player in return I’d say that would hurt my passion for the team greatly. In other words don’t trade Buerhle, I’m sure man of the fans would have to agree with me.

Believe me I don’t want Buerhle to go, but it’s not as if he’s going to resign with the Sox. Wouldn’t you rather get something in return for him besides some draft picks that we will most likely waste? If you still think this team has a chance you are dilusional.

Buerhle was long gone before this season even started, if did not see that you did not look, he wants the big , huge bucks that floated around last off season and will get them from I hope someone else, I like oakland, marlins and minn. approach, and we have even more money available than them to spend but not all one 3 or 4 players. I just do not like the slow pace of getting chages done, K williams says they have to study it but that should have been done months ago.

Yeah Scott, one run per game certainly won’t get it done. And 0 run per game most definitely won’t get it done which renders the obstruction fiasco in the 8th a moot point. Thome 0-4, Konerko 0-4, A.J. 0-3. Take a bow gentlemen!

Have you no shame White Sox? It’s bad enough to see raggedy Cubs fans invade our home waving around brooms (and note to the classy Cubs fan in the front row, use that **** broom and brush the bread crumbs off your chin you lousy degenerate). It’s even worse that all we were able to muster the entire series were two measly runs. Two runs!

Send in the clowns! Wait Andy Gonzales is already up. The 2007 season should come with a Surgeon General warning: Excessive or even sporadic viewing of the 2007 White Sox will cause severe mood swings, foaming at the mouth, hair loss, a general bulging of the eyes in disbelief and vertigo; vomiting and diarrhea if you’re unfortunate enough to be in close proximity to U.S. Cellular.

Onward to Tampa Bay.

I can see the sign now:

“OPEN FOR BUSINESS, come on down for over-priced, under performing players to add to your roster for a post-season run!”

Toss this season into the gutter, which would likely drop that gutters property value. I still am under the opinion that the scouting department needs to recieve larger chunk of the blame for the pathetic excuses for baseball players they have convinced the Sox to draft and waste time and effort on. Yes, KW and Ozzie deserve blame, and righfully so. And Im glad to see theyre taking responsibility for it as well, now its time to turn all eyes on our impotent and inept scouting dept, for now our farm system is comprised of never be’s.

IMO this Sox-Cubs series was the finale for the 2007 season. My attention is on the Bears now, except when we trade these bums away one by one. I cant believe were in KC territory now! PATHETIC!!!!

Scotty Pods came back and nailed it on the head. He has been gone a while and said there is no life in this team. They have taken a page from the Cub business book-they are going to draw, make money and put a garbage product on the field. Problem is, it will bite them in the rear end for years to come. We are not North Side sheep being led to slaughter. We were outpitched, outhustled, outmanaged and outplayed this weekend by a bad baseball team. Kenny said coming out of the spring that this team could compete, for what, the cellar? What an embarrassment. Kenny, I coach a 17 and 18 year old team, they could play with more fire for the remainder of the season. Give us a shot.

There is one thing that I’ll always remember from this pathetic, disgusting weekend and I’m shocked no one has mentioned it already.

If you watched the broadcast on WGN-TV they were showing SOX FANS WEARING BAGS ON THEIR HEADS at U.S. Cellular Field.

Think about that gang.

Less then two years removed from a World Series title, less then one year removed from a 90 win season.

Bags on the heads…..unbelieveable!

Stat of the day:

The bullpen has amassed an ERA of 8.19 with a 2-11 record and seven blown saves in the last 40 games.

I guess that’s Kenny’s definition of ‘contending this year and in the future…’

Mark Liptak

Kenny Williams is not on the field making the plays and pitching the games. He put together a team, on paper they should have preformed they did not , its on the players. I fault him for not being more proactive and getting rid of mark, crede, dye in the off season all those guys could think of was the big bucks shortly coming their way, crede chose now back surgery, so he can get ready for free agency, You have to be pro active and see that coming get rid of those guys when they are worth something and not going through the motions waiting for the big buck free agency. that is what killed this team, the players Kenny Williams just did not see it coming.


Then explain the bullpen situation to me please?

Kenny DID specifically put that together didn’t he?

Mark Liptak

Kenny put this team together, he told us this team could compete. He, along with his scouting team and Ozzie have assembled a team that, in the words of Da Coach, might not win another game the rest of the year. You have players on this team that are going through the motions. I think they’ve given up on Ozzie, personally, and I’m not sure Ozzie is as hungry as he was when he first got here.

Back up the truck on these losers.Get what you can for Buehrle,Dye, Thome,Contreras,etc.
This is what you get for stupid choices in the draft,like the car dealers’son who was drafted because his Dad is a huge radio sponsor.

Ichiro is a free agent this year,as is 2nd baseman Castillo.Any chance at all? Doubtful.

More importantly, until fans realize that Reinsdorf defines winning by how much money he makes each year, not championships,they will always get dumped on by this crowd.

ok, I give you the organization has been bad on talent evaluation, they need to get help there for trades , drafts and so on, we are not competing in talent assessment, brave, marlins, oakland , minn, even boston and others are smoking us there, that should be changed
I think kenny did the right thing but got some wrong players , gio, maybe ok? danks will be good so not total loss.


We’ll have to wait and see on guys like Gio, Danks and so forth.

Based on the past 15 years though I wouldn’t be holding my breath that enough kids in both QUALITY and most importantly, QUANTITY are going to come through at the same time.

Given the organization’s ‘philosophy’ on free agent deals for pitchers that could be the killer when all is said and done.

If you’re (right or wrongly) not willing to pay market value and give longer deals to pitchers then you have to hope that four, five, six ‘kids’ all get good at the same time and that’s a very, very, VERY longshot at best.

Mark Liptak

was reading a bunch of blogs , red sox fans , their info maybe bs but I think its true, mark will go to the red sox

If Buehrle is no longer a Chicago White Sox player I will lose a tremendous amount of interest in the team. It sounds like he wants to be with the team, we just need to sign him.

I usually defended KW and other Sox higher ups but I feel like my support of them has definitely gone down with the Buehrle talks.

Hitting coach Greg Walker says, “Believe it or not, it could get worse.” HAAA!!! HOW??? Batting average is already dead last in all major league baseball!! This is pathetic!! Starting pitching is doing a fine job for us. We all should thank them for that. (Hey Mark, you said a while back you’d like to stay. You still mean that, right?) But between disasterous relief pitching and embarrassing plate performances (how many runners left stranded this weekend?) I can’t find any positives to fall back on, can you?

Not sure if you heard, but the Sox replaced Duane Shaffer internally(I don’t recall his name at the moment). I saw your post from the other day about throwing some money at someone from within the Twins, Indians or Tigers organizations, and completely agreed with you. Just like the Sox to go on the cheap. If it is not currently working why are we promoting from within?

It’s sad that this team is not willing to pay fair market value to keep the face of the organization. It’s inevitable that Buehrle will be traded away shortly. I am just hoping that Mark will go to free agency and give the Sox a shot to get him back after the season. I know it’s a long shot, but at this point winning is a long shot most days.

This team can not continue to operate in their own financial market. They need to join the rest of baseball to be competitive. If they don’t we are gonna be garbage for a long long time. If they don’t make a splash in free agency they will be just as bad if not worse next year.

That month long stretch of teams .500 or below we are now 4-15. Too bad we could not have played the Washington Nationals so they could have at least taken 2 of 3 from us as well. When we get back into divisional play it is gonna be scary. Maybe that’s what Walker means by it could get worse.

the problem with trading buehrle is you are going to get “prospects” for him. who was the last “prospect” to ever work out for the sox? it took crede 4 years to get decent for 1/2 of a year. it took rowand 3 years to be decent. the sox “prospects” always seem to stink. i think you would be better off trading konerko to a team like LA. get a bunch of guys already in the league for him. konerko isnt that great anyway. why would you weaken the only area of your team that is half way decent? it doesnt make sense.

one other thing, when the sox were saying they wont resign dye they were banking on their young outfielders to take his spot. so far all of them have been awful. so unless they are going to find a guy they have in A ball who can hit, or they are going to take a plunge in the free agent market for the first time since albert belle, then they might be forced to resign him. i wouldnt totally mind that as i believe dye would be ok once his contract is done.

i am 95 percent sure im not keeping my seasons tickets for next year and i know a lot of others that arent either. we will be drawing 15k fans a night again. which isnt so bad….i can use the bathroom without delay!

I love this organization, to the point that they are like family to me. I watch them on t.v., and read about them in the newspaper everyday. I hate to see this family hurting, I know changes will happen and they may be hard to swallow, but I will never forget all of the hard work and joy these guys have brought me. Buerhle is priceless, a no-hitter (as a whitesox), a championship that he was very much appart of (as a whitesox), and even shows more and more of his greatness each and every game as a whitesox. This September is my 21st birthday and I’m hoping that I can still go to my side of town, the sox side, and see this kid pitching. Emotions can not describe what I’m feeling right now, and am sure many others feel the same around here.


A Fan who had tears of joy when I saw my first world series parade with my dad downtown. Go Sox!

Kenny better hold these teams over the coals for Buehrle, Jose, JD, and whoever else they can get rid of. I want a trade like the AJ for Liriano, Nathan, & Bonser.

Jim, apparently Doug Laumann replaced Duane as director of amateur scouting. I don’t really know anything about him so hopefully Mark, Tom or some other poster can help out with info in that department.

It’s interesting to hear the White Sox talk about not being able to work with the current financial market when in large part we were responsible for setting that market. We’ve got a lot of funny money stuck in a lot funny places and players:

2007 Salaries

Thome-15.7 mil (not sure how much Philly’s still paying)

Vazquez-13.0 mil

Konerko-12.0 mil

Garland-10 mil

Buehrle-9.5 mil

Jose-9.0, JD-7.0, AJ-5.5

Those eight players alone account for $81.5 million of our $100+ million payroll. Or put in a different context that 81.5 million is more than the entire payroll of half the teams in the majors including Oakland at $79.9 million, Minnesota at $71.4 million and Cleveland at $61.3 million.

So to me, it’s not that the organization isn’t willing to play the market, it’s more a case of dedicating massive amounts of payroll to players undeserving of it and subsequently losing all flexibility in terms of adapting to a changing market. Thome isn’t worth $15.7, Vazquez isn’t worth $13. Konerko hasn’t earned his salary, neither has JD, Jose, or AJ. A solid arguement could be made for Garland and Mark earning their money since they both have ERAs in the 3’s despite their losing records.

The very idea that we aren’t aggresively pursuing Mark seems real odd to me. I think the 5-year rule has gotta go. There must be an exception to every rule and Mark should be that exception. That said I look for Mark to be shipped soon.

And the whispers coming out of Boston range from idiotic to slightly less idiotic. I’ve heard of such All-Stars as Wily Mo Pena (I’d just as soon take a sledge hammer to the base of my skull before I’d ever embrace a Wily Mo as a Sox player) and Alex Cora (sorry Joey, you’re the only Cora we need). If Theo is truly suggesting this laugh in his face and turn around.

I’ve also heard about prospects like Bowden-P, Clay Bucholz-P, Lowrie-SS I think and Ellsbury-OF/leadoff hitter…Now Bucholz is very intriguing, he’s supposedly their only untouchable. Well reach out and touch him Kenny. He seems destined to be an Ace or #2 starter. Ellsbury is interesting as we need someone when Podnik shuffles off into the sunset later this year. The rest I’m lukewarm about.

There are so many teams vying for Mark right now though that I doubt Boston is the front-runner any longer if they ever were. But if we do deal with Boston, insist they give up Bucholz and Ellsbury. If we trade with Boston and one if not both of those names aren’t involved, consider ourselves fleeced.

A couple weeks ago I read an article on Carlos Zambrano talking about his bad start, he said he woke up the next morning and said “this is a new season, everything that I did is in the past and for now on this is where the season starts” Maybe the White Sox need to do that, too. The team is way too focused on who is being traded. If they could all mentally just wake up tomorrow morning, forget about the first months of the season, and just say to themselves “this is April 2, a new season begins” maybe they could get back on track.

For Kenny Williams, we know you have never listened to the Fans, but for once maybe You should listen to us – We want MB to stay, you have Dye (even though I would like him to stay as well, but business is business) and Iguchi you could trade and not for another power slugger, but for some good relief pitchers, that is where we are lacking, the offense will turn around, maybe if you sign MB, they could all get focused!

One thing about this past weekend, How ******* Humilitating!! We ARE Chicago Baseball – Not this weekend. You can Never let that happen again!!

Our Pledge:

To fans —

that every White Sox employee and player will be true to our city, our values, our community, and our promise that we will reward their loyalty with a baseball experience like no other. The Chicago White Sox

That was an experience!

But –

That was last season, now let’s play THIS season!!

Come on Guys, start playing with your heads held high and let’s show everyone how Baseball is meant to be played! Let’s show ’em that the Chicago White Sox ARE Chicago Baseball – Let’s be Proud we are The Chicago White Sox!!!!


Thanks for the name. I searched the Sox website last night and could not find it.

When I talk about the Sox imaginary market it’s how they look at free agents and their value. When the rest of MLB is in an upswing in what players are being offered you have to be willing to pay more to compete for their services. The Sox can not continue to sit and wait for the market to fall back to them. The market will fall back, but it could take a while for that to happen. If they want to compete year in and year out with team like the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox etc… they need pay what the current market calls for.

The 3 year contract for pitchers and hoping we can get lucky and all the sudden have 5 good starters and a solid bullpen like 2005 through young guys and some lucky trades drives me nuts. The chances of that happening again are slim. I don’t want to wait and hope on prospects. I want proven winners, and people that can perform. Unfortunately our smug GM and his .218 lifetime career batting average can not deal with star players (ie: Frank Thomas and Mags to name a couple). It almost seems like through his actions and the way he talks he is saying that he has the power now, unlike when he played when he was a very below average player.

Mark B had 100 chances to sign and make millions with the WS. he passed so I would pass on him. We need to use that 100 million , put it into young ball players, diamond backs, marlins, see to be doing fine with young players. these guys **** do not care too much mnoney. dump salary get some young talent

For once I agree with Jay Mariotti. Do not endorse the awful move Scott that trading Buehrle would be. WE THE FANS supported this team in 2003 and 2004 when they fell on their noses and then in 2005 when they went on and gave us the greatest gift ever. For once man up and sign him and give him the money he deserves. Zambrano or Rodriguez better be wearing the Sox logo next year or this francise will be exactly what Jay Mariotti (who is starting to look wiser everyday) said it is which is a minor league team playing in a major market. Don’t blow smoke at us anymore, this team is horrendously underachieving this year and nothing baseball prospectous or stats you pull up is going to make roses grow out of this pile this season has been. Show the fans you are serious and sign Buehrle not give another American league team the benefit of having him for some prospects that may or may not be good.. (remember Joe Borchard, Brian Anderson). We know what Buehrle has and I don’t care what he did last year. All that matters is he had an awful year last year and has come back strong. That takes guts something I believe this organization has. All I need to know now is where to buy a Kansas City Royals hat because I can’t wait for them to put the White Sox in the cellar. I live and die by black and silver but this is just ridiculous. I hope if they trade Buehrle that he gets the victory over us is some future ALCS Game 7. Strap a set on and do whats right for the fans already.

How can you say pass on a guy that is gonna be a reliable starting pitcher for at least 10 more years. Mark had a choice to make last year when the Sox offered him 3 years at $33 mil. The market being what it is he made the wise choice. The Sox need to man up and offer him what the market commands.

Young ball players don’t win titles. And they better be willing to spend well over $100 mil per year if they want to continue to compete. If they do, we will fill the seats, but don’t expect to see big crowds unless we make some moves to better this team immediately. If I want to see minor league baseball the Jackhammers are a much shorter drive for me!

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