Monday in Tampa

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Gonzo RF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Iguchi, 2B; Fields, 3B; Terrero, CF; Uribe, SS; Hall, C.  Danks pitching.

Picking Up The Pieces

It’s great hearing from all those Cubs fans in our lives who care so much that they have called and emailed us continually.

The best sign from the weekend (you gotta laugh in the face of despair every now and then) was:

"98 More Years Like This and We’d Be the Cubs"

It goes without saying, but we need to generate some offense.

You know it’s not going your way when obstruction gets in the way of two basrunning outs by the opposition.

Pitching in KC

Contreras vs. Bannister

Danks vs. Perez

Garland vs. Thomson


Not sure about what you guys think, but how in the world can people be talking about our fans wearing brown bags?  Sure, this season has been a disappointment, but how about bringing some reality to the dance?

I was talking to a Sox fan from DC today.  He said, "On days like this, I go home at night and put on the World Series DVD."

I assured him that KW is down the hall in his conference room working on getting us another as soon as he can.


I didn’t happen to notice…Exactly whom did the WS get for Buehrle in the trade that the Some-Times made for them?…
And for those of you out there who want to leave the populace of White Sox Universe…


That’s right,I said it…

For those of you who want to back up the truck, clean house, trade EVERYBODY for somebody else…in other words, plug the life support system on this season (what the h*ll, it worked for the Schiavo woman in Florida, why not here?)…

You don’t have to look anymore…just go FAR,FAR AWAY!!!

I may sound like one of the silver and black kool-aid drinkers to you, or like somebody from the front office, but trust me, I am not…

I have been around way too damned long, and have seen too many things happen, both positively and negatively, to give up on a team and a season BEFORE THE F***ING FOURTH OF DAMNED JULY !!!

True, they spoiled us rotten two years ago…last year, don’t forget, they won 90 games…Konerko summed it up best yesterday when he said that it can’t get any worse…

I happen to agree with him…

Yes, I aggravated all weekend long…suffred with dumba**ed plays from Terrero and Uribe,the paucity of runs, and the lack of clutch moments…but it is nothing I haven’t seen before, nor will see again…

I make a commitment to this team each year… win or lose, good or bad, I am there first pitch to last out of the season…

The vultures in the press,and some of the people on this site make me want to vomit with their negativity…

To close, Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet : “…When sorrows comes, they come not as single spies,but in battalions…”

I think ole Will had the boys in mind when he wrote that…almost 300 years before the forming of the franchise…

Call me delusional, call me a silly old man, h*ll, call me a cab…

I’m not leaving yet…

The rest of you can go…NOW !

It is hard to listen to the trade rumors, watch the blown opportunies, and shake my head at games given away, however….I’ll be at the Cell Monday celebrating young Kevin’s 10th birthday! Good or bad I am a Sox fan, as frustrating as it may be right now and as wonderful as it was 2 years ago. Tom, the writing is on the wall I fear for this season, I would love to see a miracle happen, but we are in the AL Central, we would need a HUGE turnaround. Give up? there is always hope, but alas I am a realist as well. I’m not leavin till I’m heavin–oh wait, flashback to college days! I’m not going anywhere, but I’m not counting on anything either!!

tomquaid ,your opinion is worth no more or less than anyone else’s opinion regardless of what your ego may think and your bombastic blast at other sox fans. I for one would not want to gamble 100 million dallors on any player period, that is about like going to vegas, notice all of the injured super star pitcher’s right now , that is why mark wants 5 yrs we if injured it guts the ball clup. that is my opinion.

I think every fan should send Kenny Williams this message Sign Buehrle to a 5-10 year deal instead of trading him. I am sick of hearing we only do 3-4year deals. The pitching isnt the problem it is the dam players he got last year in free agency and this year. It is his fault the team is this bad. I know he wants to hide behind that fact the team can’t afford it but know one will believe we can’t spend the money wisely. So the players that need to be replace are rob Mackowiak, Alex cintron, Brian Anderson, any pitchers except for Buehrle, Bobby Jenks, & Jon Garland. If he wants to trade any of the so called stars on this time like jim thome, Paul K., Jereman Die, then do it but better get a player that can take his place as we dont have anyone young to replace them. We need hitting at we dont have it the hitting coach can review the tapes of the players and let them know what is going on there has to be something he is seeing them do if not the he needs to be fired because he isnt a good hitting coach. The worst thing you can do is get rid of one best pitchers that the sox have had in years and looks like he will continue to be a good pitcher for the years to come. Jerry get out the check book and spend the money right dont give me the line you cant afford it you are making Millions.


I have zero issues with fans so embarrassed that they have taken to wearing bags on their heads.

First off it shows they give a ****.

Second it’s telling that fans seem to be more sickened and embarrassed by the team’s performance then the players themselves.

Third with respect, yes let’s talk about perspective. Two World Series appearances since 1919. One championship in that time. I’m grateful to the organization and for being alive to see it but let’s not confuse what the White Sox have accomplished with say the Yankees or Cardinals or Braves in that time period.

The point still remains, how in the world can a team, less then two years removed from winning the World Series go right in the toilet?

Possible answers: One dimensional, no team speed, horrible fundamentals, the worst bullpen in the major leagues, a rookie in the starting rotation.

Those decisions weren’t made by the fans, they were ORGANIZATIONAL decisions.

So again I have no issues when fans of today want to express how bad things are going.

To quote a famous Chicagoan…Mike Ditka: “Living in the past is for losers and cowards.”

It’s going to be an interesting and I certainly hope productive ‘off season’ starting in a few weeks.

Oh Scott just wondering…Mark Gonzales had a story today in the Tribune on the new director of scouting. The story states that he will continue to not draft any Scott Boras clients in the amateur draft.

Is this true?

Again this is an organizational decision if it is.

How this increases the talent stock when you are limiting the people you’d like to play for the organization based soley (it seems) on money is beyond me.

Mark Liptak

Well the ‘good’ people at the Eastern Sports Programming Network are ready to throw dirt on the grave.

This should be ‘interesting’ today. From the ‘Outside The Lines’ web page:


Two years removed from winning the world championship, the White Sox are in disarray.

Their explosive manager is on the hot seat; their most celebrated pitcher, who threw a no-hitter earlier in the season, is on the trading block; and their team batting average is the worst in baseball.

Today on Outside the Lines, we look at how the White Sox have gone from first to worst in less than two seasons.”

You think they’ll say anything about ‘bag wearing’ fans?

Seriously I hate ESPN more then I hate this putrid team.

Mark Liptak

Long time reader, first time poster.
I’d like to say that I’ve been a fan since ’88 when I went to my first game. My dad was a Cardinals fan, we had just moved up from southern Illinois the past year, and he wasn’t going to take me to any Cubs games. I’ve been through the good and the bad, and will continue to support the Sox. This probably just seems like the bleakest of times because we’re in the shadow of winning the World Series less than two years ago, and so many players of this team was part of that team as well.

I won’t pretend to know what to do to turn it around, I just hope it happens. I’m taking my fiance to her first Sox game in two weeks and I sure hope I can see a win then.

Let’s go White Sox!



I am currently trying to dump the rest of my Ozzie plan tickets for the rest of this season. I’ll hardly find any takers. I would love to ditch these things on someone else so I can at least say that I’m not paying for this team anymore this season. However, I probably wont be able to get rid of them. So if I do have to go to that darn place and witness such painful baseball, I will be wearing a brown bag on my head. The team and organization as a whole should be ashamed of themselves. I was ashamed to even be at the game last Friday. The 2005 DVD’s are good to distract you once in a while, but this thing called baseball on the South Side is absolutely disgusting and cannot make the pain/anger/frustration go away. The prices have gone up, the attendance has gone up, even parking has gone up since 2005. And what do we hear from this org? That we will not draft players with certain agents despite their upside and we will not give contracts longer than 3 years to pitchers. The management should be ashamed of themselves and wear bags on their heads too!

Hey everyone… the Joliet Jackhammers are a great deal to take your family to a game if you want to se some GOOD baseball (and you don’t even need a brown bag over your head. Hey, KW will probably trade JD and Buehrle and everyone else for some prospects that have probably recently played for the Jackhammers. So go out and watch the future Sox players of this year at Silver Cross field. Maybe you can afford to take your family of four to one of those games rather then spending a weeks pay to sit in the outfield on some supposedly great deal “Ozzie” ticket plan.

Scott, quit trying to cheer us up and shining a golden light on a pathetic season

Did you see the percent of first round and sandwich picks this year that were Boras clients. It was over 30% for those that will sign contracts. You can not possibly avoid an agent that has the best talent in his portfolio. It’s just another sign of the smugness we get from Jerry and Kenny in the front office.

I am thoroughly embarassed by this team, and don’t blame others for wearing a bag on their heads this weekend. We just got swept by a bad team, in a series that is very heated no matter what the players or managers say. They should be fired up for this series, and we went down without a whimper!

In 2025 I don’t want to still be watching my Sox 2005 World Series DVD and celebrating the 20 year anniversary of our last World Series. Da Coach was right, let’s go win so we can celebrate now and let the past be the past! It’s great that we won in 2005, but it is now 2007.

Everyone back off Scott… What kind of a name is that. Pretty pathetic how you made up a name just for this season. Not every year we are going to have a good year. Its just one of those years, it happens. The Mets used to be terrible all the time, the Yanks were that good in the 70’s. As for the Cubs fans, I’m all ready for them to come at me. People lay off Scott, and stop complaining all the time. Stuff like this happens. Jim I don’t think Kenny is smug and I don’t think Jerry is also.

WOW! I haven’t been on here in quite awhile, knew most of you would be whining and moaning, I wasn’t wrong. Maybe those of you wearing paper sacks should switch to plastic, afterall, you’ll smother quicker and we’ll all be rid of your whining!

the only good part about the weekend was it’s been going on for so long it was pretty well expected. less painful when you can see it coming.

all due respect, scott, but this organization is in NO shape to critcize the FANS. count your blessings people are still showing up. honestly how much money would you PAY to watch games like these? i can shove a fork in my eye for free and still have time to go rent a movie.

it’s not even that the team’s just garbage… we have to watch these stupid commercials and hear press confrences through the past 2 years about “ozzie ball” or “grinder ball” or whatever. who even believes that? this team has 2 base stealing threats and they rarely play at the same time. oh, and one of them started the year getting thrown out by victor martinez(who threw out 13% of runners last year i believe) 2 of 3 times. this team is built around meaningless solo homers. so show us a commercial where paulie hits a long impressive homer, and then a flash to scoreboard showing us losing 4 to 1 in the 6th.

and it’s not just the joke commercials. it’s every time we see ALEX CINTRON come in to hit in the 9th. and anytime we see macdougal running out of the bullpen. anytime i look in the paper and don’t see an article telling me that rob has been unconditionally released and is not allowed in the city of chicago ever again.

honestly, how much of this do we have to see? i understand you’re already paying them and these fools have no trade value, but there’s a reason for that. at least throw some young kids in there that have some chance to do something productive. ‘the kids can play’ era was tough, but at least it wasnt absolutely pitiful.

and if all that wasnt enough, now we hear that one of the very few remaining reasons to watch is expected to be traded.

i understand perfectly well why people would feel embarrassed to cheer for this organization.

if you dont, maybe thats part of the problem…

A couple weeks ago I read an article on Carlos Zambrano talking about his bad start, he said he woke up the next morning and said “this is a new season, everything that I did is in the past and for now on this is where the season starts” Maybe the White Sox need to do that, too. The team is way too focused on who is being traded. If they could all mentally just wake up tomorrow morning, forget about the first months of the season, and just say to themselves “this is April 2, a new season begins” maybe they could get back on track.

For Kenny Williams, we know you have never listened to the Fans, but for once maybe You should listen to us – We want MB to stay, you have Dye (even though I would like him to stay as well, but business is business) and Iguchi you could trade and not for another power slugger, but for some good relief pitchers, that is where we are lacking, the offense will turn around, maybe if you sign MB, they could all get focused!

One thing about this past weekend, How **** Humilitating!! We ARE Chicago Baseball – Not this weekend. You can Never let that happen again!!

Our Pledge:

To fans —

that every White Sox employee and player will be true to our city, our values, our community, and our promise that we will reward their loyalty with a baseball experience like no other. The Chicago White Sox

That was an experience!

But –

That was last season, now let’s play THIS season!!

Come on Guys, start playing with your heads held high and let’s show everyone how Baseball is meant to be played! Let’s show ’em that the Chicago White Sox ARE Chicago Baseball – Let’s be Proud we are The Chicago White Sox!!!!


Wear a bag on your head? OMG. Mike North is an idiot. How quickly we forget. KW shouldn’t really wait any longer to start improving this team. The keepers NO MATTER WHAT are; Konerko, Iguchi, Fields, AJ, Garland, Vazquez and maybe Thome. The eject immediately seat goes to Uribe and Cintron. Neither are MLB players. The trade to make a difference should be Buehrle for A-rod. The laziest player most of the time award goes to Dye. The broken wheel award goes to Erstad. Its’ clear we need middle relief pitching, a new shortstop and an outfielder or two. Crede has seen his last game as a Sox but Fields looks promising. One good thing will happen this year going into next. I’ll get better season tickets when some of the bag wearers don’t renew their season tix next year! Woo Hoo, go Sox.

Did they actually show the guy or did they cut to something else?

If you can get the Yankees to trade A-Rod for Buerhle then you should be GM of the Sox. I think you might have to drug Cashman and Steinbrenner to pull that one off. I am sure the Yankees would love to have Buerhle, but I doubt they are giving up their most productive offensive player for him.

Thread hijack:

Don’t know if you saw this but as Bobby Howry was blowing a five run 9th inning lead tonight to the Rockies at “beautiful” (gag me with a spoon) Wrigley Field, he was attacked by a fan charging out of the stands.

Just keep that in mind the next time someone talks to you about the “bad, violent, disgusting” fans at U.S. Cellular Field.

Shades of Randy Myers and the Dodgers ‘cap’ incident.

Let’s see how THIS is going to be reported tomorrow.

Mark LIptak

I was watching and it appeared that the fan just wanted to know why Howry gave up that home run!

Unfortunately they came back to win in the bottom of the 9th.

Don’t forget about the guy that was shot outside “The Shrine” after a game last year.

YAH BABY WE WON! for the people that want to trade iguchi, dye , uribe, buehrle….who are we going to replace them with? the guy that said Arod is obviously a crack addict. the sox havent made a big free agent signing since albert belle and it wont start now. the minor league system is a joke as every player they bring up continues to fail. the best option is to bring these guys back next year for another run. maybe they can sign a couple bullpen guys. maybe they can get a catcher who can actually throw the ball. but if you think they are going to get arod, torii hunter, ichiro, .200 hitting andruw jones, even rowand then you are kidding yourself. the sox refuse to take part in the free agent market.

Scott I know because you work for the Sox you really hate to see the fan attendance drop, but for me I really enjoy it actually. I miss the days when I can just show up to the park on a Monday and get a decent seat that isn’t in the upperdeck behind the poles.

Although it’s stunning for the Sox to make such a dramatic drop from best to worst, we weren’t going to be the forever Yankees. I predict Pauly will still hit over 100 RBIs this year and someone on the Sox will pull off 15 wins. Anyone else think so?

Paulie better start hitting. He’s nowhere near your prediction. I think the Sox will be lucky if he hits 80 rbi. It just one of those awful years that PK tends to have once in a while.

most of the bloggers are all for the huge salaries but isn’t that what we already have. We have a huge payroll. It seems more just gets you more greed , all the players looking ahead to more in free agency hurt this club, I would like to see real baseball young eager kids hopefully with talent playing the game. Best way to get that is to trade these knuckleheads like Mark B, Dye, Tadihito, Uribe, Contreras, Jenks for tons of young talent , maybe even Paul K. dump salary and build a real team that cares, what is Kenny waiting for , seems they want it both ways, to appease the fans, they probably do not have confidence in their ability to choose young players , they maybe afraid to make moves, show me I am wrong kenny.

dleeun…My ego is quite healthy,thank you…unlike a certain columnist who works on Orleans Street who thinks that he is the be-all, end-all of the sports and journalism world…although he doesn’t want to become the story…(You’re right, Weathervane…)
And, since you are fairly new to this site, let me give you the condensed version of my background with the Chicago White Sox…

I have nearly 5 decades invested in this franchise…

I was there when they were the perennial runners-up to the Yank-mes,to the Orioles, to the A’s, to the Twins, to everyone else… I was there with them in 1970 when the season seemed twice as long as normal, because they finished 56-106…the most important moment coming when Alex Johnson of the(then)California Angels beat out an infield roller to third base to win the batting title over Carl Yastrzemski…though they had to go about three or four digits in to determine it…

I was with this club when they were “Winning Ugly” in 1983…and “losing ugly” most every other year…until two years ago…

You say that they should trade the “knuckleheads” like Konerko, Buehrle,Dye, Iguchi, see young baseball players eager kids hopefully with talent…

Do you have a clue in a carload,dleeun, how long it would take to develop that team into a contender…and by the time you DO develop them, most of them will be eligible for free agency and the BIG BUCKS that the current crop is getting…

And so the circle moves…

There can be moves made,dleeun…they are just the wrong ones at this time…

Stay the course,see what, if anything happens…

But just be made aware…if things turn around this season, and you wish, along with the others to come back,as they used to say at old Comiskey when they wanted everybody to go home…


tomquaid, I was at the 1960 world series so you have nothing on me, played baseball thru college and and have a pretty good grasp of the game, but understand my view is not always right. Other teams like marlins turned it around in one yr, with mostly young players , it can be done, Arizona took a little longer, but we have a lot of chips to play if used right, retain at least 3 starting pitchers we could be right back in contention but right now we do not have a winning team, players do not work the count enough and are not good situational hitters , and on and on, I think a series of major moves is are best bet.

I don’t want to be the Marlins or Diamondbacks. We are a major market and should be able to put a mix of mostly veterans with a few good young players, and spend lots of money doing it. It’s great the the Marlins won two titles, but how many of the other years did they just stink after they had to blow up their teams? Call me greedy, but I want to be a winning team every year. As we are experiencing this year losing suks!

If they dump the vets and try to go young “These Kids Can Play Part 2” will empty out the ball park. And Tom is right on, once the kids have become good enough to win they will be approaching free agency and a big contract.

They have the money to spend. Last time I checked they were making about $5.50 per beer and selling quite a bit of it. Between tickets and concessions they are making more than enough to spend money to fix the problems. They just can’t let a mistake like Jamie Navarro dictate the way they spend money, or let an agent dictate who they will try to sign or draft.

We will never land a huge free agent because that is not what this organization is about. After the moves they made in 05 when we won the World Series playing “Ozzie Ball” (and leading the league in homeruns.. Pods hitting a walkoff, vintage Ozzie Ball) they will never tread the waters to get an immediate impact player or sign someone who is already on the roster to a deserved contract extension. But I hear one of the Sox rookie league pitchers threw three balls over the plate last outing, maybe it is time to call him up. Or raid the Kansas City bullpen again

Actually the Sox were 5th in 2005 with 200 home runs (Texas 260, NYY 229, Cincy 222 and Cleveland 207).

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