Day Two In Tampa

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Gonzo, CF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Iguchi, 2B; Mack, RF; Cintron, 3B; Uribe, SS.  Gar on the hill.

Journalism 101

Compare and contrast how you think last night’s fan-on-the-field incident on the other side of town would have been handled by the local media had it happened at our ballpark?

Thankfully, after the Ligue attack on Gamboa at our ballpark four years ago, the State of Illinois made trespassing on the playing field of a sporting event a Class 4 felony.  It’s no longer a case of passing the hat among a bunch of drunken frat brothers to bail you out after the arrest.  A felony is a felony.

Notes from the Bay

Jermaine Dye tested his leg by running in the outfield.  Plans are to have him test it even more tomorrow.  Scott Podsednik is sporting a new hairdo thanks to a clubhouse stylist.


I was reading the article about Jermaine Dye not wanting to go on the DL. While I understand that he wants to avoid being out for two weeks if at all possible, I thought it was terribly rude of him to point to the “lack of success” that Ryan Sweeney and Jerry Owens had while up from AAA earlier this season as the reason he was avoiding the DL. While neither did exceptionally well, I don’t think that either one embarrassed themselves considering Ryan had a seven game hitting streak and Jerry stole more bases than most of the team in his few short weeks. As a whole, I just had a problem with Jermaine making the determination that neither of these prospects, who are both flirting with .300 averages at AAA right now, are good enough to be called up as his replacement. Personally, I feel that this would be the perfect opportunity for prospects like Ryan or Jerry to get the needed experience neccessary for becoming a starter within the next few seasons, which I’m sure at least Ryan is likely to become. In the end, I was disappointed with Jermaine’s selfish comments and thought that even if he believed this to be the case, he had no place telling the media that this is how the team feels.

Great effort by Garland tonight. Even better to see some offense on back to back nights. Hope we can get and keep some momentum going on this road trip.

As far as that drunk fan doing his best Larry Rothschild impersonation, you gotta wonder what the **** is going on up at Wrigley nowadays. First with that shooting, now with sauced up fans heading out to the mound to give pitching advise. What exactly was he gonna tell him? Stop getting lit up. I guess it worked though.

On second thought maybe we should hire that drunk Cub fan to come out to the mound whenever our bullpen pitchers start to implode. Then security can tackle him and haul him off.

I saw that comment and had the same reaction. A bit hypocitical considering JD has not exactly been tearing it up so far this year.


You will be happy to know that the lemmings/drunks were at it again tonight. Multiple times beers were thrown at opposing outfielders tonight when the ball was hit to the wall. It takes a real tough guy to dump a beer on someone with a 10 foot wall and fence in between them.

How are these fans not ripped by the media daily? Two bad incidents on the south side and the media wants to put the fans behind plexi-glass. However the dopes on the north side do something bad and people joke about it. How many times are they gonna let the bleacher BUMS litter the outfield with garbage and whatever they give away that day?

Hey Scott – I’ve been on vacation without a computer and was going through some major blog withdrawal! I was thrilled to catch up and read mention of the next blog outing. Personally and selfishly🙂 I liked last year’s event but also understand that it would be great to open it up to more people. I know that doesn’t answer your question at all, but oh well.

It’s great to see Scottie Pods back. 2 in a row – I’ll gladly take that!

Scott – any word on Crede?

As always, thanks for the great posts!

why are you guys mad at dye? for telling the truth? owens and sweeney both were brutal in their opportunity to be a major league ballplayer and that IS the reason he isnt on the DL now. Owens was god awful. seriously. i could hit better than him. you cant steal 1st base. sweeney wasnt that great either. he had a couple of nice games but overall he couldnt handle a major league fastball- just like brian anderson. i say trade these guys. they will never amount to anything positive. Just like borchard, liefer, jeff abbott and anyone else that has climbed up through the sox system minus carlos lee, maggs and 5 months of good baseball by crede. i think dye should be resigned on the cheap.

Dye is a hypocrite for saying what he said. Don’t ge me wrong because I have always liked Dye, even as a Royal and Athletic, but he is batting .230 and has not had a clutch hit in recent memory. Based on what he is doing so far this year they may be able to resign him on the cheap, but with the nagging injuries and poor performance he may be scaring the Sox off too. To think he was expecting to get a Carlos Lee type contract after this year. At 33 and as his season has gone so far he won’t be near that kind of contract.

I can’t disagree about Owens, he really disappointed me. He looked to be dogging it out there, and just did not seem to care. Of course he may have caught that disease in the clubhouse, but you would expect a guy like him to embrace the opportunity. I’d like to see more of Sweeney. He showed a little more promise.

There is a little good/hopeful news on the Buehrle tradefront. The Red Sox have dropped out of the running citing a high demand from the White Sox and the fact that the White Sox will not allow them the 72 hour window to negotiate a new contract with Buerhle before the trade is completed. This means 2 things:

1) KW is being very aggressive because Boston would normally make this move just to keep a player like that out of New York.

2) The Sox plan to attempt to re-sign Mark after the season is over no matter where he ends the season.

If we are going to make a move, can we move Uribe and get Andy Gonzalez back in the middle of the infield where he is more comfortable and we can get him at bats every day. He has come on well as of late. I really like what I have seen so far from him. I know Iguchi is probably gone ahead of Uribe, but I would really like to see Tadahito resigned. He won’t command a ridiculous contract.

Good to get another win tonight. Jon pitched very good, and I think at one point we had 6 straight hits. Where has that been all year?

I’m glad to hear about the Red Sox dropping out Jim. Read something interesting in the Sun-Times by Cowley. He said Kenny and Buehrle’s agent are in pretty agressive talks about a contract extension. Trying not to get my hopes up but that would be huge. Who knows what the ’08 roster will look like (hopefully not too similar to this years) but I know I’d be a lot more comfortable heading into it with Mark.

What about Rowand kenwo? He made his way through the Sox system as an OF. However, other than Mags, Rowand, and Lee, as you said, they haven’t developed anything. Does Chris Young count?

I would not be so sure about the red sox dropping out , as they are one one of maybe 3 other teams that might sign Mark long term. No team is going to give much if they cannot sign him long term, not giving them a 72 hr window is self destructive, as we need all of the leverage we can get ,to get the best trade, If a contract by one player hurts the team drasticly is that player a good clubhouse guy? at what point is enough money enough.

You must enlighten us Scott, how true are these Burly contract extension talks in the Suntimes today? You cannot possibly pass up talking about this in your next entry because it might be the best news for Sox fans all year.

Buehrle backed his demands down from 5-6 years to 4 years. Get the deal done!

And don’t trade him now that he’s signed. Keep him!

Where did you hear that report? Today’s paper?

I’d say Chris Young counts kr-trepac and kenwo. I don’t know if it’s a case of our developing him or if he is just that naturally gifted. Either way, Chris Youngster hit his 11th homerun last night, which would be one off the lead on our team (Konerko has 12). Ouch indeed! At least we still have BA! Anyway enough ********…

Today is a great day. According to 670 the Score, Mark and the Sox are close to reaching a deal for 4 years around $50 million. I didn’t hear any of the details about incentives or a no-trade clause but at this point I don’t care. I’m just giddy.

In a season that’s been full of disappointment, this has been a real pleasant suprise. Mark is one of those players you’d rather not see in a different uniform. Kinda like Frank, Mark will always be a White Sox in my mind no matter where he ends up. Nothing’s official yet, but if things progress the way they seem to be, then kudos to Kenny for showing a little rational thinking and coming to a compromise. I thought Buehrle was as good as gone, I figured it was a foregone conclusion.

Pitchers are hard to replace. Young pitchers are harder to replace. Young pitchers in their prime who happen to be lefty workhorses with a World Series ring and a no-hitter under their belt are **** near impossible to replace.

Let’s ride this wave of good vibes and get the series win here.

Don’t believe what you hear on the Score. Per Bruce Levine at ESPN1000 the Sox have not had any official talks yet with Mark’s agent. Nothing is in place except that Mark would accept a 4 year deal. I trust Levine a lot more that the windbags at the score.

Plus at 4 years $50 mil he would be making less per year than Vasquez. I’d expect to see it closer to $56 over 4 years. Mark should be insulted if they offer him less per year than Javy considering what he means to this franchise. The people at the Score should think a little harder before making up news for the air.

They didn’t make up anything. They have said this has not been confirmed by the Sox. They may not be right at this point, but they haven’t been saying this info is fact.

Jim, out here in Davenport we can get 1000 but only with alot of static, so the Score it is. $50 did seem a little low, Mark should be looking at at least $14 a year. As long as talks are still ongoing and both sides are determined to get the contract done, I’m optimistic.

I think the Score said $50 mil “range” That could mean anything in the 50’s.

I hope they are right about them at least talking again and MB lowering his demand for years.

Davenport? I don’t miss that place! I went to college there. listen online.

The Chicago Tribune is just reporting that Sox asst. G.M. Rick Hahn has just left for Florida where Buehrle and his agent currently are.

Stay tuned.

Mark Liptak

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