Three Pizzas?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Gonzo, CF; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Fields, 3B; Mack, RF; Cintron, 2B; Uribe, SS.  Can’t remember who is pitching (Buehrle)

My Day

Was spent fielding calls from media asking if late morning reports by a local radio station were true.  As I explained time and time again during the day, we have not announced anything and any reports at this time are purely speculation based on rumors.  You shouldn’t read anything into them, one way or the other at this point.


TELL US NOW!!! Just kidding. I hope the rumors are true though.

It wouldn’t be on the radio if it wasn’t true!

if the sox get get mark for 50 million for 4 yrs, that is gulp reasonable. but the red sox had prospects that we need, as I see it, not sure any other team interested does that is a problem , because we need change


MB is not the player that needs to change.

50 million for 4 yrs is not ‘reasonable’, it’s a complete steal. That’s why I doubt these rumors are true; can we really be getting him that cheap? I doubt it.

Like I said earlier $12.5 mil a year puts him behind Vasquez. No way is Mark gonna go for that. It will be more like $14-15 per year. Prospects are exactly that, they are prospects not proven players. We are better off spending some money in free agency than taking a run at unproven players when it comes to getting rid of a 230 inning a year guy and the face of your pitching staff.

I can’t believe that the free pizza deal in Tampa is awarded when they lose. It would be nice to have less than 10 k’s tonight. Win or not, that is pretty embarassing.

Well despite you not throwing out any tidbits to us devoted White Sox Pride readers, thanks for at least addressing the situation at hand today.

Just a thought as I’m sitting listening to the broadcast through the internet.

How is it possible that the Devil Rays have a significantly better radio broadcasting team when compared to the white sox?

I have 3 tickets for the 8/27 game against Tampa Bay. The game is a Monday game and first pitch is scheduled for 1:05pm. It is a makeup game from 5/26. I’m just trying to get face value or close to it for the tickets. the face is $20.

Section 537

Row 11

Seats 17-20

I also have 6 tickets for the 9/7 game against Minnesota. It is a Friday 7:11 first pitch Firework night. The face is $24.

Section 530

Row 11

Seats 1-6

I’m just trying to get rid of these tickets due to other plans I had to commit to. If you or anyone you know are interested, email me at Thanks.

Give Williams some credit. He has a sure thing in MB. Contreras will be traded before Buerhle. Thome should also go to the Angels and Dye to the Dodgers before the dust settles. Those three moves will free up about 28-30 million for a run at Ichiro and more.

Dave Wills from the Devil Rays is awesome. Some may remember him as the former Pre and Post guy for the Sox at ESPN1000. He is a great guy and has a good baseball voice. Too bad the Sox could not have gotten him out of his contract in Tampa when Rooney left.

Congrats to Big Frank on #500. Too bad it wasn’t in a White Sox uniform.

With Kazmir coming to the mound I really have no doubt that there will be plenty more free pizza to go around.

Where have these guys been the last two months?…I’m referring not only to the D-Rays, but to the boys as well…


I thought I would have to call Ripley — “Believe It Or Not”…to confirm it…

Win Thursday to sweep, then to KC, MO… Sweep there and suddenly you won’t have everybody getting all hot and bothered about the illusion going on at Jurassic Park at Neverland…

As Scott has said,time and time again, don’t believe any rumors or speculations…because, if you do, yoy know what the punishment is…

You wind up as either a beat reporter/vulture or (worse yet)a columnist/vulture for the tabloid…

Speaking of those creatures, the main pain in the backside today is congratulating the front office on using “common sense”(I think those are the words he used)in the dealings with Buehrle…Then he had to mess it up by again crying about the “house puppet”, a/k/a Ken Harrelson…

Trust me on this one, Jay… Hawk doesn’t need anyone from the front office to tell him to get on your fat a**…You do all of that ON YOUR OWN…

(Paranoid little **********er that you are…)

And Brucie Levine at ‘MVP, as well as Schuster, Ofman and the rest at the Score are no angels, either…
But, as we all know, occasionally they do get a story right…after all, a blind pig DOES find an acorn, every so often…

Congratulations as well to “The Big Hurt” a future Hall of Famer who’ll go in wearing a well deserved White Sox hat.

The best hitter in franchise history bar none.

Mark Liptak

Best hitter (not counting Greg Norton).

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