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Monday, July 2, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Gonzo, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Fields, 3B; Terrero, CF; Uribe, SS.  Buehrle pitching.


Ran into Mark Buehrle’s dad in the stands before the game and asked him if his week had been as much fun as mine.

Kenny Williams addressed the media before the game tonight, and we are attempting to put video of his comments on the site so you can hear for yourselves.

Expect Scott P to head to the DL tomorrow with Jerry Owens taking his place.  That song and dance is getting old.

I’ll try to post more with more time tomorrow.


Anybody know what Kenny had to say?

After the Sox trade Mark Buerhle, I hope they don’t start crying about all the empty seats at the Cell, once they make their bed they will have to sleep in it! I have been a Sox fan since birth and I cannot believe the way managment is choking the 2005 world champs to death! TRADE BUERHLE FOR SURE THEY ARE ALL NUTS!!! This kid bleeds Sox’s, no other player has done what this kid has done for the betterment of the Sox, and now they make him out to be the bad guy. What does Buerhle owe the Sox he has given his all for the team. Now it is time for Kenny, Gerry and the organization to stepup and set things right with this kid!!

I think we need to take a look at and address the real problem, and that problems are Kenny Williams and Gerry! If Gerry does not want to spend the money to keep this club winning then DO US A FAVOR AND SELL THE CLUB PLEASE!! Other clubs in the small markets are winning, but NO NOT CHICAGO.

As far as Kenny Williams goes he had done nothing to help this club be a winner he always makes a big project out of everything he does. He goes out and loads up on 90 mile an hour throwers and that is just what has, throwers not picthers, and he wants to trade the only picther he has, figure that one out. Trading Buerhle is not going to bring a pennant winner back to the south side, keeping him and building around him is the only way to go. I REPEAT THE ONLY WAY PERIOD. It’s Kenny’s time to go, he has done just about as much as one man can to ruin a baseball orginaztion. What is going on with our minor leagues no talent what so ever, well with Kenny as the Director of the Minor Leagues for the Sox, spells that one out, but he blames his head scout and then fires him, I guess that takes the spot light off of him. Now as the general manager he is choking the life out of the Sox!! KENNY IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO GO NOT BUERHLE!!

As far as it goes my allegiance to the Sox, well they have about lost me and I am sure a whole lot more will follow, thanks to Kenny

Perhaps it’s time to reacquire Roberto Hernandez.

This year’s ‘new and improved’ bullpen has now passed last SEASON’S total of ‘blown’ games.

Today’s date is July 2nd.

Well done boys, well done!

Mark Liptak

what a disgusting night. Buerhle pitched great. I hope that was not his curtain call. KEEP MARK!

Ken Williams is Jerry Krause reincarnate … way too cocky for his own good. I’ve attended my final white sox game for a long time to come.


In this isn’t just frustration talking you need to put your thoughts on to paper and send them in to the Sox.

Mark Liptak


Noted … I’m one to believe the arrogance flows from the top down, and a letter to them would be a waste of my time.

it is pretty obvious now that mark is staying, they are just working out the details, you cannot turn that deal away in this market. and they will not so take it easy guys.

I don’t think it is obvious Buerhle is staying. To me, it seems all signs point to not signing. I hope I am wrong. I am too depressed to write more.

Well another great pitching performance by our improved bullpen.Kenny wants to trade the only assect he has but he knows talent when he see’s it, just look at that bullpen of ours, Balitmore is shaking in there boots I hope he acquires more talent like that for Buerhle!!

Are Todd Ritchie or Cal Eldred still playing?

Don’t Stop Believing KENNY will lead us out of the dark and into the light!!!

I got it let’s dump Garland along with Buerhle, they have to pay Garland the big money next year anyways, why not just dump him now, and we can save that money and get all the second line players we can for it, they would fit in real good with our great bullpen!!

Well it seems like the guys controlling the audio at the park saw the writing on the wall tonight. When Buehrle was taken out they played “My Hero” by Foo Fighters.

Part of the lyrics goes as follows, “There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes.”

As a Sox fan that’s how I feel right now. We just get to watch Mark go. We cannot do much just watch as a NTC gives us a shot in the **** oh and shoots down our next three seasons into the cellar of the American League. I’m not saying keeping Buehrle keeps us in contention for the next three seasons, it just says management is giving up on the next three seasons and getting ready for the fourth.

Nice having you Buehrle. Come back in 2015 for the 10 year reunion. It’s unfortunate you couldn’t stay for as long as you and White Sox fans wanted. Upper Management had to get in the way.

-Brett Farrenkopf

PS: The boos I was reigning down tonight when Ozzie walked to the mound were not for him but for KW and JR. Ozzie had no other choice.

part of me seriously thinks all the talk of resigning mark is like a PR ploy… like ‘maybe the fans will forget about how disgusting this team is and focus on this… and after we resign him all will be forgiven.’
seriously, the only positive this team has is its starters. and it’s a huge postive. the fact that we’ve lost so many games with the starting pitching we’ve gotten is truly laughable. give a team like the Drays our starters and theyd likely be in at least 2nd place. it’s obvious you need to scrap almost everything else and rebuild that and hope it comes together right.

honestly, how can kenny not remember 03 and 04? where we had 4 starters from avg to good and one automatic loss every 5th game. going back to that will be good enough for 4th in this division regardless of what you do with the rest of the club.

the only thing that makes me think kenny and ozzie just might be crazy enough to start trading some of the only positive components left on this team(i count about 7) is seeing some of the other garbage still trotting out there. mackowiak is like the plague… i can think of so very few things he has ever done for this team to make me happy and so many, many, many things he has done to shatter my dreams. please, get rid of him before he eats my children.

one last thing… since i cant give kenny all the blame, i must, in part, blame a large part of the fan base.

you see, we had a solid arm in our bullpen. how does a man who pitched 79.2 innings in with a 1.58 era in 03 sound about now? not as good as a 3.77 era in 45.1 innings in 05, i know, but id still gladly take that over the group of chuds that occupy our bullpen today. well, in 2005, we booed the owner of those stats, damaso marte, right out of town. we booed him when he came in. we booed every time he threw a ball. we booed when he left. i hope all of you ****** who booed him are happy with where your high standards have gotten you. because we traded away those stats for a career .260 hitting outfielder who can’t play the outfield. none other than the cancer of the team, rob mackowiak.

HEY! someone i agree with. Roberto Hernandez got cut by cleveland. the sox should sign him as he is a **** of a lot better than any of the dopes we currently usher out night after night including Bobby Jenks!

What are you putting in the water fountains at the Cell.. Vodka? Put the stupid freakin no trade deal in Buehrle’s contract resign him, get your fan morale back and wave goodbye to coming up with stupid promotions to get people in to watch this lousy team. You say you need attendence to get players, well guess what, we attended. Now sign Buehrle to a **** contract and make a serious push as some big fish this offseason. Show us you care!!! Its as simple as that. The Red Sox and the Yankees don’t have to come up with, “Bring a Pepsi can and get half off seats” nights because they put a quality dependable product on the field year after year. 2005 was 2005, 2007 is 2007. Quit telling everyone to watch the darn DVD and don’t dillute the fan base. WARNING THE CUBS ARE ON A ROLL, GOD FORBID THEY WIN THE WORLD SERIES OR EVEN GET THERE BECAUSE THE WHITE SOX WILL THEN BE OUTSOLD BY THE CHICAGO FIRE. THIS IS A CUBS TOWN, FACE IT. THE ONLY WAY THAT CAN CHANGE IS BY GIVING PEOPLE SOMETHING TO COME TO THE BALLPARK FOR.

I hope upper management reads these comments or at the very least Scott passes along the fan sentiments. I don’t have season tickets, but my kids and I go to at least 10 games a year. If they don’t do something positive here and re-sign Mark, I swear, we are NOT going next year. I agree with whitesoxawful – you gave us a good product, needed our support to sign these good players and YES – WE SHOWED UP AND FILLED UP YOUR BALL PARK. You go back on your word and so will we. We are not at dumb/blind and the northside and will show up for garbage. We’ll stop coming. Period.

Hey Jerry here is part of YOUR mission:

Our Drive:

To compete for a Championship. Every year.

To field a team of aggressive and tough ball players.

To turn fans into fanatics.

To have fans who love our players and players who love our fans.

To support our community with our time and generosity.

To employ smart, dedicated people who are committed to enhancing our team, our fans, and our experience.

To never – win or lose – let a fan down.

Re-read that Mr Reinsdorf and please, just re-sign Mark.

key point is , is that is all out in the open, kenny said he did not like that, to me that is because they really cannot turn this deal away too much of a discount and helps the club, so they would hurt themselves will all future deals if they turned it away because mark gave the discount, and they did not take it, they cannot afford that.

In games like the one last night, I’d still like to see one of our starters ( you know, the pitchers who can actually get batters out?) take the mound to close out a game. Any starter who didn’t pitch the previous day, and isn’t scheduled to start the next game should be eligible to close out a game. I don’t see any other way to win. Whatever “mechanical” or other issues our bullpen pitchers have, Coop doesn’t seem able to fix them, and losing this many games where we have a lead into the late innings is just unacceptable at the Major League level.

mmcdowell – Very well stated!!!

When it comes down to it, this game is about the fans. Without fan attendance professional sports do not exist in the manner that they currently do.

As Bruce Levine once said to Ed Lynch “without me you don’t have a job” Of course “me” in this case means the fans. (I’m sure some will remember that comment and the classic tirade that ensued). If we are not willing to pay for tickets, a $6 beer, $4.75 for a bottle of water, or $4.50 for a hot dog these jobs as multi-millionaire athletes, front office personnel, vendors, security etc… do not exist.

I know I am late getting into this, but I am really starting to question whether KW & co went through all of this to save face with the fans.
First of all, quite a bit of info was leaked and considering it sounds like Mark wanted to keep this out of the media, it was probably on the Sox end. And then KW has no comments other than to make Mark’s request look like the issue.

Mark is willing to sign with the Sox at a discount, is a class act, by all accounts a great guy, and all he asked for is to be guaranteed that he will play for the team he is willing to give the discount to? I really can’t see how the deal breaks down over a no-trade clause.

I hate the ‘Konerko and Garland didn’t get it’ argument. What is done is done, they signed the contract. And as far as the ‘future players will want no-trade’ argument, if they are willing to sign at a discount, then why shouldn’t it be discussed?

If MB isn’t signed, I do not want to hear the ‘we tried, we bent over backwards’ ****. If baseball is all business, isn’t that part of the job, to try, to in fact bend over backwards to acquire/keep players like Mark?

I am not one of those people who think KW is the devil and/or makes terrible decisions, but I really really hate to see Mark treated like this and the situation dragged out.

I watched the game last night, and watching the pregame discussion about Buehrle’s situation, watching him pitch, the BP blow it, and recalling the comments from the Sox on this, all I could think was Mark deserves better.

By the way, I live in DC so I was watching the Orioles broadcast, and it looked like a TON of people had ‘resign Buehrle’ type signs…it was very cool, I hope the showed them on the White Sox broadcast.

KENNY MUST GO!!!! He was a failure as a player and he $UKS as a GM. If Mark is not given a new contract I am begging season ticket holders to not renew for next season. The best way to hurt the management is to not buy season tickets. Don’t become Cub fans and continue to buy tickets when the management continues to $crew the fans.

Name a GM in the last 75 years that has a ring with a White Sox logo on it blakeheem?

Here it is, White Sox relievers…

Stab it as you may there are still a couple of bumps emanating from inside this rib cage, soo go ahead and stick it with your knives of incompetence a couple more times – I’d suggest sometime in the last few innings would be best, especially if we’re holding a lead – and let’s see if we can’t pierce this broken heart one last time before it finally gives out.

Check the schedule and you’d see: we’d be in or very near first in the division if we had a bullpen who could hold leads in the final 3 innings. No amount of excuses or injuries or compliments to the other team can change that.

So please, White Sox organization, if you’re going to take another thrust at my beliefs in you, please do so quickly so that hope can die.

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