Let’s Play Two

Friday, July 6, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Uribe, SS; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Mack, LF; Fields, 3B; Cintron, 2B; Hall, C.  Garland on the hill.

Pink Tees

You may have seen the television booth interview with Jamie Buehrle and Jessica Erstad last night during the game, but starting today, the "White Sox Wives" are selling specially made, pink sleeveless tees at the ballpark and on-line.  Sales in park go through the weekend, while on-line sales continue into the second half.  Proceeds go to Chicago White Sox Charities and benefit Gilda’s Club Chicago and Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation, both charities close to the Sox and selected by our wives.

Various White Sox wives will be selling t-shirts at the CWSC stand throughout the next four games.  Stop by, check out the shirts, and maybe help a great cause.

Long Day at the Ballpark

No one wants to hear about it, but today is a very loooong day at the ballpark.  At least our day started with baked goods.

The Police

I am told that the Police were greeted with boos last night when they reminded the fans that the last time they performed in Chicago was in 1983 … at Comiskey Park.


Juan Uribe is often the target of sharp criticism on posts to this blog and elsewhere.  Say what you want, but last night Juan made some big time plays and also drove a ball the opposite way for a home run.  It may be frustrating some times with how he gets there offensively … on a tear for two weeks and then swinging and missing for two weeks … but he generally ends up at .240, 18-20 and 60-75 RBI.  You can win with that from the ninth hole.

Proud Father

I just received a phone call from my 10-year-old son who is competing in the North American Irish Dancing Championships in Ottawa, Canada.  His teams — he dances for two World Academy eight-kid teams — just finished their competition.  Now, they await the judges’ decision later today.  He was very proud, as am I (wish I could have been there).  The impressive thing is the kid has a broken bone in his foot, suffered last Saturday during a sleepover kick-ball game.  He was cleared by the ortho on Tuesday to compete, mom drove him and his sisters to Ottawa on Wednesday (14 hours), and he taped it up and danced today.

I proud of his passion for dance (think Michael Flatley and Riverdance), his willingness to put up with the quizzical looks from his 10-year-old soccer teammates when he misses soccer practices for dance, his commitment to his team, and his willingness to battle through the pain in his foot.

I told him he is a champion.

Now, he’s just excited that he can go swimming in the hotel pool.

I’ll see them all on Sunday.


Perhaps, Mr R.,when your son comes back from Canada, he can teach a symposium(that’s a
lecture, for those of you who don’t use $5 words all that much…if at all…)to some of those men(???)who get a hangnail or a splinter in their paw and have to go on the 15 day DL…

If you read this,as I know you do(even though you do not comment on any of the posts…), I think you’ll like the verbal salute/slap I’m about to deliver…

Your son is the “Lord of the Dance”… Jay is the “Lord of the Dunce”…

and that goes for any of the vultures who are drawing and quartering this ball club asunder, in the sake of filling up newsprint and space…

If I don’t write anything beforehand, have an enjoyable All-Star break, folks…

Imagine that…three days with NOTHING to b**ch about…

But, I’m sure that someone out there in WS Universe will dig up SOMETHING…

Am I right, Brother Liptak?…

Sure, Juan’s two weeks on and off tend to equal out in the end, but Juan blows quite a few games every year with his lazy play in the field. Please don’t treat us like children and try to cover up the bad with some minor good that Juan does. He will be gone after this season due to his lackadaisical play.

For Uribe the last couple years have been more like 2 weeks on fire offensively and then about 6 weeks of wondering where he went. Defensively he has defintely been a bit of a let down the last year and a half, but I think part of that was in 2005 when everything was working right he had a fantastic year in the field. He could do no wrong then. I am not defending him, but that is just my view.

Good luck to your son. Fighting against obstacles like a broken bone will only make him stronger for it.

I wonder if the White Sox players have had enough losing to the Twins. I have had absolutely enough!

Well time for me to finally admit, this team is just not good. I hoped and prayed that the terrible late May/June swoon was at the end and now the icing on the cake.

Dios Mio!

Complete and utter lack of pride showing today.

Five errors, bullpen blasted (again), nothing from Garland.

Just total embarrassment.

I hope the Twins are laughing at the Sox and the Sox find out about it. It would make sense, everyone else in baseball is laughing at them.

I will be curious to see Ozzie’s reaction to this.

Can it get worse? Guess we’ll have to wait and see but not for to much longer…the Bears open camp in 20 days.

Mark Liptak

Long day at the ballpark, indeed.

I am usually more consumed with defending my team, but today’s performance is remarkable. I’m stunned.

In my heart, Ozzie has a free lifetime pass, but this team has so badly quit on him–think about it, in the first game of a doubleheader, starting a “huge” four-game set that could, theoretically, “ignite” a second-half push–we have experienced a full-blown collapse and complete lack of effort.

I cannot remember seeing a performance like this in my life as a White Sox fan, and with a $100 million payroll, this sort of laying down of arms has to be unprecedented. I’d call it Cub-like, but that’s not going to fly this season, with the scrappier and brighter team residing in the unlikliest of places, Clark and Addison.

I would call out individual White Sox, but what’s the point? Who out there are we proud of this season?

I am very protective of my team, but its effort is squeezing the life out of me.

I think we have all said and read it countless times, but I’ll do so once more: I’d rather this team lose 120 games and bleed a little doing so than get away with just enough flat-footed catches, RBI groundouts, and 1-0 pitching counts to squeeze out an 80-win season.

Well Brett considering the tougher schedule in the second half and the truck probably being backed up any day now you may get your wish. 120 losses is out of course but you could see 95 to 100 losses.

And it’s been less then two seasons from a World Series championship.

I’d be curious when all is said and done how the Sox ‘fall from grace’ in two seasons ranks all time.

Mark Liptak

32 runs!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen anything like this. It must be close to a record. Just when you think the season can’t get any worse, this happens.

Game 1, 5 errors? I haven’t seen that many errors since I played little league. It is time to really get down to playing smart baseball. Jerry Ownes is not the answer now or the next 5 years. As for his speed, Ozzie, it isn’t any good if he strikes out every time up. Bring up Sweeney. At least with him you could get a fielder and a DH. And maybe an outfilder that is fast and has a strong arm. How can I guy tag up and go from 2nd to 3rd on a fly to left field. THAT IS NUTS.

Game 2. I am totally embarrassed to be watching. I can only imagine what they are having to play it.

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