Second Thoughts

Friday, July 6, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup for Game 2

Owens, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF: Mack, LF; Fields, 3B; Cintron, SS.  Floyd making his White Sox debut.

This has been a very bad year for …

"It can’t get any worse than this, can it?"

Good News

My son called to say his team won its competition at the North American Irish Dance Championships.  His other finished fourth.

You could hear the excitement in his voice …

… so at least something good happened for me today.


Hey, congrats to your son. That’s great!
And all the best to Gavin! I really hope it goes well for him (and everyone for that matter…) tonight.

Yes congratulations to your son, Scott. I could never perform like that when I was a kid. It takes a lot of heart to do that.

On a different note Morneau just hit a three-run homer off Gavin…Long day perhaps an even longer night.

About that first game, as pleasant as it is to get your teeth kicked in by your hated division rivals, 20-14 should never be the score of a baseball game. It should rarely be the score of a good football game. 20-14, that’s like a low scoring WNBA game. Maybe we should go and get Sheryl Swoopes to play LF. She’s a real grinder. She gave birth and was on the court 6 weeks later. It seems Pod’nik will get a sliver and be laid up for a good two months.

On the plus side Fields looked great and that defensive play he made in the 6th (I think it was the 6th, the massacre caused me to hallucinate and temporarily lose consciousness around the 4th) was awesome.

I believe, like it or not, the children are our future. And Jerry Owens isn’t looking too shabby lately either. Let’s hope Gavin can calm it down the rest of the night.

I hope Redmond is alright. That was a pretty hard hit.

In 47 years as a Sox fan, I’ve seen a lot of embarrassing things…Disco Demolition, playing ‘home’ games in Milwaukee,’SportsVision,’ getting beat 19-0 by the Angels in 2002, blowing the 1967 pennant the final week of the season…like I said a lot of things.

In 47 years I’ve never seen this.

From World Champions, to World Chumpions in less then two seasons.


I gave all the credit in the world to Kenny and the organization when they won…I now put the blame for this gutless, sickening club directly at his feet.

This is his baby…he can live with it.

You can take Floyd, Bukvich, MacDougal, Thornton, Aardsma and all the other trash and compact it, burn it, get rid of it, do whatever you want with it.

This is disgusting.

And yet the top pitcher wants to stay, has offered a big discount and the organization keeps screwing him around.


It looks like things are now back to ‘normal’ with the Sox organization. I guess 2005 and 2006 were the flukes.

Mark Liptak

Just got home from the second game… only to discover that what happened was all your fault! Dude! You /never/ say “it can’t get any worse than this”! I work in IT, and trust me, that statement is an excellent way to guarantee that you won’t get to sleep for a week. (Also, never say “the server crashed, but no email was lost.” Trust me on this.)

Seriously, though, I hope Mike Redmond is OK. I can’t imagine how much it would hurt to get whacked in the head with a bat like that. 😦

Anyways. I dunno. Watching Gavin Floyd as he went, I didn’t think he did too badly… then I looked up at the scoreboard around the 8th and got reminded of the scope of the horror. I suppose there’s only so much you can hold Justin Morneau against him, but … Dude. 20-14 (buh?) followed by 12-0? Today ********. I’m just going to block today out, and bask in *yesterday*’s game.

At this point all I can do is laugh! What will go wrong next?

Someone suggested the 32 runs might be a record, 35 was the record. I believe it was Boston in 1939.

Maybe we should have taken that Abreu for Dye deal when it was out there. 0 for 7 today! We may not be able to get a bucket of used balls for him at this point. He thought he was getting Carlos Lee type money as a free agent. He may get the 7 or 8 percent that Lee’s agent makes!

Well maybe we can snag the #1 draft pick next year. There was a kid in SI that is expected to be the top pick. Of course we can’t take him if Scott Boras is his agent. Would much rather be stubborn idiots than have the best talent!

So guys can I have the rest of your season tickets guys?

Mark, you’ve been given a hard time on this board but my sentiments exactly–we have all these **** pitchers and out top one wants to give the discount and stay and we won’t sign him. Last night I officially gave up on the season (yeah, I know, you have to hit me over the head with a brick.) Scott, glad to hear at least your son had some good news! Congrats to him!

You can’t have the rest of my tickets, but you can buy them. They’re up on eBay right now. If I can’t sell them I usually give them to family members. That seems to be some form of punishment now.
I know quite a few others who bought partial or full season tickets who are now trying to dump them. We filled the park for the past 3 years and the Sox want to balk at re-signing a fan favorite who is a gamer. The attendance will really pay for it for the rest of the year and next season.

Did they play taps after the second game yesterday😉

Remember in football when the Rams and the Colts traded ownership. Do you think we the fans can get a deal made like that and send these idots off to limbo!!

This way we could keep Mark and get some real baseball people in town to run the team!

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