Saturday vs. The Twins

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Mack, LF; Fields, 3B; Uribe, SS.  Buehrle pitching.

It can’t get worse, right?

I’m in early today to work with a camera crew to shoot a feature on groundskeeper Roger Bossard.  The hours Roger puts in during a summer are amazing, and we are having this crew spend a day with him so he can show and describe what it takes to get a field ready, his family secrets, and how players feel about his fields.

Our plan is to make the video available in the near future on our site.


First off,Brother Liptak… When you wrote about embarassing things late last night, you mentioned SportsVision… Well, sir,I didn’t care for that remark AT ALL…SportsVision paid my rent and a LOT MORE for 18 months, from June, 1982 to December 1983…It was the best job, and the most fun I’ve ever had…And it paved the way for everything cable that you see now…because your friends in Bristol were incubating at that time…
I WAS going to do a cheap shot retort about having to sit and watch Idaho State play football and basketball…but I’m too much of a gentleman to do that…

As to the debacle that was the 6th of July of 2007…

Somewhere in Heaven Leo Durocher, Sal Maglie, Early Wynn, Don Drysdale and others who made their living playing major league baseball back before political correctness started may have watched that double header and gotten sick to their stomachs…

See they came from an era when, if you were crowding the plate, YOU GOT HIT !!!

Mostly in the ribcage or the backside, but YOU STILL GOT HIT !!!

Correct me if I’m wrong,folks, but NOT ONCE in those 18 brutal innings yesterday was any Twins batter brushed back or pulled off the plate…and you all saw the results…

If I was Don Cooper, after that 2nd game, I would have walked into Ozzie Guillen’s office, waited for Kenny Williams to arrive as well…

then tendered my RESIGNATION …





Like I am right now…

First off does anyone else remember this quote from opening day?

“I can guarantee this: There will be a time when maybe we’re not looking at a championship. … It’s tough to win at this level for a long period of time. Whenever that time comes that I don’t think we’ll be competing for a championship, I’ll let you guys know. I’ll be the first to step up.” — Ken Williams, White Sox general manager.

White Sox fans only want to know two things…what time and what day is Kenny’s press conference?


Looking at SportsVision from a FRANCHISE (as opposed to a PERSONAL) viewpoint did more harm then good to the Sox franchise.

During the recession fans couldn’t afford to get it in the first place, it drove off Harry Caray who took less money from the Cubs in 1982 then the Sox offered because he knew no one would be watching. (The late Bob Logan in his book, ‘Miracle On 35th Street’ stated that 20 thousand at best watched it.)

And finally and most importantly the Sox disappeared in the Chicago sports scene (save for 1983 and even that was muted)for most of the 80’s because fans COULD NOT watch their games while the Cubs were still showing loads of games on free TV.

This comprehensive story on SportsVision-The Legacy may be of interest to you:

Mark Liptak


Also for the record, I have no love…none…nada…zip for the idiots at the Eastern Sports Programming Network.

Having been in the business now for 28 years I thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread when they first started, and it stayed that way…until Cap Cities and then Disney / ABC got them.

Now it’s not about sports, it’s about ENTERTAINMENT…it’s not about journalism…it’s about PERSONALITY.

I haven’t watched them in years.

Sorry that dog won’t hunt.

Mark Liptak

Mark: I don’t want this to denegrate into a p***ing contest between you and me, but I don’t miss ESPN…
I’ve never really been glued to it, so how in the h*ll could I miss it?…

As to SV, IF this city had been wired for cable as it is now back then, the original SV might STILL be on the airwaves…

As to Harry Caray… He was unhappy because Jerry and Eddie weren’t bending over backwards to kiss his rather large sized a**, the way that Veeck did…

Let’s face it, Mark… Harry was a bull**it artist, FIRST,FOREMOST AND ALWAYS!!!

He acted as though he was the greatest fan of MLB and whatever suds he happened to be selling…actually, he was out more for Harry Caray… he really couldn’t have given a s**t less for the White sox, the Cubs, the Cardinals or the A’s…


And the gullible public bought into it…and made him a millionaire many times over…

And Mark, you can ask Rich Lindberg about the same thing… He’ll tell you exactly what I just told you as well…

The one surefire way to guarantee things will get worse is to “stay the course”.

I don’t particularly care where they start. But if yesterday’s debacle proved anything it’s that this team is an absolute joke. Just when you think we’ve hit rock bottom the ground opens up exposing some new, unimaginable depth.

I want Buehrle back but in all honesty why the **** should he come back? Why would he want to? Barring some dramatic changes that in all liklihood will not happen, this team is going to be bad for years to come. We’ve got garbage in the minors, trash in the majors, and a junkyard for a bullpen.


I know all about Harry and Bill as well and yes I’ve spoken about this with Rich.

Again I recommend reading the article, it goes into a great deal of detail and depth and yes the point is well mentioned that Harry had a monster ego (just ask J.C. Martin– I did!) but like him or not he was the best thing the franchise had going except for 1972 and 1977, during the rest of the decade.

The Cubs took him gladly and you saw what happened by 1984. Not talking on the field but off it, in terms of attendance, team income, advestising deals and so forth.

Remember in 1983 (and I have the WLS video to prove it) the Cubs were CLOSING the upper deck on game days due to lack of attendence.

Harry wasn’t a saint, but letting him go, taking Sox games off free-TV (for the most part) and threatening to move the franchise handed Chicago itself over on a silver platter to the Cubs and the Tribune Company.

The idea for ‘SportsVision’ was brilliant (and I say so in the story) but the TIMING and the EXECUTION of it was wrong for various solid reasons.

Mark Liptak

This may be Mark’s last start for the Sox. It has been great and he will be missed. If I were a season ticket holder, I would not renew for next year. Why be like a Cubs fan and continue to attend games when the management doesn’t give us a good product. Thank you, Mark Buehrle!!!!!!!!

Could not take watching the second game of the double header with the Twins, did thay play taps after the game??

Maybe we should get our money’s worth out of Mark and pitch him every game, until know it all Kenny trades him!

I remember earlier in the season when Reinsdorf put out some mission statement saying something about “growing the brand”, he’s doing a **** of a job…. Then, know-it-all Kenny, didn’t he just fire his ex-boss? If he’s so smart why didn’t he see the problems then and get the guy fired? One word, scapegoat. And here we are, getting chewed up by everyone but KC and Tampa. Williams said he’d step up, so where’s the accountability? He also babbles about changes being made and I haven’t seen many. I like Fields and even Owens but thoses moves were forced on the organization. I’d like to see Sweeney back up at a starter’s expense. While it doesn’t make a winner out of this squad it will give some possible future starters playing time on a big league level, this season is shot, why not cut their teeth and struggle now. Reinsdorf gave up in 97 when we were a few games back, why the inaction now? At this point the 2005 TEAM is gone, and I don’t expect the numerous individuals up on contract to pull it together like that. Keep Buehrle but some of the position players need to go. As for Scott Boras and the No Trade Clause debate, Reinsdorf and Williams need to get into the 21st century, teams in all sports deal in this stuff, swimming against the tide, while principled, is self defeating in the longterm. Detroit is re-upping it’s pitching (see this year’s draft) things will get harder, not easier while tying your hands (ironically enough) in a big market like Chicago. Oh yeah, and sportsvision was bad (Chicago is an unforgiving sports town, a station of Chicago sports? putting your eggs in one basket = recipe for disaster), and as much as i like Early Wynn and those guys, I also liked Veeck and even Caray, they gave the fans a show. Reinsdorf and Williams seem to think that the fans should show up and take what they give them, i.e. Sportsvision, the STRIKE (instigated by you know who), the White Flag debacle and the No Boras, no NO Trade Clause axis of ideology. A real recipe for a winner. At least we still got the exploding scoreboard…. whew, I feel better.

By the numbers:

From a story in a different section of this web site:

“The White Sox bullpen has a 3-12 record and 7.47 ERA in its last 53 games, with eight blown saves.”

Now THAT’s a ‘championship’ bullpen!

Mark Liptak

Dear Kenny,
I’d like just once to see one of the Sox stars spend his entire career on the south side, oh wait didn’t Bill Melton retire in a Sox uni?

As a lifelong (30 years) Sox fan, I have seen some shameful displays along with one incredible shining season that essentially wiped the slate clean. I have tolerated a work stoppage encouraged vehemently by our “beloved” owner which cost us an opportunity to witness that which we never thought we would see. I stayed true after the white flag trade and basic surrender by our “beloved” owner despite just a 3 1/2 game defecit to the first place Indians. I have endured the trade of Aaron Rowand (no offense to Jim Thome of whom I am a big fan) and the constant mistreatment by ownership of players that they claim to be taking great care of (Magglio Ordonez, anyone?) Most disgusting was the gross mistreatment of Carlton Fisk, but I managed to choke down my anger and continued to root for the men in black like the good soldier I claim to be. When the Sox won the Series in ’05, it seemed like a reward for years of loyal service, and I know many folks twice my age and beyond who would say the same. One thing that I have noticed is that I have become very protective of the players responsible for that magical season, especially Mark Buehrle and Jermaine Dye. Less than two years later our “beloved” owner is ready to wave the flag again. I don’t have any hallucinations of us contending this season, but I know that Buehrle is one of the very few bright spots in this train wreck of a season. The fact that he is willing to take much less money to stay than he would command on the open market makes it repulsive that the Sox are not willing to meet him halfway on a demand that would only ensure that he remain with the club for the forseeable future. As for Dye, he already turned down a richer offer with another team before the ’05 season because, as he told his agent, he had already verbally committed to Kenny that he would play for the Sox. What does Dye get for this show of loyalty, not to mention a World Series MVP and a terrific 2006 season. The cold shoulder, that’s what. Remember this, players talk to one another, and it doesn’t take long for a franchise to be branded as not player friendly. Remember the Bulls, post Michael Jordan. All the money Krause was planning to spend and all the big free agents he was going to woo. He couldn’t get the time of day from any of them. Mistreating these guys and kicking them out the door will cost this team more than a few fans. It could cost them any opportunity to be competitive for a long while. I have stuck with this team through thick and thin, but my patience is running low, and I know that I am not alone. If Buehrle goes, It will be a long time before I buy a ticket or watch this team again.

Man there are a lot of good posts on this blog. Look, if Mark stays or goes I’ll live but a decent finesse pitcher like Maddux or Byrd is tough to find let alone round out your starting rotation. Especially if he is willing to compromise on his contract. We can never know what the future holds, injuries, a cy young, but it seems the only reason for foot dragging here is the Sox don’t want to deal in reality. If they want to go a different direction fine, but they act as though they’re holding out hope, so they must want to get off on the cheap (or with the advantage trade clause wise). When I really think things thru, franchise players are hard to find anywhere,its been this way all the way back to Connie Mack and beyond. If Mark’s gotta go fine, but stop saying no to everything, NO to contract clauses, no to Boras, no due to salary concerns. Detroit and Boston are a third the size of Chicago and lately they re-up to win, they spend money to win and their crowds are huge. The Chicago Sox act like fans AND players should beat down their doors. If mark goes fine, but what is their game plan to get back into things? After 2-3 months of knee jerk offense and truly ‘talented’ performances by the bullpen, Williams has done nothing, he’s content to wait. If Buerhle is let go, there better be something coming to shore up the team rather than weaken the one thing it’s got going for it.

Back from a trip to L.A. thank goodness i was doing some quality shopping on rodeo drive instead of being at the double murder on friday.

The fact that they refuse to sign buehrle is making me sick, and im not even that big of a fan of his. They say they are in it to win every year, but when one of our own players is up for a contract they are CONSTANTLY RUN OUT OF TOWN BY THE G.M. How are you going to win if you trade buehrle? might as well trade vazquez, garland and contreras too because by the time you figure that out they will all be 40+ years old. its going to be a long decade. we sold our souls for that one championship and i think it will take another 88 years to win another one. if you dont have starters youre going to lose. gavin floyd was kennys big addition- he’s brutal. i bet gio and all these other young pitchers are all the same. you have a proven pitcher who wants to stay and you wave him off.. its about time somebody waves kenny off. he’s been awful minus one season that fell onto our laps. i bet they wish we never even won in 2005 because we expect to win now. they have been pulling our puds like this since the 80s. play broke all the time. dont sign any of your own talent. Fcuk over your “legends” (pudge, frank, even ozzie himself). this is the same song ive heard for 25 years now and im sick of it. Jerry do us a favor, take your world series ball home and sell the team to an owner who isnt a stubborn fool

Latest information on Buehrle from the Chicago Tribune’s Sunday edition:

Buehrle, who had been optimistic, says now, “I would say it’s a little more discouraging.

“Things kind of … were pulled off the table and kind of put back on the table.”

Sox general manager Ken Williams, in an e-mail to a pool reporter, seemed baffled:

“I’m tired of the public nature of this. What did he say we took off the table? We’ve only added, not subtracted.”

Obviously, the matter is confusing, but it could be nearing an end, and not necessarily for the good, at least for Sox fans.

In a statement released Saturday night, Berry said:

“Mark loves playing for the White Sox and has the utmost respect for everyone in the organization. In an effort to bridge the contractual impasse, we offered a sensible alternative to a full no-trade clause.

“Those final overtures were rejected and, at this point, Mark hopes for resolution prior to the start of the second half.” reported the rejected overture was a four-year, $56 million deal without a no-trade clause—but if Buehrle was traded, then a $17 million option for 2012 would kick in.”

Seems the White Sox refuse to give an inch, not one iota on this and seem to be getting ‘testy’ that information is winding up in the media and then passed along to the fans.

Buehrle has left a lot of money on the table and apparently agreed to less years then he’ll get on the open market.

The Sox have offered a fourth year in the contract…you’d think for a pitcher of this quality they’d agree to one of the two options remaining concerning the no trade clause issue (give it to Mark, or the option if traded.)

I guess not…talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

This doesn’t even make good business sense given the price for pitching on the open market.

Maybe I’m just not a business person.

Mark Liptak

Don’t worry, if Buehrle’s gone Gavin Floyd will take his place in the rotation!

Scott, this whole Buehrle thing has to be a nightmare for you! When the captain of your team is speaking out in the media about it that speaks volumes to what this guy means. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but I’ll say it again, when the strongest part of your team is starting pitching and the guy who pitched a shutout after 2 brutal performance, pitched you a no-hitter, and gives you 200 plus innings gives you a hometown discount in a VERY EXPENSIVE free agent market, what is the question about re-signing?? I don’t buy the “setting a precedence” argument. He is an exception to the rule!! You want to let Dye go, Thome, or Konerko…I don’t like it, but I get it if you can get good for them, but what pitching will we have? Our prospects haven’t panned out so far! If you think it’s bad now, if Buehrle gets traded, its gonna get even uglier out there. Kenny’s gonna have LOTS of explaining to do!! AND I don’t think anyone is gonna buy any of it!

I have to agree with the article in the Trib today, comparing losing Mark to losing JR with the Hawks. Mark is probably going to be around for a long time and I don’t want him haunting us. I don’t think I want a Greg Maddox hanging around our necks. Successful businesses take risks. Take a risk and see what happens. We are all accountable if it blows up. We Sox fans can either say, “Geez, don’t you remember the Buehrle deal?, or Thank God we kept him”.

This organization is a disgrace if they do not resign Buehrle. What a bunch of jokers you all are. Unless you guys know something we dont then everyone is acting like the biggest bunch of idiots ever. He won a world series with us, started an all star game, and a pitcher equal to his ability just got 120 million and he will sign for 56. Pull your head out of your a**es already. 2005 WAS LUCKY!!

Clearly the White Sox organization has a plan. Distract the fan base who has undured a KC like year with the off again on again Buehrle contract. Try to distract the fans with this saga, sign him over the All Star break and say “we gave the fans what they wanted”, hoping the fans forget that the White Sox are one of the worst teams in baseball. Watch it happen!

It makes you wonder doesn’t it bc. For the life of me I don’t know why they’ve made this deal so public. It just looks tacky on the part of the White Sox, especially given the news coming out today about Buehrle’s camp attempting to salvage the deal only to be rejected by Kenny.

Picking up on what windycity1950 said, this organization is becoming known for it’s pigheaded stuborness. It’s uncanny ability to say ‘no’ to everything, even if it’s reasonable. There always seems to be a reason for not signing players when and what they’re due.

We hear, “Maggs is injury-prone”. OK, but Pod’nik, Erstad and Thome aren’t? “Carlos Lee is a prima donna and doesn’t slide hard into second.” OK, but he’s gotta have something going for him if he’s an All-Star, right? “Rowand’s expendable because Brian Anderson is ready”. Understandable, unfortunate that it didn’t work out. “Frank is a grouchy player with a busted foot”. Yeah but he was our grouch and it ****** seeing him hit his 500th in a ******* Blue Jays uniform. Now what the **** is the line if we don’t sign Buehrle? “He’s too grouchy? Too self-centered? Too injury prone? Too expensive?” No. It’s that he refuses to be screwed over by an organization that is increasingly gaining a reputation for doing just that to it’s best players.

I understand it’s a business, but business is not looking good… And like someone else said if you’re going let Mark walk get rid of all of them because we’re in for many dark years to come.

I have to give props to Williams for the changes leading up to 2005, it takes guts, but like palehoses said, ya can’t badmouth outgoing players all the time. Say you want to go a different direction, a lighter faster team, whatever, but you can’t always put it on the player. Hope to see a positive end to the Buehrle contract. Sox look good today, thank goodness. Oh and that Torii Hunter article sounds good but I don’t see Hunter leaving Minnesota, though Hunter would be a GREAT addition to the Sox.

They announced it after the game….Buehrle signed a 4 yr deal! AMEN!!!

first of all, congrats to Javie on his second straight CG. maybe we’re on to something here….

and now, it may well be that all the outpouring and consciecious complaining re: the Buehrle resigning has paid off in our favor. we will/may never know, but here’s to all you posters who summed it up much better than i ever could, that we needed to resign Mark. His presence on this team is as vital as Paulie’s is and being a leftie, it simply IS the thing to do. what will happen in the near term, the rest of this season? is unknown but for our future, we will have the stability that makes a good team better. thank you Kenny for thinking this situation all the way through. now let’s relax Sox fans and we all can find something else to focus on in four days…. go Sox ’07,’08,’09,’10….. j.k.from sunny tucson….

Thank the lord!

Thank God Mark is signed!!!! Now if the hitting improves the Sox could finish over .500. Since last years All-Star break the Sox are 72-88. Very nice!

I congratulate the White Sox for finally doing the right thing.

Not automatically because Mark is a credit to the uniform, a fan favorite and a good teammate, those things are nice. But if he was a bad pitcher I wouldn’t care if the Sox did get rid of him.

The fact is that he’s a very good pitcher AND a good teammate AND a good representative for the franchise.

That means a lot. (Plus there was no one else out there the Sox would pony up that kind of money for to fill the hole in the rotation.)

Again congratulations to all involved.

its about time. should have been done in spring training or last november. to avoid this, lets work on garland now. get him a 4 year extension too for god sakes. if you need the money trade thome

Well, my quick glance at the potst don’t seem to mention Roger and the ground crew. Without question, one of the best, if not THE best in the business. Little things he does are often not noticed. He’s like the 26th man =) -Dawn

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