Sunday’s Breaking News

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Buehrle Agrees to 4-Year Extension

Following the final out ot today’s game, we were able to announce to the crowd that the club had agreed with Mark on a four-year extension.

Good news heading into the break.


Thank you Kenny, Jerry and the rest of the Sox front office.

like i said on the last posting- its about time and shouldnt even have been an issue. why do we have to thank them? it is a no brainer. NOW SIGN GARLAND BEFORE ALL THIS B.S. HAPPENS AGAIN NEXT YEAR.

Whatever, its just great to have Mark back!

Congratulations to the Sox on two great performances, and I hope the good news regarding Buehrle gives the good guys in black a shot in the arm for the second half! Now Kenny just has to pry Hunter out of Minnesota and we will love him more than Santa Claus!

Oh, thank goodness! The tension was really getting to be too much. 🙂

For some reason I really don’t want hunter, maybe because he’s too big of a whiner or I feel like he hurts himself too much.

Great news about Mark. The Sox did the right thing, which isn’t always necessarily the smart thing, but in this case I believe it was both.

Kenny’s works just begun but this was a good way to go into the All-Star break.

I think this is excatly what pretty much everyone has been waiting for. I can’t believe how long this seemed to have dragged out. Well, no need to complain now that this is finally done! I’m just curious about what Kenny has in mind for the team now.

Glad to have Mark locked up. Let’s go have a great 2nd half.


I’m glad that Mark is back. I still would have been a fan even if he wasn’t but it wouldn’t have been the same. Good article in the trib today about comparing Mark before he got signed and JR (Roenick) when he got traded from the Hawks. I’m glad that the Sox did the right thing.

If the Sox were going to make any move this month, resigning Mark was the best move they could possibly make. Congrats to Mark for his contract and to the Sox for keeping Mark in a Sox uniform and not emptying out the ball park!

Now let the trades begin so we can refresh this roster around a few core players for next year. I would really like them to keep Vazquez around now too. He has done nothing but get better and better since about mid August last year.

As for Torii Hunter, don’t want him here. I would much rather have Ichiro out there. I would not expect the Sox to go after 2 outfielders in free agency, so if I had to pick one it would be Ichiro because he can bat leadoff for us also.

Two points to consider as the Sox hit the All Star Popularity Farce Break.

1. With the signing of Buehrle for four years, the signing of Vazquez for three years and Danks not eligible for free agency for another five, the Sox have 60% of the most important part of the game, starting pitching, locked up.

IF they can re-sign Garland then that number goes up to 80%. All that would be left is the historic bug-a-boo for the franchise…a solid, reliable 5th starter…and the Gavin Floyd’s, Arnie Munoz’s, Jon Rauch’s of the world need not bother applying. Now the bullpen is a horse of a different color.

2. Despite the mind numbing string of injuries, despite the dreadful overall hitting slump, despite the laughable fundamentals this team showcases, consider this one stat.

The Sox hit the break, eight games under .500…the bullpen has PERSONALLY lost ten games where they had the ball and the lead in the 7th inning or later.

IF the ‘new and improved’ bullpen could have saved just FIVE of those ten games, just half…the Sox would be hitting the break at least with a winning record.

Yes the bullpen is also that important.

Enjoy the time off everyone and we’ll see what Kenny now turns his attention to.

Mark Liptak

Lets turn Bobby back into a starter.

Not really.

THANK YOU KENNY. Thanks for getting us done, there is nowhere Mark belongs more than right here on the South Side. I can enjoy this All Star break completely now. I am just so excited about this news!

I’m BAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK! Technology problems have been corrected, FINALLY!! I’ve missed you least most of you🙂 Is it a coincidence that I can finally join the blog again, and Buehrle was re-signed? I can not tell you how much this pleases me. I’m a sick puppy and it was really on my mind every day. The depression would have been too great. So, to that end, THANK YOU to all that had a hand in it!!!! Now let’s keep this attitude and execution going after the break. – Dawn

Hi, I am sort of new to the blog (read all the time – 2nd time posting) I was wondering if anyone has been to Picnic in the Park. My family (3 kids – little kids- and hubby)are going July 29. My question – What should I expect – is it worth the money I paid, what kind of activities will be there? I know there is a silent auction and a firework show, do you get to get autograghs and pics. Any info would be appreciated!


Finally – some good news! Way to go Kenny and Jerry. Now let’s get A-Rod and Ichiro before the week is over.

Nice to see u back Dawn. Turn Bobby into a starter..thats funny

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to hear the news about Mark staying with us. I just wish all the drama could’ve been avoided. I really was serious when I mentioned in my last post (weeks ago) that I would never set foot on US Cellular soil again if they traded Buerhle. Well, now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I must admit being really tense about it because I always keep a promise and I love going to the games every chance I get. It would’ve **** near killed me if I would’ve had to keep my word. I’m glad that this is no longer an issue and I can go back to enjoying the games at the ballpark as well as on television (Computer, radio, whatever I have access to). I am still really curious to see what Kenny’s next moves are going to be. But, I hope our players have a nice break this week and come back after the break ready to tear some stuff up in the second half!!!


A VERY relieved Sox fan! (for the moment, anyway!)🙂

Jennifer – Picnic in the Park is great. My husband and I went 2 years ago. All of the players were there and signed tons of autographs. We also took gloves and played catch in the outfield. Aside from autographs, food and fireworks, I don’t recall any planned activities. But we liked it enough that we’re going again this year.

Well, Ms Brusa…Welcome Back ! White Sox universe was wondering if you had been swallowed up into some sort of black hole, from which there was no escape…
Sunday was a glorious day…for once…

Vazquez finished what he started,the boys polished off Carlos “Hi-Yo” Silva (Away!)

(If you don’t remember the Lone Ranger, the pun means nothing…)and Team Rah-Rah…THEN, for the finale…the announcement that Buehrle has been signed up for four more years…

I had a feeling that they would get together, because Kenny had enough of bad deals when he first started as GM…

I had given him a new nickname at the time…Shrvartze Who Gets Taken…(Reifer, if you read this, correct me on my Yiddish, please?)

But he has redeemed himself since then…

Now that we are at the AS break, let’s take on the next challenge, shall we?

How about 19 games in 18 days right out of the gate?…11 of those on the road (Baltimore,Cleveland and Boston), then the next 8 at the Cell(5 games in three nights and two days with Detroit,then three with Toronto)…

If this ballclub wants to make a statement about itself…this is going to do it…

One way or the other…

Enjoy the game in SF, boo Barely Bonds all you want,hope that the AL comes out on top again…and hope that Manchild doesn’t embarass himself or the organization with a stinko performance…

Shvartze who gets shtuped is more like it, TomQ!

Thanks, TQ! GOOD to be back. And being old enough to recall the Lone Ranger on Saturday afternoon TV, I enjoy, as always, your wit =) I don’t think Javy is getting enough credit for the work he’s turned in the last 4 starts… quietly, but efficiently doing his job..getting guys out and keeping the runs down. So much different than the guy who blew up in the 5th inning last year!! -Dawn

I have met Roger before and I must say he is very nice and very smart. Many players you ask will say his field is the best out of all the major league ballparks. If you could just let me know when the video is up that you be great!

-Tim Watts

Lost in the Buehrle talk on Sunday was Javy’s performance- that makes it back-to-back complete games for him, and some very solid outings recently. It seems as if Coop has worked his magic and we finally have the starting pitcher we were hoping for. Which leads me to my biggest concern. I get the feeling Kenny wants to trade a starter, and no-one’s stock is higher than Javy’s right now. If any West coast team is looking for pitching, he seems like a reliable guy with a nice contract. Don’t be surprised if we don’t see him at the Cell again.

Can we please not go starting any don’t trade Vazquez chants. Contreas wouldn’t be a bad idea, whatever he’s worth at this point. Does anyone know why we havn’t seen Gonzlaez at shortstop?

Hopefully they’ll dump Juan and we can see him play SS for the remained of the season.

For some reason Ozzie has a man crush on Uribe. Maybe it is because Uribe shows the same amount of patience at the plate as Ozzie did. Throw pitches at their eyes and watch them wail away!

Ichiro ain’t happening. Much as I’d like it A-Rod won’t either. So (in the outfield) between Rowand and Hunter it’s a no lose. As far as Hunter being whiny, I thought he was a gamer like Boozynski. It’s why I got a lot of respect for him and how better to play the **** twins than with a pair of their former players. Anywho, I’m thinking Dye (obviously), Contreras and Uribe won’t be around much longer, but who knows. I’d like to see Iguchi stick around. Some people have been slamming on the Garcia trade, but how long is he out with the surgery? We got two prospects out of it and it seems everyone in the majors is looking for pitching now. I think we came out a little ahead on it, if not as far as we’d hoped (those are the kinds of things that lined up 2005). And as for us losing the 20-14 game with the twins, everyone called it a stinker, heck, I was happy we actually put the 14 up. Take what you can get sometimes.

Oh, I would like to see that video on the Bossard family too, when’s that happening? I read about some of those shenanigans, deadening the ball and whatever, by Jerome Holtzman, it had me laughing like a little kid. I’d love to hear some of the stories he’s got….

Random Musings:

1. I feel bad for Bobby Jenks, two All Star Games, not a single pitch thrown in anger in either of them.

2. The reports are Ichiro five years / 100 MILLION. Just wondering…is this the start of the “market correction” that Kenny feels is going to happen this off season? LOL

Mark Liptak

The Sox just need to start spending money wisely. They have the 4th or 5th highest payroll in MLB. So we know they will spend it. They just need to sign the right players and spend the money more effectively.

I must say that the AL made it WAY TOO INTERESTING in the 9th inning last night in SF…
It was like I had seen that movie before…

Oh,yes…now I remember…

The WS bullpen,WAY TOO MANY TIMES this season…

Now then, Brother Liptak…If you could go into your voluminous files, since I don’t have them anymore(GASP!!!You mean Quaid,”Mr White Sox”, DOESN”T have everything at his fingertips???),could you give me the WS record and position at the AS break back in 1983…when they wound up lapping the field, winning the Old Western Division title by 20 games…because I vividly recall they were absolutely STINKO right before the 50th Anniversary ASG at Old Comiskey… Then, after that game, Floyd Bannister,Richard Dotson, Britt Burns and Dewey Lamarr Hoyt just could not be beaten when starting a game…and Jerry Koosman and Dennis Lamp were consistently putting out the other team’s fires…

Not that I’m saying that Buehrle, Garland, Vazquez and Danks are going to repeat that…

(Now, you’ll notice I didn’t mention Contreras… I think it’s time for the old Cuban horse to be put out to pasture…he’s done well, but not anymore…But, if you Do get rid of him, send him to the NL… so he doesn’t come back to haunt the boys down the stretch…

But I know I’d like to see if they could try…

1983 ChiSox

April 8-10

May 12-15

June 18-10

July 15-13

August 22-9

September 22-6

October 2-0

35 complete games pitched for starters that season

Well they seem to have been farther back in ’83, but did they have 2 really good teams and 1 decent team ahead of them?

Kris is right. I’m worried that even if we do go on a tear…we have 3 darn good teams ahead of us..unless they all fall apart, it may not matter. At this point, knowing that, I just want them to make smart decision when it comes to personnel, get healthy, and play .500+ ball. -Dawn

Very well said Dawn.

Scott – question about the pink shirts – are they still available to buy in person? I wasn’t sure if that was just this past weekend or not. We are reluctant to order online without looking at the sizes in person. Plus there is a $7 convenience and shippnig/handling fee that would be nice to avoid.

A few points about 1983.

1. The Sox were NEVER as far back of the lead in 1983 as they are today.

2. The division was a shambles which is why the Sox with their talent, were able to put together that amazing run in August – September.

I’ve interviewed three or four guys off that club, Koosman, Fletcher, Kittle and they all said the ‘weakness’ of the division is what gave them hope that they could turn it around.

That was the year remember of the Royals ‘drug-scandal’ that resulted in three members of the club spending time in jail. Willie Mays Aikens, Jerry Martin and Willie Wilson, I think were the three.

The division today is light years ahead of the Western Division in 1983. It’s not even in the same solar system!

The Sox will not be playing in the post season this year, HOWEVER IF the injured players can come back and oh, you know, actually PLAY…IF the bullpen can get better (can it get any worse?..don’t answer that!) and IF the hitting overall gets better it is still possible to have a winning season.

But remember the second half schedule is much tougher and we have no idea right now, how many players Kenny is going to unload.

Mark Liptak

Fox Sports reporting Travis Hafner has agreed to a four year extension with Cleveland.

4 years / 57 million

I guess that’s another ‘market correction.’


Two words Scott…

**** YEAH!


Rumor has it that Floyd’s going down and Haeger’s coming up. The knuckleballer started the year horribly by sporting a 5.76 ERA in April and a 6.15 ERA in May, but collected himself in the past month in a half as he put up a 2.84 in June.

His ’07 season stats:

4-11 4.81 ERA 101IP 92/57 K/BB ratio.

Last year he put up 14 wins with a 3.07 ERA in 25 GS in Charlotte.

Crede begins rehab.

“Mark Gonzales, of the Chicago Tribune, reports Chicago White Sox 3B Joe Crede (back) will begin rehabilitation on his lower back this week at the team’s facilities in Arizona. Crede’s agent, Scott Boras, commented that Crede’s surgery went well and Crede’s doctor, Dr. Robert Watkins, was optimistic about Crede’s full recovery. Boras declined to comment on whether or not Crede would be available to play by the end of this season.”

I was just watching the no hitter replays from earlier this year and I started to realize that I really miss Crede and his defense. When he dives for a ball he can get up so quick to get it to Paulie, that something Fields hasn’t be able to do yet. He usually dives and then gives up on the play.

With Crede having surgery when he did it really puts the Sox in a bind. They have the rights to him for 1 more year, and it will cost them about $7-8 million if they decide to bring him back for 2008. The tough part is they have to make this decision without getting to see him in game action after his recovery is completed. If they don’t tender him an offer he becomes a free agent a year early.

My guess is they will bring him back and give him a shot to win the 3rd base job(a very big gamble for a team that does not like to dish out that much cash). I say “win” because there is no guarantee he can be the “old” Joe Crede again. If he does not cut it, they will trade him for what they can get and give the job to Fields. His trade value won’t be much, but it would be better than what they would get if they let him go. It really suks because we have watched this kid grow, and it could all fall apart way too soon for him.

I have had lower back surgery similar to what Joe has had. My surgery was successful but I can not run without pain. Joe is a professional athlete with world class trainers so he will probably be ok but you never know. I hope he is able to play next year.

I was really hoping the Charlie Haeger thing was joke.

I looked up the WS record from the AS break in 1983…
retrosheet. org had it as 59 and 26 after the ASG that year…a similar performance this year(…”I’m a dreamer, aren’t we all?”…)would gather 98 wins…that and the absolute COLLAPSE of the Twins, Tigers and Cleveland franchises…

Nope it’s official, Haeger is back up to the majors.

When he was in a relief role last year he was rather effective though. The Sox are probably hoping that can happen again. Something about a knuckleballer reliever is scary, maybe perhaps because of walks…..

Not to be picky, but we only have 76 games left. If we played .700 ball like after the ASG in 1983 we would end up wtih 92 wins. Possibly enough to win the wild card, but if anyone thinks we can play .700 ball for the rest of the season please send me some of what you are smoking.

Haeger won’t be in the pen for long. He is there to take a starters job. Don’t be shocked to see the big Cuban shipped out soon. We get enough walks out of our bullpen, do we really need a knuckleballer throwing junk to the backstop?

While I’m all for trading the big Cuban…The idea of the knuckleballer starting scares the h-e-double hockey sticks out of me. I can’t hold my breath for that long =) An inning here or there, perhaps, but not for long!
As I type, our boys are up 8-1 in the 5th, and it feels pretty darn good! Here’s to a nice long winning streak! -Dawn

I see the bullpen is up to it’s usual “high standards” again…LOL

Mark Liptak

with all due respect to our resident statistician ( Mliptak) we now know just how many runs it takes to hold a lead after the seventh….. i wonder what jaimie navarro is doing these days? maybe we can resign him for another three years? yuk-yuk, that’s just me folks exuding , well, just exuding…. now let’s build on our offense clicking and take a couple more from the birds…. j.k.. rejuvinated in tucson…..

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a pretty positive person. However, WHY is Dawon Day still with the team??? Just horrendous. I don’t recall even a flicker of a spark of a decent pitcher since he’s been up…that was just nauseating! Not one out, and he gives up 4 runs. I know we had a lead, but why leave him in there…he’s not getting better by spending more time on the mound, and he came dangerously close to giving this game away. Need we look further than is 10.61 ERA????? The only saving grace is that the bats are alive and well, and saving our a$$e$-Disgusted Dawn

Scott, when did you decide to host this year’s blognite? and what is the forum? j.k.

Excellent question JK!! need to get you out there this year!


glad to have you back Dawn, it’s good to hear from you again. and i will agree with the oft quoted thought that our bullpen HAS to go… more starters who throw complete games, or go into the 8th. add five more position players to take up the roster spaces and get to Bobby…. still me out here in tucson, but with a 1-0 record in the second half, so far we’re in first place….. (in my mind for any of you who think i’m serious)….. j.k.

glad to be back!! Fills like my life is once again complete. I missed you guys!

Dewon Day started the year off in very fine fashion in AA, striking out something like 17 of his first 18 outs putting up a low ERA (I remember it was floating around 1.50 most of April). However his great start eventually faded and he slowed down. And started to walk a lot of guys as well as get hit off of. It was at this point that the Sox called him up…. I don’t know why. It doesn’t make much sense to call a guy up for his first time when he’s getting beat’n on in AA, but that was their call.

Day didn’t pitch a single game in AAA before coming up. We have been guys than him in Charlotte, particularly Wassermann who hasn’t had a single bad season in the pros and just got back from the future’s game.

But hey, we won!

*better guys than him in Charlotte

Actually Grothendick… Wilbur Wood, Bob Locker, Goose Gossage and Terry Forster right NOW could probably have better success then the “pitchers” (if you choose to call them that) the Sox have in what passes for a bullpen (or is that the arsonists pen?)

Mark Liptak

“I don’t know why. It doesn’t make much sense to call a guy up for his first time when he’s getting beat’n on in AA, but that was their call.”

2 reasons, mostly.

Mike MacDougal and David Aardsma. were you not paying attention during the series at wrigley?

id rather see them just hold on to jose unless they can get a proven suitable replacement. lets not forget the years before 05… no team’s making the playoffs in this division losing every 5th game.

Yeah I know what you mean, after that series something had to be done, I just think they picked Day at the wrong time, would’ve had better success with someone else. By the way, Sisco was awful tonight, absolutely awful. I think tonight he made sure he won’t make it back to the major league level as a white Sock[x].

He started the game and went .1 IP with 8 Runs on 9 hits.

I’ll take the Gloader back now.

WOW!!! I leave to go to my softball game and we have a 7 run lead. I get in the car after my game and Rongey is talking people off the ledge. All I can think until some dope calls up and says he wished they lost is that they blew this lead. Apparently we now know how many runs we need to spot our bullpen.

Day came up because even though he was starting to get hit a little he was throwing strikes. The biggest problem we had at the time was nobody in the pen could throw strikes and get ahead of a hitter. Yeah he has flopped, and we can all second guess the move.

In all seriousness, this team has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the farm system for pitching. Look how many people we have unsuccessfully gone through this year. Now we are going to get our second dose of Charlie Haeger who could not find the strike zone at all when he was with us last year. It’s going to continue to be a revolving door until Sept 1st when Kenny can bring up everyone on the 40 man roster.

Hawk and DJ were talking tonight about how Ozzie was surprised that he had to teach situational hitting to the players. That really bothers me. What are the minor league coaches doing? If Ozzie tells Kenny that he feels the players coming up don’t know how to situation hit then they need to start firing coaches in the system. Then they need to look into their scouts. These are the things scouts are supposed to notice, and if it gets by them the minor league coaches need to instruct it. Just remember who used to be in charge of the minor league system, he is now the GM. Sure looks like he and his staff left the cupboard bare on himself.


On at least two occasions this season Mark Gonzales had quotes in his Tribune story from other organizational scouts basically saying that something happens to Sox prospects when they get past Double A.

For some reason once they get to Triple A and beyond they get completely overmatched.

Yes it may be the organizational instructors but it may also be simply that the guys the Sox are taking in the draft, just aren’t worth a ****.

Remember Kenny didn’t just axe the farm director because he didn’t like the color of his shirt…plus of course the Sox refuse to deal with Boras clients so they are locking themselves out of some of the top talent right from the start.

And here’s the quote of the day from Ozzie to Mark Gonzales:

“If people think we’re going to rebuild or we’re going to have new faces here, they’re wrong. We’re going to have a chance to compete every year as long as I’m here. I don’t know if something drastic happens—we re-signed [Mark] Buehrle … we showed we’re going to compete.”


If that’s the case (and toss in Kenny’s comments as well on this matter) then why the off season deals to add ‘prospects’ and ‘hard throwers’?

If the Sox are going to be in it every year that sure seemes like a disconnect doesn’t it?

A team that’s “in it” doesn’t have a bullpen comprised of cast off’s (from the Royals no less), has been’s, ‘prospects’ and ‘never was’s’ right?

Mark Liptak

The only thing this team is “in” is trouble.

Best thing about today’s game was the hitting from Dye and Mackowiak. With a nice start to the second half their trade value goes up. The only chance this team has to compete next year is to use some chips to rebuild the bullpen here and in AAA. Question is, who should be making the decisions on who we bring in? We can compete in the next few years, but they have to patch and rebuild all at the same time.

Rumor has it David Ortiz may have to have knee surgery. So Boston may be looking for a bat. It sure would be nice if we could get Clay Buchholz out of them. If Ortiz does go down Kenny should accept no less than Buchholz and a major leage ready reliever.

Lets not get silly here we need to make some moves, we have not played any top clubs for a month, a second half push is silly

I wouldnt trade anyone until the end of the month. lets see how much of a streak we can get on. only 12 games out and the team is playing good. the hitting is coming around, the starters are on point. i say make a move for a reliever and see what happens. the sox always play the tigers and indians well anyway. im currently in maryland watching the sox and yesterdays game was a joy til the 9th. met boog powell. what a guy! i will be there again tonight! lets go sox!

Buchholz would be awesome but realistically we have nothing to give for him that would interest the bosox.

And now this message from the Eastern Sports Programming Newtork…(the network that brought you, Chris “ON NO! Everybody’s Safe!” Berman)

In their daily poll asking readers at to pick that team that is best associated with the city they play in comes this:

For Chicago…they list four teams…guess who IS NOT among the four?

That’s right, it’s the team that won the World Series less then two seasons ago.

Even the “Lackhawks”, a club that doesn’t televise home games is there.

Now I’m sure ESPN’s response will be..’but we only had room for four choices in the poll and we wanted one from each major sport.

As Col. Potter would say from M*A*S*H, ‘horsehockey!’

Want to bet when New York comes around they will have more then four choices and BOTH the Mets and Yankees will be listed?

Tom Mees and the people who started ESPN back in 1979 must be spinning in their graves at what this ‘network’ has become.

Mark Liptak

Well, folks, let me put my two cents plain (a seltzer joke, right, Ira?…Please answer before sundown…)in on last night…
The score, 9-2…only three measly little outs to get to go back to the hotel(in the famous words of John Rooney, pilfered by Farmio…)with a W…Garland, outstanding…

Thornton, very good…

Ozzie then brings in Dewon Day…who threw like Doris Day…6 pitches, four hits, two runs…He thus became the right handed version of Damaso Marte…

Logan comes in, serves up a two-out 1 and 0 cookie to Millar…all of a sudden, it’s a one run game…All over White Sox Universe, the victory cocktail is suddenly Milanta…next man up…on base…tying run is coming up in Jay Payton…

All this, mind you, with a SEVEN F***IN RUN LEAD GOING INTO THE DAMNED INNING !!!

Ozzie has to do what he never dreamed he would have to do, which is… bring in Manchild…

Fortunately, one pitch later,the ball game is in the books…on the correct side, right, Brother Devereux?…

Oh, the agita…

Let’s hope the next two games that Buehrle(now that the only worry he has to look forward to is becoming a daddy for the first time…)and Vazquez can equal their performances against Team Rah-Rah(aka the Twinkies…)with similar performances…and the top row of the two-tiered bullpen on the Inner Harbor stays FULLY OCCUPIED…no one getting up to do nothing but leave to go back to the clubhouse after a win…

BTW, kenwo…look for the lovely Maria Wegener and family tonight…they are well representing WS Universe as well out there on the Chesapeke…

ESPN1000 just did a simulcast on ESPN News and they were asking the radio hosts(Carmen DeFalco and Jeff Dickerson) about the city of Chicago. Carmen DeFalco,a very proud Sox fan, gave them some grief over the Sox being left off that poll. The guy from ESPN News said the Sox were all over them for this slight.

I saw that this morning and almost fell out of my chair. Please let me know when the Hawks attendance for the decade breaks a million!

Tom – Yes it did make it to the correct column, but they should add a column – WDB – Win Despite the Bullpen.


Brooks sent me an e-mail saying the Sox “were all over this.”


Those SOB’s in Bristol deserve everything they get.

Mark Liptak

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