From the Desk of Herm Schneider

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Bastille Day, by the way …

These medical updates from Head Trainer Herm Schneider before today’s game:

  • Joe Crede – He is close to beginning his rehabilitation.  Will be in


    early next week for a three-day course on his rehab then head to


    to continue his work.

  • Darin Erstad – Will leave tomorrow for


    to begin his rehabilitation assignment with the Knights on Monday.

  • Mike MacDougal – Is currently in a long-toss program.  He will start throwing sides in the near future.

  • Pablo Ozuna – The screw in his right ankle was removed today.  He is off crutches and is weight-bearing, but wearing a boot.  Is scheduled to resume his rehabilitation in 3-4 days.

  • Scott Podsednik – Is progressing very well.  He is expected to begin a rehabilitation assignment with


    in 3-4 days.


When Millar got hit in the seventh, I was half joking to myself that Hawk would probably say that he was standing over the plate or something.

After a long pause by Hawk and DJ on the broadcast, I was floored. Hawk actually said, “Kevin Millar did not do a very good job of getting out of the way of that. He just kind of turned… And so, it’ll be Boone Logan coming in.”

WHAT?!! The ball was thrown in the batter’s box! Millar has no obligation to get out of the way, neither because of written or unwritten rules.

Sorry, Hawk, but that one was way too much even for a diehard Sox fan.

And once again Bobby Jenks blows a lead in the 9th inning.

Are we even surprised anymore by this pathetic, arsonists pen?

Mark Liptak

Well boys and girls as the Sox bullpen blows still another in a seemingly endless number of games. Here’s the updated numbers:

11 blown games this year by the BULLPEN that resulted in losses after they had the lead and the ball in the 7th inning or later.

FOUR games lost in the 9th inning this year, three by Bobby Jenks.

Blow it up, tear it down, scatter the ashes…what are you waiting for Kenny?

Oh and here’s a suggestion…next season when you shop for bullpen guys, try not to shop at retreds-r-us! (Nice to see Haegar fits right in with this group…)

Mark Liptak

If you’re curious (and you know you are!) here’s the individual blame-game for the eleven lost games thrown away by the Sox high school bullpen:

Here’s the assessment as I saw it (not official mind you…)

Thornton (7th inning, 4/4)

Jenks (9th inning, 4/10)

Aardsma (9th inning, 4/22)

MacDougal (8th inning, 5/8)

MacDougal (7th inning, 5/18)

Aardsma & Logan (8th inning, 5/19)

Thornton (7th inning, 6/2)

Buckvich (7th inning, 6/19)

Jenks (8th inning, 6/20)

Jenks (9th inning, 7/2)

Jenks (9th inning, 7/14)

Mark Liptak

One final number of note.

Going back to the start of the 2006 season, the White Sox bullpen has now personally LOST 20 games where they had the lead and the baseball in their hands in the 7th inning or later. TWENTY GAMES (Nine for the 2006 season…)

I don’t care what league you’re playing in…you give away that many games it destroys team morale and makes it virtually impossible to win a championship.

Mark Liptak

This ones for you Scott,
After watching this evenings tough, nail biting, and throwing things at the t.v. loss, I do what I do after every game – check what other Sox Fans have to say. Oh, and I like to read what you have to say, sometimes! I read that you’re looking for someone to write about going to a White Sox game with their kids. I actually had it all thought out in my head, but then I read it had to be 50 words or less. There goes my chance. I don’t think I could even tell a story about walking across the street in 50 words or less. I like to ramble on and on, as you can tell, I probably already have 50 words. Oh my Gosh, I just counted and I am way over 50, sorry! But anyways, back to why I think I would be a good candidate – I am a married female age 31 with 3 kids – ages 5 ½, 4 and 2. I live in Crown Point, IN (but grew up in Orland Park – SW Suburbs) and I am a HUGE White Sox Fan. Just to let you know how serious I am – I have my Joe Crede signed bat and my Freddie Garcia signed ball and my Sox brick all in my curio cabinet in my formal living room. Any women reading this know I am a true Sox fan. Back in ‘83 (I believe that was the year) My step dad started taking me to games, it was then I fell in love with the Chicago White Sox and Carlton Fisk (I forgot I have his signed baseball in my curio cabinet, too) Anyway, I take all 3 of my kids to the games (I take my husband too, and he’s more of a pain than taking the kids) We go to about 10 games a year, I have a lot of experience with where to park (Always, always get a prepaid pass, it is so much easier) Make sure you get the kids lots of popcorn, pop and cotton candy! Make sure you bring lots of wipes with, too. I have a lot of tips, comments and experience bringing little kids to the game. Let me tell you the best thing is the staff at Comisky (Oops – US Cellular, I always do that), the staff there is the best – when you have little kids! One other quick thing, (ya right) I went to Wrigley this year when they played the Sox and I did not bring my kids, I am soooooooo glad that I did not! Not at all kid friendly! If you ever have to go there – Don’t bring your kids, unless you want some Drunk spilling beer on them!

One thing about the Sox players, we were at the game on Easter, it was really cold and we had section 136 row 3 (right next to Sox dugout and the on deck circle) none of the players even acknowledged the kids, not a smile, not a wave, not even a blink. ( I got a lot of butts in my face, I have a funny story about that, but I am way over my 50 words. 50 words that’s crazy how could anyone write about themselves in 50 words or less) Yeah, so I was pretty disappointed that none of them could even crack a smile. We did get a little smile from Uribe, unless he had gas. (Just jokin’ – you know how they say babies don’t smile they just have gas, never mind – I thought it was funny) Anyways, what was I talking/writing about – 50 words, I am definitely way past that now, so I will call it a night. Sox better win tomorrow for the split!

Thanks Scott!


Good luck Jennifer, I hope you get it.

Can’t really add anything about last night that Mark hasn’t already said other than I was suprised Buckvich wasn’t involved in more of the blown games. For some reason he always seems to have his fingers in the cookie jar. July isn’t gonna get any easier with Boston, Cleveland and Detroit looming around the corner.

Kenny is a terrible GM. The team needed outfield help in 2006 and he didn’t come through. The team needs pitching and outfield help in 2007 and he isnt coming through. He should be axed now.

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.
– Air Jordan

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