Noche Latino

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup

Owens, CF; Cintron, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; AJ, C; Dye, RF; Mack, LF; Fields, 3B; Uribe, SS.  Vazquez pitching.

It’s Latin night at Camden Yards.


Tonight’s starter, Javier Vazquez, has tossed complete games in each of his last two starts on 7/3 vs. Baltimore (1 ER) and 7/8 vs. Minnesota (3 ER) … he is the first pitcher to record back-to-back CGs since Jon Garland (4/25-5/1/05).

Vazquez ranks third in the AL with a .235 average against since the 2006 ASB, trailing only Santana (.211) and Bedard (.234).  He ranks fourth in that span with 206 strikeouts.

PK is second in the AL in home runs since 6/1, trailing ARod, 12-11.  Thome has nine.

With a 4.03 ERA, Sox starters rank third in the AL, just ahead of Baltimore (4.10).

With 487 home runs, Jim Thome ranks sixth on a impressive list of active home runs leaders … the complete list:  Bonds, 751; Sosa, 602; Griffey, 586; Thomas, 501; ARod, 495; Thome.

Two outstanding minor-league pitching outings last night … Jack Egbert improved to 9-7 when he went 7.0 IP, allowing no runs, just two hits, no walks and 13 punch outs at Class AA Birmingham.

At Class A Kannapolis, Fautino De Los Santos, who appeared in the Futures Game, allowed one hit and no runs over 7.0, striking out 10.  He did not talk a batter but did hit one.  He has struck out 108 in 87.2 IP this summer.

Field of Greens

I’m stopping by the television and radio booths tonight to talk about our annual Field of Greens Golf Outing.  The best-ball outing (so you don’t have to be a scratch golfer), scheduled for August 6 at Harborside Golf Course, is a great time and raises close to $100,000 annually for pediatric research at Comer Children’s Hospital at UC and at Children’s Memorial.

Foursomes are still available, you will be matched with a White Sox or Chicago sports celebrity, and cost $500 per golfer.  If you are interested, call Laina Myers at 312-674-5391 to book a foursome.  It’s a great day for a great cause.

Pink Tops

Someone asked if we would be selling pink tees at the ballpark next homestand.  Demand was so great that we sold out what we had at the ballpark.  You can still get them on-line at, so for now, I suggest ordering there.  We are discussing trying to sell at the park again, but it may not happen for a variety of reasons.  I am told, the tops run a little small.

Again, proceeds benefit Chicago White Sox Charities.

Call for Authors

We are looking for a suburban, female White Sox fan who is willing to write a story about taking her family to the ballpark for a game … how do you get to the park, where do you park, what do you do before and during the game, what do you like to eat, how do you get home, what are the best things about the game and the ballpark, etc.

If you are interested, post a quick note here, in 50 words or less, on why we should select you to keep a one-game diary of a Sox fan.  Humor and a passion for all things White Sox Baseball are pluses.

In the future, my thought is to have others write about their favorite ballpark trips.  Initially, we thought of having a writer do the stories for us, but then we thought what’s better than having Sox fans write the pieces themselves.  We’ll find a place to publish and have some fun with it.

Only Ozzie

Before the game, Ozzie was asked about ARod and expectations that his salary might top $30 million. 

"Good for him," Guillen said. "I wish I was his son … but if I ever had that kind of money, one thing I’m not going to buy is a private jet.  It’s Southwest for me."

(See Ozzie’s travel headaches from Thursday morning).


Jim Palmer and Ed Farmer were talking before the game, and Ed had the Hall of Famer sign a baseball for a pitcher on our staff.

Palmer listed HOF and his Cy Youngs along with his signature.

"Pretty impressive," said the pitcher.


My very first manager, Jeff Torborg, was in the house today visiting in our clubhouse and laughing with Ozzie.  I started with the White Sox in July 1991 and Jeff was the manager until the end of that year.

I was young and naive (some would say I still am but that’s another story for another day), but I knew when he asked for a New York Mets media guide for our flight home after the season-ender in Seattle, something was up.


In re-reading your comments from recent days, everyone seemed to note how exhausting it was to try and follow the Buehrle negotiations.  We all agree.  That’s one of the reasons we try not to negotiate in the media and why we always try not to negotiate in season.

Negotiations, as are there nature, take highs and lows, left turns and right turns until they reach a conclusion.  Even the day we ended up signing Mark, I went to work that Sunday not sure which way things would turn.  The situation was that fluid.

For comparison’s sake, the Konerko negotiations post World Series win probably were not any different.  But they were not nearly as public.  You’d go crazy if you let yourself go up and down with each phone call, each discussion, each offer and each counter offer.  We know, because we all — front office, player, manager, media, fans — just went through that.  No fun, but what a great ending.


This ones for you Scott,
After watching this evenings tough, nail biting, and throwing things at the t.v. loss, I do what I do after every game – check what other Sox Fans have to say. Oh, and I like to read what you have to say, sometimes! I read that you’re looking for someone to write about going to a White Sox game with their kids. I actually had it all thought out in my head, but then I read it had to be 50 words or less. There goes my chance. I don’t think I could even tell a story about walking across the street in 50 words or less. I like to ramble on and on, as you can tell, I probably already have 50 words. Oh my Gosh, I just counted and I am way over 50, sorry! But anyways, back to why I think I would be a good candidate – I am a married female age 31 with 3 kids – ages 5 ½, 4 and 2. I live in Crown Point, IN (but grew up in Orland Park – SW Suburbs) and I am a HUGE White Sox Fan. Just to let you know how serious I am – I have my Joe Crede signed bat and my Freddie Garcia signed ball and my Sox brick all in my curio cabinet in my formal living room. Any women reading this know I am a true Sox fan. Back in ‘83 (I believe that was the year) My step dad started taking me to games, it was then I fell in love with the Chicago White Sox and Carlton Fisk (I forgot I have his signed baseball in my curio cabinet, too) Anyway, I take all 3 of my kids to the games (I take my husband too, and he’s more of a pain than taking the kids) We go to about 10 games a year, I have a lot of experience with where to park (Always, always get a prepaid pass, it is so much easier) Make sure you get the kids lots of popcorn, pop and cotton candy! Make sure you bring lots of wipes with, too. I have a lot of tips, comments and experience bringing little kids to the game. Let me tell you the best thing is the staff at Comisky (Oops – US Cellular, I always do that), the staff there is the best – when you have little kids! One other quick thing, (ya right) I went to Wrigley this year when they played the Sox and I did not bring my kids, I am soooooooo glad that I did not! Not at all kid friendly! If you ever have to go there – Don’t bring your kids, unless you want some Drunk spilling beer on them!

One thing about the Sox players, we were at the game on Easter, it was really cold and we had section 136 row 3 (right next to Sox dugout and the on deck circle) none of the players even acknowledged the kids, not a smile, not a wave, not even a blink. ( I got a lot of butts in my face, I have a funny story about that, but I am way over my 50 words. 50 words that’s crazy how could anyone write about themselves in 50 words or less) Yeah, so I was pretty disappointed that none of them could even crack a smile. We did get a little smile from Uribe, unless he had gas. (Just jokin’ – you know how they say babies don’t smile they just have gas, never mind – I thought it was funny) Anyways, what was I talking/writing about – 50 words, I am definitely way past that now, so I will call it a night. Sox better win tomorrow for the split!

Thanks Scott!


Hi Scott –
I’d be happy to take on your assignment. Here’s me: Single mom – two kids, daughter(15), son(12). We live in Downers Grove and attend at leat 8 games a season. Sox games attended with them keep me connected to the kids, give us a great connection, and we love going together, the 3 of us.

Trying to keep it short and sweet…give me a chance, I can make you smile. With more than 50 words though!


Scott, here are some of my favorite childood highlights: 3 different cats named Baines, my 2nd grade crush on Ozzie, and being terrified that the Cubs would win the WS before the Sox! Proud to say the kids are even bigger fans than me. How can you beat that?!!!??

Gas from Countryside to The Cell: $15
Trip to The Grandstand: $150

Tickets: $105

Two Italian Beefs, Large Pepsi, Hot Dog, Nachos and Dippin’ Dots: $32

Watching my stepdaughter enjoy her first Sox game: Priceless.

Please choose me!

Hello Scott –

My name is Denise, married, one son. When son was 3 months, walked him past the Old Comiskey before teardown -so he could see history. As soon as son was able to travel (less thousands of dollars of accessories) started bringing him to US Cellular. Take Edens to Kennedy – Kennedy to Taylor Street, wiggle down to Wells. Park on Wells. Used to live in neighborhood and know people. Very thankful!!! Son is very spoiled. How spoiled you ask, only sits in 300 level. Loves the view, the service, and all amenities that level has to offer. Must say, mom is spoiled too! We must follow routine – get to ballpark early to eat at bar. Son eats pizza and barbeque. Mom used to eat crab salad sandwiches – miss them. Mom must be there early can’t miss the opening intro and player introductions. Son embarrassed as mom sings along to Thunderstruck time and time again. After game, must go to Mario’s on Taylor Street. Again, both mom and son must follow routine. Must admit mom’s not having a good summer. Not only are Sox not playing well, also must send son away to college in August. MOM SUFFERING DOUBLE WHAMMY IN 2007. NEVERTHELESS CAN’T STOP GOING TO GAMES AND CAN’T STOP WATCHING WHEN NOT AT GAMES. MOM and SON LOVE THE SOX. Son must come home on weekends! P.S. would love to write for SOX!

Hi Scott – My name is Jessica and I live in Indianapolis, but we are huge White Sox fans. I have 2 sons, and a husband who breathes baseball. I have not actually been to a game, and my oldest, Andrew, age 2, is going to beat me to it. We were in Chicago on vacation a few weeks ago while the team was out of town, and Andrew wanted to stop at the field just to see “Where Paulie plays.” He’s 2, Scott, and can tell you half the starting line-up. He asks to bathe, sleep, and eat in his White Sox hat. He pretends to play invisible baseball with Paul Konerko and “Big Jim.” We even named a recent teddy bear made for baby brother Matt (age 1) “Paulie.” Andrew sleeps with a pennat above his crib, and HE prays for Paulie and the team every single night. Most of his toddler days are spent dreaming of the major leagues, so while we haven’t actually been to a game quite yet, we’ll have more to write after August 12th…I mean, Scott, have you ever heard a 2-year old say “Tadahito?” It’s fabulous. Pick me to write your book – I’ve even got some illustrations that could go with it;) Can I email those to you in anyway? There are some great ones of Andrew looking out over the field, dreaming of playing first base with Paulie. He talks about it everyday. Dreams are what baseball is made of…

I grew up in the city but now am a suburban single Mom of 2 (daughter 12 and son 9) and they are being raised as Sox fans. I’ve taken them mostly on the subway to the games so they learn what that is like but even more so for time we spend after the game (read on). Every time the train approaches the park I get an anxious/excited feeling inside and tell the kids. We have our rituals when we’re at the Cell – each knows what they’d like to eat throughout the game, we bring different signs each time and went crazy when we appeared on the Jumbotron. We love all the fun things that are offered to the fans besides White Sox baseball. Twice in our “adventures” after the games, we go to the players’ parking lot and wait and wave at players as they leave. The thrill the kids and I will remember most is that Paul Konerko stopped on two occasions to autograph for the kids. Even better, we had along with us some cousins and their Cubs fan Dad; he got to witness it all!

Let’s Go Go Go White Sox!

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