Sunday Sweat

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Gonzo, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; Fields, 3B; Terrero, CF; Uribe, SS; Hall, C.  Jose on the mound.

Sox Fans

Lots and lots of Sox fans here this weekend.  I’ve seen Maria and her family, Rich Lindberg and friends, and all the ladies from the Windy City Sox fans, who staked out prime real estate in the hotel’s lobby.  The support’s been terrific from our fans all season, both at home and on the road.  Thank you.


Today dawned hot and steamy … imagine that.  The hottest I’ve ever been was a four-game series here in 1992 or 1993.  Only one of the game time temperatures was below 100 degrees, it was 99, and the humidity was thick.  As you sat through the game, puddles of sweat literally accumulated in your chair (nice).  It got to the point where I’d bring a change of clothing for after the game and before I climbed in the airplane to head to the next city.


I’ve seen two blog entries so far in my search for a willing author to describe her experience as a suburban mom in coming to a Sox game.  Scott Merkin of also said something to me on the bus this morning, but I told him he wasn’t qualified.  I’ll give it a few more days and then pick an author.

Last Night

Was not pretty.  Not much to be said about that.  Obviously, we missed opportunities to score more runs and then our bullpen imploded again.  One of the things we need to find out over the coming weeks is who can get the job done.

A Positive

Eighth inning last night.  Two out.  None on.  Jerry Owens drags a bunt down the first base line and easily beats the pitcher to first base.  Bang, he steals second base.  Alex Cintron then laces a single into right field and Owens beats a strong throw how, sliding in a blur past Orioles catcher Ramon Hernandez for what appeared to be an insurance run.

That was Ozzie Guillen baseball at its best.  We need more of that.

I am bowing out for a few days and will re-join the team in Boston on Friday. 

Until then, keep the faith and let’s win some games.


The Sox have not finished under .500 since 1999. After this weekend, I’m certain that it will happen. This team really $UCKS!!

Let’s be positive here!

At least the bullpen didn’t toss the game away (again…)


Mark Liptak

number one need , a shortstop.
I do not feel that the club will sign any high priced every day players, which means that we must get as many good prospects as possible. the club was built around pitching which is good but that did not work out this yr. number two , is we need to replace all the injury prone players as they cannot be depended upon which is about 1/3 of the team. Dye should be trade now. Conteras traded now. Crede no value as injured, and free agent to be. that would only be a starte as we have other free agents to be and I do not think we will get anymore home town discount other than mark , so there are many serious issues to be decided with this team , yet I do not feel any sense of direction with the team , as to what or how to change it and built it.

dleeun youre a tool. you say the same worthless garbage every single post you make. the team should have been broken up blahblahblah we know youre opinion. refrain from posting until you have something else to bring to the table. i dont care if its positive or negative but good gosh at least come up with something new.

anyway….was at the games this weekend. not a pretty sight on saturday or sunday- i can excuse the Bedard loss as he is outstanding. unlike dleeun i think the sox should be in the market to upgrade- for this year and next year. prospects dont get it done. we need some good relievers and some good outfielders. Kenny should be working the phones for current competent MLB players not some rookie that will end up getting a call up and never producing. lets get some help at least make it look like youre trying for goodness sake.

Hey, that tool comment was uncalled for. By the way, anyone, our payroll is 108 mil, I thought that was third highest, but now I found out its fifth highest, who else tops us in payroll other than Boston and NYC. 108 is great (if its well spent). Tough thing with prospects is they’re getting just as hard to come up on as the journeymen. You got no guarantees one way or the other. So, looking at the poor showing by the veterans this year and the assorted vaudeville acts coming thru from the minors, we may have to cut deep to grab some promising talent. I’m gonna get to see Detroit @ Chicago and chicago @ Cleveland coming up. I can’t wait. I work in Fort Wayne IN so listening to the call on the radio and hearing the scoreboard go off makes me real homesick. oh well

Oh and as much apathy I have for A-rod, If we could get ahold of a ballplayer like Jeter (a good ballplayer w/ instincts and a natural leader who we can expect to be a fixture on this team) it may go a ways to giving this team a direction. As of right now everyone has got their slumps and demons and injuries to exorcise. That one element could help get the other players in sync. As much as I dislike fans of the Spankees, I do like Jeter. We need someone like him. Paulie has even said he’s not up on the same level as some of those guys (Ramirez, Jeter, etc). Just sayin….

Every time I start to think, “They’re starting to play well. Hey, maybe they’ll have a good second half,” they go out and embarrass themselves, the organization, and the fans. They really want us to wear those paper bags over our heads don’t they? Thanks for locking up MB, but the rest of this is pathetic!

At least I’ve been able to dump the rest of my Ozzie plan tickets to other people and away team fans. This organization/players cannot steal any more of my money this season.

I admit to saying some of the same things, not that I notice anyone person posting great creative posts every time. but it was intentional , as about 3 wks have passed and I do not detect any progess on changing this team. what keno you probably think everything is going great, head in sand guy.

Hi Scott! Thanks so much for the injury update. It will be great to seee some of those guys back!

i simply must enter the fray at this point. i NEVER thought i would be saying this, but minus the “tool” description, i totally agree with kenwo. remember Sox fans, kenwo was one of our number one enemies for the better part of two years! i could say he was the original naysayer and i wouldn’t get too many dissagreements. what has changed over the past two years is the maturing of said naysayer, to the point that i enjoy his posts and can agree with a lot of his arguments. he may never be one of the Rah=Rah’s ( hi Dawn, Maria, Bethany ((whereever you are)), or even TQ with his ascerbic whit), but there is NO WAY he should be branded as one of us….. maybe someday though.

oh, and on a completely different note and since the beginning of our second half has panned our as well as the start of our first so far, i read that you all in the Chicago area have the highest gas prices and that tucson in now the lowest,( i got gas today for $2.75/gal.)so if anyone wants me to ship them some gas, let me know…. that was a joke, dleeun and in no way to be considered an offer to sell you anything other than a resigned perspective of loyalty to our team…… see you all tonight (me via j.k. ……

Kenwo: It is nice to think that they should upgrade their relievers and outfielders for this year and the upcoming years. That is probably on every GM’s morning adjenda. Where exactly are you going to these players. The market is about as thin as you can get. Don’t think I’m a Kenny defender by any stretch (how would you like to have Chris Young in the outfield right now). But if you want to just say they need an upgrade at least name some names on who you think is available. Otherwise it is pointless to state the obvious. With the payroll about as big as its going to get the only way they are going to be able to spend any money is by getting rid of Thome’s $15,000,000 (I know they are not paying the entire thing but it really doesn’t matter). Contreras isn’t worth a used box of batting practice balls and is taking in 9,000,000 – 10,000,000. Garland is not going to take a home town discount and they should re-sign him. The total salaries of Uribe, Iguchi, Pods and Dye only add up to about $17,000,000. How are you going to upgrade the middle infield and three outfielders (and one of those four has to be a capable lead-off man) for $17,000,000 in free agency and not end up with more Macks & Cintron’s who are just not capable of being everyday reliable players.

I dont think the problem is with the amount of talent. I think the problem is simply that everyone is playing for themselves. Here is what they need to do. Ozzie should send down all of our major leaguer’s and call up the entire AAA roster. We might win a couple of games, and maybe the our crew will feel so bad that they will get thier desire to win back. The 05′ Sox never gave up and they were confident thats why we won. There is no need to get rid of players just make them comfy again. We still have great players they just need to start playing at that level again. If they don’t get thier heads right call the season done!!!! I’m ready for football anyway. Disapointing…… They play with no heart, they don’t hustle how do they expect to win playing that way. I’m pissed Sox see you next year go BEARS!!!!!

I seriously hope you are kidding about sending everyone down to AAA. Most of the players don’t have options and would have to clear waivers, and that would never happen. And even if they cleared they don’t have to report if they don’t desier to do so.

I will agree that it seems like there are guys that are playing for themselves, but that is not the biggest problem. This team is old and injury prone, and the bullpen was not well put together, Couple that with a lack of talent in the minors and we are just a bad team right now.

10 days 20 hours and 31 minutes until training camp starts!

Let’s see, 11-5, 8th inning…does ANYBODY think this game is in the bag?

Of course not…it’s the Sox bullpen remember?

A 16 run lead with these arsonists isn’t safe!

Seriously in all my years of watching the Sox, I can’t for the life of me, recall a worse bullpen collectively then this year’s edition. And I’ve seen some bad ones!

Pure unadulterated garbage.

Mark Liptak

The White Sox bullpen…

“It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!”

Only the White Sox can make a win, feel like a loss, because they can never win a game easy.

Blow it up Kenny.

Mark Liptak

Bullpen, bullpen, bullpen….that’s all anyone says. Clearly, it’s our hitting. Isn’t it apparent we should be scoring at least 20 runs per game? She says with only sarcasm in her voice….

Seriously though, what is really sad is when we finally win one, it still kind of feels like we lost. Geesh.

Thank God Bobby pulled that one out.


Hi Scott! I posted this in yesterday’s blog comments ISO a female writer, but I’m copying it here…

Scott, here are some of my favorite childood highlights: 3 different cats named Baines, my 2nd grade crush on Ozzie, and being terrified that the Cubs would win the WS before the Sox! Proud to say the kids are even bigger fans than me. How can you beat that?!!!??

Ok Scott, I’ll bite on the author stuff. Mom of 3 (10, 12, and 14)Youngest a boy and 2 girls. Sox passion? Fan from birth, still working on convincing my 12 y/o Sox games are fun, my first response when I was told I needed to have my thyroid removed was “but I have Sox tickets that day!” (I reluctantly gave them up)and I’m currently on vacation in Anchorage,AK following the Sox online. Sense of humor? Ok, questionable, but still a big fan despite that bullpen–gotta count for something!

Well we scored 11 tonight so that means we need shutouts from our starters the next couple days to have a chance. We get Paul Byrd tomorrow, whom always baffles us for some reason.

So when will Kenny get desperate and put the help wanted ad in the papers for relievers. I gotta believe there are some guys out there playing semi-pro ball that can do better than this!

Here is how I see it. At this point we are not going to get a couple of quality relief pitchers with trades or acquiring. Most teams would love to have our starting rotation. Trouble is they can’t go 9 every outing. We have to shake things up a bit. Take Danks and Contreras and move them to the Bullpen ( now here me out). Start Charlie and Masset or Bukvich. I believe Danks and Contreras can be helpful much more often in this role for now. Danks shouldn’t have a problem with it and Contreras is a team player, and should be sold to them they are going where they are needed most. Winning 6 to 4 in the 6th our starter just threw his 100th pitch, I feel much better bringing in 1 of these 2 than what we’ve been doing. Hey, if the 1st three in the rotation get wins that 3 out of 5, You know, it can’t get any worse!

Your boy Masset is in Triple-A right now. Sent out after last night’s game. Any news on who came up?

Oh, KR..does it matter? I’m starting to think one is worse than the next. I sat here last night and words just escaped me…and that doesn’t happen often! With the exception of Bobby, and perhaps Matt Thornton, if we could, I swear Kenny would send the whole bunch packing. =( I just can’t understand what thriving infection is spreading in the bullpen, but it’s something I’ve never seen before. It has to be incredibly frustrating for the guys on the team to go out, put up double-digit runs, and still hold your breath like that…. As for gas prices in the AZ area (JK!!!) send away. I need to get gas, and am putting it off in hopes that it will go down a bit. For reasons I’ve not heard, we went from $3.22/gal to $3.47/gal in 1 DAY last week… UGH … Here’s hoping both situations are much brighter in the days to come…With a few more games in Cleveland, and a 4-game stretch with the BoSox…things aren’t terribly promising. -Daw

I was just commenting because the guy who posted right before me had Masset moving into the starting rotation.

It’s a nice idea, and I understand your thought process behind it. But I have two words for you that will tell you that it would never work: Preparation and Mindset.

It is very difficult for a starting pitcher to change the way he prepares for a game both phyically and mentally. Most likely they would just be throwing gas on the fire.

KR – It may be Aardsma or Floyd. They are the only two eligible unless we go with a fresh face. MacGarbage is eligible to come off the DL Friday (7/20).

I am definately not one of the cheer for the sox no matter what fans….anyone on here can tell you that. all i am saying is trading all of our regulars for prospects is not and should not be an option. the term prospect means you havent done anything yet….and in most cases you never will.

why not sign Roberto Hernandez or Jose Mesa to a deal. Yes they are old and yes they haven’t been too successful…but by god i think they can hold a ******* 9 run lead! just make it look like you are trying to upgrade for goodness sakes. stop running out these” prospects” like massett, haeger, day and the rest of these bums that will NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL MAJOR LEAGUE PITCHERS. id rather see the retreads like mesa and roberto anyday. at least they have a proven track record.

I have a problem with that logic, they are getting paid to pitch (hopefully well), they would not be asking them to play shortstop. Mentally and physically the whole staff should be ready every day. Maybe you just hit on the problem.

As for the fire, we are working on saving the foundation anyway, the building is gone.

too late on roberto as he just signed with the dodgers ( who are a first place team by the way)….way to let another one slip past kenny you tool

A lot of people think that logic is wrong. It sounds dumb. You would think a pitcher would be prepared for either situation, but it’s just not that simple. Keep in mind that most pitchers, especially lefties are head cases and creatures of habit. You throw someone like that out of their routine, and it can throw them off. Just look what happened to Brandon McCarthy last year. Trying to pitch with a starters mentality out of the pen just does not work. Up until that point for the most part McCarthy did very well for us as a starter.

It seems my cocern about ‘losing’ the veterans is starting in the sense that now they are apparently starting to speak out against what passes for a major league bullpen.

That’s why Kenny has to fix this before next season or his vets who will have had to sit through three years (including next season) of garbage out of the bullpen might revolt.

Mark Buehrle to the Chicago Sun-Times:

”It gets to the point where you just laugh. Obviously, guys aren’t getting it done. Knowing Kenny, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole bullpen goes. They need to ship some guys out soon.”

and here’s Ozzie:

”My position players are even asking questions now, like, ‘What’s going on here?’ I know I’m not going to bring [closer] Bobby Jenks into the eighth inning anymore. I don’t care if we lose another 50 games, I’m not. I’m not going to use this kid to save the bullpen.”

But hey they are all power arms right? LOL

Mark Liptak

Most of the the your plan of action determines the result, at least to some extent, the idea what power arms, that would overpower people, did not work as first you need to be a pitcher and control with changing speeds is the most important. But that is hindsite, I do not fault a plan, if it proves faulty , ok change it. I am totally against ancient retread bull pen pitchers, that about never works. A lot of the present problem is the result of poor talent assessment over the yrs. Uribe’s error last night was a joke, clods in on a ball hit right at him, goes for a hot dog or whatever backhand and clunks it, man he is bad

it was a fresh idea of danks and contretras to pen with masset and charlie, H. to starte at least it is a shake up and who knows, but Danks is doing pretty well might not want to mess with that

Uribe backhands everything, hopefully he backhands the door soon on the way out of town.

I don’t care what anyone thinks, as far as I am concerned,and believe me, I AM concerned, this entire bullpen is a JOKE !!!…Yes, boys and girls, even the closer… I think also that it is time for Kenny to do what he did with Duane Schafer with minor league pitching coordinator Kirk Champion…that is, fire him…He is not doing the job developing the future arms…
Why don’t the WS just hold a seance and bring back Gerry Staley and Turk Lown from the ’59 team?…How about Bob Locker?… I think that Farmer still has some availability(at least you’d get him out of the booth…)…

Waht I am saying, boys and girls, is simply this…


This is what the last couple of expansions have done to MLB, ladies and gentleman…They have brought us so-called major leaguers who would be lucky to be in AA ball twenty years ago…

But do not let the manager completely off the hook,either…Ozzie goes with playing the percentages,i.e. left hander versus right hander, or vice-versa, whatever that f-ing genius down in St Louis(and I don’t mean John Rooney)La Russa has been up to for the last 20 plus years…(Don’t think he’s a genius? Just ask George Will and the other s**t for brains columnists who thought that he was the greatest f-ing thing since the f-ing two slice toaster…)

There’s only one problem with thius strategy,Ozwaldo…



BTW, Donna… hope that you and the family of Mack are having a good time up in the 49th state…Just for pun’s sake…(to show you some of the acerbic wit that jk thinks I have…)Juneau the capital of Alaska?…That’s right…(Abbott and Costello have NOTHING on me, kiddo…)

The bullpen is the most obvious problem, but it certainly isn’t the only one and I’d argue it isn’t even the most pressing one heading into next year. Bullpen pitchers have gotta be one of the most perplexing and difficult positions to evaluate.

They’ve gotta have that killer instinct (something Bukvich, Masset, Day, Sisco seem to lack). They’ve gotta have a short memory (something Cotts lacked). They’ve gotta throw strikes (see MacDougal). They’ve gotta be consistent to a certain extent, and by consistent I don’t mean consistently bad (see Aardsma). But most importantly they’ve gotta be lucky. I mean how many wins just seemed to fall into Cliff Politte’s lap in 05. It’s gotta be one of the hardest positions to evaluate and more importantly project how they will perform in the future. There are bonafide bullpen pitchers like Shields who you can bank on, but they are few and far between. And virtually none of them will be available for the Sox to pick up. That being said something must be done because **** like last night is happening far too often.

But anyone thinking a couple free agent pickups here and there are gonna make us contenders again are decieving themselves. This is no quick-fix project. There is no band-aid that’s gonna heal what ails this team. It needs to be remade, restructured and revamped. No cosmetic changes are gonna fix the problem at SS, LF, CF, RF and 2B automatically. Those are problems that need to be tackled head on but realistically it’s going to be a multi-year process. I know many fans don’t like hearing that but it’s true. I sincerely hope Kenny doesn’t try to make some trades with any consideration paid to the outcome of this year.

This year is all but over, this decade is not.

Ozzie knows it, the players know it and most fans are coming to that realization. We’ve got major league talent, we’ve got an owner willing to spend money and we can be a viable team in two or three years if changes are approached in a sensible manner.

Maybe Wasserman can show some life out of the pen. Good luck!

Wassermann 2-4, 2.11ERA, 5 Saves, 42.2IP, 33K, 18BB.

I agree that there is more that ails this club then just the bullpen…HOWEVER I feel the single most important item that needs to be fixed before next season IS the bullpen.

A lousy bullpen guts team morale and takes the wind right out of your sails, it’s also hard to put together any type of long winning streak with a bad pen because the odds are they are going to come in with the game on the line and cough it up.

Folks, when MacDougal is the SENIOR member (in terms of time in the bigs)of your bullpen you are in serious trouble.

I can’t explain the reasoning behind what Kenny did…it may have been economic, he may have been told things by ownership, he simply may have thought Don Cooper could turn into ‘the miracle worker…’ but it has blown up in his face.

Now the veterans are openly questioning what’s going on, according to Ozzie and Buehrle is saying they have to send folks down.

That’s a bad situation friends.

Do I think there isn’t room for a good prospect or two in the bullpen?

Of course not…to me if you have a six man bullpen one and maybe two spots should go to kids…but that also means you have four or five reliable, experienced arms in the bullpen to start with.

You don’t have a pen comprised of nothing but prospects, vets with a limited track record of success (think Sisco and Thornton)and guys with a history of wildness at all levels (think Aardsma and Masset).

That is a recipe for disaster.

The free agent list of relief guys is limited, that may change when players aren’t offered arbitration and such, trades could be made. Kenny simply can NOT let this situation fester for another season or he is liable to gut the morale of this club to the point where even Ozzie can’t get it back.

Just to clarify something. Do veteran pitchers fail? Of course they do, however at least you can get a sense of what they should be able to deliver and can use that as a base line to begin your planning and construction of a club.

Let’s put it this way, I’ll take my chances with a guy who has shown some success at the MLB level and who probably won’t wilt under pressure then a kid who may have all the talent in the world but isn’t ready or can’t handle the pressure of performing in a pennant race.

Again ideally I’d like to have a mix of 4 vets to 2, or 5-1, but all things being equal give me the guy who has shown he’s gotten it done in the first place.

A history lesson for you. In 1996 the Sox tried this approach with guys like Larry Thomas, a young Bill Simas, Matt Karchner, Al Levine and Jeff Darwin in the pen.

That pen set the record (since broken) for most blown saves in a season and cost the Sox the wild card lead in August and September.

Having that many untested kids in your bullpen simply DOES NOT work.

Now will Kenny learn from his mistake?

We will see won’t we?

Mark Liptak


I agree a lot with what you’ve said but you are missing two important realities.

1. Sox fans will not support ‘rebuilding.’ And the Sox are in no position (especially with the Cubs spending 300 million this off season)to risk having attendance drop down to 1.5 million season if this team goes out and wins 70 or so games a year, in the next three years.

2. Ownership has stated they will only spend what they take in from fan attendence. So if the fans don’t show, they don’t spend.

It’s a treadmill to nowhere given the realities of what the fans have shown they will do and what ownership has stated they will do. History bears out both sides.

Someone has to ‘give’ to break the cycle and personally I don’t think Sox fans will be the first to come out and support mediocrity or rebuilding, especially after a World Series title.

If ownership would bite the bullet and shell out cash to bring in a winner next season that could change the dynamics….but I don’t think that’s going to happen either.

How Kenny digs himself out of this hole that he in large part created over the past two seasons is anyone’s guess. That’s why he gets paid what he does.

Mark Liptak

At this point..willing to try “interesting and unusual stuff” about a rare 4 man rotation..with Contreras moving to a long reliever??? I know it’s crazy and doesn’t solve most of the “issues”, but….will anyone really deal for Contreras? Are there guys available that could help in the here and now?? At this point, SOMETHING needs to be done, and I’m desperate =) -Dawn

i’m done. i don’t care if we do somehow win this game which is VERRRRY unlikely now, but if we do i won’t be watching. first, Jermaine can’t get another run in with the bases loaded and only one out and then Bobby gives up a HR. what happened to his unhittable curve ball with two strikes on the hitter? good bye and good night, maybe Mark can go nine tomorrow morning…. j.k. from shake your head land ( tucson) but that could be anywhere this season………

This is not hyperbole, EVERY SINGLE time I see the Sox take a lead in the 7th inning or later I think they are going to blow it.


I’m just a fan…imagine what the guys sitting on the bench watching this dung must be thinking.

Mark Liptak

I guess the bullpen liked the movie, ‘cheaper by the dozen…’

As in 12, which is now the number of blown games by the arsonists pen this year.

By the way Bad Bobby-baby has personally blown the last four straight where the Sox took a lead into the 7th inning or later.

6/20, 7/2, 7/14 and 7/17.

If it wasn’t so sickening, I’m almost feel sorry for these guys.

Mark Liptak

I am now fed up with kenny willims, been behind him until now, just decisions that did not work out, but this grandstand move, shows up in cleveland , I am responsible, who cares.. get the job done now, I do not care who is responsible, get busy , no spotlite on him needed, I am responsible indeed,

I don’t want to be “that fan”…really, I don’t. But I’m really running out of things to say…running out of excuses…running out of optimism.. I’m really just so sick of starting pitchers make a great go of things, sick of seeing a more-than-adequate performance by the offense, some stellar plays on defense (rare seen props to JD and 2..count them…2 guys..thrown out stealing) and still watching the team go down in flames from the bullpen. Someone, anyone, find a reason for me to keep believin’…. -Dawn

Dawn, I like your idea of a 4 man rotation and using Contreras as a long reliever. It could work.

I actually felt bad for Ozzie in the top of the 10th. He must have been wondering, who and the heck can I bring in?

The four man rotation would be nice, but would the pitchers be willing to do it? With money the way it is, they don’t want to risk long term injury. Garland and Danks might not like it so much because they are not locked up long term. While I’d love to see Contreras banished to the bullpen, but he is the last guy that would work for. Out of all the starters he takes the longest to get warmed up. Watch his pre-game warmup. He spends time with a softball and throwing about 200+ foot long toss. Plus he has looked just as bad as everyone in the pen this year.

This team is now losing games and blowing leads regularly because they expect it to happen just like the fans do. It’s tough to win when you expect to lose.


Are you people slow? they ARE NOT going to go to a four man rotation when they are 4009 games under .500. why would they risk injury to the one constant that they have- the starting pitching. come on guys get a clue for petes sake

Today’s game: Mark Buehrle goes out and pitches 7 strong innings. Gives up 2 runs on 4 hits and 1 walk. Both runs come off solo homers. White Sox offense gets about 6 runs in the first 7 innings. Sox are up 6-2 in the bottom of the 8th when Ozzie is forced to bring in this **** bullpen. Boone Logan comes in and walks the first batter and gives up a hit to the next batter. In comes Thornton and gets the first guy, but then gives up 2 consecutive hits and 2 runs score, 6-4 Sox. In comes Bukvitch and walks the first 2 batters and then gets the next guy out, 6-5 Sox in btm 8th, bases loaded and 2 outs. In comes Ehren Wassermann to get the last out of the inning. Sox do nothing in the top of the 9th. In comes bad Bobby Jenks. 1st batter gets a double and Bobby walks the 2nd batter. 1 out, 2 outs, then Bobby gives up another double and 2 runs score. Sox lose 7-6.

Anyone else KNOW this is how the game will end?

Kenwo…no reason to berate me just because I made what was, admittedly said, an “out there” suggestion. Primarily, trying to get the idea out that desperate times call for desperate measures. Wasn’t looking for the practical, realistic impact. I can’t see anyone dealing for Contreras, and we he’s lost it as a starter, and our bullpen is abysmal…. -Dawn

I can’t believe it! The Sox bullpen didn’t blow the game!! Mark has been awesome of late. His era is now at .291.

When Mark is on the mound, things just feel different. The D plays better..the bats seem’s one of those positive intangibles =) And as for Charlier Haeger…I’m not ready to annoint him or anything, but 4 scoreless innings is nothing to take lightly.. let’s hope he keeps it up, and that the rest of the bull pen is watching =) -Dawn

Yes, they should have swept the Indians…two of three is not so bad for the digestive system of Guillen and his players,coaches,trainers, the broadcasters…the meal ought to go down well tonight in Beantown…
Notice that I didn’t mention the writers in the traveling party… very simple reason why…


kr-trepac…Kris,your scenario was grisly accurate to recent events…Sorry to disappoint you with a win, through sterling pitching and hitting…

Brother Liptak, do us all a favor, will you, please?…

In the future, save your statistical analysis for your OTHER friends at WSI…You know that site, don’t you, Mark?… That’s the one where they don’t allow any participation from cretins with a e-mail address…as if those people aren’t good enough for their site…

blakeheem…you had the decimal point in the wrong place… the ERA for Buehrle should be 2.91… the team BA SHOULD BE .291…but, as we know, it isn’t…
Oh, well… onto to dear old Fenway…

One if by Manny, two if by Big Popi…

The bullpen from Hades is gonna be tested these next four days…

TQ, they won’t be tested if Javie and Jon can go 9 each. then that should give us a split of the four game set….we’re 3-4 so far on the road trip and we ALL know we should be at least 5-2. oh well, one game at a time and let’s see what happens this weekend… j.k. go go Sox ’07 ( that’s White not red)….


You’ll have to explain that one to me…I don’t follow you (about the e-mail address stuff…)


This past week all games have been ‘unscrambled’ on DirecTV so I’ve been watching and both the Baltimore and Cleveland announcing teams were saying on more then one occasion, ‘keep the game close and the White Sox bullpen will throw the game away at the end.’ Other teams are openly laughing at this situation. The Sox could have easily been 5-2 on this trip instead of 3-4, a game here, a game there, it adds up and before you know it you’re trying to hold off the Royals for last place.


I appreciate Kenny standing up and taking the blame for things, a lot of folks would try to duck and hide. He deserves major props for this.

He’ll get even more props when he fixes this bullpen and like I said he has to, regardless of cost, regardless of how many prospects he has to deal. He has no choice…another bad bullpen and he’ll lose every one of his vets next season.


Finally nice game today. It’s SO refreshing to have a day where the bullpen doesn’t blow the game at the end.

Mark Liptak


Can you ask around to see if you can find out what kind of defense Danny Richar plays? His hitting has consistently been amazing and he appeared and still appears very MLB ready on offense. We could really use him at SS for our 9th spot. Do you know how he is as a defender?

Hawk Harrelson was just interviewed on WEEI radio Boston a few minutes ago.

They’ll probably post a link to the interview on their web site later in the day but the tone in Hawk’s voice and his comments shocked me.

It shocked me because Hawk is an organizational guy…he, I’m sure, has some pretty acerbic comments behind closed doors but it’s rare when he speaks candidly about things in public, especially if the team is heading south.

It makes you wonder if Hawk is starting to consider the possibility of retiring?

With that in mind, the ‘highlights’ of his interview were:

*He “dreads” (direct quote) the late innings as he knows what is going to happen.

*For the first time since he started broadcasting in 1975 he is “no longer enjoying going to the ballpark.” (direct quote)

*He has never seen anything like the Sox relief pitchers who did well at AAA and then completely flopped in the show.

Well Hawk, all I can say is I don’t blame you.

Mark Liptak


I wasn’t hoping they were going to lose and the win did not disappoint me. I just feel like every day that very scenario is going to become reality. Again.

Believe me I want the Sox to win.

Just a question on the stat’s with the bullpen. I know that you have been keeping track of how many games that were lost after the 7th inning by this year’s awful Sox bullpen.

I would be curious to see how many blown saves that some of the more recent playoff teams have had. And the reason that I ask this is if a team’s offense is good enough to come back and score some runs like the 2005 Sox team did then you can live with some blown saves. If your team loses 60-70 games a year and gets into the playoffs, your bullpen is going to lose games, that’s a baseball given.

It would also be interesting to see how runs the White Sox have scored after the bullpen has blown the lead – I bet its not very many at all.


Hi Laura:

I can give you an incomplete listing right at this moment involving two teams in the Sox division in 2006.

The Twins blew and lost four games last season where they had the lead going into the 7th inning or later. They won 96 games.

The Tigers blew and lost 14 games where they had the lead in the 7th inning or later. If memory serves three or four of those were the final week which cost them the divisional title. They won 95 games.

The White Sox blew and lost nine games where they took a lead into the 7th inning or later. They won 90 games.

This season of course, they have blown and lost 12 games.

I’m sure offensive results ‘save’ (no pun intended) some games from heading into the loss column, for example I think the Sox have 18 blown saves…but they actually were able to win six games after the bullpen coughed it up.

Still though there’s no substitute for a good pitching staff, both starters and relief guys.

Blowing games is the surest way to not have long winning streaks and it tears the guts out of the club mentally and emotionally.

Mark Liptak

yeah!, a WHITE Sox winner, and the old fashioned way too! we got a lead and we held that lead,,,, what a concept. let’s do it again tomorrow, if Jose can limit the bosox runs….. j.k.

Perhaps his last start as a White Sock(x)? Who knows…..

Javier really has been dealing lately. He’s quietly and efficiently gone about his business this year. It was actually an enjoyable game to watch last night. The best part was in the 7th when Bukvich got Youklis. I was positive the bullpen was going blow it.

A glimpse of what should be or should’ve been with this team.

WOW…a bit groggy after the lateness of that one, but I’ll take it. I have to admit I was a bit nervous when Bukvich came in…and the high and inside pitches were interesting. Now if he had stellar control, I’d think it was planned, but I haven’t really seen that from him…although, it shook up Youklis enough to strike out on 3 straight, but who know =) Nice to see it all clicking. As Pale said, Javy has really pitched well, with little fanfare. He really didn’t want to come out last night, and you love to see that sort of passion in him again! Let’s keep beating up on those OTHER Sox! -Dawn

Bukvich hasnt been as awful as the other guys in the pen. that was great when he knocked down youklis. i think the sox would benefit from a good ol’ fashion basebrawl. i think it would get some frustrations out. vazquez has been great this year as has buerhle and garland. danks has been decent for a rookie and contreras still goes out and throws a good game every now and then. its a shame we are wasting a good year by the starters. oh well hopefully Jose can get back on track this evening. i hate the red sox. lets sweep!

that , leaving joes c. in there that long was cruel and unusual punishment, why? after watching this game, it struck me that we have been playing as if it was still exhibition preseason baseball most of the year compared to the emotional , look of the red sox, and one last Uribe now is trying to be patient hitter, maybe, should have been all over him from day one , to make good approach or sit, still think he is uncoachable

ps I would keep Jose C around now, anytime, he has a lot of class, he pitched way better than the result, was baffling them when he got his splitter over,

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls…Mr. Jose Contreras, he of the undetermined age and number of innings pitched is done….kapoot, finished, stick a fork in him.

Thanks for your magnificant second half of the 2005 season but the time has come to move along.

If the Sox unload anybody, even if it’s just for a bag of balls it’s Contreras. To even think about dealing Vasquez or Garland is insane.

Sign Garland to an extension, get yourself a competent 5th start and the rotation is set for the next three years.

Pitching wins pennants.

Mark LIptak

I hate to see piling on a guy when he gave 110 percent with class, errors, a couple of freak bunts then ran out of gas was mis used, he did not rant at fields for the error just a nod that it was ok, have a little respect

Get the Cuban a boat! Time to ship him out. It’s obvious with his lack of velocity that he is still suffering from the siatica (sp?) that popped up around the all-star break last year. Probably hard to recover from that and be a major league pitcher when you are in your mid to late 40’s!!!

Interesting (and something the Sox can learn from) that Boston grabbed the lead on a walk and two bunts.

Imagine that! Oh my stars!! Even the mighty bashers in Boston know how to bunt!

So why can’t the White Sox?

Mark Liptak

Brother Liptak: In the past, I have tried registering with White Sox Interactive…they do not want people with e-mail addresses, for some reason…perhasps you could inquire as to why…
As for last night’s Boston Massacre… I can occasionally understand or forgive players for having a brain cramp… But the manager and the coaching staff…Unforgiveable…I’m referring to the bunt situation,fouled off, then the SAME **** THING BECOMING ALMOST A DAMNED DOUBLE DOWN THE LF LINE !!!INEXCUSABLE!!!

As to the big Cuban Horse…

I agree with your sentiments, WS Universe…his time has come and past…from the All-Star break in ’06 to now, he has STUNK ON ICE !!!

BUT… if you DO happen to find a team who could use a thrower(which he has become, NOT a pitcher…)for the stretch run, make sure it’s in the other league…just in case he happens to come up with one supreme last,late effort… that could hurt your team, just in case they happen to make a late, perhaps lamented run themselves…

Mark L:… Speciafically, for the Interactive Forums on WSI: Flying Sock… It states, in very bright, RED letters… Hotmail Addresses NOT allowed…
Methinks they’re TOO PICKY over whom they allow to enter their playpen…

3 bases loaded walks in a row? LETS GO CUBBIES LETS GO! Might as well move the White Sox out of the city because they are long forgotten about now that the Cubs are having a good year.. hey now its 9-1…. this is pitiful

they probably dont want hotmail addresses because of ******** like me who make them just for the purpose to **** everyone off

Yes you are ****head!! It will be funny when the Scubs choke like they always do. When was the last time the Scubs won a World Series Championship? Oh I remember, wasn’t it like 99 years ago?

Mr. Wassermann… welcome to the big leagues, this ain’t Charlotte dude.

Nice to see the Sox arsonists pen is back to normal.

I can agree somewhat with Kenny saying there probably won’t be much action next week since teams don’t want to trade ‘prospects.’ (although why the Sox would want prospects instead of major league players or major league ready kids is beyond me…unless they are going to rebuild with ‘The Kids Can Play III’)

But looking at this garbage that passes for a ‘contending’ major league team, there **** well better be a TON of moves this off season.

Welcome to last place boys, less then two years removed from a World Series title….words simply can’t describe the feeling.

Mark Liptak

Waiting till the off season to make moves,Brother Liptak?…How about,well, let’s see…the game ended at 7:02 PM, Boston time…how about making some moves at, say…7:05 PM, Boston time?…
Send Doris Day to Kannapolis…he belongs in A ball…Bring up somebody for the bullpen who can throw STRIKES,for the love of the Almighty…

For those of you who are either interested, or masochistic,enough in numbers, it took 63 pitches for Mr Wassermann(25 pitches),Logan(4 balls),and Day(34 pitches, including 12 to Varitek that led to the 5th consecutive walk of the inning and the 3rd of the 7 runs…)to retire the side on strikeouts…

Yes, they struck out the side…for those of you on the “glass half full” side of the ledger…

You say words can’t describe the feeling, Lip?… How about nauteous?(I don’t even know if I spelled it right or not…and I don’t give a rat’s rear aperture(Welcome back, Dawn…)…


I am in no way shape or form a Chicago Cubs fan. However, I think the Cubs winning this year and making a strong playoff push towards the World Series is the best thing that could happen for White Sox fans. Let me explain…

It is no secret that Chicago is a baseball town. It is also no secret that Chicago is a Cubs town. Thats the way it is, always was, and probably always will be. I believe the explanation for that is simple… people come to Chicago and they want to see Wrigley Field. The Tribune does not have to worry about the product they put onto Wrigley Field because the experience is what going to a Cubs game is about. Heck, they even are adored as the “loveable losers!” Sure Cubs fans whine and moan, but hey, that is part of being a Cubs fan. They pour into the bleachers and into the stands, sing during the 7th inning stretch, take pictures of the ivy, then spill out of the park into the many bars around the field. That is a Cubs experience.

Jerry Reinsdorf and the South Side however has to worry completely about the product that is on the field. If the Sox aren’t winning, the fans aren’t showing up. Plain and simple. It ****** in 2003 and 2004 when the Sox were in the hunt for post season to show up to a game against the division rivals and not even have the stadium old out. Us White Sox fans are fickle and always will be. When we stink why should we fans show up.

The only way to turn this tide and actually keep things the way they are is to keep winning games. In 2005 and 2006, this was a Sox town. I really believe the turning point was the White Sox not going after someone like Alfonso Soriano last year before the trade deadline. For all the huge moves to be made when we were only a few games back to make no moves left a lot of people stunned. Now I know he would have been rented for a few months but if we are a major market team then they could have signed him. That is the only way. Get the stars and put the best most exciting product on the field day in and day out and stuff will happen. Go aggressively after the big free agents this winter and show the fans you are serious. We were on the verge of having a team that would last a long time but it slipped away. So thats why I say Go Cubbies because if they win then the White Sox will be all but forgotten about and the only way for them to change that is to become aggressive spenders and attract all of the big fish. Everyone let me know what you think…

whitesoxawful…Opinions are like noses… everyone has one, and sometimes they smell…The team at jurassic park at Neverland may win their division by default…De fault of an absolutely LOUSY division…including the defending World Champions(St Louis), the 2005 National League Champions (Houston)and the rest…But, the big question is…Can they overcome past history(1984,1989,2000, 2003, etc…)
to advance?…I say, “No”…because, sooner or later, Zambrano, Lilly,Marquis, Hill or somebody else, is going to break down…the hitting, as hot as it has been recently with Ramirez,Soriano, etc.,will hit the wall…you’re already seeing the little bumps and injuries nagging them…that is just the first crack in the dam…which will soon look like Johnstown before the flood…

So, say what you will about the North Siders…they are the ultimate example of Murphy’s Law… “If something is going to go wrong, it will…”…

You also state that your feel that the White Sox should become aggressive spenders and attract all of the big fish… That theory works well at Yank-me Stadium…but how many more trophies has Steinbrenner put up since the year 2000?…

That, my friend, is the ULTIMATE bottom line…So spend away,Steinbrenner…Spend away,Mark Cuban…Spend away, whitesoxawful…After all…it’s really not YOUR money, is it, sport?

By the way,whitesoxawful…The answer to the question about the Yank-mes trophies since 2000 is….

And that goes for Peter Angelos in Baltimore,Mc Court in Los Angeles, and the rest of the Diamond Jim Bradys of Major League Baseball…

Don’t develop your OWN talent…just buy up everyone elses, right?

That’s part of it… but not ALL of it…

just because our prospects have not done much over last few years, does not mean that other systems have not produced. we need to make a few moves or sit and lose any value whatsoever, for free agents to be, even if it is only symbolic, as doing nothing is pathetic.

Oh boy, we s$ck-diddily-uck flanders…. It’s sad to keep hearing that we’re standing pat to see if “we’ve got one good run in us”. Someone make a decision as the season is breezing by a game at a time. I know the “one good run” scenario is not impossible, but it gets more and more unlikely as each day goes on. We took two of three from Cleveland, I was shocked. I’m used to the “opponent leaves us in the dust (due in part to our bullpen and lack of offense)” or the “opponent takes the lead in late innings (due to our bullpen and lack of offense)” variety losses. I can’t clown on the position players or bullpen saboteurs too much as all of them are more talented then I and are at the level of play they are for a reason. I also know baseball being what it is, you get rid of someone who did nothing but hurt your squad and they have a good year for someone else. But at this point, maybe standing pat is inexcusable. The club needs changes and I would like to see some of them by July 31st as its time to stop looking to 2005 and look ahead. Bring on Owens, Sweeney, Fields and Mackowiak. It’s time to rebuild cause at this time, it looks like its the only option we have.


There is no one at Charlotte…they’ve all been tried remember?

Outside of Jenks (and he’s had at least four rough games) there is no one on the White Sox major or minor league roster who can get guys out consistently in the bullpen.

Kenny’s got a lot of off season work to do in this area.

Mark Liptak

Fitting ending to a fine series.

Nice of Paul to leave 7 on. Also nice to see us tied with the Kansas City Royals. Is this officially rock bottom or do we need to have sole possession of 5th place?

Last place….Never in a thousand years, would I have thought that about this club even with the issues many of us thought were there when the season opened.

I would have bet a hundred bucks easily if someone would have given me the proposition in the spring.

This club has talent, this club has a large payroll…the problem is that a lot of that payroll is going to slow footed, station to station, home run or nothing guys while other important areas, team speed, the bullpen, outfield depth were neglected.

Words can’t describe the feelings right now, the embarassment, the utter disgust with the players, the coaches and the front office.

One thing about Sox fans and God love them for it, losing is never ‘cute,”cuddly’ or ‘fun.’

It’s revolting and sickening.

That attitude keeps the organization on their toes and forces them, regardless of whether they want to or not, to at least act like they care, like they want to win.

I fully expect Kenny to rip this club apart this off season and get some balance on the team.

Mark Liptak

it was obvious over a month ago the team was no go, but all you heard was we think that we can contend, again bad judgement by management, in denial, we missed the main chance for trades long ago, season over why keep playing the same dude player with no new approach or new prospects , I lost faith in talent appraisal for trades, we need someone that can identify talent as this bunch sure cannot,

Oh my! I’ve been in the Alaskan wilderness for a few and come back to Anchorage to find my beloved Sox in LAST PLACE!! Yikes! Maybe I’ll just stay here….

As many of you know, I eat, breathe and sleep my White Sox… yes, this year is very difficult, but to put a little perspective back.. Tulsa Drillers coach Mike Coolbaugh died Sunday night after being struck in the head by a line drive as he stood in the first-base coach’s box during a Texas League game with the Arkansas Travelers, police said. He was 35 and is survived by his wife, Mandy, and 2 young give birth to the couple’s 3rd child in October. =( Dawn

Yeah that’s a really sad story, I’m sure his family is devastated. I even feel bad for the guy who hit the ball.

What’s happening with the White Sox is depressing but not totally unexpected. What happened to Mike Coolbaugh is tragic. It’s like ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’ in real life. So very sad.

Not sure what Kenny is waiting for. Feel free to start dismantling this team at any time, what you see is what you get and much of what you can expect to get in the future. Maybe nobody is offering enough for Jose or Jermaine or whoever else is being dangled. Or maybe Kenny’s just waiting till the offseason before he plays Mad Scientist. Either way, I hope to see something done by the 31st if only to say “hey fans we are not totally oblivious to the fact that this team is an embarassment to you”. I’ll forever be proud to be a White Sox fan, but at some point you have to swallow that pride and admit some serious mistakes were made in the construction of this team. I want to know Kenny feels my frustration and is ready to do something, anything to improve this club.

The status quo gets you little to nothing aside from the privilege of being in a dead heat with KC for last. If Kenny was at all serious about transforming the team, he needs to be flexible enough to get rid of some core players that could bring something real and tangible in return. I refuse to believe there’s not a team out there that could use Thome’s services. Nothing against Thome, from all accounts he’s a great guy, but what exactly has he done for this team since he’s been here? It’s no knock on Jim but building around him has made our team less dynamic, more one-dimensional and for those who haven’t noticed a last place team. And no it’s not all Thome’s fault but I fail to see the point in keeping him around. What is he gonna carry us to the promised land of third place in the AL Central next year? No, so let’s just cut our losses, free up some money and get something back in return.

But **** what do I know, Kenny and Hahn get paid the big bucks for making a winner. They’ve done it before. Now do it again.

There will be some moves before the 31st, but they will be last minute. Kenny has to hold out hoping that other teams will up the price on guys like Dye, Contreras and whomever else is going to be moved. With salaries for veterans as high as they are teams are much more likely to stick with that AAA prospect and give him a shot because they control him for longer and at a much lower price tag.

While it is not good that we may not be able to get top prospects in return, it is a good sign that the market might be turning downwards. This offseason will be interesting considering the talent level of the upcoming free agents across MLB. I think A-Rod and Zambrano will get ridiculous contracts, but others may be disappointed.

Kenny’s obviously waiting for the deadline, when the return he can get in deals will be the highest.

That said, something simply has to be done about the bullpen, other than another bunch of minor-leaguers and +7 ERAs.

Kenny owes it to the team, who have been giving their best effort, and also to the fans who have bought tickets to the games the rest of the season to do something about it now, rather than wait until the offseason.

After the White Sox lose tonight they will be behind the Royals…. HAHAHA

Well, I haven’t been on here much this summer, not much to write about that everybody else hasn’t said already. Sad season to say the least but it’s not like the first time in Sox history we’ve had to deal with ****, guess it’s just harder now that we’ve won it all.. you guys probably wouldn’t be bitchin as much if we’d never won ever..(she shrugs her shoulders) ah well… guess we shouldn’t be happy that we lived to see the world series trophy come home when so many others DIED before they did.. think of it… they’ll NEVER see it! Be grateful for the life you have… could be wiped away quickly just like that father/husband/coach this weekend! soxawful… stay outta here, your comments are not warranted nor are they welcome! That’s my peace…

TQ.. I’m back in the land of rain and fire ants!

Let us not forget that Billy Pierce is getting his statue unveiled this evening.

A great honor to one of the greatest pitchers in franchise history and an even better person.

Spoke with him last night and he was very excited about this ceremony. All his family is in for it, including his son who lives in Hawaii and some of his former teammates will be on hand as well.

I regret that guys like Aparicio and Bob Shaw apparently won’t be able to make it in.

I asked Bill if, considering how putrid the bullpen is, he’s in shape to go an inning or two and he laughed.

**** I was serious! I figure I’ll call up Goose, Wilbur and Bart Johnson and see if they can go as well.

I mean can they be any worse then the stiffs currently taking up space on the roster in that spot?

Mark Liptak

You are a liar and a big piece of ****. You are not a Sox fan and your Scubs will not make the playoffs. Stay off the Sox blog and go **** yourself.

13 blown games by the bullpen …and counting.

How high will the final number be?

I’m thinking 19 when all is said and done.

Granted it was a blooper but it still was enough to turn a 6-5 defecit intoa 7-6 lead and the rest is history.

Mark Liptak

Please trade Jim Thome and his sub 200 batting average against left handed pitching. Although he may be a good teammate and an even better individual he is not going to help this team in any year to come. He has no speed and his homeruns don’t mean anything with this bullpen.

To me what is going to be of the utmost interest this off season is NOT who the Sox trade, or who the Sox sign…but it’s going to be in general, how they as an organization, react to the disaster that is 2007 and more importantly the resurgence of the team on the North Side.

Think about this….in a very short span of time BOTH teams are going to have to react to the success and impact of the other on the field, and more importantly in the minds of Chicago sports fans.

In 2005 the White Sox won the World Series (that still feels so good to say…), in 2006 the White Sox won 90 games, drew almost three million fans and for the first time in at least twenty years (according to the Tribune’s Ed Sherman – a devoted Sox fan by the way…) had better TV ratings then the ‘lovable losers’ who stumbled themselves into last place.

How did the Cubs react to the possibility of the Sox recapturing the market that they dominated in the time period from 1951 through about 1965?

Well they bought every free agent in site, spent 300 million dollars, fired the manager and in general created an uproar among their fans and the media. It also didn’t hurt that they play in the weakest division in baseball but still they aggressively went after the White Sox refusing to let them steal their thunder.

How the Sox react to this season and the Cubs, is the biggest off season question in my book.

I hope I’m wrong, very wrong, but I have a feeling Sox fans are going to be badly disappointed…after all the owner himself said on the radio before the Sox / Cubs series in either 2000 or 2001 (I apologize for not remembering the exact date) that “Chicago has always been a Cubs town…” (Direct quote) (Which is blatantly wrong and JR should have known better having lived in the city since 1957…)


Also did you read or hear Duane Schaffer’s comments about Kenny this morning on the radio? Obviously there was more going on then met the eye!

Mark Liptak

i can hardly call tonights game a bullpen loss…i know everyone has their heads in a cloud when it comes to Buehrle but come on…he stunk Monday night. you cant blame Wasserman for giving up one hit when Buehrle gave up 14. im shocked he didnt give up more.

I was right in front to see billy pierce get his statue today….nice to see my all time favorite player ron kittle…told him he should apply to manage the team in 08.

the way i see it …the only way the sox are going to be good next year is if they resign dye, iguchi, sign 2 other outfielders, 3 bullpen members, and depending on what goes on with contreras and garland, one starter. so the payroll will have to be 170 million or so…you think that will happen? neither do i. its going to be a tough decade. thats ok though i lived through the gary redus jerry reuss era!

by the way…nice to see the Big Hurt pop two homers vs. Johan Santana tonight. gee we dont need him anymore….lets go with thome who only hits a homer if we are up or down by a minimum of 5 runs. i hated that move when it was made. thomas should be a sox player and i cant wait to cheer him and see him put 4 shots into the bleachers this weekend to further stick it up Kenny’s rear. go big hurt!!!

I am a White Sox fan and I just find it funny that they are locked with the Royals… there is no other way to put it.

Regarding Duane Schaefer…Like a lot of other former members of the family of White Sox, he is very bitter at being let go, as if none of the problems were of his doing…so he decides to bite the hand that once fed him…all the way up to the third knuckle…
Consider the source…

Regarding the Mike Coolbaugh tragedy… Read Mike Downey’s column in the Tribune today…No less of a baseball treasure than Vin Scully has been preaching for years that coaches should be like players at bat, and wear helmets when on the field…I totally concur…and it takes something tragic like this to possibly bring that point home to the powers that be at MLB…that is, if they are listening…and not running away from Barely Bonds and the home run/steroids chase…

white soxawful…It is not the least bit funny to the players, manager,coaches, front office, etc. that they are where they are now…You have a strange sense of humor…

Thank you very much, Maria and Patrick for the ducats to the first game today…I am going to print them off…and then to the Cell I go…So far in ’07, I am 1 and 1…

freezing my butt offf against Cleveland, and withstanding a monsoon(brief, but a monsoon nonetheless in my eyes…)against the Yank-mes…1st game lost, 2nd game won…

What will the 3rd hold?

Nobody knows…this isn’t the WWE…

Your right it shouldn’t be funny, especially to those families that can afford to go to one game a summer

I know I’m probably late on posting a suburban-mom story, but I wasn’t sure I qualified anyway, being from Cedar Rapids, IA (probably not technically a Chicago suburb), but I thought you might like to hear my story. September, 2006 – we (my 16-year-old son and I, my son being a recently converted baseball and White Sox fan) get up at 4:30 in the morning, on the road by 5:30, I packed Krispy Kremes, sandwiches, bananas, and sodas the night before. We stop in the Quad Cities to pick up my brother, a life-long White Sox fan (when we grew up in Clinton, they had a White Sox farm team – the C-Sox). Of course, he isn’t ready, and has to go out of the way to get money at an ATM – running late already. We drive across I-80, wondering if the game will be held – it’s pretty drizzly. We get to the park about 11:30, for a noon game – it’s raining, so glad we had sandwiches and weren’t trying to grill out in the rain. It clears up, the game is on. The game isn’t going so well – something like Sox down – 7 – 2. Rain delay. Forever…rain delay…my son wants to go home, I tell him to be quiet (ok, maybe I told him to shut up) – my brother bought his ticket as a birthday present (I had to buy my own – ha!) and as long as my brother wanted to stay, we were staying. Rain delay…I’m thinking…we have a 4-1/2 hour drive ahead of us, maybe we SHOULD head home, but I don’t tell my son that. We stick it out. Finally, they say the game will go on, and they work on the field. Holey-moley – what a lot of work, and a lot of time. By the way – we’re sitting out in left field behind the bullpen (so my brother, a former pitcher, can watch that action), so no weather coverage there. Eventually the game starts again, and what a terrific couple of innings – the SOX pull it off, and win, something like 11 – 7. We were psyched. Our original plan was to go downtown to Miller’s Pub (my son swears they make the best cheeseburgers), but we were so excited we had to get more souvineirs, so we headed to Grand Stand Sox – spent more than an hour there, had a great time. Well, ok, we were illegally parked, so my son kept checking on that, and got locked out of Grand Stand Sox, but they let him back in – great bunch of guys at that place. Did I mention that my son wanted a Jenks t-shirt, so while he and my brother waited under the train tunnel (after the game, on the way to the parking lot), nice and dry, I stood in the pouring rain to get him his shirt at one of the outside stands??? (hey – end of the season – 1/2 price – such a deal)
It was around 7:00 before we checked out at GrandStandSox, so we headed for home (remembering that 4-1/2 hour drive ahead of us), and didn’t go downtown to Miller’s Pub – stopped at a Culver’s somewhere off the interstate instead. We made it back to Cedar Rapids shortly before midnight – not bad!

This summer my son and I spent a few days in Chicago – on the North Side, and went to a Sox game against the Marlins (don’t even want to talk about that one, except to say that we saw what is probably the only home run hit off of Jenks – took lots of grief on the north side wearing our Sox shirts and hats!).

We’re doing the one-day trip again on 09/29, against Detroit. Maybe this time we’ll make it to Miller’s Pub – since the game time is tbd, who knows, but we will be at the game!

I have to tell one more story, since I’m actually doing this. Talk about lifelong Sox fans – my brother and his oldest son should win some kind of reward. Their garage is filled with White Sox posters, and when the Sox were in the 2005 World Series…well…my nephew lives in Denver, CO – knew he wouldn’t be able to get tickets to a game, but wanted to be ‘close’. He actually flew from Denver to Midway, my brother drove from the Quad-Cities to Midway, picked him up, and they found a bar close to the stadium to watch the game – couldn’t be there, but they wanted to be ‘close’!

There actually is a bar in Denver that supports the White Sox, but that wasn’t good enough for the World Series – they had to be on the South Side!

P.S. – in case you’ve made the Ryan Sweeney connection (he’s from Cedar Rapids) – we don’t know him or his family, but we would like to see him make it to the big league!

P.P.S. – I really hope Crede comes back. Not only because he is a great player, but because my brother wanted his jersey – said he would buy it if Crede got a home run at the game we went to in 2006, but he didn’t. But…he had bought his son a Konerko jersey, and while I’m wearing a $10 Sox t-shirt, I bought my son a Bronos jersey (ok, he like football better than baseball, I’m a Bears fan – have the Super Bowl Shuffle on DVD), but can’t convert him). anyway, it occurred to me that parents buy for their kids, but not for themselves, so I got a Crede jersey for my brother, positive that Crede would be with the Sox for a long time – then, wouldn’t ya know – about a week later he went on the DL – no fair!

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