Tigers in Town

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today’s Lineup

Gonzo, CF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF: Fields, 3B; Pods, LF; Uribe, SS; Hall, C.  Contreras pitching.

After spending 14 hours at the ballpark yesterday, it sure was nice to win two.

Only Ozzie

Ozzie relayed this story about new reliever Ehren Wasserman.

Ozzie was in Venezuela last winter and saw that the winter ball team was using Ehren to do everything out of the pen, long man, set up, closer.  It seemed like he was pitching every day with his funky motion.

Ozzie met him and found out Ehren, who was at Class AA Birmingham in 2006, also was from our organization.

"I’ll make sure you pitch in a game this spring," Guillen told him.

So this spring comes.  Ozzie remembers his conversation but couldn’t recall the kid’s name (surprised?).  And he sends Joey around the minor league fields looking for a smaller, right-handed guy who threw from down below.

Joey finds Ehren and they make sure he comes over to big league camp for a game.

Now, Ozzie laughed, just six months later he’s pitching in the big leagues.


from reading the posts from Scott’s last entry, i noticed several mentions of trades involving Paulie and/or Garland. i hadn’t heard any of these rumors here in tucson, but i hope that those two are NOT in the works. i agree, Paulie is a leader and is performing well now after a horrendous start to the year. let Dye go instead, if you must send a bopper somewhere, and go with Thornton anywhere (perferably not in the AL central) you know how Roberto Hernandez pitches against us, and that was a good point about Marte. we couldn’t wait to can him but he is doing well in that other league… go Sox ’07, get another one tonight. it’s got to be time for Jose to pitch well tonight…. j.k. i’m hoping to see most of you at blog night II…..

Glad to hear you’ll be coming up, John. I’m looking forward to seeing you again and I’m sure many folks will be happy to finally put a face to the name.

That’s right, Maria!…game is tough to watch tonight, but let’s not forget the sense of community this blog has created. That’s something you don’t see often… Come on out on blog night, if you can, support the team, and meet the people behind the posts!!! I’m looking forward to the pleasure of meeting JK..even if I have to use a vacation day =)

Missed last year and unfortunately I will miss this year too. Help us out-of-town, student Sox fans out here Scott! Hopefully we can get it on a weekend next year. If it’s anything like it was last year I’m sure it will be a blast for all in attendance, and a source of jealousy for weeks to come for those who were absent. Nevertheless, great idea Scott, don’t know of any other organizations celebrating their fans in such a direct manner. Much appreciation.

Last night was kind of interesting. Josh Fields has just been smashing the ball. I think we might have something special in him. The good thing about having a kinda down year is these youngsters get prolonged looks here in the bigs. Getting to see Jerry Owens mature a bit, though he’s got a lot to learn. Starting to see Bukvich might actually be a viable option in the pen next year. Even though Boone didn’t look great last night, he might be able to contribute next year. Hopefully some of the question marks heading into ’08 can be answered internally.

Has anyone else noticed that in the past seven games, the Sox have allowed 61 runs?


That’s almost nine runs a game!

If I had the ‘ultimate power’ the only pitchers currently on the big league roster or in Charlotte, who would be on the team next season would be Buehrle, Garland, Vazquez, Danks, Thornton and Jenks.

That’s it.

I’d do everything that I could to trade everyone else, getting anything back that I could, and if that didn’t work out, simply release them.

I don’t think it’s because Don Cooper is a bad pitching coach, I think it’s simply that these guys are that bad, period.


You have to take things with a grain of salt but would anyone else be shocked if the Sox weren’t able to deal anyone by Tuesday? I mean if you are another club are you going to give up a major league player or prospects for a two month rental?

Or would you trade anything for some of the trash the Sox are trying to peddle?

I still marvel at how bad this team is and how everything completely fell apart and blew up this year as well as how scaringly bad the players up from Charlotte have been. (Fields apparently being the only exception.)

Mark Liptak

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